A Family Diary from the Galactic Control Centre

by Christy Decaro, August 18, 2012

Dear Georgi,

A lot has happened since the last letter I sent to you last week. I know I have written much, but I wanted to give you an comprehensive update on what is happening to us and to get your perspective and feel free to post what you think the PAT needs to know. 

My brother (in Nebraska) and I (in Florida) continued to feel the effects of the incoming energy waves, temporarily increased heart rates at the same time, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in ears, headaches.

On the night of Aug 9th, my brother felt his heart rate go up again but this time a peaceful energy began flowing through him and he heard the soft female voice say, “Merkabah activation complete. Portal opening. Awaiting detonation energy.”

On Aug 10th, my mother received this message:

“Very soon you are going to be submerged with various codes. This will enable you and yours to receive the knowledge and integrity for what is coming your way. There will be a wave of mighty confusion for many, only the elect will be able to ride this wave and endure this. Keep My words hidden in your heart. Your Christ-consciousness will prevail you to successes through this.”

My brother had vivid dream where he knew he was as Ascended Master and commanded dark forces to leave an older women who was being tormented by them. After he woke up from the dream, he decreed that he is an ascended master and is ascended above linear time. The detonation energy is here and the ID split is! He decided that is how he is to start letting go of linear time, by saying I AM, and IS, not will or shall be (future) nor was or had (past) but NOW! Later that evening, he hears the soft female voice say, “Portal transmission commencing”

On Aug 11th, In the morning, my brother hears the same female voice say, “Portal activation complete. Portals transmitting.” Later that same morning, my mother receives this,

“There are signs all around us. There are equinoxes surrounding us now. Our light bodies are being transmitted now through the energy of light. We will start to feel different and have more sensations. Portals are coming through and we will be able to go the fourth dimensional level. Know this could be a bumpy ride but it will be totally worth it.”

Later in the day my brother hears the same voice say, “Detonation energy arriving.”  My mother the hears, “Our bodies can’t keep up.” In the evening, my brother again hears, “Detonation sequence commencing.” Then he hears a different, strong voice say, “Starseeds, Prepare for transformation!”

After dark, my parents had an experience of seeing flashes of light in the sky and a sound they can only describe as a neighing horse that is getting louder as it flies over them. They didn’t see anything other than the flashes, but even their cat was looking up like he saw something. After that, until midnight, my brother hears from the female voice, “Light body activation beginning”, “Departure imminent”, and “All starseeds initiate light code activation sequence. No further transmissions.” He said every time he hears that female voice it reminded him of computerized voice on board a spaceship.

On Aug 12th, My brother has a strong desire and instinct at 1:11am to say out loud, “Initiating light code activation sequence” and then starts speaking what he could only describe as a coded sequence in an unknown language while he felt a vibrating energy go through his body for about 10 minutes. At about the same time, I woke up from my sleep feeling very dizzy and felt like I could vomit. The next morning, he and I both felt disappointed and frustrated that we were still here in 3D.

My mother received this message that morning, “There is very soon a milestone going to occur. People are going to be emotionally upset and not understand what is happening. What we have learned and studied within the last year is our inheritance for the knowledge to achieve this success.”  My Dad even said this, “That we won’t understand exactly what is happening and that fear will keep us from going on. He said we just have to go with the flow and let it happen and not worry about when it will happen.”

In the late afternoon, my brother read the PAT posts and said out loud Dorie’s decree that you said all PAT should decree. Later that evening, the soft female voice was back and told him this, “Galactic portals opening, Galactic portals opening. Attention all starseeds, Attention all starseeds! Prepare for galactic transmissions.”

On Aug 13th, before going to bed at midnight, my brother heard the same voice say, “Galactic starseeds assemble in the 4th dimension. Galactic wave inbound.” He said he had a lot of energy and was restless. In the morning, my mother received this message, “We are having true feelings and true instincts because we are being contacted now.”

Later that evening, I am at home sitting on the couch when I start to feel waves of energy enter through the top of my head when I hear the soft female voice said twice, “Galactic portals opening.” Then I repeat in my mind: “My Light is Love, My Light is a portal. I am ascending. My children are ascending.” I had my eyes closed then I could see what looked like stars spinning in front of me and what looks like a wormhole in the center of my vision. I decided to send this energy out to the rest of my family and I am hit with an more powerful wave. This lasted for about 30 minutes and I was left shaking. Incredibly, my daughters and the dog came down and gathered around me and the youngest daughter was singing and old song about “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.“ I see that my brother had sent me a text during this time saying the female voice told him, “Galactic portal opening. Standby for full transmission”. At the same time my mother hears, “We are starting the final countdown.” My brother said that at the time I was seeing the wormhole, he saw the sky shimmer and dissolving into large grey and black floaters.

On Aug 14th, in the middle of the night, my dad wakes up and is vibrating so much he is shaking the bed. He looks over at the calendar on the wall, and he cannot see any words or numbers on it, as if time were gone! My brother and I wake up very dizzy and have headache between our eyes. While getting ready for work, he is hit with a very strong wave of energy and almost falls over. He heard the female voice tell him to, “Standby for transmission from the  Galactic Federation”. He is trying to eat breakfast but an energy wave hits and he starts shaking and becoming very dizzy. He sends me a text and I tell him to send the energy back to me. When he did this he was hit with a stronger wave and then heard a strong male voice tell him this, “Attention galactic starseeds. The time for your mission has come. The time for the transformation of humanity is at hand. Prepare your portals to receive the galactic transformation wave. Stay in the Light. Remember your light is My light.” Later that night in bed, my brother hears the soft female voice say, “Initiating mission protocol download process.”

On Aug 15th, my brother hears the female voice say, “Attention galactic starseeds, Prepare for information download.” My mother receives this message, “The eye of the arrow will be coming at you and your loved ones soon. Don’t fear, you will literally pick up the arrow and fly with it. Just reach out and take hold of My hand. Your energy and light bodies will lead you to the portals.” Later in the afternoon, the female voice tells my brother, “Information download commencing” and he starts to get dizzy again and then later his ears are very hot and ringing.

On Aug 16th, my brother is laying outside in a hammock and hears the female voice say, “Attention galactic starseeds. Standby for frequency level upgrade.” Then he feels a burning and itching sensation at the base of his spine and the top of his neck.

So I read Eva’s and the PAT comments on her posts and knew I had to share what my family and I have been experiencing with portals and the GF. It seems like on the 10th and 11th we had an ascension test run, but could have been misled about the timing by our HS, which the PAT has already discussed. However, it does seem that after the latest PAT decrees, the GF is waking up and activating the portals of their “galactic” starseeds and that something big is on the way.

Love and Light,

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