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On “The Creative Power of Our Anger”  

September 3, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

Living here in Asia is interesting in terms of expressing anger – Where it is approached in a circular and round-about way, rather than expressing it directly. I have, on more than one occasion been told that I have a quick temper. Let me be clear, I am by no means advocating abusive behaviour, but rather an expression of the emotion that should not be stifled into pleasantries because it is frowned upon to actually display an emotive response that isn’t ‘pleasant’. 

The conclusion I have come to, is that there is more emphasis on form in Asia (many parts, but not all) rather than content, which is what is remembered instead of the meat of the issue. For example instead of realising the reason behind the outburst and the positive intent of the content in having an angry response, people instead choose to only reflect upon the fact that you were angry, and this is a bad way to respond. I will say that I have changed the way I deal with things in terms of giving an issue more reflection and seeing it from a broader perspective – this has personally been good for me. However, I do not play the ‘pleasantries’ game very well, when there is blatant stupidity and a non-thinking mentality involved in any situation – I say pretty much exactly what I think. The intent behind that is to ‘help’ get other people to think about ‘what’ they are doing and saying – which often has the effect of having them come up short as to ‘why’ they were acting or doing something that was completely non-thinking to start with – it’s a bit frightening because it’s almost a robotic acting mentality.

Much religious thinking in terms of ‘teaching’ the masses how to respond to abusive behaviour has been to ‘turn the other cheek’ – which is in essence the only way the PTW could keep doing what they have been doing. What it is saying, is that you shouldn’t question or think about ‘why’, but merely turn the other cheek and allow someone to keep doing what they have been doing in terms of using or abusing. Questioning actually points out that there is unacceptable behaviour occurring. The problem is that many people the world over believe this fallacy that one must simply turn the other cheek and walk away. Of course there are situations where the best thing to do is to walk away simply because engaging certain types of behaviour are counter-productive, and less than intelligent.

As for the masses and fence straddlers that cannot ‘see’ the charade played out before their eyes, well, we know that young souls will do anything to not upset the status quo – All their hard earned cash and assets would be at stake. They would have to admit that the whole game has been in vain, and that they cannot do – I would suggest this has to do with being a ‘young soul’ who will stop at nothing to justify the system. Blinders willing accepted and encouraged, you bet.

We, on the other hand, cannot ‘do’ this stupid game anymore, we see it for what it is and how it has exploited humanity. It is precisely this that we get frustrated at the blatant stupidity that surrounds us. Believe me, in the past we would have been put in mental institutions, it’s a little more difficult now, although there are plenty of people who would love to see this and some of them family members. (A strange thing, I always had a fear of being ‘put away’) – I would suggest that many of us have in other lives, in some form or another. This would have suited the PTW and the ignorance of young souls whose fear have the better of them.

I had also read the piece of garbage that Suzanne Ward who channels an adolescent looking entity called ‘Michael’ sounding like a CNN broadcast stating that we should pray for Obama – I could not believe that any sane person reading it would take it seriously – I came away thoroughly disgusted by that piece of crap. But, young souls who are gullible may very well take it to heart – Can they piece together what has happened within the time that Obama has taken office without making excuses for him, just like the Vatican makes excuses and protects paedophiles and money laundering? And all the while these young souls continue to advocate ‘holy, holy’. Let’s be serious folks, we have done more than enough and too much already for these blind minions that serve willingly. Someone said; ‘When you stick your head in the sand, you deserve to get your ass kicked’ – so be it.

Until people wake up to the fact that they must allow their emotions to be expressed, they will find ways to keep supporting a system that suppresses them – Which goes back to their own fear of seeing what’s before their very eyes. It’s going to be a very interesting wake up call for a lot of people who have been stuffing their emotions into anything they possibly can, simply because the crutches are not going to be there anymore.



September 3, 2012

Dear Georgi-

I too am glad you have returned, and want also to express empathy for the physical excursion of moving your household.

I read both your article

and the article written with Dorie regarding Anger as motivation.

Needless to say I did have these feelings during the same time frame and do SO VERY MUCH agree with your stance and decision to write to S.Ward regarding her channeling of this drivel. Congratulations and Thank You,Georgi;  was considering doing the same myself.

Now on the subject of our detonation, which I feel is imminent. I have had two dreams that have remained in my memory in the last month. The first was a dream about a date, and as I have written in past to you I often get dates that are numerologically based, not just simple dates- though they also come. The date is” 09.08″. I had this dream at the first of August and I didn’t know if it was numerologically represented or simple. This could be 09.08 or 9.17 or 09.26..of course I favor sooner rather than later- am very tired and totally done here.

I believe that we do need some “input” from the cosmos in order to detonate- an energetic ‘boost”.  I also believe that our collective PAT focus of consciousness can effect the timing of the “boost event”.  Not by focusing on the date , but by focusing as a collective and in unity on the detonation itself.

Interestingly, I came across some things that independently corroborate our idea of “detonation of a supernova” and the actual time frame itself.  In a forum,28561.375.html , a Russian Website administered by 2 female engineers was discussed ( and dismissed as ET dis-info) that  speaks to timing and multiple events that I had not come across before.   The 1st of 3 events they predict is 09.22.12- Fall Equinox.  may I suggest the website as interesting reading if nothing else.


The last link will take you to a discussion about the 1st event, but there are buttons on the menu bar for many more pages and they have a YouTube Channel as well, “OurTransition49”.  These ladies discuss the necessity for human consciousness to focus together en masse in order to “create a laser beam” to destroy our physical bodies and take humanity to the next level.  Like everything, read with discernment , but I found it “new material” and the choice of metaphors and visuals very similar to ours.

You will also note that their 1st event is basically right up the Mississippi River Valley (see map on page link above) , which does indeed correspond to the New Madrid Fault Line. And they do mention a seismic event, though some distance away off Peruvian Coast as instigator. Nonetheless, this was very interesting, as here in the US , FEMA CAMPS and 5-body coffins and Food ordered by the Feds is going to the Midwest CAMPS. And massive amounts of Bullets for every Fed agency  from Homeland Security to the Social Security Administration have been recently ordered/purchased. There have been reports of Russian and Chinese soldiers on our soil for ” UN training” purposes- lots of them – like 20,000, along with many photographs of massive amounts of machinery , weapons and transportation vehicles of all kinds on large railroad convoys. So, something is “up” here in the US as i have had this ‘thought” for some months now- that the New Madrid is going to go anytime.

Additionally, the 2nd dream I had was an “elevator” dream. It was a large cargo/freight elevator with others in it, we were at a desert type location when we got into it.. I was standing right by the operation panel and could see the ‘floors” being lit up. Very strangely, we went to the 14th floor, but the doors did not open.  Instead, the elevator car briefly stood still, then it quickly moved to the 13th Floor. I noticed and commented that “13 is a very karmic Number” also corresponds with the Mayan calendar this year.. is the date of 12.21.2012….I also noticed to myself ( within the dream) that it had to be just exactly the right “click and combination”.

When the door opened there was a huge flash of bright white light that was so bright I could not see the car or the panel or anyone else ….and I woke up. I had this 2nd dream about a week after the 1st one.

What these dreams mean for me are just confirmation that Ascension is imminent. But when I read the PAT comments and gather independent information, the three things seem to point to a need to formally set out as a collective to envision our detonation.. and I think it should be a set number of ‘practice visualizations , at a definite time of day, where all PATsters are visualizing the same thing at the same time and energizing this event a a collective consciousness.

I am so very glad you are back, please give me your thoughts on any /all of the above.

Love and Light



Dear Lisa,

thank you very much for your comments on my latest articles and for the additional information regarding the preparations of the US government for the impending catastrophes.

I know the two Russian ladies and their website as they were presented by Alfred Webre a year and half ago and were put in connection with my ideas, when I worked with him before opening this website. I have read their website, but they are still too conventionally thinking in scientific terms and have not considered the LBP which is in the core of the ascension process. I have discussed their ideas in a previous report.

We all have now ascension dreams and it is obvious that we are on the cusp of it, whatever this means. However I do not think that we can and must do anything anymore to accelerate this event as it is not dependent on us, but on how prepared the GF is for their rescue operation when the magnetic pole shift will come and billions of people must be rescued (ascended) to the 4th dimension, while others will die. but must also be taken care of after their immediate death experience. I myself am a guide for such souls after death experience and know how much work this activity affords to take their fears away and help them rise to the higher 5th dimension.

The New Madrid fault line disaster may be indeed part of the magnetic pole reversal event, but I am now not so sure. If it will happen, it will not occur separately, but only in conjunction with other catastrophes due to the magnetic pole reversal.

With love and light



September 3, 2012

Dear George,

it is my understanding that a focus on what is wrong with the world out there is not going to help me any more. Instead, I continue to release fear and anger etc. it arises and then I refocus as quickly as possible on Nature’s persistent efforts to be beautiful in spite of what humanity does to her.

I found this recent message below very supportive. Another recent one explained that we are like marathon runners now – very, very close to the finishing line but also suffering the ‘burn’ of the physical body in that last push. Our mastery now is with the mind over matter thing: the remembering that there is a spiritual reason for it all and that this is of the highest spiritual order and purpose. Also that we really did choose on the Soul level to be here physically at this time to make this transmutation of consciousness first because it cannot be done by the others.

I realised this morning that most of the others are still asleep because, on the soul level, they cannot wake up until we have made this last push. This is because it is our energetic passage through to the other side that will create the portal/doorway FOR them to move through behind us.

We have known about this Portal for a very long time because it was always very clearly and obviously there for us and we remembered since we were young to look for that doorway and to make our way towards it. We are now in the final stages of pushing through it but the others are still blind in the sense that they won’t be able to see the Portal until we have pushed the opening wide by our going through it first.

We have been creating the way through the Portal all this time and are in the final stages of pulling away all those final bricks = inner obstructions, down and out of the way. But it is as though there is still a huge blank brick wall in front of the others and most of them have no idea at all that there is even a way through it to the higher consciousness on the other side. As far as they are concerned there has always been a huge brick wall around them and they are not even questioning why it it is there and what it’s doing yet! A brick wall = a brick wall = a brick wall…what is the problem?

This ‘brick wall blindness’ is madness to us since we have have been yelling for years that it’s time to pull the wall down and will they please help us do it!

And now I realise that we said we would do it because this is the way that WE would remember how to solve the problem of making an extra-ordinary, inter-dimensional wall in a very solid brick wall.

We have been asleep as well: asleep to the fact that we are secretly Master Builders who have temporarily forgotten some of the various aspects of our Craft. By opening of the Inter-dimensional Portal and then finally going through it, we will be able to remember all our forgotten skills of being a Master Builder who really can walk through walls….and we are on the home stretch now…..nearly there!

With love and light, Mano


Dear Mano,

you have very correctly described the current energetic situation on the earth, how it affects the few PAT members and the rest of humanity.

I would only specify on your term “brick wall” which the others confront in their efforts to see through the current matrix. Energetically this brick wall is a frequency gap. The masses still dwell in their low frequency range that was part of the old Orion grid, while the energy frequencies of Gaia have augmented significantly in the last days, and so too that of her astral atmosphere.

We, the PAT, are well beyond this frequency range of Gaia as we must heave it to a higher dimension. For us there is only one brick wall,  the one we encounter when we have to immerse in the 3d-reality as to survive. In allegorical sense, the collective mindset is for us such a brick wall, against which all our arguments bounce without leaving any traces in the minds of the people.

The brick wall cannot be surmounted by the masses in a personal endeavour and hence they must be catapulted to a higher dimension and start the game with new, better personal  energetic abilities. They do not  know what is awaiting them very soon after the ID split and it is not opportune to be informed either, as this will only trigger their fears and will not be helpful  for the current unconscious energetic recalibration of their DNA and chakras.

Hence we have entered the most dark period of the End Time – shortly before the dawn – when the gap between the leading energies that transform humanity and Gaia and those, in which humanity still dwells, widens with each minute. We, the PAT, are the only ones that perceive this gap in a conscious way, while the masses are only driven by their survival instincts and cling even more stubbornly to the old habits and beliefs than before, as if this will give them the security they are missing in their inner perception, which signals to them with a growing emotional intensity the irrevocable collapse of the old matrix.

This discrepancy between inner truth and external illusion will drive the masses mad in the coming days and the only question is, whether this imbalance will explode at the historical stage or will be swept away by the ID split and the deluge of the magnetic pole reversal. Ultimately all these events will lead to the final goal – ascension of Gaia and two third of humanity to the 4th dimension and their liberation from the former PTB. After that they must create their own collective future in their own unique way – with or without us.

With love and light



The Eschatology of Human Thought 

September 3, 2012

Aren’t we just characters in a play by the Producer bound to the script?  We had no control of when or where we were born. No control of parents, siblings, genetics, inherent tendencies, etc. In infancy, no control  of food, treatment, etc. All we ever have is the present moment which we cannot change in any way. When did we take over control?  If we were truly in control we would have designed quite a different life, no? I believe the only way we can love ourselves, others is to realize we are all equal, the same and no one in control. Then no cause for blame, pride, etc. Just love all as the expression of the great Producer. We being aspects of the Source of projection not the projection. My humble opinion or speculation, of course. “you didn’t build this” as Obama said.  Of course, he sure as hell didn’t build it either.



Dear Larry,

I think that you forgot in your disquisition the most important element of all existence – our thoughts, ideas, which come from the Cosmic spirit (read Neoplatonism of Plotinus or my book on it, partly translated in English on this website). Within this world of ideas, your imagination has no limits and can create whatever reality you wish. If you reduce your experience to your physical vessel, then you have your limitations.

Now there is another fundamental question if your ideas are truly yours or are also given from the cosmic spirit (Weltgeist). But this is the most difficult eschatological question, which everyone must answer for himself.

With love and light



Thanks Georgi for your response.

“Now there is another fundamental question if your ideas are truly yours or are also given from the cosmic spirit (Weltgeist). But this is the most difficult eschatological question, which everyone must answer for himself.”

This is essentially my point. Ideas are thoughts. We have no idea or control of which or what thought will next occur. Consequently we have no control. We are not the originators of thought, it seems to me. All our life we hear about the law of attraction, etc. BUT, is anyone really changing anything? Again, if we were the designer, it all would be quite different, huh?

If you reduce your experience to your physical vessel then you have your limitations. My point exactly. Our first mistake is identifying with the projection instead of the projector. Can we manipulate the projection? Again, we only have the present moment. Does how we respond to this present moment have any affect on the next?  As Adviata states, by the time we decide to change what we just experienced, we are in a new “now”.

I have been very reluctant to accept the “script” idea, but I simply cannot get the pieces to fit together any other way.  AND it is the only way humanity will ever be able to accept and love one’s self and one another it seems to me.

Thoughtfully, Larry Langston


Dear Larry,

I do not agree with your statement:

“We have no idea or control of which or what thought will next occur”

which is in the core of all your subsequent considerations and weltanschauung.

I have changed so many times deliberately and consciously the course of my ideas and thoughts, and my whole weltanschauung that I simply cannot accept this agnostic, helpless concept you advocate. Of course you may argument that even this change in my ideas was planned and controlled by my higher self. But to this I will answer: I had also the potential to reject these changes in my thinking and after I decided to change my mindset, I achieved this only through huge and dedicated intellectual effort over many years of hard scientific investigation work.

My impression is that your gnostic views are too static and one-sided and that you do not consider the immense complexity of the soul energies. In this aspect you are not alone –  this has been the trap of many a Western thinker in the past and this has always led to profound agnosticism.

You should start reading the classical philosophic works to find out why I make this comparison. Otherwise you will only evolve in the narrow confines of your self-made conclusions, which to my taste lack the abstract quality of a true philosophic spirit.

But even this quality can be learnt by studying the mistakes of past thinkers. One must only begin with his philosophical education – this is not a free lunch. Most of you older or younger Anglo-Saxon New Agers make your path too simple, too even and without any hurdles. You do not want to climb the steep mountains of the human intellectual endeavour and reside most of the time in the spiritual morass of the flat land.

With love and light



September 4, 2012

Hi Georgi,

Although I am not a member of the PAT I continue to follow your website. Lately you have published a lot of articles about non-PAT’s free riding all of the hard work you all had to do in order to put us in such a wonderful spot to ascend. My question is, what exactly are all of us non-PAT’s suppose to be doing? I don’t want to be a free rider, I just have no clue on what I’m suppose to do to help. I haven’t gone through the LBP and I have no idea on how to get it started. I know this question may be a little late in coming, but I would like to do whatever I can to help. So if any PAT members have any suggestions on what us non-PAT’s should be doing please let me know. I appreciate what you all have done till this point. Thank you.



Dear Samantha,

the only meaningful activity an incarnated personality can do on the earth is to educate his/her mind and intellectuality which also includes the development of sophisticated aesthetic emotional reactions. This has nothing to do with the worn out term of “unconditional love” which is excessively misused in the New Age movement currently. This education of the personality is the only possibility of purification which the middle ego can perform under these conditions in order to catch up with the higher standards of the soul.

In fact this has always been the pristine ideal of Western culture and education since the Antiquity. However this is also the most difficult path to go and most light workers choose the easy way just to repeat like parrots shallow esoteric common places. and to put their intellectuality on an autopilot.

In fact you have my website, where you have the most comprehensive theory of science, natural and social, as well as Gnosis, including politics and economics, worldwide, so that if you want to evolve your mind you have everything by the hand and do not even need to ask me what to do. It is all there for you as an offer – you only have to make use of it.

When you have established the foundation of your new ethical intellectuality, your soul will come half away towards you and will give you the rest that you need to become a full enlightened individual. This way of life will be as valid in the 4d-balanced earth after the ID split, as well as on the ascended 5d-earth.

I have always thought that this path of evolution is so self-evident that it does not need further elaboration, but obviously this is not the case in the current total compartmentalisation of the collective mindset and the full neglect of past ideals of Enlightenment as they were preached by many famous thinkers in the 18th and 19th century such as Voltaire, Swift, Goethe, Herder etc., to name just few of them. There is nothing more sublime than a true universal knowledge. This is what all light workers are missing and therefore they behave more like a “lumpen proletariat”.

With love and light



On Metatron’s Message

September 4, 2012

Hello Georgi-

I just want to send a caution about this channel as the human being doing it – “James”- is making quite a lot of cash from this website, gatherings, and his rock and mineral sales.

He is a geologist by training and vocation – having worked in the energy/ petroleum companies all of his life.

He has a domicile in Arkansas, though he is not accessible, unless you ‘spend money” to associate with him.  For example, he is charging $495 for a group gathering in the area to ‘energize” the crystals here. While I have had confirmation from my HS that these Atlantean Temple Crystals do in fact reside deep in the earth under central Arkansas – I seriously question that this individual has the integrity requisite to “energize” them. In fact I sense that he is an opportunist and a New Age Entrepreneur – the kind that conduct seminars where everyone shows up in their limos, BMWs and private planes and expects to be “enlightened beyond words”.  Many of these types were prevalent during the 90’s .

The information he gives as Metatron may have some legitimacy – perhaps even quite so, however,  the utmost discretion must be used given the other facts about the human involved. I am here in the area and have personal knowledge of this, just FYI.

Love and Light, X.


Dear X.,

I share your reservations about this person Tyberonn and I have found out that he often copies old statements to make a new message. But some of the information is not bad as a text on the background of the usual esoteric and channeling trash and therefore I quote it from time to time, although this person has no scientific background and the quality of his pseudo-scientific information is very poor and naive.

With love and light



On the Last HS Messages

September 4, 2012

Hi George

I want to report what is happening at the moment in Perth, Australia in light of Dorie’s HS latest message.

“Extreme rain will be one of the “events” that will come to you as a sign that your ascension is imminent, meaning that it is within your reach NOW”

It has been a pretty wild night with the closest weather station to me – within 2km – recording wind speeds up to 87km/h and rain fall of 41mm. The weather is certainly not typical and would normally be associated with a low category 1 tropical cyclone.

On top of that reading parts of April’s HS message brought tears to my eyes as in a deep knowing that the words are true. We really do not have a comprehension of what we have achieved. This sums it up beautifully –

“There is no other way to create such a profound shift for all humankind, Gaia, and her inhabitants. At least not other than sheer utter destruction and then to rebuild from the most basic building blocks of life”

Good thing we woke up at least! I don’t think the ascended masses will be making fun of us in the not to distant future and I know that I have been a easy target. It doesn’t bother me much now knowing this as my work here is almost done.

Warm regards



September 4, 2012

Dear George,

I quote from April:

You’ve even had elemental forms of life, as one example, begin to ascend through your fires already“.

This is exactly what happened to me a few hours before reading this message. I was very tired early in the evening, and fell asleep. In the dream state I was in a big forest, and these “celestial waters” were everywhere. The forest was flooded with them. But instead of normal waters they were light, easy to walk through and allowed everything to still breathe oxygen. In this dream, I treated several trees to become ents, merging or connecting them with their higher-dimensional blueprint. I think there is more, but it is a bit difficult to remember all of the dreams lately. Could you get this confirmation to April?



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