The “Wake Up Call” will be the Magnetic Pole Reversal

by Georgi Stankov, August 20, 2012

We have read in the last HS’ messages given by our PAT members that the “wake up call” will be a huge geophysical and cosmic event that will affect the whole humanity in a massive way and will destroy the old Orion system with a stroke. Therefore, it is unlikely that this will be a huge local event such as the New Madrid fault line disaster or the expected West Coast mega earthquake. In both cases these catastrophes will affect only certain parts of the North American continent and will not be felt in other parts of the world. Such an event will remain in the category of massive natural events and will miss its purpose. Obviously the wake up call we are talking about must be much more massive and it must affect all parts of the globe at the same time.

This can only be the magnetic pole reversal, which now will happen first due to the immense gravitational and magnetic pull-effect which the rapidly approaching Nibiru exerts on the earth. It has always been my understanding that the forces of light have the potential to modulate the occurrence of this event to their particular needs. This also transpires from the messages of our PAT members.

The celestial forces may trigger the magnetic pole reversal after the ID split and the detonation of the PAT supernova, so that it will only affect the catastrophic earth B or it may be initiated at the very beginning before the ID split will take place. My perception is that after the last decree of the PAT to stop helping the fence straddlers to ascend, the decision was made to first trigger the magnetic pole reversal as an all-transforming event of tremendous geophysical and cosmic proportions, so that not a single person on this planet will be able to close his eyes and neglect or reject it.

Why does the magnetic pole reversal fulfil all the prerequisites to be the ideal wake up call? The tides, which the magnetic pole reversal will unleash are not displacement waves, as is the case with a tsunami when tectonic plates move during an earthquake and may rise or sink. This kind of earthquake pushes the water in one direction. A tsunami moves towards a shore like a ripple, then rises up as a tall wave or a breaker depending on the steepness of the coast slope when the water reaches the shore.

The tides of the magnetic pole will instead encompass all the oceans at the same time and the water will be on the move everywhere, like a steadily rising tide that eventually reaches great height on the coast. It will flow potentially hundreds of miles in the land before reversing and returning. I was made fully aware of this effect only today when Alex asked me how high I live in Bavaria.

This tidal wave will affect every coast and will have the potential to go as far as several hundred miles inland without finding any obstacle. As more than 80% of the total human population lives along the coastal line or nearby, one can imagine what a huge effect this wave will have on the whole humanity.

Now my guess is that many of the people who will be affected by the tidal waves of the magnetic pole reversal will depart to the higher dimensions or to the mother ships of the GF, which have already entered through our portals the earth’s atmosphere and are ready  for this huge saving operation.

When the people will be hit by the tides, their carbon based bodies will be either dematerialized at the onset of the tidal wave or will be simply swept away. Their souls will either retrieve to the 5th dimension, as they do every night in the dream state, or come on board of the 5d-mother ships, where they will receive their new crystalline bodies, of which there are many variations and levels of evolution. This initial period is defined as the “three days of darkness” by our channeling members.

Let us not forget that the human physical vessels are 3d-holograms of the ethereal body/field of each incarnated individual. When the frequencies of this ethereal (astral) body are high enough, it can reproduce a much more advanced crystalline body, which will be much better adopted to the energies of the new ascended balanced 4d-earth.

It is important to take into consideration that we, the members of the PAT, have augmented the frequencies of our light bodies to at least the 6th dimension and beyond, but we still dwell in carbon-based bodies as long as we stay on the earth.These bodies cannot be further developed in a slow evolutionary manner to become crystalline in the future. They must be thrown away, completely dissolved (dematerialized) upon our  ascension through our portals and substituted with a new, highly advanced light bodies, which already exist in our huge energy fields and the corresponding portals as a blueprint.

This also follows from the necessity to delegate our three lower chakras to Gaia during the detonation of the PAT supernova. Our new crystalline bodies will no longer have these lower chakras. In fact we have already begun to dissolve them as April’s message from her HS informed us today:

“Don’t be surprised if you begin to feel/sense your lower chakras less and less, since as you continue to rise/lift and/or be drawn up you will begin to release and/or let go of the lower energy centers. And in contrast, your upper chakras will only continue to open/bloom into infinity, as it will seem to you. You are coming Home!”

The light bodies, which two third of the ascending human population will acquire during the ID split, will be of course less evolved than the crystalline light bodies that will be used in the 5th dimension after Gaia ascends in Dec 2012. We have discussed the fact that on the new 5d-earth there will be many levels of individual evolution and some entities will be much more developed than the rest.

In particular, the crystalline children will automatically become the new leaders of the masses and will subsequently have a much more evolved body, just as their creation potential will be much more advanced than the rest of humanity.

What is important to realize is that the present biological vessels are absolutely irrelevant for the further evolution of the incarnated personality and can be either dismantled and dematerialized or simply left to the tides of the magnetic pole reversal.

When one considers these technical details, it becomes obvious that we will also ascend when the tidal waves will hit the coast lines of the continents by triggering the PAT supernova. This synchronicity was specified in an addendum of April’s message:

“Something seemed off about the need to wait a few days at the onset of the “event” in order to allow the masses to decide. Upon pressing HS for clarification I received this:

“They will indeed be granted this time by us, but it may or may not delay our ascension by a few days depending upon exactly which event or condition scenario manifests. Our ideal would be that the initial life changing event or condition would lead directly to the three days of darkness,which is now a very real physical scenario as well as being metaphoric for the internal.”

This comment from April’s HS actually confirms that the onset of the “wake up call” as a tidal wave of the magnetic pole reversal of colossal proportions will be at the same time  the beginning of the three days of darkness. During this time the bodies of the ascended human entities will be updated and calibrated for the new life in the 4th dimension, while their souls will retrieve to the 5th dimension to receive further instructions and light codes before they can return to their new 4d-crystalline bodies. Only after this huge energetic transformation, will they be able to begin with their new life on the balanced earth A/B under our supervision as ascended human masters and the new Earth Keepers.

I hope that all my readers now see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together in one congruent ascension scenario that has all the elements that have been widely discussed for the current End Times.

The rigid and intransigent believers such as the fundamental Christians will have their “Armageddon”, the ascending masses will have their “Apocalypse” in the true connotation of this word as “Revelations” after the three days of darkness, when they will emerge with a completely new crystalline brain that will enable them to perceive simultaneous time and will eliminate the concept of linear time. We will ascend to the higher dimensions beyond the 5th, and the PTB and their human minions will stay on the catastrophic earth B, in case they survive the magnetic pole reversal:

Let me stress one final time that this “wake up call” is indispensable for the ascension of Gaia to the higher dimensions and for her merging with the cities of light that already exist and will serve as a blueprint for the new balanced earth A/B and the ascended earth A.

The new earth A/B will have a different geography than the current earth. In particular,  the huge deserts as Sahara and other arid lands will be turned into blossoming gardens. This will be part of the new design for the balanced earth A/B, which will be a kind of material paradise for the ascended humanity when compared to the current earth.

The new technologies that will be immediately implemented, will substantiate this new way of life. Of course it will take some time before the masses adopt to the new energetic conditions and assimilate their past history and what has happened in the summer of 2012. But these changes will be carried out very smoothly with our help and that of the forces of light.

My personal estimation is that with our decision to vote against any further energetic support for the grey portion of fence straddlers, we have actually enabled Gaia and the ascending part of humanity to purify much more profoundly and to begin with their new life at a higher energetic level than initially planned.

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