Jerry’s Energy Update

By Jerry R James, August 19, 2012


After reading your email I asked my higher self if there was anything that it wanted me and PAT to know. I haven’t read any messages on your site today except the GF diary, so if any one has posted anything else I was not influenced. The message was slow incoming and measured. I am getting the impression that after our decree they are wanting to be honest.

First of all no entity that they are aware of can give us the date or time of our ascension as we would use the term. The dates previously given were dates of new energetic downloads. I am not able to understand what these energetic downloads are and trying to get them to explain taxes my abilities. But we are constantly given downloads of information for our DNA, which is then transmitted in small dose to those willing and ready to receive it in the general population.

Now we do fairly well physically and mentally until we are subjected to new downloads. Ones our bodies have not received before. The others are more like boosters. These new downloads as you know can really adversely affect us until we can integrate them in all of our bodies. Because time is so short, these new downloads have been occurring more frequently.

It is not known exactly how many downloads it will take to trigger ascension. Each time we integrate a new download this to the higher realms is an ascension to them. In other words we are changed from their viewpoint. That is why they gave us these dates and in a sense it was correct, but not from our viewpoint who were expecting full ascension on these dates.

They are estimating that 95-98% of all available downloads have already been integrated by the PAT and it may not take 100% before our actual ascension. No one knows what will flip the switch. It has a lot to do with how many are integrating the downloads.

But anyway the next new download will be night of August 18th to morning of August 19th (see congratulation letter  from HS to the PAT members). Hopefully this will trigger the ascension as we expect, but no one knows. This download is expected to affect us more emotionally, since we are still reeling somewhat from the latest PAT decree.

The latest PAT decree did move us along because we now have a clearer vision of how to proceed. We do not have to try and force our transmission on those unwilling to receive. There is a lot more to our decree and it affects the outcome more than I want  to get into at this time, because it is a complicated issue. So expect depression and other emotionally issues as well as some physical, unless we ascend which will negate all negative symptoms as this latest new download is integrated.


Dear Jerry,

This is very important information and it fully coalesces with my impression. I will see that I will publish it tomorrow as it is now late in the evening in Germany. Thank you for this valuable feedback. .

I had an extremely powerful wave this night (August 18), about which you are talking, and woke up at 3.00 a.m. local time (CET) and stayed awake till morning. The wave had also a very strong fear-based component coming from the whole humanity that I had to process one  more time. This was mainly negative dross from the fence straddlers who now make their last effort to catch up with their ascension. I told my HS that it is too much, but somehow I felt that it is also necessary as these people will go through my portal and must be cleansed first. Today I was in good form which is seldom for me. Let us wait what will happen next.



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