How I Envision Our Ascension and Official Appearance as Ascended Masters

by Bonnie Johnson, September 12, 2012

Dear George and my PAT Family, I have lived and led a wonderfully diverse life this last time here in 3D, always having my connection to my HS and to some degree of multi-dimensionality without the complete knowledge of the whys involved at any to most given moments. As I have said before on my personal account, just as a “knowing”. 

I have always felt like the famous “elephant” in any room in this house we chose to come called “earth”. I have always been the one that would piss off all the others near by me and still to the day can achieve this miraculous feat in a matter of seconds, which I know for a fact now was my greatest achievement. I always knew I was the rebel.

Today is one auspicious day for me, and it is that I now, just as of this morning, have made total connection with my entire self as to who, what and why I exist, and let me say first hand, there really is no greater knowledge. I am so in love and it has totally shown me who I am. We just all learned how we came into this world and spread ourselves all over the masses to release what we are made of and that was pure, all out Love and it saved the world for all who wanted it and us. But as we were so uninformed at so many junctures, so were the masses, So now we will bring on the proof as it is so time. And we shall bring it on BIG!! Just as we the PAT know how to do.

My Ascension Scene goes like this, I prefer the natural light of daytime through our gorgeous Central Sun, it shall completely knock out their man-made electricity and power sources in all but 3 seconds as we receive our go ahead from Source. Not one thing will operate, move or work and the world will come to a complete stand still except the newest bright light of the magnificent sun that shall shine on every angle of every place on the earth all at the exact moment in the NOW.

The light shall bring all out of their individual dwellings as to see what is happening, the non-believers will be dragged out of their shells as all of our Portals will be lit up like the biggest X-mas trees ever seen, the believers will rejoice ever so loudly as they will understand immediately who has come forth to show them the way in their deepest despairing moments as all have been living,

We as GOD’s true messengers will be all in our Portal settings, as this is where we have our most comfort and power, also the skies will show with so many visitors from all over at all levels, as there will be many,so very, very many to watch and be present for all and any of how they can and might assist. Not one person alive will be able to denounce a single bit of activity and all that have the dark negativity still attached to their souls will be held at bay without any ability whatsoever to move or react at all.

In as much as the whole picture will stop for our worldly show, so too will many negativities seize to exist in that most special 3 seconds meaning all weapons,and anything used in this life as a measure AGAINST another being will abruptly disappear, so as to show all in one fell swoop the real Authority and Power behind this so called Game Of Life.

We the PAT will be positioned in our portals and will also have the ability to put any and all family members in a complete safe haven of their own portal for further activation as to allow for their witness accounts of our Ascension and their choices to do as they will too, as I am certain, want to follow. As all I ever hear from others is that they want proof, and so proof they shall have. So as we are all in position, I can hear a thunderous loud voice come over the world to announce our impending Ascension and soon return as to show all who and what you are all really made of and how you will be adjusting to your new levels of awareness and new ways of life for all who would choose to follow for the New Golden Age that shall now be in existence on new earth A.

Also it will be told that for all who wish for sameness in life, but with a big splash of Bright Light Hope with Love you will have the choice of earth A/B to continue your life on and to all, who are in a holding pattern at present, shall have their own world, where they will experience all that they would wish to cause to all others as they have shown in this world of 3D. Hence we will Ascend and all will be in awe,

I foresee that before the day seems to come to a rest, but without the darkness as a time frame, we will return with all our new light body attire and magnificent powers abound. I do not know what I think at this moment with concerns to the darkness of a day reappearing, as it feels like to me that this isn’t necessary anymore as it was in 3D to show duality. I want to say that the moon shall follow with earth B and maybe we have a twilight type of light in our new existence, but not really clear on it.

Regardless, we shall come back and proceed to show off our “stuff” so to speak and start teaching and preparing all the masses who will ever so joyfully follow us into their brand new world of greatness. And for any and all of the ones who would choose to stay longer at a higher 4D level, we shall also teach and support them with the knowledge of the New Balanced Earth A/B that they will reside on, but we will use our energy most wisely as to put it in the strongest direction as to achieve our ultimate goals for New Earth 5D.

For this whole transformation I definitely see all our heavenly brothers and sisters of Light standing by to assist at any given moment and need. Well, this was truly amazing to write, as it all just poured out of me like a wave of heavenly love and I apologize for the length, but this is and was no little feat, as we all have lived every day through to the end. Amen! We are proof that GOD is real, Not a book of control.


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