A Message from my Higher Self on the PAT Mission

by Mano Warren, August 13, 2012

Dear Georgi  and all PATs,

I’ve just been reading your recent experiences with the energy ‘turning loop’ that so many of us seem to be now sensing and this has awakened a reply from my HS in word form. This is not common for me because this kind kind of Info usually comes in as feelings through my Collages and Paintings first. 

The Message

You are all working energetically with the Higher Self consciousness of Humanity on levels which you can only fractionally glimpse, while you are still living in physical bodies. This creates the time/no time/dates confusions which you have been experiencing. Please hold firm to the Highest Good for All, for yourselves as individuals and all those other souls who are still ‘girding their lion loins’ for the monumental shift which has to and will happen in December.

You will not be able to comprehend the spiritual service, which you have been and are still doing on behalf of all Humanity until you physically leave your bodies… as an individual. The shift in consciousness which you are all now undergoing is monumental and it has NEVER been done in this way before – meaning a mass awakening of souls, while most stay physically incarnate.

This task of a small percentage of humanity, the PAT group, each being human-physical form ‘triggers’ for the awakening of thousands and thousands of others, who are still sleeping, was a spiritual gamble which you master souls willingly decided to take on in this current lifetime. Along the way there were thousands and thousands of energy potentials shifts, which you all ‘navigated’  very successfully over the last 60 years or so. These potentials are now absolutely ‘on target’ meaning that success is fully and totally assured.

However, the Earth is the only Planet of Free Will Choice in your Universe. This Divine Decree has the effect on practical earthly levels of your existence of lots of messiness, in the sense that what appears simple on the non-physical levels gets ugly at times on the physical level because the negative unconsciousness sabotages the positive intent.

You have fully honoured  your PAT mission, which was to awaken yourselves and then be available to awaken as many other souls as possible. Your balance point now is to step back from worrying about carrying anyone else  because the others must have their own FREE WILL choice about whether they decide to ‘jump’ or not.

Your task as master souls now is to stand back from the feelings and thoughts that you have any more ‘sorting it out’ to do and give space instead to the others to make their choice. You HAVE done it – your job of navigating the Earth Level of the spiritual energy potentials, which would ensure the Awakening Shift –  the job that you vowed to undertake before you came into your current physical body. So your job now is to please enjoy and celebrate your success because you are all Olympic champions with very golden medals in this regard!

On a practical level, the energy potentials  (13 August 2012) are suggesting that there will probably be a ‘glitch’ on the global level of this energy potential for mass Awakening. With your customary PAT generosity and enthusiasm a few months ago you agreed  to offer awakening support to a group of souls who will probably decide not to jump when push comes to shove. In a sense you took a gamble out of love for those souls. The effect is the feeling that you probably did bite off more than you could chew by being spiritually generous, so this is why you are feeling so exhausted and “pissed off” at times.

That feeling “pissed off” now is justified in the sense that you offered to support a group of souls, who were saying that they wanted to awaken. But now they realise what they have to do on the practical levels of being, they are ‘copping out” in the sense that they can’t or won’t follow through and make the necessary changes in their lives. And that is OK, it is now their choice. You generously offered spiritual support a while back, but in the time-lines of now they have to do the work in their own lives – or not – that is the test of using Free Will in action.

This was the big recent change that so many of you have sensed. A timeline deadline was passed because this was a crucial part of the Bigger Plan, which is so hard to comprehend when you are physical. Because of this deadline, those souls have to make whatever changes they need to make in their own lives and it is not for you to do anything for them any more. They must have their chance to use or not use their Free Will in some kind of real action or not – free will- because this is what spiritual learning is on the real-time of physicality.

PLEASE do not judge yourselves or them. Remember that these souls have Free Will Choice and the time has come for them to use it one way or the other without any more support from you master souls. They must have their opportunity for discovering their self-mastery too.

Thank you to all of you for having the courage and guts to stay the course, more or less blind-folded and against the odds in what has been the toughest spiritual marathon that Humanity has ever had to do. You are winners in ways which you cannot fully comprehend because you went for broke, while also helping as many others as you could at the same time. This was the crazy spiritual gamble that PAT members decided to go for and it has actually paid off big time. Congratulations!

A critical mass of  Humanity awakened and the Hundredth Monkey is now washing his or her own potatoes. So Please relax now, let go of your mission to awaken and surrender as deeply as you can. Enjoy the rest of the ride and let the others cook you up some lovely chips/potato fries!

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