On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, August 01, 2012. Article No. 333

August 1, 2012

Dear George,

Normally I am not into symbolism; but I got the inspiration to calculate the total number of articles posted on your website from my HS. It is now at 332. With one more article, the number 333 will be hit which apparently is important in numerology.

Examples from a few websites:

Number 333 is a powerful number representing the Ascended Masters, encouragement, assistance, communication, freedom, adventure, exuberance, inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity and the visionary.  Number 3 is the number of the Holy Trinity and of manifesting and manifestation.

The Angel Number 333 is a message from your angels and the Ascended Masters to have faith in humanity. Know that the Ascended Masters are working alongside you on all levels, and are guiding, supporting, protecting and encouraging you along your path.

The repeating Angel Number 333 is a message that you are to call upon the angels and Ascended Masters for assistance and guidance with whatever you feel you may need help with. The angels and Ascended Masters are at your disposal  –  always.  Know that you are completely surrounded and loved by benevolent Ascended Masters and Universal Energies.”

Another one:

“Number 333 Symbolism and Meaning


Transition, Change, Travel

To awake (physically or spiritually)”

So, we could say that either the next article will be the final article 333, or the next “article” will be the ascension. Perhaps it is notable to consider that a few articles have been double posted and should maybe not be counted, but at least the message is clear.

Also I would like to report some of the most interesting synchronicity. Several times, when I went to check the website and no new article was posted, I was sure that there was a new article. So after waiting a few seconds and reloading the page, suddenly the new article was there.

Because currently we cannot really do more, I started planning our ascension party a bit. Some good distraction from the waiting, I think.

Love & Light,


Dear Daniel,

now we have reached the magic number 333 and can ascend tonight.


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