Latest Update from Dorie’s HS: The ID Split is Like a Cell Division

by Dorie Bowlin, September 9, 2012

Hello Georgi!

Boy, this latest message was a tough one! I had to really focus on what little memory I have of the different phases involved in cell division! I awoke this morning feeling as if I am literally being stretched in two. The first thing that came to mind was a rubber band that was stretched as far as it could go. Then HS showed me an image of a cell getting ready to divide in two.

I knew this was her way of getting me to understand what was happening to all of us, not only on a physical level, but on a cosmic level, as well! I hope this is helpful and resonates with the PAT as to what is occurring as we move from one reality into multiple realities! (and please forgive me if I haven’t quite grasped the images of cell division I am seeing in my mind and trying to explain in words! It’s been a very long time!)

With much love and light,


Just checking in HS. I had an inkling 2 days ago that today, September the 9th, would be an important day. I woke up this morning feeling extremely light-headed as well as having a very bad headache. I can tell that something MAJOR is going on inside of my portal, as I have seemed to have stretched as far as I can be stretched, just like a rubber band.


Yes, there is indeed much taking place inside your portal right now! What you are describing can be compared to the process involved in cell division. You are in the mitotic phase, the phase of the cell cycle that includes mitosis and cytokinesis where the cell is just about to divide in two. Understand that as you are moving through this phase, so also is Gaia. Also understand that the PAT are interconnected to Gaia and that in essence you are ONE cell with her, Gaia being the nucleus of that cell. The PAT are the “ATP” within the cell and you are providing the energy that will completely divide the cell in two–you are the supernova energy required for such a massive division of that cell or “timeline”. All that is required now is the “signal” that will detonate the energy that is needed within the “cell” to split them completely apart, into Planet B and Planet A/B. These are the final phases within the cell and they will move very quickly now, compared to previous phases.

Please also understand that all of this “stretching” will cause you to feel disoriented at times. You are literally moving back and forth between one reality and the next, and may experience unusual phenomenon. Do not become alarmed as this happens, as you are merely experiencing and taking your first steps in becoming multi-dimensional and will soon understand all the dynamics behind how to explore this! These physical experiences are also “events” that are occurring as signposts that detonation/separation is about to occur!!


Dear Dorie,

the cell division is the most common model the higher realms use to describe the ID split. While the mitosis, the preparation for the cell division through the inner separation of the organelles and DNA in the cell, is a rather prolonged process, the actual cytokinesis (physical separation into two cells by dividing the cell membrane) is very quick. I have seen films about this process. This is what your HS wants to convey to us: that the previous processes leading to the actual ID split are stretched in time, while the final split will be very short and that it is about to happen very soon.

I guess this will be case after the new energies coming through the portal 9.9 today are fully utilized. Hence we may expect the events to begin to unfold in 2-3 days from now on. I think this is all one can say in addition to the message from your HS.

One last remark:  ATP (adenosintriphosphat) is regarded as a power molecule in the cell as it is used in numerous cell reactions as an energy carrier. The ATP/ADP ratio plays a major role in the assessment of the energetic condition of the cell. It is in the center of a particular bio-discipline called “bio-energetics”. I have discussed this issue at length in volume III “The General Theory of Biological Regulation”

With love and light

Addendum: Please observe that when the last letter “P” in AT-P is written first we get “PAT”. This would say: “And the last will be the first” – the outcasts, the PAT members will become this month the new Earth Keepers. A new, auspicious pan.

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