How I Envision Our Personal PAT Ascension and Official Appearance as Ascended Masters

September 12, 2012

Dear George,

Happy to have everyone back on board again. Epic times indeed! With all the energy I can muster I am feeding my intent to ignite and ascend!

I was giving my ascension some thought, and like you, I would like to ascend in the presence of my family. My credibility has been shot to pieces and since my last attempt to talk some sense into them, I have been banned from talking about anything ascension in my house. So I would like to grant myself that little pleasure to also give them the cosmic kick in the backside. I know that witnessing my ascension will be something that will leave a lasting imprint on their minds and will catapult them from their dogmatic beliefs. My return would seal that.

As we all know by now, we will not have too much time for rest once we ascend. After our big celebratory party maybe a day or two to get accustomed to our new bodies, then a crash course (refresher course) in how to operate as multi-dimensional beings and then it will be off to meetings with the Earth Keeper Council to discuss roles and responsibilities and then back to Earth.

I have just finished my elaborate vision of how I see our return as Ascended Masters, but taking your advice to leave out the finer detail. But I do visualize our return as Ascended Masters on the stage of the world as an event even more spectacular than our ascension. There will be a visual of cosmic events in the skies that will be witnessed by everyone on Earth that will announce our return. It will be a dramatic, magical show of light. Everything will stop for that moment when we descend. We will be clothed in uniforms of a gold color. Made of from a beautiful fabric that has never been seen before. We will have AM for Ascended Masters and MEKC (Member of the Earth Keeper Council) on our uniforms. Everyone will be mesmerized by our presence that will radiate beauty and brilliance. Glowing Ascended Masters indeed (Eugene). We will be operating according to the Law of One, Unconditional Love and Unconditional Wisdom and at that moment all of humanity will experience “All That Is” through their heart chakras.

Chaos and fear will be rampant and change would have to happen at a rapid pace. New world leaders will be appointed, all Orion structures will be abolished and the new technologies will have to be introduced as soon as possible. Healing and information (teaching) centers will have to be established. We will make simultaneous appearances with fellow PAT-lers all over the world. It is my sense that the first to be fully awake to the truth will be the Crystalline Children, who did not wake in time before the ID split. They will immediately grasp and understand everything and they will be implemented as the new leaders.

See you on the other side soon!

Love and Light
Mara Burger
September 12, 2012

Hi Georgi and PAT,

I have been following your web site since October and, although I have started communication with you a few times, I haven’t actually made contact. I did make contact with Callista early on when discussing portals, but otherwise I just am getting so much from reading your posts and all of the wonderful people who contribute. I felt that I should just add my thoughts to our ascension and how I perceive it happening.

Although I have felt throughout my entire life that I am here waiting for SOMETHING to happen, I hear crickets when I try to communicate with my higher self. I have been on a spiritual journey as long as I can remember and coming across your web site was such a relief to me that I was not alone with my thinking. I am just a regular girl living a regular life. I do not remember much of my dreams lately, but up until about 6 months ago, I would always dream that I was in traumatic times with tornadoes, buildings falling, tidal waves going on all around me. I always had just a strange feeling the next day that I cannot explain. Those dreams have stopped and only twice I think I have had dreams that could relate to ascension.

I try to spend quiet time with myself at least a 1/2 hour a day to connect to source, but again, I get no messages, no visions, nothing. It is frustrating. I spend the rest of my time reading your web site (which I eagerly look forward to everyday), thinking about ascension and what the 5th dimension would be like. I also have to work, but believe me, when I am there, I am praying ascension would happen right then, so I don’t have to be in that place any longer. It actually helps get me through some stressful times at work, just saying to myself that none of this is going to matter soon.

I am learning that I do a lot of talking to myself in the car and when I say “Maybe this or Maybe that” those are the thoughts that are my insights and the light bulb goes on. So maybe my soul talks to me in maybes. Story of my life.  Haha.

Now, to the point. I never agreed with a natural disaster to be the wake up call because as someone mentioned before, we have had quite a few in the last few years and people still slumber. So when the conversation changed to having the PAT be the wake up call, I was excited as that is how I have been envisioning it for some time. I see a sudden flash of the brightest light that would blind everyone for a few minutes and when their eyesite returned those that are ready to ascend would be gone. Just like that. Disappear. People would be in wonder about what happened where did so and so go? I feel that there will be a higher number to ascend than we may think, since it would be us the PAT, our families as per our decree, and there has to many others that are ready but haven’t connected to this site.  So I think the numbers may be enough to at least make the people scratch their heads and start the process.

Meanwhile, we all meet in the same place in 5d to reunite and learn what our roles will be to help the rest of humanity and Earth ascend. I imagine this place to be a beautiful meadow with the animals around us and colors like we have never experienced or even dreamed of. It will be our retreat. And it won’t matter which portal we go through as they will all lead us to this meeting place. This could be taking place during the three days of darkness that the rest of humanity experiences. When they come out of that, we will be on the ground with our bodies that are glowing with beautiful light. People cannot miss us and would be drawn to us as Eugene has suggested. There would be no doubt in their minds that we are different. We can then start to work with them to help them get to the same place and understand what is happening.

Well, that is just my contribution to the vision. But I know that my tiny imagination is nothing compared to what is actually to come. I am so looking forward to this as I have always felt like I was here on this planet to experience something so special for my entire life. I am willing, ready and able to help in any way that I can and have faith that even if I am not getting anything from my higher self in waking life, that during my sleep I am doing so much to assist in this event. See you all soon and thanks for all of your contributions! Georgi, you are amazing!

Melissa Schmidtberger
Las Vegas, NV USA
Dear Melissa,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time in the very last moment and for sharing your vision of your/our ascension and our activities as ascended masters thereafter. I fully agree with you that our imagination is too poor to encompass all the miracles that are awaiting us after our ascension.

Let me just make one small remark. While the PAT will be the wake up call for the masses, this will not eliminate the necessity of some big catastrophes that will end the current incarnation of many people through death experience, so that they can return back to the 5th dimension and incarnate again either on the balanced earth A/B or on the ascended earth A. This is unavoidable.

With love and light
September 12, 2012

Dear George,

The last 24 hours have been horrendous for me and left me physically and mentally incapacitated. Thankfully, it has passed and I have emerged with a vision of how this end scenario could play out.

When this spark is ignited, I do not see an ascension so much as a transformation. For me the word ” ascension” portrays a sense of going somewhere and I perceive us as becoming an entirely new creation, indestructible, able to discern all motives and intention and easily recognizable by ALL entities, among other things. So this is the term I will use.

When this transformation occurs, I see that it will be witnessed in whatever way each individual has envisioned as we will be both individuals and a collective and can appear as both. Eugene has described very well the way in which we would communicate, a combination of feelings and words as this is a more pure language.

All memory will be restored to us upon transformation, therefore we will be able to inform the masses of their history and this in turn could trigger their own remembering. All masks will dissolve and all entities will be seen for who and what they really are. As people become aware, there will be a release of a tremendous amount of energy. Just imagine over 2 billion people realizing they have been swindled, robbed, lied to etc… for eons of time and the energy release from that. And another billion or so in fear and anger because they are now exposed. That energy is building even now.

I do not see the PAT as appearing before humanity as “saviors” as this implies there needs to be “victims”. To me this is old school Christianity and conditioning. Each person is their own savior. I see us as empowering humanity to save themselves, (before and after the split) or more accurately, transform themselves. Of course, this could all be in perception and its only words.  But we all know, before a fire can start, there has to be a spark and that is what we, at some point, agreed to be.

We are the spark that lights the fire (fire transforms matter) that creates the energy that is needed for the ID split or as Henry’s message states:

In that it relates to the Law of Leverage, wherein a small amount of energy, applied at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, can move huge amounts of energy, which might not be available at a later time, or in another way (see also CA statements on this issue). Or as he also says we are like a catalyse for this transformation.

According to Terrance McKenna’s, time wave zero there will be a big drop in the timeline on the 16th and 17th of this month with the fall equinox coming right after. Assuming he is correct, this timing would suit me fine!

Thank you for maintaining this site and support and dedication.

Rhonda Stevens
Dear Rhonda,

thank you very much for your eloquent presentation of the ascension scenario from your point of view.

Only one small remark: While you are absolutely right that we the PAT are not the Saviors of humanity and will not play this role, we will not hinder some entities to still see it this way. We cannot deter them from doing it as long as they still stick to their old Christian beliefs. But I am confident that they will have to leave this Orion mindset behind soon as the promises and our demonstrations of being sovereign creators will convince them to follow our example.

With love and light
September 12, 2012


I have enjoyed very much reading the latest posts. I haven’t read yet the latest PAT comments, so they may answer my question. What is the physical condition of most now and is it any different than it was a few days ago? Do you think we will notice any difference in our physical condition shortly before ascension? Have you noticed any difference lately?…

We felt of course the heavy wave that came in the 9th, but since then have felt calmer. I am getting the message that our ascension will be Sept 12-14. And our return will be in three days. Most probable will be ascension on the 13th and return on the 15th. When we ascend, we will obtain our new bodies immediately and shortly thereafter we will be taken aboard GF spaceships to review our mission and for greet and celebration. Then we will return in mass to a single location and disburse from there.

Of course all of this is from my 3-D perspective and doesn’t account for appearing in more than one place at once.  I had a reading years ago by a psychic who was also a massage therapist. He felt of my spine and would read the past and future and he said that in the near future I would start an activity that would bring me extreme joy and it would involve travel throughout the Southwest US. It was before I completely understood ascension, but it makes perfect sense now. Anyway I believe we will all first meet and then appear together somewhere, and Italy or France seem likely from the dreams I have had over the years.

Dear Jerry,

from what I hear it is a mixed bag. Some felt better in the last days, others complained. But altogether the general experience is that the energies have become more harmonious at a very high level, which makes them still very strenuous.

I personally had another nasty wave on September 10, but then suppressed it deliberately as did not want to experience it in its full force. As far as am concerned I do not sense  much difference energetically apart from the fact that I am in a better physical shape since one week, and I have more pleasure to walk and to exert physical exercise.

But the nights are a real roller coaster and when I wake up the energies are unbearable. I (or my HS) feel very uncomfortable in my physical vessel, until I suppress them a little bit.

It makes perfect sense for us to ascend this week and the latest hints of our HSs point to this timetable. They urged us quite overtly to take one more time our destiny in our hands and determine the ascension scenario. I felt this strongly since September 7th, but my HS stopped me publishing articles on this topic until Henry Clymer gave me the necessary push. Then it stipulated. When you have this kind of motivation, you cannot postpone the event one more time, this will be inhuman. Hence we must ascend this week. There is nothing more to say on this topic.

With love and light
September 11, 2012

Hi Georgi,

Well… when we are visiting the Ikea, I could dematerialize (like also was written in the Celestinian promise), and consequently reappear with the Ikea Family Card ™ holding in my hands and shouting “this is how you should buy at Ikea”.

Jokes aside, I agree with others that the most important phase would be the post-ID-split phase, where the masses should be guided. Frankly, I expect the shocked and hopefully awed formerly dumbed down masses to do the same what they would do best, and that is to observe others and eventually follow. Therefore it is imperative that enough volunteers, or better said, entrepreneurs/pioneers, should take on the tasks, which are guided by the ascended masters. Some political parties are already preparing for that like the Sovereign Independent Pioneers Holland party is advocating ( I will be voting for them tomorrow evening.

Up to now, I already heard quite nice visions by some PAT members and actually I want to witness them all for their splendidness! This would be impossible from a 3D perspective, but I trust every action would be awesome.

What I would envision for myself is… actually I don’t have one particular vision for it, but multitudes and having difficulties choosing one and concentrate on it. I think there are already enough PAT front-runners to activate the most far-reaching energies and effects. With that in mind, I think it is important for other PAT members to try and uphold the energies, if those energies lose their power over a few weeks.

My wish is that enough celestial effects would be in place to awe the crowd, where-ever the masses may be. I am sick and tired of hearing about those puny little shining balls in the sky which should awaken people? This will have zero effect. My point is, we need such an amount of celestial show-down that it would be impossible to deny it. I want to see real big flying objects (several hundred meters in size), be it emerging from the sea between the US aircraft carriers, or appearing near cities (not above) for the masses to witness. Another idea is to have many flying objects come together to form a gigantic flower of life symbol. Holographics or real UFO’s doesn’t matter… actually everything are holograms.

Granted, the cabal is looking for every opportunity to label the sightings as aggressive, but with a little tweaking they could be surprised too…

Bring it on!

With love and light,
September 12, 2012

The Road to *AWESOME*!!!

Dear Georgi,

My ideas regarding my Ascension and pre-ID-Split activities continue to evolve and grow, but here’s what I’ve got so far.

I plan to Ascend up a giant column of electric blue-and-white-striped flashing fluorescent Barber Pole (topped with an*ENORMOUS* disco ball) in the form of a gargantuan, brilliantly white, flying river otter (my preferred/natural Dragon form), wearing an over-sized black felt top hat, swimming up through the sky to a *GIANT FREAKIN’ LASER SHOW* and the sound of a Heavenly Choir singing ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ by AC/DC. Make the spectacle centered on my current home and large enough to be seen clearly from Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada, at least.

Further plans for the week will include:

– Swimming up major rivers around the world in my gargantuan otter form, wearing a variety of silly hats and throwing out candy (and energy drinks) like a parade float.

– Dressing the top members of the Republican party in scuba gear and relocating them to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro – giving them a costume change and relocating them to a different world mountain top every time they make it back to civilization

– Collecting up all of the North American chemtrail planes, disabling their engines, writing “Official U.S./Canadian Government Chemtrail Plane” on the side, and stacking them in various locations where they can’t be ignored, like Parliament Hill (in Canada), Capitol Hill, the White House front lawn, the inside courtyard of the Pentagon, the front lawns of major media outlets, etc.

– Removing the harpoons from all whaling ships worldwide and replacing them with cannons that shoot multi-coloured, biodegradable beach balls.

– And in a sister celebration to the recent ‘Burning Man’ festival in Nevada, throwing a ‘Drowning Man’ party in a giant underwater bubble in the current sea-floor location of Atlantis (assuming that’s where it is). Transportation to and from the event provided for all invited guests. Party rescheduled for the Bermuda Triangle, if Atlantis is already booked that week.

Catch ya on the flip side!

September 12, 2012


after reading the report from Dorie, I had tears in my eyes and I asked Andrea (my excarnated twin flame) right then about it and she is very very excited –  hollering: yes yes yes… It is time and ready and of course the first thing I asked was if I was going to get to see her and she said, oh yes, and she said, you all would be like star light beings all in white bright appearing all over the world at the same time after you descend back to earth.

And I asked her how this can happen of us leaving from here, and she said, Father said, we will hear a call and the portal will appear with a white ring around it and for us just to walk through it and to not worry about dress or anything, even if we are asleep, we will be woken up and to just walk into the portal. We will be cleansed going through it and this will take place less than 24 hours, so to let everyone know and their HS should be contacting them.

So I am looking forward to seeing you George really soon

Love, Tooter
September 11, 2012

Hello Georg,

I have really not reported anything for a long time. I have deliberately distanced myself, in my own perception of what is to come – should there be some kind of report from other readers, from which I have benefited much in the past. I have read no more reports, whether information or texts – but I have often thought of you and the PAT and whether my perceptions still correspond to that of the PAT after this prolonged absentee.

I went on Sunday, September 9th, to our little shrine (Nature Heart), and was so worried, in my heart, that it was not still there – but, lo, it was still there, and not a stone was misplaced–many dog owners go hiking there; and even deer, etc. That was my first great joy! I re-arranged a few flowers, but I found out that I did not need to change anything, even the ferns around the bottom.

And then a clear voice said to me:

“You have completed it and it is finished! It takes only short time to manifest from the subtle levels into the visibility of the material levels. This time span is a challenging  phase for your bodies one more time, but you will cope with it very well.”

I hope that you understand what I mean, I have no better formulation. While I arranged the golden yellow flowers (there were only these present) it came again and again of “THE GOLDEN AGE BEGINS.” I was so full of thankfulness and joy that I fed our little shrine with ‘completion’ and ‘manifestation.’ then these energies should be anchored there.

The portal power was so strong that I could only use the PC today to send you an email on Sunday, as my PC needs several days to get used to my higher energy vibrations – I need  2 to 3 days to switch off the device, and to lay hands on it in order to configure it. This is incidentally the case with other electrical devices, also for example with my coffee machine – it seemed to be totally broken after the last solistic, but since I started laying my hands on it, while using it, she goes perfectly again. My family and friends shake their heads in total disbelief when they see that. ha, ha..

So then again today, I launched the functioning PC to write to you when I saw your report and when I read it, tears of joy came immediately in my eyes, when I read the ascension wish by Henry Clymer – please tell him that I rejoice with all my heart when he will come to visit me and my nature heart portal, I am sure that he will feel very well there and will be very pleased!

Even though I still think that our ascension will be differently designed  as most of you imagine – because I believe that everything happens here on Earth, without us ‘ascending’, but that our perception and our consciousness will simply extend so immensely, that there will be no separation between the various dimensions anymore –that is to say, ascension in the sense of radical energy augmentation and a ‘decent’ of our HS, the  ‘Chymische’ wedding” in the literal sense – I’m participating of course live in everything that will happen and look forward to meet you all!

I would also like to make the journey to Rome with you, if this still will be necessary after the manifested event?

The HIGHEST love to the PAT! I love you!

Love Martina
Dear Martina,

It is a pleasure to meet you through Georgi’s site. Your creativity in making the shrine in the Alps pulled the entire PAT back to the reality of our business here; ascension.

You are endowed with the Hermetic Spirit, the mistress of the Alchemical Marriage, and we will be eager to meet you after ascension. Take care with your precious children.

In Love and Light,
September 11, 2012

Dear George,

Yesterday I just finished writing a song and lyrics that I thought I would like to share with you now after reading today’s Unity themes within the PAT. This song was channeled from my HS. This is one of the songs I plan to share with the WORLD post PAT.

Written By: Paul Luftenegger

Oh the stars are calling out your name
This World is shifting, it’s about to change…
Don’t you worry little dears
There’s so much love, in the atmosphere…

They’re are Angel’s here
They are near to guide us here
The World’s alive with so much light

Rest your head and rest your heart
The violet sky is about to come
The Kingdom of creation lies, right inside…
Don’t be scared, don’t you dare
This is the plan for a better man

Have faith in the stars up in the sky,
Have faith in the skies that we share.
WE are a part of all that is – we are a part of it all
Expand your mind and release, the shackles of this life.
Who do you want to be – you can be anything that you want to be

We are creators of the UNIVERSE
We are creators of LOVE
We are the superhero’s of our time
It’s time to be ALL we can be…
Forget your fears there’s only LOVE to come…
There’s only LOVE to come…

Sending Diamond Waves of Love & Light,
Thank you for all you do George,
Blessings Always,
Paul Luftenegger
September 12, 2012

Dear George,

This is an excellent song composed by Arno Carstens and many of the words can be identified with the PAT, if you wish to listen to the song be my guest since it sounds even better.

Here are the Lyrics:


Arno Carstens

Let’s take the final bow
Let’s make the silent sign
Nobody needs to know, where we’re off to
We’re invisible alive.
We’re the whispers in the scream
We’re not living in the west
And we’re not coming from the east
Sharp is the knife.
Alive is the night.
I’m gonna slit the throat of the holy goat
Ceremony to the UFO
SMS them where we wanna go.
From the galaxy of blues to a universe we choose
No more crying and just maybe somebody to hold…
Let’s play the metal music slow
Leave the car on the highway and go
Nobody needs to know another universe
Make a distance between us and them.
Lonely, lonely never us again
A galaxy to explore.
Don’t wanna return to a world at war
From the galaxy of blues to a universe we choose
No more crying and just maybe somebody to hold.

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