A Message of Truth from my Higher Self

by Daniël Akkerman, August 13, 2012

Just a short exclamation – Daniel’s message from his HS is the most impressive sum-up of the PAT mission I have ever read and I am really mesmerized how precise this young crystalline child has depicted our spiritual drudgery for humanity in the last several decades as I have personally experienced it. Daniel deserves a great compliment for being such a  clear channel. He has grown tremendously in the last months. Our crystalline children are the new spiritual giants of the New Age of humanity.



Dear George,

I have asked my HS for a honest status update and explanation of current events.

Me: What’s going on? Tell us what you haven’t been telling us. I don’t think I need to formulate questions to get the answers I need.

HS: It is true that additional burdens have been placed on you again and again, but what could we really do about it? Not a single aspect of the ascension process has gone according to plan. Every part underperformed, except for the PAT. We realize that this doesn’t help you right now, but it’s the truth. If the rest of the plan worked out as planned, in addition to the job of the PAT, ascension would have happened years ago.

Most notable are the “light workers” in underperforming. Many of them have been caught by the dark trap of duality and divide and conquer. An example of this is how many support Obama for various reasons such as his medical ideas. Yet the PAT knows the true reasons behind this.

The LW are often unable to compare to universal truth, and instead compare with earthly norms. Thus they see something like a presidential race and believe that one of the sides is better than the other. This has prevented them to wake up sufficiently, and this is the situation on earth. If any soul wishes to incarnate and assist, this soul must be of the highest evolution to be able to see through the lies. The PAT made it, but it was a bit too much for others.

While there are other aspects, it is not useful to explain them in detail right now. In the end, this has been the choice all the time: delegate more responsibilities to the PAT and give out dates of importance to excite you, or accept a major setback in the process, eventually leading to complete failure regarding mass ascension. What if you were to return a few years ago and find out how your work was mostly for nothing? This is not a favorable outcome, especially because ascension is about much more than earth.

It’s also good to admit that the higher realms are perfectionistic, maybe a bit too much. The will to execute everything 100% perfect has also caused some troubles, and perhaps it would have been better to accept at least some turbulence. This also applies to the soul saving. You on the ground realize much better how souls that don’t want to be saved, cannot be saved.

The problem is not with the PAT. You have more than enough energy to ascend and heave Gaia to the 4th dimensionEven further, but this additional energy will be sent to the 5th dimensional Gaia. The problem is again in the masses.

Inter-dimensional split is quite literally a split, where the two waves of energy separated. If the masses stick too much to the old thought patterns, they will be pulled to earth B. Those who resonate to A/B will, of course, go to A/B. But there is also a grey zone in between. Many humans who are intended to go to earth A/B are caught in this grey zone between earth B and A/B. Some of them are quite stuck and do not want to go up.

Think of it, as people who have a world view more resonant to the truth than that of the Orion view, but a view not advanced enough for earth A/B – the main problem being refusal to evolve their views. Examples in this group are some highly dogmatic scientific and religious people, who have ideals for a better world, but believe strongly that it will never happen for a reason related to their dogma.

With the latest decree the PAT has effectively stated to no longer help these “fence straddlers” who prefer to sit on their fence in indifference and do not choose a side of the fence. If they are not ready for earth A/B, but also not deserving of earth B, they will have a death experience during the Interdimensional split. Souls that do not want to be saved, cannot be saved. This is clear now.

The alternative to split your ascension and the ID-split is impossible. Not only will so much energy be released at PAT ascension, that an ID-split cannot be avoided; disregarding this, to split the two would mean a later ascension than sticking to the present plan.

So now we need your trust one last time. All hands are on deck here to facilitate ascension in the best way we can. No more parties before the most honored guests have arrived, as you said earlier. You know very well, that the process has started and cannot be delayed too much. This time there will be no dates given, no more half truths or coaching. No more saving of souls that do not want to be saved,and no more cleansing as you do not allow it anymore.

The only thing you can do now is try to have some form of enjoyment, which might be possible because of reduced symptoms. Keep in mind these symptoms cannot stop entirely, as you are still a contradiction to your surroundings. There can still be tiredness, but no more extreme pains.

Ascension does not happen on this exact moment because of reasons discussed already. Other factors in the ascension process outside of your understanding, and linear time perception. We admit to falsely using these excuses in the past, when the delays were caused by other reasons. But this time, these are the only real reasons. We will see you soon.

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