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On PAT Ascension and the ID Split

August 7, 2012

Hallo George,

I am so happy to be able to connect with you and be able to read PAT reports again, as I was cut off e-mail, Internet and fixed line from our Telecom service for the past week because of non-payment. It has been going downhill since early May, as it seemed like some force was delaying payment to come to me and even two e-mail messages to my lawyer were intercepted and simply made to disappear. So this created a situation, where the window of opportunity was lost and the money that should have come to me is going to be delayed for some more weeks at least.

I have been living w/o cash for about 6 weeks now, and I can get by like that, however when I have to face phone calls of demands people pesting me for payment, it does become a little uncomfortable. I am just so frigging tired of having to deal with such mundane crap and fight with lawyers and agents etc. I can only surmise that I am transmuting collective dross this way, if that is not the case, I must assume that I am under dark attack. My HS is also not communicating with me.

The physical symptoms of headaches, dizziness and sore throat that came with the previous two waves I can still handle, but this other shit makes me depressed. I was delighted that I noticed that my two kids are also showing the same physical symptoms (sore throat, headache, dizziness etc.), which means that they might ascend with me. I was also delighted to note that I feel that my body is different now than it was before the weekend. It feels like I have an infection somewhere (like a light fever), and when I went surfing on Saturday and Sunday, I felt like I had no breath, as in totally unfit. Which means that we must be getting close to the Supernova moment.

So I have a lot of catching up to do in reading your reports, and one question has thus far come up in the “Fifth message from the Elohim”. Under First phase it is noted that “…those from decidedly lower vibrations are pulled back from the field.” Are we talking of people here, or just energies w/o people? Can you elaborate what this means, as it might insinuate a splitting of those of higher vibrations from the denser ones.

in love and light,
Dear Joe,

I am happy to hear from you again and I am sorry to hear that your last days were spoiled by such unpleasant mundane (pecuniary) events.

I have also problems with breathing as the energies that I transmute affect my lungs strongly. This leads to physical exhaustion and you should not do any sports any more. This is my recommendation as you thus compromise your defence mechanisms, which are now stressed on the verge of collapse.

I also brooded on this statement and my interpretation is that after the decision on February 26 to create a third timeline of the balanced earth A/B, we started to separate the wheat from the chaff, Then we received information in early June from our channeling ladies that the separation of humanity in the three timelines has been accomplished and that we should no longer waste our time saving the one third of them who will stay on the catastrophic earth B, but rather concentrate on those who must be awakened as to ascend to the 4th and 5th dimensions. This announcement marked the finishing of the first phase of initial separation and the beginning of the second phase of the void, which lasted throughout the whole June, as this has been documented by our discussions at that time.

With the opening of the portal on June 21/22, when our problems with the respiratory tract began, we actually entered the third “injection phase” of massive cleansing and releasing of collective human dross as to prepare the final ID split. My guess is that this phase is now coming to an end and that we can ascend any time from now on.

On July 31 we received confirmation from many sources simultaneously that the ID split has been a full success from the point of view of the higher realms, after we had announced our two decrees, and that we have been victorious. I have never seen so much confirmations from the higher realms as in these last days. Our soul families want to assure us that we have succeeded with our adventurous experiment and have firmly established the new balanced earth A/B in the 4th dimension.

Now we can ascend as soon as the optimal energetic threshold is reached, as the way, how we and the earth will ascend, will have everlasting repercussions on this timeline and the ID split must be done perfectly. This is the reason why we still stay on the ground. On the other hand as the energies continuously augment, they cannot be stopped or slowed down, so that our ascension is inevitable this month.

With love and light
August 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I went through the last messages and reports (dated from 31.7.2012) and I contemplated a little bit on them. I’m working in IT sector for more than 15 years and I was involved in many projects, ranging from the simplest ones to very tough ones and part of my job was to cooperate on project management  (PM) for these projects.

The basics of PM can be briefly described like this:

1) split project into manageable parts (phases) and set up milestones for each phase;
2) split each phase into complete list of tasks;
3) specify inter-relationships for each task, so that it’s clear which tasks can run in parallel (simultaneously) and where (when) such tasks should meet and join and thus continue at next task;
4) for each phase and task specify all its required inputs and outputs and estimate time required to finish each task and thus to meet the milestone planned for each phase.

Each task can be measured/triggered by:

1) time ( how much time the task will run – in case it’s known beforehand)
2) event ( = after previous defined task has finished the current one can start )

What can happen regarding missing or postponing a milestone is that:

1) the task runs much longer than initially estimated;
2) an error occurs during the execution of the task that causes the task to fail and stop processing;
3) unknown (not properly analysed) business logic occurs which results in the requirement to define new tasks that will handle this new business logic and redefine the whole project plan once again.

With regard to the above, how is then possible that in the April’s message from her HS dated on 31.7. we read the following:

“The members of your Soul group/family can barely contain the excitement. From all across the Universe they come in droves to witness the fruits of your most AMAZING efforts. They are beaming in their love and admiration of you, as well as so many others. You volunteered for the most difficult of roles, with the most risk involved! At any point you could have strayed, become too mired in illusion, and not found your way back in time to fulfill this role, or worse, lower yourself in evolution (even you know we can only protect you to a certain extent). But you DID it! You’ve found your way HOME! You so DESERVE this! And what a “party” it shall be! In conclusion, please be sure you’ve attended to your earthly affairs and you’ve said your final goodbyes. Be at Peace and hear the song now being sung in Heaven. Some of you will even remember it. As all of these intense energetic processes now begin to culminate in completion, higher resonance and harmonization. As the sealing/separating of the timelines is completed, so YOU ARE COMPLETED.”

This looks definitely for me (as for other PAT members) that this is the end of the road and that we should pack our baggage and say good-bye to our friends and family. I’m sure that we all did exactly this.

This feeling was, by the way,  confirmed also by you:

“This last incentive of the PAT is now a full success and last night I felt for the first time in almost 20 years a great relief, knowing to be victorious and that my mission as human entity has irreversibly ended. What comes next “dwells in the stars”, to quote a German saying. We will very soon rock and roll the biggest party in this universe. The guests are flocking from all four corners of the universe and many more are participating as remote viewers in the back rows. I can now finally wrap up this website, at least my editorial activity, as there is nothing more to do on this planet in a physical vessel.”

I want to thank you that you didn’t stop editing this website since the last days proved that the support of PAT members for each other is fantastical, required and simply irreplaceable.

How is then possible that the higher realms after 31.7. “found out” that other clearing is required and that the other tasks and phases are needed? Wasn’t this “project plan” completely known and planned beforehand after February, 2012? Is our 3D project management more evolved then 5D+ ? Don’t we deserve to know all the details of the project plan if we’re the most evolved beings here as is many times stressed? (In my team each member knows the whole plan so that each one can see the big picture and know that his/her part – even though seemingly small or not important – is a part of the whole project and thus necessary and important. )

Georgi, do you have some estimation (percentage) as to how many PAT members didn’t succeed to withstand the energies throughout our PAT history and how many of them have quit, either due to their disgust from each date that wasn’t fulfilled or due to the fact the their bodies couldn’t bear the increasing energies anymore? My guess is that it could be some 10%.

With each PAT member going out of the game the incoming energies had to be spread over the remaining members. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the physical discomfort is so huge for some of us.

Sometimes I feel almost “guilty” that I have only regular migraines and occasionally digestive problems in comparison to what others are coming through (but I know that the comparison is not “allowed” here).

The last thing I want to mention is that on this Friday night, I heard few “not-of-this-world” sounds and that on Sunday I experienced myself ascending in my office in front of my colleagues. I don’t allow myself to fix on any date since from my own working experience I know that dates given is one thing, but the reality is many times different.

That’s why I’ll be happy if the ascension will occur until end of this week (i.e., Sunday ).

Dear Marek,

I will make it short and simple. I have just discussed the chronology of our efforts with Joe and will publish it tomorrow. On July 31 we received the final confirmation that this time the ID split is a full success from the point of view of the higher realms. This was contrary to the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 when I knew eight days before on November 3rd  that it will be incomplete opening. From that point of view, we got the final confirmation for our successful ascension from Dorie, April and also from Marco on the same day (he received the messages on July 31 and published them on August 2 and then sent them to me on the same day, so that I could translate and  publish them on August 3) also eight days before the event, if we assume that the ID split will happen at the lion’s gate on August 8.

The messages about our success resonated very strongly with my HS and I actually expected them as I asked the previous day, July 30 strongly for a confirmation from the higher realms in a meditation.

Now my information from July 20 from my HS as published on the website was that the week around the full moon will be the decisive one. Considering the peak in the cleansing this week, this was a correct information. I have never expected to be told the exact date of our ascension/detonation of the PAT supernova, but when it comes, we shall know it intuitively by the surge of the energy intensity.

In fact, April’s HS informed us that it may be at the beginning of August, but no later than at the lion’s gate on August 8. I have a strong intuitive inkling today that we have finished the third “injection phase” and that ascension and the ID split can now be accomplished any moment from now on. The chances are even for the next 48 hours. It is important to stress that the explosion of the PAT supernova is inevitable as you cannot switch off the acceleration of the energy intensity that is now building up continuously.

With love and light
August 7, 2012

Dear George

I can also confirm strong emotional swings and depression during last week caused by cleansing dark energies of ET origin. At some point, I was also thinking to jump off this boat. Instead I keep my head down and keep paddling. We are still on the same, the PAT, boat.

I have an impression that a few members indeed jumped of the edge, just to be replaced with younger team members. In some sports this is part of the strategy. So it is in the ascension game. At the end when we cross the finish line, all of us will become a gold medal winning team, including those sitting on a coach bench.

Yesterday I also noticed that readers, including a number of the PAT members can not truly comprehend a real dynamics behind multi-dimensional creation of a new dream line, where earth A/B will reside. We made a hologram plan of the earth A/B (pregnant with earth A) based on our ideas and visions of future human evolution. In a dream state we enter the new dream line that is more real than this 3D reality, and according to the plan, create the new earth A/B. It is only logical that we MUST be creator gods in order to create the new earth A/B “out of thin air”.

At the point of ID split, from the perspective of ascending humanity, earth A/B will simply appear under their feet. From this point of view “big bang” is actually correct. At the same time, from the cosmic observer’s point of view “god created earth in 7 days” is also correct. Because of the “veil” we don’t remember much, in 3D reality/illusion, of our multidimensional cosmic adventures.

During the last 24 hours I noticed phenomena that the veil is getting thinner by a much greater rate.  We, the PAT, now have a much clearer window to look inside of the cosmic workshop, to evaluate the work in progress. Instead of keep asking “are we there yet”, we can simply look inside and see what else needs to be done according to our holographic plan. Than we can easily figure out the time of our ascension.

With love and light
Boyd Kraigher, Thailand
August 7, 2012

Dear George,

Last week was a rough one. I had to take some time-out from work to make it through. Depression, nausea, headaches, intense back pain and my rash came back all around my neck area. I have just come to realise that I often I wake up with a metal taste in my mouth. I take no medication before bed and I cannot tie it to any food so I am sure that it must also be LBP related. And yet, the end is not in sight as I am just coming out of another commotio cerebri attack.

But, I too, find my strength in the unity that is PAT and for that I am grateful to you all. For me it is not so much the waiting as it is the fact that I no longer have any interest in this world. I look at my two beautiful, still sleeping crystalline children, who love their lives and do not want change. I look at my 10 beautiful felines and I feel peace because I know that everything is going to be OK.

I have completely detached myself from everything. I don’t feel like doing a thing. I am not interested in a thing. I do not want any more responsibilities. I am exhausted. I need a very long rest, an endless vacation. I don’t want to be bothered. I want to be in my own sacred space away from the outside world. I want to go home where I fit and things feel right. I think it is the finality that I cannot do this life anymore that makes it hard to get through the day doing what I need to do.

I was very amused last week when the 4th of August date became such a buzz in the esoteric fan fare. Then all of a sudden there was a change in attitude and everyone retracted their comments of the possible disclosure. There was even an attack on Steve Beckow that he was just in it for the money. I even saw a discussion questioning the visible spaceships as craft from the dark forces. I was almost feeling hope welling up that at long last (and about time) the sleeping light workers was starting to discern, waking up. But alas, that hope was short lived and I once again realised that the only thing that will bring these people to their senses will be our ascension…

Love and Light
Mara Burger
Dear Mara,

it is indeed the waiting at a place, from which you have fully detached, while you are still not allowed to leave it that makes for the biggest part of the burden we have to carry these last days. In addition comes the heavy cleansing of collective dross prior to our departure.

It was expected that after these announcements for disclosure and first contact by the 4d-Orion sources that many light workers will be compromised. But the experience is that they have no dignity and do not know what shame is and continue with their activities of confusion as if nothing has happened, as Steve Beckow did after his failed joyride with black limousines to the galactic motherships. Nothing will change on this toxic planet as long as we do not ascend and change the rules of the game on this planet. The whole humanity, and not only the New Age community, is one big joke and a huge cosmic embarrassment.

With love and light
August 7, 2012

Dear George,

I want to exalt Carla for her awesome report, my filters tells me it very well fits our project mask – spot on.

It is well known in the ESP circles that “what we focus on expands and what we resist persist”. I guess we are focusing on Ascension, but she is trailing for the simple reason. Carla`s HS mentioned –` forget about dates` and the apparent delay is persisting because we are still clued to dates, which do not match our transition status (we are presently in no man`s land – the void; the void has no 3D references – timelines)

“We must reiterate that the “Sets” of requirements are completed in their own order, in their own “time”. You must now relax and even Release any thoughts on “timing”, so as to ultimately move forward your Ascension.“

Tom wrote: “HS also showed me that there are big teams of beings waiting to help us after the ID split happens. I saw images of the equivalent of “first-aid stations”, “hospitals” and “group therapy sessions” where these beings will help us transition and adjust to our new lives after the split.”

Following Tom`s excerpt above, I will for the first time make mention of a dream which has bogged me since the 4th. My dreams are scarce/generally meaningless for the simple reason that after our 11.11.11 setback I kind of kept my HS at bay from reporting stuff that may provoke diverse repercussions – as well as I master the subconscious` enormous ability in creating our realities in scope & color through dreams.

So Tom`s (incidentally, I`m also called Tom) dream reminds me of a scenario I lived recently; a real paragon, where we were involved in a gigantic training program with very advanced Beings dishing out tutorials and moving us around through a plethora of team corners. It was a very exhilarating exercise/drill as we all enjoyed our new station reflecting 5D attributes.

August 7, 2012


I always have to re-read the PAT posts, more so now than ever. They are so dense. Everyone is saying something I can identify with and relate to. I’m living this experience with other people now. The experience comes and goes over these past few weeks and months, and I actually figured out that its been going off and on for almost 8-9 years with me now. Until recently my own personal and health history did an excellent job of hiding the nature of LBP in my life. So these past few days have clarified things. Though I do worry that I’m being strapped to a roller coaster and I hate roller coasters…

I even have to go back and re-read your earliest posts on the site, partly because my own mind and intentions have molded the memory and perhaps confused a few issues over time. Part of this is human folly, but part of it is that LBP for me, has really slowed down my ability to read carefully, do complex work, etc. So re-reading these posts does raise the bar and clear out some of the cobwebs.

I too get the rage, the frustration, angst, and see with every once of cognition that I have left that ascension is ultimately where everything turns into one. The “omega point” if you will, regardless of what you think about Teilhard de Chardin. I think that was almost a frustrating aspect, you see your life and the correlation of events and other peoples lives and you realize and actually physically feel your disappearance and your ego I guess, hates this absolutely. So this game if you will, keeps going on until there is capitulation. I have experienced years and years of this, waves of it, perhaps its tied into the clearing of dross in the world and such, and this afternoon after months of unsatisfactory dream states, I seem to have killed my ego, or made peace with my higher self. I can’t really explain the dream, but lets just say its a highly complex set up, where I discover that “things are cool”. The lounge singer I used to go see was in it, and things were “fly”.

Considering how bad all the other dreams have been, the light bulb went off saying that things are “chill” now. So maybe this talk about the higher realms is actually correct. BUT, before this dream there had been this extended period with zero contact with my higher self. It was just gone from here. Its hard to explain, but I recognized the fact when I think Jerry may have mentioned something similar, that contact with the higher self is hard. I have no idea that in a time like this, the higher self would basically fold up like a cheap suit. So that part is odd. But the dream at least keeps me happy for a bit longer. That was until, I went on a bicycle ride tonight and got stung right on my lip, practically in my mouth, out of the blue… It’s like a cheesy Japanese TV show, “how to survive in 3d”

Eric Paradis
August 7, 2012


hope you are well and taking the energies coming in with grace. I have been reading with some PAT members experiencing bouts of depression, I too am experiencing this, well have been for last 18 years, but hard to over come recently. Is failing or blurred vision one of the symptoms?

I long to go home Georgi, I feel My mission here on earth with all these incarnations is near completion. I feel as if no gas is left in the tank, I just quit my job a few days ago as I can no longer focus on the task at and feel no sense of fulfillment from such activities. I just hope we can go home soon, while in higher dimensions we have been gone only the blink of an eye down here in this level of density, it feels like eternity. I hope soon. I am holding on with everything I got. God bless everyone at PAT

David Julseth
August 7, 2012

Dear George

I am pleased to see that the PAT members have gained more inspiration after our article on Humanity in the maze. It is indeed positive to read and see that many PAT members had similar perspectives in mind. I thank them for sharing their analogies with the rest of the PAT on our website (PAT’s website).

Tomorrow is the Lion’s Gate and I really hope that we may finally ascend during that period. I am trying to look at the Lion’s Gate as more of an energetic process culmination then simply just the 8th of August. Nonetheless 8 is the number of eternity and it would be great if the ID split, which will abolish linearity, and the ascension of the PAT could take place. If this happens, we will be ascended masters in a crystalline body instead of a carbon-based body and we shall continue to be so eternally.

From an energetic point of view, the Lion’s Gate aligns with the center of the Milky Way, which would be the ecliptic plane in this galaxy and I would hope would bring upon the ID split which would end the incarnation cycle and karmic cycle for all PAT members and will finally free humanity from the maze.

Indeed I could be wrong and tomorrow passes by without any major events, but without optimism one can never achieve his conscious goals and the unconscious goals of others (Humanity). Perhaps, this may have been a reason why our souls and the higher realms kept on giving us “ascension dates”, so that we as PAT members don’t lose our optimism, which would in turn cause us to lose faith. We carry and burden both the unconscious hopes of humanity, to ascend and the conscious ramifications of the higher realms, which would be the constant energies we are bombarded with, as we are conduits who have to cleanse all the dross on this dark planet in order for everything to go according to plan. We have to act as the scales to balance all plans, energies and hopes of slumbering masses and multidimensional beings.

With that, all I can say is let’s be positive and prepare for the best!

Love and Light



August 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I wanted to share with you my brother and I experiences we had yesterday. Around 2:00 EST I began to feel my heart start to race and a tingly sensation in my hands. Right as this was happening, my brother who lives in Nebraska, texted me to say that he too was experiencing an increase of heart rate and then he began to get very dizzy and lightheaded, like nothing he had ever experienced before, he then began to break out in a sweat (he was sitting a meeting at this time) so he closed his eyes and began doing some deep breathing.  He said he felt huge waves of energy coming out of his chest and surging through his body.

This is the same thing I had experienced on August 1st. When it happened to me I wasn’t quite sure what was happening as it had never happened to me before, and I began to feel fear that I was having a heart attack.  As soon as I felt the fear, the symptoms started to decrease. I relayed this to my brother and told him not to fear and see where this journey takes him. He then began to have feelings of joy and ecstasy, his cheeks felt like they were on fire and buzzing, so he then visualize in his mind, the white light energy coming out of his body and going to myself, our Mom, and Dad. As soon as he did this, the waves increased significantly for him. At this same time, I began to feel the heat and buzzing in my cheeks, my palms began to sweat and so we did this for about 5 minutes, just visualizing sending the energy back and forth to each other. It was quite amazing.

After this my brother felt that he learned an important lesson, which is that when this happens again, we are to send out the energy to receive more. It is like a capacitor, it can only take in so much energy and then it has to release it be able to take more in. Later last night, he and I both experienced waves of energy but not as strong. As I was laying in bed I began doing some deep breathing and images started coming to me, one was of my light shining like a beacon stretching from the Heaven to the Earth and that my light was a portal for all those around me and Gaia to ascend, I also images of a merkaba surrounding myself for protection.

Amazingly enough my brother had a similar experience around the same time. His pulse rate began to increase again and he began his deep breathing. He body started to vibrate and then he felt he was entering a void of oneness with the exhales of his breath. He also had the feeling of being giant. He sent the energy out to our family and Gaia, this lasted about 30 minutes. While this was happening he kept hearing in a soft female voice “portal and merkaba activation sequences have begun”.

Also, this came to me yesterday. These waves of energy we are experiencing can be compared to a woman having contractions during childbirth. As we get closer to the moment of ascension, these waves of energy will come to us stronger and closer together until ultimately we reach the point of making that final push to give birth to our new Earth. We should not focus on the timing of when these contractions/waves will hit just as a mother loses all thoughts of time while in labor. Time does not matter to a mother when in labor, she is solely focused on the final goal of birthing her child and rolls with the contractions as they come, but knows as they come stronger and faster that she is near the end.

I feel like we are in the delivery room waiting for the moment the doctor comes in and says it’s time to push.

With love and light,


August 6, 2012

Dear George,

I finally had the chance to write this e-mail! I still have to catch up with some reading. I think I have experienced the ID split in a parallel reality of this current incarnation the night/morning of the 3/4th of August.

I could call it a dream, but I kept trying to wake up from it to prove myself it was a dream, but I didn’t wake up. It was SO REAL that I knew it was not a dream. I decided to go with the flow. I found my self walking on a street of San Marino, Italy. I felt the urge to go to where ever I was heading. When I was approaching my destination, I saw our planet on the horizon and next to it the full moon(?), but at least ten times brighter than it usually is. There were a lot of people also going towards where I was going. Everybody was amazed about what they were seeing.

There were light beams coming from the planet, reaching us. A blond lady asked me to step a little bit to the right because the rays of energy were falling too close to me. She was assisting people. I could feel the energy raising and I knew “that was it”. I calmed down, closed my eyes and let myself go. When I opened my eyes again after some seconds, I was in the same place but in addition, there were futuristic structures. I knew immediately that I was in planet A/B.

The first think I thought was to find an Internet point to get in contact with you hahah. Then I thought how silly I was. I walked towards some kind of station. There where some guys guiding people to a teletransportation station. One guy led me to a little cart without any wheels and steering wheel. I got into the car. While in the car, I thought about my Viking. Then I turned my head towards the back sit and saw him sitting there. He was in tears of amazement and I also started crying a little bit out of happiness. He asked: Can you believe what just happened? I answered: I told you something amazing was about to happen. He said: You never told me anything about this!

We were starting to argue when I woke up/came back to this 3D reality.

When I was “waking up” I was super calm yet my heart was beating extremely fast. My soul took a while to fully come back to my body. I felt like if I was fluid….don’t really know how to explain.

My George, for the first time in a long time I feel our torture is coming to an end.

I tried to illustrate (see image attached) what I saw before the split. Didn’t have time to include the rays of energy :(



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