Ascension Weather Report – September 29, 2012

by Georgi Stankov, 29, 2012

In Dorie’s message from her HS as of September 1, 2012 we were informed to watch carefully for signs from Mother Nature that will give us an inkling when our Ascension will occur: 

HS: “It is understood that for you timing is important. Time in 3D reality has always been perceived as how much energy one has to expend in order to achieve a particular outcome. Know now that you will not have to exert ‘much more’ energy within 3D reality, as you have very little of yourselves remaining connected within that reality in order to expend. This is why it is becoming even more challenging to “find the energy” to accomplish things – you are no longer attached to it. What we’d like to offer instead are events or ‘signposts‘ that ascension is nearThis is the time to pay particular attention to the world within and the world without as the two start to blend.

The skies will open up and the rains will come – that is meant both literally and figuratively, both in your physical world and your spiritual world as the heavens open up sending you the cleansing energies from above. Extreme rain will be one of the “events” that will come to you as a sign that your ascension is imminent, meaning that it is within your reach NOW. It is known that you do not fear the coming earth changes, that the only fear you have now is the fear of being “stuck” in 3D for a longer period of time, as it is virtually impossible to move forward or go backward in a reality that no longer exists for you.”

Today my HS urged me to look at the weather forecast. Below you can find the latest weather reports for those parts of the world where more than 95% of the PAT members live. Make your own conclusions in the light of my previous information on our ascension in the latest report:
South East Asia:
South Africa:
Mexico/Central America:
Caribic and tropical storm Nadine:
Texas and the Gulf of Mexico:
Canada Montreal, Quebec:
Canada, Toronto:
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