Traversing the Threshold

by Travis Brown, July 24, 2012, copyright 2012

I intend to experientially communicate the traversing of the Ascension-threshold. [You need not be convinced. You know. You are. You are supervising this moment of the unfoldment.] 

You know that as a subjective aspect of consciousness, “you Are that you Are”, before the beginning of any identification. Identification is illusion of separation – the positing of an “apart-from” needing reunification into the infinity paradox. All paradoxes are thresholds of human understanding. ‘Understanding’ here means experiential simultaneity of Knowing/Being/Bliss, of Sat-Chit-Anand.

All teaching is to steer consciousness into the recognition of itself as source – in simultaneity and beingness. Human mind is the instituent of the illusion of limitation. Ideas of the absence of limitation, or of any positive concept of existence, are still ideas/constructs/abstractions of the direct, experiential agreement of IS. The body/mind/emotion energetic-occurrence is consciousness positing to itself the idea of limitation – so as to ‘put on’ the ‘suit’ of limitation- as energetic barrier. So grand is the Re-Cognition that the trip into forgetfulness is worth its travails. But so alien is our state of forgetfulness, that the universe’s ‘constructive interference’ appeals to PAT’s thinly-veiled 3D-limited-mind as Home, beyond which nothing is ‘worth it’.

Energetically, each PAT-ster’s productivity, incarnate and pre-threshold, is to do and be precisely what we have discussed to do and be. The ONLY coherent gestalt of understanding is that which has evolved in its clarity, amplitude, and resonance through our collective field.

Wave behavior is an excellent abstraction of all our experiences, their purpose, and timing, etc. The simultaneity of a multitude of interlaced complex wave-functions, through various dimensions, etc., is US and our experiencing Here. It is the 3D mirror of our consciousness, presenting energetics through the medium of space-time, as a way of stirring consciousness to recognition of ITSELF as BEING. The high point here is the ‘limitation’ just shy of the quantum threshold. Here, ‘quantum threshold’ meaning: a certain ‘dimensional shift’; an AWEsome revelation, where EVERYTHING- the entire knowing/being mechanism exists in a different modality entirely. There is not an endless ‘in between’, as we have bridged until now. There is a POP. And this POP is within the next few days. Let’s call POP the ‘Point of Presentation’- of ourselves to ourselves as is known to be, and no longer veiled in any aspect of our consciousness. All of our illusion is gone, save the infinity of awe we savor at will.

Any subjective disharmony- through whichever energetic sheath/aspect- is irrelevant. The latest firm, sovereign proclamation, is the last input of energy. Imagine a swing set: Our swinging souls have received the effectively-timed collective push at the still-point of the backswing (from our last 3D identification of selves ‘on the ground’), so that our accelerating through the forward downswing finally ruptures the threshold. And that ‘HS’ existence necessarily absolves the aspect of us here which at the moment only exists in physicality. Everything else has transcended.

What an extremely unique experience, in which ‘I’ falls into ‘it-self-ing’.


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