Optimization of the Energetic Cocktail of Ascension

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, September 9, 2012

Dear April,

I take advantage of your proposition and would like to share some ideas with you regarding the impending End Time scenario, which may very well begin to unfold next week.

Let me summarize for the sake of clarity one more time the basic message of your HS from last week. On September 5 she told us that we are 1-3 days away from the completion of our mission. She also told us that when one process reaches the final threshold, it must wait for the other processes in the energetic “cocktail” to also reach their peak, before the events can unfold.

However this first process cannot be hold for very long time at this peak level, so that the other processes must follow tightly one after the other. Also we were told that when a process reaches its threshold of completion, it is unlikely that it will be stopped by the higher councils, as this will cause a lot of problems and may jeopardize the whole ascension process.

On September 7 we got finally the confirmation from your HS that we have finished with all our duties and have reached the threshold of PAT Ascension. We are now waiting for the other processes to also reach their threshold of manifestation. These include “an energetic cocktail” of events which may vary somewhat in their mixture. We were told that they may include solar flares, leading to a collapse of the electric grid, financial collapse, visual cosmic effects on the sky that will indicate the coming of Nibiru, though they may not be directly associated with this planet, the infusion of the masses (going viral) with pre-conceptions about the coming End Times in the dream state etc.

This whole energetic cocktail will have the function of the “wake up call” for the masses when they will be put in a state of total helplessness within several days that will look like a bad movie for all humanity.

At this time we will ascend and trigger the magnetic pole reversal with its numerous natural catastrophes, which may manifest several days later. This is the most likely scenario that emerges from the messages of your HS and that of Dorie. It also fully coalesces with my vision of these events.

Now my only question is:

“How long will, and can, the higher councils keep us in a waiting mode, until the optimal cocktail mixture/threshold of energetic events is reached as to detonate the PAT supernova.”

By applying the law of energy optimization, my estimation is that it will be very difficult even for an experienced soul group like the PAT to keep their energetic level at peak levels for a longer period of time after we have already reached this threshold two days ago on September 7.

Considering the speed of the transmission of the Adamic light codes and the infusion of the ascension fires in our portals, which took less than a week, we must logically expect, that is to say, if we extrapolate this same velocity for the completion of the other energetic process in the “cocktail”, that the End Time scenario must begin next week.

If we assume that the portal 9.9 today was of any importance for the completion of the energetic cocktail, it takes as a rule 2-3 days to incorporate the new energies on the ground. This would say that the “shit may hit the fan” in the middle of next week,around September 12.

Can you please discuss this timetable with your HS. We may keep this information confidential, as it does not matter anymore and I will only issue a personal forecast based on this information, which may be correct or not without any grievous consequences.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I only have a few minutes as this weekend has been crazy trying to get everything purchased I needed and still keep up with the normal “home” duties. So I will take you up on your offer to keep this one very brief.

Let me first say that everything you offer below completely resonates with me… your line of logical/thinking here, and all events/energies that I can “feel” to be flying in warp speed closer to us as each hour passes. This 9/9 portal has not disappointed as you can feel all the energetic stirrings/pull most strongly today amidst the eerie calm and quiet.

I took some time check to check in with HS regarding your question and below is her response:

HS: At most your bodies/vessels can sustain the current light thresholds for another two weeks or so, max. After that, a “release” sequence is initiated to buy a bit more time if warranted. There is no need to discuss this topic though as things are progressing very rapidly and on schedule. You have only to sit quietly for a moment to feel the “ominous” stirrings of what is headed your earthly way in a very short time. The reason I say “ominous” is because that is how most bodies will register these impending rapid fire events just prior to (right NOW) and during manifestation as they deal with complete and utter change never before witnessed and in such a short time frame. The 9/9 gateway adds a momentum to all of this that you can feel palpably.All systems are GO, and over the course of the next 2 weeks or so, should see it ALL complete. At least for this first major transition phase/ID split (obviously with detonation/ascension included).


I hope this is helpful to you Georgi and I very much look forward to reading what you’re putting together. I have to admit, I really resonated with Jerry’s message too. It’s hard to fully believe that we’ve finally made it as HS continues to tell me (and he His), and yet, I have no choice but to believe… everything else has happened and I did feel/ experience it all… so for today, and the next couple of weeks, I am going to allow myself to dream. And DREAM BIG. If for some reason HS is wrong, or something changes, we’ll have to deal with it then, like we have in the past. But for now, while I feel all of this so acutely and KNOW it to be true, at least in this moment of NOW, I have no choice but to BELIEVE way more than I doubt, and again simply allow myself to dream the biggest dream of all (in this incarnation anyway.)

Much love and light,

Dear April,

the response of your HS is succinct and precise. However my feeling is that we need not wait for two more weeks to see the events beginning to unfold. My feel is that it will happen earlier. Anyway, there is no need to bargain over a couple of days more or less. I will keep it short for now.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Not two more weeks to see the beginning, but two weeks in which to see All of it done,including our return after ascension. That is what I took from HS.

Love and light,

Thank you – a very important correction!

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