A Major Shift in the End Time Scenario for Humanity due to the Last PAT Decree

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, August 16, 2012


Hi Georgi,

Wow, I loved Dorie’s HS message! Way to go Dorie, you’ve tamed the beast! (just a metaphor, LOL) And you got some really good info that resonates well with me.

OK, I decided to try and connect again with my HS after taking a reflective pause. Below is the exchange. It resonates very much as truth to me but again, it’ll be important to see how it resonates with you and others. I hope it’s helpful, and as always I can’t wait to read the PAT members HS messages.

Let me know your initial thoughts.
Much love and light,

The Message

8/15/12 Afternoon

Me: So, after taking some time to reflect on our little miscommunication issue, I’m ready to connect with you again and see if we can’t move past all of this. But be warned, I will press you or make attempt to dig deeper if something you say seems off in any way. I’m trusting you to be truthful and open with me, and if there is something you know I’ll have a hard time hearing, I’d appreciate you just saying that upfront instead of allowing my 3D self to muddy the waters of your message or you attempting to inspire or motivate me. I don’t need the flowery stuff to make it through nor does the PAT, just the truth. Do I make myself clear? 

HS: Crystal. I am proud of you to April, for taking responsibility for the part that was yours. I will/do without a doubt, take responsibility for mine, in trying to keep your spirits up and your mind focused on the prize, I mislead or misinformed. That was wrong and I’m so sorry for the hurt I caused you. But whenever communication glitches arise, whether it’s with the Higher realms or with earthly friends and family, it’s important to acknowledge that BOTH parties are accountable. Especially given our relationship where we are 2 aspects of the same “self.” Was it really a surprise that I inspired you the way that I did? My HS personality is the same as yours in many ways. Think about this and the way in which you engage with others on earth who are struggling. You tend to sugarcoat in a loving, nurturing way in order to get your seed planted, or to inspire those that need it in a certain direction, towards the light. How are you and I any different? And this truth, I feel, you’ve finally realized. This realization will benefit us both greatly going forward as now we are even closer than we were before (melding together) and you’re really beginning to “live” this fact (not just know) that we ARE one and the same.  

Me: Thanks for that. I had felt that I’d crossed another important personal threshold in my awareness (meditating on the Clarity for My Self) and am glad to hear you confirm it. However, you are still on probation, or I should say WE are both still on probation in a sense until I feel fully confident again. 

HS: Understood. 

Me: So I was actually hoping for an update today. Where do things currently stand in the ascension process? 

HS: Well, as you already know, a big part of the reason why your ascension could not take place recently as planned was because you were unable to “lift” everyone you had hoped to. This was not your fault, these souls simply chose at their moment of truth, to not let go. This was their free-will decision. But at the time, you were still “intending” that same outcome, and therefore were participating in energetic processes to help induce that outcome, and of course we, being perfectionists and wanting those souls as well, allowed you to continue to try, much to many of the PATs discomfort. 

Me: OK, I already get that. We tried to go big and save as many as we could but in the end, those souls decided not to do the work necessary. So in our last decree we cut this deadweight from the ship. Now you would think, we could sail on much more quickly and efficiently, correct? 

HS: Correct! What is happening now or has been happening over the most recent days is a shift in scenario. Since you’ve decreed to let them go, to decide their own fates, now the ID split is moving into manifestation and outcomes are being magnetized based upon your new intention. There will be a huge “wake up” call to the masses coming shortly. This will signify the beginning of the manifestation of the ID split.

Me: What do you mean by “wake up call?” 

HS: An event or condition that will arise that will force the masses out of their current perceptions/complacency in a rather forceful and abrupt way. Thus allowing them one more chance to choose or act “rightly,” depending upon how well they receive the “revelation.” Those who simply cannot process it will leave due to a death experience. Those who seek to harm others or perpetuate the same old tactics of separation will find themselves bound to experience earth B. Those who are ready and embrace the new, the truth, and the Life, and are called to serve it, will move on to A/B. It is up to the masses to decide, this you have Decreed. This is not to say that some boundaries have not already been tentatively set. Meaning, that some of the masses have already determined their timeline outcomes. But many more are still residing within “gray areas,” and need a drastic push to decide once and for all. This is also our way, of giving all, one more chance. It is possible for someone that has been slated all along to travel along the pathway to earth B, to decide to do something truly heroic when faced with a perceived crisis of global magnitude, which leads them to a rather quick opening/induction of the new energies, which in turn catapults them to the higher A/B timeline. True it’s probably more the exception than the rule but still, it’s one more chance for them and one more soul for us. And again for those in the undecided range, a decision shall soon be forced/called forth. 

Me: Are you talking about Nibiru? 

HS: Yes but I’m also referring to some drastic earth changes in general. The worst of these are to be experienced after the ID split on timeline B, however, some will need to be experienced now, as a catalyst to the final sealing of the timelines.  

Me: Hmmm…does this have anything to do with all the sinkholes and train derailments that have been appearing/happening in the U.S. since the very end of July, first week of August? I’m thinking especially of the sinkhole in Louisiana (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsfYyY0xfVc ) and also all the numerous conspiracy world “alerts” being issued about the Pacific plate for this window of time? 

HS: Could very well be. It will be up to Gaia as to where the impacts are most felt and it is true, things are already in “motion,” or on the way to manifesting now so you should be witnessing the precursory signs of this. 

Me: I feel like you’re holding something back. Something about the United States. 

HS:  Well it’s no secret that symbolically the United States currently represents the epitome of the Old World Order, and in the Divine Plan it is to be brought low, cleansed and re-established as the Atlea-America(?) (Something about reinstating the higher vibrational programs during the time of early Atlantis, but rooted here in this region instead. Or some sort of connection between the two lands or coming full-circle or something like that.) The new global, capital City of Light along with other regional cities of light across the planet. Therefore in light of the United States current symbolic meaning which is based on perpetuating slavery and greed, there is a very good chance that a wake-up call would manifest here. Whether it manifests here directly or not, for this first event, isn’t crucial, as in some way, shape, or form, ALL will be profoundly affected by the “wake up call.” 

Me: So will the masses see Nibiru first or experience earth changes first? 

HS: That depends on nature. The pull from Nibiru is already straining the planet, but whether that strain becomes too much before or after Nibiru is viewable remains to be seen. And it really doesn’t matter which comes first, as either would serve as a sufficient “wake up call.” One event may also lead quickly to another as it is difficult to stymie the flow once this process is in motion, but you’ll not have to deal too much because once this begins, this signifies the commencement of the physical manifestation of the ID split/PAT detonation/ascension. The only “pause” or “delay” that might be sensed by you at the onset of this “event” prior to ascension/detonation is the remaining time given to the masses to choose or act “rightly.” You must realize that after this initial “wake up” event/condition has materialized, a few days are in order to allow us to see how the masses choose to react. But it will be brief, be assured in this as they’ve already had plenty of time. 

Me: So why not wake the masses up with collapsing a system instead? 

HS: We in the Higher realms are sensing that the dark powers still on the ground, will only continue to perpetuate this sham of a financial system, as one example, for as long as they possibly can. The masses also, even despite current revelations, refuse to revolt against it. Therefore, we cannot wait on that outcome and it is frankly too cumbersome compared to alternatives. Instead we are currently thinking that a “wake up call” of geophysical and/or celestial proportions would serve as the catalyst to these systems finally coming down, as the masses would be so overwhelmed in dealing with the event or circumstance at hand that participating in these systems will become their last priority. And it will really get them re-examining the meaning/purpose of life and their role within it, for starters. 

Me: Yes, I get it. It’s a tested method that the Higher realms have used several times in the past in other star systems to catalyze the same effects. I remember. 

HS: Yes!  

Me: So this is happening now? 

HS: Yes, now. The event/circumstance (that is the precursor/beginning of the ID split) is manifesting right now. Simply allow it to unfold. Then allow the others to react/choose/seal their fates. What comes at/after the ID split has already been explained. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Point of clarity: Just as I was finishing typing this up, I received a nudge from HS to include the following:Please know, and the let the PAT know, that when I mentioned partying in the Higher realms, all I meant was for you to be excited about your upcoming ceremony. No-one here is or was partying without you. It is true that some beings were working on preparations for it, not because they are lazy or don’t care about the earth’s ascension, but because they volunteered to do this for you. You must also remember that there are different levels of consciousness here in the Higher/Inner realms just like on earth, and therefore not every being who is currently not incarnated is a master or capable of executing challenging earth related assignments. Please understand that preparing for your ceremony is an honor, not a slacker’s job. Also, in one of my more recent messages I mentioned the fact that “the party was still on.” This did not mean we were partying without you, this was meant to affirm that the larger Plan had not changed and that we were still anticipating your imminent arrival. That is all. The reason I mention this is that some folks still keep bringing it up within the PAT circle, and also because frankly, some of your HS’s have rubbed me a little about not clearing up this important misconception.


Dear April, 

This is an extremely important message and I expected this information for some time, in fact, since we made the last PAT decree to give up saving  the undecided masses. Since then it was crystal-clear to me that we have triggered a new catastrophic alternative of the Ascension scenario in the current End Times. I felt the burden of this decision upon me since the opening of the Lion’s Gate and was only waiting for the proper moment to handle. 
Since August 8 I had several working dreams in the higher realms and knew that our project is in jeopardy and that we must change the course of human history radically. This impression was reinforced by an email from out PAT member Eva Kuhar from Crete. She wrote to me on August 10. This background information, which I reveal for the first time proves how intricately coordinated all the  PAT members are and that our HS wanted us to make this last decree in order to change radically the course of the events on the earth. The following correspondence also proves how precarious and dramatic the whole situation was after the opening of the Lion’s gate when it became evident that we, the PAT, will not reach the necessary threshold to detonate the PAT supernova and heave Gaia and humanity to the 4th dimension. Drastic corrections were necessary. And now my correspondence with Eva Kuhar:
August 10, 2012
Dear Georgi,

A few hours ago I was allowed to ‘watch’ one of your ‘meeting’ in the 10th dimension. At first you were very upset with the non-physicals about using /abusing/ us for 6-7 days in August, because ‘they’ massed up…

You have spoken/shouted/ for all of us/exhausted, frustrated star seeds in the front line. Then you’ve ‘stated’ something / I did not hear what/ but it will be done as you ‘stated’!  You will announce this information shortly, either on your website or by using telepathy, so it will be only for those involved. I honestly don’t know why I had to write this email, but I had to.. Perhaps as a reminder some kind…?

Dear Eva,

I can only say that I have another exhausting wave this morning that makes me also very angry and agitated, but I have really no idea what more should I say to the PAT or the higher realms other than “enough is enough, we want to go home.” (This was an anticipation of the last PAT decree, which I announced the next day.)

Of course the situation was not so rosy as announced in the cnanneling messages, I felt this as early as July and the two decrees we did were our last straw to burn. We cannot do anything anymore. They have given us only preliminary dates for ascension to motivate us to concentrate on it as thus we can additionally boost the light quotient, but they knew from the very beginning that they need some more time, as they have not done their job. This is the old malaise since 1987.

By the way, how did you see me ranting in the higher realms – in a kind of meditation?   

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

No, I don’t meditate, I can ‘take off’ very easily /except when I’m transmuting/. I don’t even use the words dream or vision any more, because it’s truly feels like I’m literally there, when I see ‘things’. I was an observer of this meeting, I was there/in 10th D/, but I wasn’t actively attending the meeting like you and the other non physicals. I have seen you with the same Beings several times. Sometimes I write to you about it, other times I don’t, but this time I had to..
I believe it will come to you what ever it is you’ve decided during that meeting and need to be announced even if by telepathy..

As you said you are agitated and angry in this reality, same as you were in that meeting this morning. And I have to tell you that, you ‘used up’ a lots of energy to ‘straighten things out’ up there!!!!…

Let me stress that before the confirmation from your HS I already knew that the “shit is hitting the fan”. After this email exchange with Eva, I went in deep meditation and asked my HS for further instructions. It was obvious that the other forces of light from the GF were not able to help us awaken their incarnated souls on the ground. As a result   we could not reach one more time the necessary threshold to ignite the PAT supernova. 
On that day I had my “deja vus” from 11.11.11 and decided not to accept this situation one more time. When I was hit by another nasty cleansing wave on behalf of these sleeping souls on August 11, I revolted against my HS and heaven as I have written in a previous report. Then I decreed in my name and in the name of the PAT members, whom I knew were suffering a lot in these last days, that we are no longer willing to sacrifice ourselves for these sleeping souls and that they must face now their own destiny due to their rejection to awaken. 
After that I had a very intensive communication with your HS and with the HS of Dorie, Carla and Jerry, as well as with all our soul families and told them unequivocally that I will no longer accept lies and deceptions, but only the naked truth, otherwise I will sabotage the whole PAT project of ascension. I told them that I was still angry after 11.11.11 when the Arcturians pushed me and the PAT to do everything to help open this stargate, for which they were responsible, and for which they assured our full ascension. When the Arcturians failed with the full ascension, they, including their medium Sue, simply vanished from the surface and never appeared again. I told our HS that I will not accept the same behaviour for a second time.
Then I wrote an email to you, Dorie, Carla, Jerry and asked for additional information as I needed it to found the new decree under the same old motto  “enough is enough”, but this time with respect to giving up our support to the fence straddlers. 
Of course I knew that this decree will have profound repercussions on humanity and the Ascension scenario. I knew that humanity has evolved all the time between the two major alternatives:
1) to establish a graveyard calmness on earth, where the masses will be given the chance to awaken from within or 
2) to unleash huge geophysical and/or cosmic catastrophes that will be the necessary massive “wake up call”. 
This has been now brilliantly confirmed by your HS. I am really very thankful that all members of the PAT, with the exception of a few readers who are not PAT members, but dwell in the spiritual fringes of the PAT aura and have not yet  surmounted their doubts, to fully embrace the new decree. 
We thus cut off our divine obligations to the grey zone of fence straddlers’ souls and gave them the chance to determine their own destiny without our support as highly evolved souls in order to achieve their own mastership. This “cutting of the dead weight” from the PAT’s ship was the initial signal for some major catastrophes that will hit humanity and Gaia this month. 
I knew the gravity of my decision when I issued our last decree, but I also knew that this was inevitable. We were for too long victims of the perfectionism of our HS and thus lost the sight for the bigger picture – the majority of humanity that was ready to ascend with us and only waited for the start signal. We were about to lose this part of the awakened mankind and also to ruin our health and energetic strength. 
When you all sent me your messages, this assessment of the current energetic situation was fully confirmed and led to the declaration of our last historical decree. I did not doubt for a second that you will not be able to force your HS to tell us the truth and to admit that they have deceived us in the past. 
This is the first time in the recorded history of human channelings that a source from the higher realms has made such admissions officially. I was very proud of you. At the same time I received from your HS the final confirmation that my decision to issue the last decree of the PAT was the only rightful solution under these circumstances and  that  this decision will have tremendous repercussions on the collective destiny of mankind. 
I repeat this fact, so that all my readers finally grasp how history has been written by the PAT in the last five days. This was only possible due to our perfect interconnectedness and precise coordination from the higher realms. It began with Eva, who first confirmed my deepest suspicions that we are sailing with the PAT ship in troubled waters and that we must radically change the course. Then I had the full and resolute support of you and your HS. 
After that I had no doubts what has to be done and I did it with the utmost swiftness and inner conviction that this is the best and only solution for all – for the PAT, Gaia and humanity. Your subsequent contributions to our discussions on the last PAT decree fully backed the righteousness of this decree. 
Only some still disoriented souls and readers of this website seemed not to get it, but they are now fully informed, so that they should begin to learn to contain their doubts and not project them on the PAT. The PAT is not a waste basket for other peoples’ doubts and psychological trash. Doubts are important tools of the soul on the way to evolution of her incarnated entity. But it is up to the entity to solve his doubts by himself, just as we decided to let all fence straddlers to take now their destiny in their hands and solve it without our support as highly evolved souls.
Finally, let me assure you that the scenario which your HS has unfolded in front of you, has always been part of the ascension plan for the End Times. CA has referred many times to this alternative. Actually it was the PAT that stopped the realization of this alternative for a while as we strongly believed that we are able to save more souls. In this almost inhuman effort, we needed calmness and social stability on the ground as to appease the collective fears of the human population. 
Now this scenario of constructive interference has failed and we must resort to local destructive interferences as to achieve our goal. Perfectionism in All-That-Is has its principal limitations and, in order to achieve full harmony, one  must accept some degree of local destruction. Let us now not fall into the other extremity to accuse the PAT and his last decree as the butcher of humanity when these catastrophes begin to unfold in the course of this month. They will be solely the product of the failure of the masses to awaken under our massive support. 
There are numerous reasons for this failure, beginning with the inability of the GF to awaken their ground crew sufficiently, as this can be seen in the idiotic discussions on all esoteric websites on the Internet. Our website is the only one, where truly intellectual and frank discussions and clear analysis can be found. The strength of this website is in the broad participation of all members of the PAT. It has never been about myself as few blind readers assume in obvious perversion of the reality. I am only the editor/ transmitter of the information coming from the PAT, as is the case with your messages from the HS. I am, so to say, the butler of the PAT, who has of course a distinct opinion on the family he serves, as every perfect butler should display, notwithstanding his obligation of discreteness.
Only yesterday I designed the probable time schedule of the PAT ascension in the light of the new decree and came to the conclusion that in this case we must see first some big catastrophes before we can lift up. I even discussed this issue with my wife at lunch, much to the dismay of my elderly daughter who was annoyed and wanted me to stop this discussion. It is indeed irrelevant what catastrophe will come first – Nibiru, the New Madrid fault line disaster, or the West Coast monster earthquake, or a combination of these, they will all be appropriate to awaken humanity and to destroy the old Orion order with a scratch.
As your HS confirms one more time, humanity has failed to revolt against its Orion masters and to throw the Elite  from power. This has been extensively discussed on this website and our frustration about the dumbed down masses has always been very vocal. Let me stress that this website is the only esoteric website worldwide which has critically assessed so far the inability of the masses to start a true world revolution. In particular  I have been very critical on the failure ot the Occupy movement to ignite a revolution in the USA. The reason was that the masses and the enlightened few from the New Age could not live up to the true cosmic truths as advocated on this website but succumbed to outdated compartmentalized ideas of the Orion order, as Aegil discusses in his latest essay which I will try to publish today.
Now this disappointment based on our precise analysis on the ground, our resoluteness to make clear and bold decision such as declaring  the last PAT decree have characterized us as responsible Earth Keepers and have led to the final act of the current human drama. We cannot do anything anymore now, but preserve a clear view and an intimate knowledge of the causal relationships, not as eternal sinners of the Whole, as divsy and another reader recently advocated in complete ignorance of the true cosmic relations, but as responsible creator gods, and expect stoically the worst, before the best comes. It has always been so on this toxic and very dense planet before it can ascend in light 
With love and light
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