Ascension Vision

by Garrett Mitchell, September 28, 2012

Dear April and George,

I fully resonate with your (April) latest publication from your HS, as I read it memories and vision started flooding my mind which were given to me on the morning of Thursday 9-27 prior to bed.

What I envisioned and heard was a space shuttle prior to launch with all the big fueling tubes connected to it, but assoon as I noticed them the were unhooked and laying on the ground. Then (Sorry I don’t know much about the launch process and the technical aspects of such so please forgive me and try to see it from a visual point of view rather than a technical one.) I saw all the white smoke that pours out of the bottom prior to the boosters igniting and instantly knew I/we were in pre-launch. I then heard, “tower to launch, are we clear?” but then nothing, and then Elton John’s Rocket Man (lyrics here) began to play.

At this point I was vibrating uncontrollably and needed to get up and walk around with much of the harshest vibrations located in and around the 3rdpower chakra with the 1st root chakra (pelvis and lower back) not far behind and all the way down to my feet which were bright red and extremely hot, my knees were also really red and were shaking pretty badly.

I was told I needed to take deep breaths and keep breathing and it would help the nausea. I then felt another presence telling me that I/we were in pre-launch and that the spark would ignite my/our boosters which were in fact all the chakra’s located below the heart chakra and that those chakra’s were the actual boosters to transcend my/our 3D models:

“Remember when George told you that you were going to delegate the lower chakras to Gaia? Well? They are the only power units keeping you in 3D reality, the cleaner they are, the easier it is to personally release them without trauma or fear which is what the LBP is all about, not to mention the planetary picture of this gigantic process. What you will do is leave them to Gaia as clean power sources to utilize where she deems necessary in her vast network of creations (through ley-lines?).

This will be the actual flooding of light in all three dimensions as reported on by George. It will be the flooding of clean power of the highest degree, which you PAT members have created by cleansing the lower frequency energies through your fields and bodies like gigantic strainers (to use a pasta analogy) replacing it instead with the cleanest and purest and purging the imperfections thus raising the quality to an unimaginable level.

Once the detonation occurs and Gaia has the energy she needs, the events, like many have stated, will unfold in mind blowing fashion. At that point the Rainbow Bridge will be fully up and running at full power. You see the network of this bridge is so vast that it takes time to power up much like the space shuttle. PAT’s flooding of immense power at the time of detonation will also allow the rainbow bridge to have the sufficient power it needs, top off the tank, so to speak, so it can be fully functional to all available sparks of consciousness to use for various tasks as they see fit during this transitional period which you personally (Garrett) may choose to participate in but in no way are you obligated to do so. However, you will not be held back or feel lower vibrations and energies and will be in a brand new power unit and at that point you may find you actually want to show up as quickly as possible as to ease the tension of the events for so many.”

Comments and opinions are welcomed.

I love you all, hang in there!

Dear Garrett,

thank you very much for your validation of our assessments of the current energetic situation in the ultimate pre-launch phase before the detonation of the PAT supernova. You must have woke up very early this morning to write down your vision.

I can confirm that this morning a new very powerful wave from the source has engulfed again my body and field. I have the impression that, being the key-opener of most energetic processes and circuits associated with the ascension process of the PAT, Gaia and humanity, I am 24-hours a day on duty. My energetic stress is now beyond any human imagination and I wonder all the time how they – the Source – manage to still keep me on the ground in this limited and inadequate human vessel. I am exploding!

The  dissipation of our physical texture, about which April’s HS is talking in her last message, has reached its pinnacle. I can no longer function in this material 3d-world. It is indeed a dream-like state, where one is simply riding on these all-pervading, high-frequency energies like a hovercraft over troubled waters. And troubled they are, as the matrix is now also fully collapsing. The people seem to move around me like zombies not knowing what is happening to them, but sensing only subconsciously, the growing menace of the impending End Time scenario.

With love and light

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