Final Update From My Higher Self, August 9, 2012

by April Bender, August 9, 2012


Dear Georgi, I woke up this morning feeling amazing! HS was chomping at the bit to deliver a message all morning and I finally just had a chance to check in with her. Below is her message. I get the feeling that this is probably the last message from HS. I hope it resonates with you and others and this one again, was difficult to get down into words. The mechanics are mind-blowing to the 3d mind, so I did my best.

As always, can’t wait to hear your initial impressions. I have very much enjoyed the posts from the other PAT members over these last days. Some of them, I really needed to hear and am so grateful that when some of us were knocked severely down, others stepped up to keep us encouraged and supported. I love you all so very much!

A quick word of clarification, in case it didn’t come through the message from HS clearly. The final injection/ immersion phase is the same thing and we are in it now. HS used the word “injection” two days ago as it very much is a further/final injection of light into our bodies/portals leading to our “detonation,” however, HS clarified today that it will FEEL more like an immersion of light (light, expansive) instead of a painful/uncomfortable injection, as that word might erroneously imply.

A Message of Immersion  by my Higher Self  
8-9-12 mid-morning

Me: I feel wonderful today! Finally! Still a little tired, but that is completely manageable compared to the excruciating pains of recent days, on all levels – physical, mental, emotional. It feels to me as if the sky has literally opened up and the most fantastic energies are streaming in, all around us. The energy is so light, soft, and expansive, I feel like I could just dissipate away/meld right into it.

 And in many ways that is precisely what you will do! The “capstone” energy is here and has been filling or immersing itself into the ethers of your world, your consciousness (the PAT as well as the masses, and Gaia) since the initial opening of the Lion’s Gate. This is still ongoing as it continues to fill all spaces, but as mentioned before, will be completed rather quickly in comparison to the phase you just moved out of.

Me: I keep seeing a giant portal/tunnel in the center of my third eye, as it first appeared in my inner vision yesterday afternoon. It is pyramid shaped and is as large as my head. Almost like my third eye field of vision has greatly expanded. I keep seeing myself shooting through these tunnels/circuits of light and emerging into other, amazingly beautiful realms of light. What is this?

HS: This is how you (your consciousness) travel on universal light circuits around the universe, in pyramidal fields of light. One pyramid field connects to the next and so on. This is literally how we move between worlds/ realms/ dimensions as well and this is all part of the interlocking mechanism that has been used to describe this process before. Think of the Flower of Life mandala in motion or better yet, the Merkabah.

What is happening is this “capstone” energy is turning on or firing up the geophysical time warp areas on earth. As the new Earthkeepers, you are part of this energetic process, your bodies/your light is a potent factor flowing into these time warp areas that run along earth’s grid. (?) These time warp areas are what control arrivals/departures to/from the higher/inner realms. These areas are where you’ve built your personal portals as well as ancient, up until now, inactive portals have resided for thousands of years. Now they are all moving into their final alignments and coming fully “online” to facilitate your ascension as well as the descension of the Brotherhoods of Light to the balanced earth A/B after the ID split.

Many of our brothers and sisters in light and other light intelligences have already begun entering through these portals and more will do so as they expand in size and frequency. As one example, I can tell you that the Lion’s Gate energies are tied very closely to that of the Sphinx (which symbolizes man’s evolution of consciousness from one age to another as we spiral up) and Giza, and also other ancient sites/vortices/portals across the planet as well. This entire gridwork system is coming to life, coming into alignment, and being switched “on” to facilitate your ascension, the sealing of the timelines, and the dissipation of the “veil.” This is why you feel such an opening of lightness, expansiveness, as this is truly happening in every way! Your world is being bathed or washed in these “capstone” energies of brilliant radiation.

Once this total immersion is complete your “detonation/ascension” will be at hand. There is nothing left to do, but allow yourself to continue to “meld” into this space, these energies. In doing this, the final transition will feel quite natural to you and you’ll be able to gain a sense of natural timing as to when it will unfold. In fact, you probably are already feeling this now as your ascension is imminent and you are already flowing to this end of the transition, you can feel it. Just go with that feeling and before you know it, you’ll find that you’ve arrived. It really should all flow rather seamlessly.

Do keep in mind that you will probably still feel tired, as this energy is light, but slowing and/or dreamlike in its qualities, as it is literally altering the flow of time. Also you are still “filling up” with light/information even though the energy quality is much more refined than when this process first began. Most of you are no longer clearing/ transmuting but have shifted to almost exclusively transmitting the final/remaining light codes/ information needed for the masses prior to your ascension. If you find you’re still clearing, take comfort in knowing that it should taper off for you now very quickly.

The “birth” in so many ways, has already happened. You’ve done it! The baby is finally here. Now you could say, it is simply a matter of allowing those helping with the new child, the doctors and nurses so to speak, time to clean out the babies eyes and airways before handing over the beautiful new bundle, wrapped snugly in blankets to its new parents, the new Earthkeepers.

You did well! And like any new parent, you are exhausted! But now you’re at a place where you can rest or cocoon yourself in the new energies, allow them to comfort and sustain you, rest in them, and prepare to greet the newborn bundle that will very soon be handed over into your open arms.

You’ve already been given sufficient information as to what comes after the ID split, so there is no need address it here.

You have done it! We have done it! And now the finale that is to come, will come, simply allow it to unfold before you. You have arrived! Go in Peace for a job well done.


Dear April,

this message has indeed the content and the quality to be the last one in this form. I can confirm that this last night I had the most recreational sleep for months and slept longer than usual.

The information your HS has given you/us about the expansion of our personal portals and the activation of ancient portals coalesces fully with what I experienced today. I am an active opener of many portals for years and, since our preparation for the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, this has been a very debilitating affair for me too. Each time there is a new round, I am  knocked down and my “vis vitalis” is withdrawn from my body, so that I feel as if “I were my own shadow” to quote a Bulgarian saying.

Although I slept very well this night, this morning I was hit by another powerful wave, which I defined as the “final injection” before the barrel is full and we can explode. The energy peak was very similar to that when I am actively opening new portals. The wave was a combination of the usual commotio cerebri wave with a penetrating biting and burning cleansing wave that always affects badly my respiratory tract as acute, dry broncho-pneumonitis and my third chakra,  causing digestive problems.

However, the quality of the energy has significantly changed this time. The energy is  much more purified, as your HS confirms, and pervades everything – my body and the whole space-time around me. I see it as golden energy that imbues all structures. Anecdotally, I see with my third eye all the time a golden lion as an embodiment of these energies.

Anyway, this is my description of the new energies at the Lion’s Gate 8.8. For me, the announced and anticipated “final injection” has come and, if it is true that the detonation of the PAT supernova will follow soon thereafter as we were told, then it is time to ignite it. I am ready.

I must admit that I have also difficulties to visualize what  “time warp areas” really mean, but there must be some completely new energetic geometric patterns that are now established with a lightning speed in the auric field of Gaia and in conjunction with her crystalline grid, so that the new multi-dimensional structure of the new balanced earth A/B and the new earth A that will be birthed at the end of this year is completed before the ID split can occur:

“This entire gridwork system is coming to life, coming into alignment, and being switched “on” to facilitate your ascension, the sealing of the timelines, and the dissipation of the “veil.”

The activation of the new and ancient portals and their alignment with the grid is also confirmed  by recent messages from Metatron channeled by Tyberonn, which I have published on this website, so that this presentation of your HS is indeed fully congruent with our knowledge so far.

In fact, I have contemplated in the last days that with the abolition of the old electromagnetic grid responsible for our veil of forgetfulness and sealing human separation from the source during the whole incarnation cycle, our soul families and other soul energies from the higher realms will have a much easier access to the new balanced earth A/B. They will be able to implement the new technologies, such as free photon energy, mini-portals for planetary transportation etc., which the ascended population will be able to enjoy immediately after the ID split and as soon as they have recovered from the shock during the “three days of darkness” and realize that they are actually on a new planet:

“Now they are all moving into their final alignments and coming fully “online” to facilitate your ascension as well as the descension of the Brotherhoods of Light to the balanced earth A/B after the ID split. Many of our brothers and sisters in light and other light intelligences have already begun entering through these portals and more will do so as they expand in size and frequency.”

Basically, we have discussed all the major aspects of our ascension without indulging too much into “detailed logistics”, which will only confuse us and now we must wait with heightened awareness the detonation of the PAT supernova.

This will be the culmination, not only of our last, most heroic incarnation, but of our whole incarnation cycle on this toxic planet, which we have ultimately changed for the better.

We are ready for departure!

With love and light


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