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Alternative Interpretations of Conventional Physics

July 17, 2012

Dear Georgi,

What do you think of this article? I found it on the heavenly station, where I go very often to see if there is something interesting.

Apart from the fact that there was a total decay of this site, I saw the name Giuliana Conforto, and then I took the trouble to read her article and sent it to you.

I read something about physics recently, and these days I’m reading your books on physics, following the advice of Paolo, who recommended that one should read your works without following your argumentation against the classical physics, we were taught in the past.

I read some books by Giuliana Conforto and texts of Giordano Bruno, but I am conscious of my limitations and the fact that I have not finished reading your books. Therefore I prefer to ask you how do you see the subtle nuances of this text and what is actually behind.

Do you know this scientist in astrophysics?

With Joy and Love
Daniela, Italy
Dear Daniela,

let me be very clear and explicit about this very important topic which you have raised. There are many alternative efforts to reform present-day physics as it is obvious that it is full of contradictions and blunders and cannot explain a single more complex or basic question. Now this has been the area, where many thinkers have tried to mix physics with esoteric teachings in the hope to solve the gnostic problems of physics. In vain!

Since the 80s many such examples were published and I have read and studied quite a number of them, while developing my theory of the Universal Law. All these examples are flawed and wrong and do not solve a single problem of physics, as they do not understand  two basic things:

1) The nature of energy = space-time = All-That-Is

2) They do not know or do not use the axiomatic method in their presentations, which is in the core of any correct epistemological approach to human knowledge. Hence they have no chance of success from the very beginning. This is very important to know.

This is an annihilating conclusion of all such efforts, but the sooner you accept it, the more futile efforts you will spare yourself.

Now Paolo is right that one does not need all my detailed elaborations of conventional physics to understand the physical theory of the Universal Law, which is very simple, as this law is a rule of three a=b/c.

But one can only establish the new theory, if one first shows all the blunders of the past physics and thus convince the scientists to change the course. This theory is not meant for people like you, the members of the PAT, as all of you have an intuitive correct idea of All-That-Is, so that the scientific details, I present in my books, do not matter anymore.

But the more so for the huge masses of scientists, who will live on earth A/B for the next 2000 years. They need a new linguistic categorical system of physics that will meet the new demands of an enlightened and highly evolved society, which has established a conscious bondage with the Source and has eliminated most of the separation and fragmentation of the past.

I have just published an essay by Aegil Santos, a young crystalline child from Kuala Lumpur, where he very well addresses the issue of perpetuating obsolete thought patterns and how they hinder human ascension. Most of the ideas in physics are such perpetuated obsolete thought patterns that have to be eliminated step by step, as they have now still a kind of reality, though an illusory and fake one, in the minds of the scientists. Ultimately, humanity can only eliminate most of the past obsolete thought patterns if it analyses them one by one and disregards them after their faulty structure has been fully comprehended.

In your case you do not need to indulge in new obsolete, alternative thought patterns in the field of physics as the one mentioned, as they have all failed due to their wrong methodological approach from the very beginning.

If you want to study the new theory of the Universal law, you may start with the Axiomatics presented in the concise version of volume II at the beginning:

After that I have arranged physics as a direct application of this axiomatics in this volume. Strictly speaking, you can discard this detailed application as it is meant for physicists who need concrete proofs.

You can also read in anticipation the short essay:

The Universal Law of Nature

which I have first prepared for wikipedia.

Alternatively, you may start with the publication on the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law

which is a somewhat more comprehensive presentation of the new axiomatics than the one in the concise version of volume II. But it gives you also some fundamental proofs, which round up the picture.

These three publications are sufficient for you to get a good idea of the theory of the Universal Law.

Then you must read the book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” in serials, (see “categories” left column, below),  where this theory is applied in a very simple form to human Gnosis (esotericism) and builds the physical foundation, with which I explain all esoteric phenomena and processes, such as the LBP. This is absolutely enough as a strict educational program on the theory of the Universal Law, in case you will have the time to do it prior to ascension.

With love and light
Thanks Georgi,

mi hai aiutato a risolvere le ultime confusioni. Ho già letto il Salto Evolutivo e ho iniziato a leggere il volume II la fisica e la cosmologia, ma ora che mi hai dato queste delucidazioni prima di continuare con il volume II leggerò i due saggi la legge universale della natura e l’Assiomatica. Grazie come sempre delle spiegazioni e della pazienza.

You have helped me solve the last confusion. I have already read “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and had started reading volume II on physics and cosmology, but now that you have given me this elucidation, before reading volume II,  I will read the concise version of volume II and the two articles on the Universal Law and its Axiomatics. Thank you very much for you explanation and patience.

With Love and Light

On Dorie’s Message from her HS

July 16, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you once again for sharing my message with the members of the PAT! I always feel that it is such an honor to be able to participate in the forum with my other team members and I get so excited every time I see that someone new from our team has written in to you to contribute and share their thoughts with us for the very first time! I think it’s because each time I see a new name, it means that there is one more person out there saying, “you’re not alone in your beliefs about ascension, I believe it too.”

This last message that came from my HS was knocking on the door of my mind for about a week now, but it wasn’t until I read your conversation with Julia that I was “motivated” to really sit down and listen to HS and write down what I heard. It’s amazing how quickly the messages come to me now! I have been receiving messages from the Angelic Realm and from my HS for many years now, but after 11/11/11 it felt as if a door had been closed and communication became tedious. I had to rely on my dreams for information from HS. But after May 22, 2012 I suddenly felt as if I had been recalibrated to hear again, and my messages now come through at lightening speed!

I also want to thank you for reposting the Christed Light Meditation. My grandmother taught me this meditation as a child, however, I have never used it in the manner you describe, only for self/family protection. I am now using this method along with visualizing myself and members of PAT in our roles as Ascended Masters. I too, am beginning to feel myself as the Ascended Master that I already am!

I remember Georgi, years ago, I drew a feather on a piece of paper and I focused on it for just a few moments. The next day I found that feather, in all places, my washing machine! The next time, I drew a key, and I had to focus on that quite a few days before it appeared on my kitchen table, same exact size and shape key I had drawn on the paper. I knew then that I had the abilities of an Ascended Master, but after that I became increasingly frustrated because I couldn’t manifest bigger “things”. The whole point of the lesson, which I understand now, was to learn that I could use my MIND, instead of “money” to manifest those things out of thin air, and from that point on I never forgot that I had a mind AND a spirit that was powerful enough to do so! Thank heavens the energies have shifted into allowing me to explore my Divine heritage once again! I’m so looking forward to using those abilities as one of the Caretakers of the New Earth! We ARE already victorious! Woo Hoo!!!!

But FIRST, celebration time with PAT members on the beach! I can’t wait…I really need a VACATION!

Much love to you Georgi!
Dear Dorie,

I am also very happy when I receive valuable contributions from the members of the PAT to publish. It is very tedious to keep the whole editorial work afloat on a daily basis as a single entertainer. Your messages are very clear and fully resonate with me. It is not that am principally against channeling, as I myself write almost always in an automatic manner, while the ideas pour from my HS. Otherwise it will be impossible to keep the high vibrational level of this website. But most of what is channelled and published today is really crap and one must say it loudly. There must be a critical counterpart and I think that the people begin to realize this step by step.

We are creator gods, no doubt about it, but we are now still misused to do the dirty job for the rest, so that we can heave the baby safely to the higher dimensions. The problem is that we all have vowed that we will stay so long on this planet until it has ascended. This is the reason why we cannot ascend earlier.

If you have any other messages or impulses follow them and I will publish them immediately. Your message has given a lot of courage and impetus to the PAT members and this is the most important thing now – to keep the morale of the people high as to create more powerfully their idea of ascension. It is a closed spiral and we are responsible how high it will evolve.

With love and light
July 16, 2012

Dear George

I would like to thank Martina for her wonderful nature heart for the PAT and we as the PAT members appreciate her effort for designing it. I would also like to thank Dorie for her brilliant message from her HS which confirms the coming events. So too would I like to thank you, George for the effort and generosity in which you answer/reply to any questions from any PAT members, as well as keeping the morale of the PAT high throughout these last months.

I have re-analyzed the probability of a world revolution during these last few days and although I had previously doubted that it could happen. I have thought of this possibility and I now fully see that it is indeed very possible, since a revolution need not be gradual, it can also be quick and instant. I had previously thought that a world revolution would need months and weeks to accomplish, but now I have seen that it need not be the case anymore. I have been getting constant headaches over the last few days and energies flooding the Earth are indeed overwhelming. The sun is releasing more and more solar flares.

Over the next few days we shall hopefully begin to see the collapse of this Orion matrix, the ascension of the PAT and the ID split. Let’s keep our eyes and ears open throughout these last few days.

Love and Light
Arthur, South Africa
July 16, 2012

Hallo George,

That is a wonderful message from Dorie that fully resonates. I also find that part about manifesting our outcomes to be of importance, as we should actively take part in creating our future and not just be passive observers.
I wish to add that during my dream time last night, I was asked, which geographical area I would choose to stay at after the ID split. I chose a place, and started contemplating about it, when I was told not to worry too much as I would only be there for 2,5 days before ascending.

Then I felt the energies of that CME that was following the solar flare last night and this morning, as I woke up with a headache and had to rest and catch a few power naps during the day.

with love and light,
Dear Joe,

I also resonate very much with this message, which essentially confirms what we already know. We must now envisage a possibility to ascend before the ID split as it may take some more time if a revolution is needed before that. I will write some more on this issue soon. I am also very  tired today, but the energy intensity since June 21 has resided somewhat. It is always like this – I am the first to get the breaker and then comes the rest of the people.

With love and light
July 16, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The postings are wonderful and so helpful. Thank you Dorie for the message from your higher-self, this is a powerful confirmation for me, as I too see the light coming in through nature and it is all pervasive – Yes, if it wasn’t for the confirmation of nature, plus this website, it might be more difficult to have the knowing that things are definitely shifting in a big way. All that is left is for humanity to see behind the veil and pull it down completely. And as well, I immediately connected with the heart created by Martina in the Alps – What a wonderful creation.

I too have had some interesting experiences in manifesting things to happen immediately. I needed my washing machine to start working as it had been acting up and not doing what it was supposed to do – I asked that it should start to work, and right after I went out to look at it and give it a tap on the side, it started to work. I had been dealing with this for a whole day prior to that! (I was ready to kick it!)

I have a feeling that in using the christed light exercise between all of us is going to have a very interesting outcome. This is quite powerful.

In love and light,

On Neoplatonism and Christianity, Serial-4

July 17, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I just finished reading and printing out Serial-4. I wish to send a big thank you to Henry Clymer for his amazing contribution to all of us who do not read German.

This is such an amazing web ‘family’. I really do not know of an experience like this anywhere. We really are a family that loves each other enough to help each other grow by sharing what each God Spark is experiencing which in turn has made us all ONE.

Georgi, you do an amazing service to allow us all to learn from each other with your guidance gently behind us and not overpowering us by “comments closed”. You are the role model of a leader.

I realized today after reading Serial-4 that we as a humanity have really sunk quite low as compared to the philosophers of our history. I believe we have failed to read and understand what our philosophical history has given us as in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. His conviction that enlightened individuals have an obligation to the rest of society and that a good society is one in which the truly wise {the Philosopher-King} are the rulers.

More recently, James Allen wrote As a Man Thinketh in1902. Even though that was only 100 years ago, it is simple to grasp and yet ignored. I have given this book to many people but not heard back if it was even opened. I think it wise to understand our physical history, although I do believe most of written is false. You had to have been there as you were telling us to understand what was really happening. It is almost impossible to find present day philosophers such as Plato or Socrates. Most things are so watered down, but perhaps so is our ability to comprehend.

I purchased ‘Antiquity Unveiled’ by J.M. Roberts about one month ago. Having a slow go of it but am grateful for the opportunity through your site to be having it in my possession. This is another example of all the wonderful contributions everyone has made in honor of your presence and guidance. We truly would not be here if it were not for your vision and allowing us room to grow into our own vision of ourselves.



Dear Jennifer,

I am most humbled by your praise, as in my opinion this website exists and perspires in the first place through the contributions of all members of the PAT, who stimulate themselves to new spiritual heights.

I have just finished the edition of an essay written by Aegil Santos, a 20-year-old crystalline child from Kuala Lumpur and will publish it tomorrow. This philosophical essay clearly shows what a great progress all young readers and crystalline children have accomplished during the last, almost one year of existence of this website.

This makes me really proud of the PAT and its accomplishments for the sake of humanity and its ascension. Although the real scope of our creation will be fully revealed to us only after our ascension and full acquisition of our unlimited awareness and knowledge as cosmic beings, we can already say that we have achieved in this short period of time more than any other spiritual group after the beginning of the Aquarius age.

We have done all this without any fixed plans, educational programs, etc. In fact, I have let myself being carried by the daily flow of the collective energies of the PAT that rendered everyday new surprises and unexpected U-turns. Flexibility was the name of every day. But ultimately, behind this ups and downs, there was always a very precisely orchestrated divine coordination that defies in its complexity any verbal explanation and is only a poor indicator of the awesome powers that reign behind the PAT and shape the destiny of this planet and its population.

I am really excited to see very soon how this whole cosmic endeavour will finally materialize on the surface of the earth and will envelop humanity with the new multi-dimensional reality of the higher dimensions.

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

Loving the posts as of late. So many and much needed reinforcement at this time. Your intensity has increased in your posting along with the intensity of the energy coming to us.

In Manuscript of Survival #166 a comment was made in response to many who are having LBP that your web site be checked for details in understanding exactly what is going on with their bodies. I was so grateful to see this. Have not seen this before although I may have missed it. This is one of the few sites I read, the cross reference to you is proof that the message will spill over everywhere very soon.

Thank you for all you have and are giving us. In my manifestation of ascension the vision is that all are open to “the new way of being”. I envision myself being heard and others being able to understand. Seeing a crack in the light worker community to expanding their ideas to your site felt like we are on our way.

Grateful energy sent your way,


Dear Jennifer,

thank you for your appreciation of my editorial work and also for this information on Aisha North website. I will check this comment.

In fact I have given up after 11.11.11 to reach the broader public of LW, as it was obvious that those who will not ascend with us and are not that much evolved in the LBP will not understand or appreciate the information on this website as it it does not reflect their personal experience. Most people are only open to information that is confirmed by their own narrow spectrum of individual experiences. They cannot get out of the box in an abstract, intellectual way and explore other areas of knowledge.

But I was sure that the time will come when  the energetic development of Gaia and humanity will change the minds of the people and they will begin to come to our website  to get a more qualified information that better explains their new energetic experiences.

In other words, I have never intended to lower the bar in order to increase the number of my readers as this is not the purpose of this website but to raise the overall consciousness of humanity through the collective effort of the PAT, so that many more people can jump over the bar and also become ascended masters at a later point in time.

With love and light

On World Revolution  and the Spirit of the Warrior

July 16, 2012

Dear Georgi-

I had the most powerful experience of my whole life on Wed/Thurs (July 11/12), and I wish to share it with you.  Midday Wednesday myself and Debra and our dog Gibson were jolted by very close shotgun blasts. In the past  I have taken issue with the extremely unsafe firearm usage of my young (18 or 19) neighbour. I have relayed before how Debra and I live in a heavily wooded area, and I could hear (and feel psychically) the spreading shot coming through the trees.  My neighbour and his buddy were shooting skeet uphill towards my house!

For some time now I have lived from the urgings of my soul through my intuition, and I don’t question, I just follow.  There is not a need for questioning, as I have brought my ego into balance, and I can clearly feel this within my being.  For a long time I have prayed and meditated on the idea of a world without any violence (especially through firearms), as it is one of the greatest methods used to subjugate my brothers and sisters, as well as Gaia. On Wednesday, I had had enough. I got in my truck and went to my neighbours house and tried to forcibly take the shotgun from the hands of his friend. These actions put me in jail for about twelve hours, and I was charged with assault and trespassing.

The police called for the “gun squad” and a “gun dog” to come search my house and property for the supposed firearm. Inside my house I have well over one hundred cannabis plants, and outside we have around fifty. I never felt one instance of fear, and the light I held kept any of that from happening. I relayed to the arresting officer that I did not own any guns, but did admit that I threw a few fire crackers into the woods in the direction of the shooting to announce my presence along with my voice. The dogs and “gun squad” were said over the radio to be unavailable.

My soul had a mission for me in not one jail, but two! I was taken to the local precinct for about six hours, where I continued the meditations I had been doing in the police car for about an hour. I used the power of the christed white light/love to fill both of the places I was held. I am an empath, and that is why I had to do these things. I was transmuting many vibrations of despair and fear which resonate very powerfully in prison. These were not just the vibrations of the past, but also of those who are currently imprisoned the world over! I was harmed in no way, and I was also released without bail.

I have been thinking much about this situation which I created for myself with the direct guidance of my soul. I am most certainly of a warrior archetype, but I am a warrior of light, and I seek to remove ignorance, so as to create our new world of love and peace. Many times “being jolting” has been mentioned on your site, and that was my way of doing just that!

Debra and I have great power flowing through us, and we are learning every day how to work with this energy for the betterment of all. We feel as though we have ascended some time ago.  we are now sovereign creators, and as such, I plan to stand up continually to all injustices which are brought directly to me. My soul guides me continuously, and I am indeed cradled safely and lovingly in the arms of the creator.  You have been a tremendous example, and I know that I will get to thank you in person one day!  For now, I send you love and light!  Be well dear friend.

through the love of All That Is,
I am great stallion walking tall  (Dustin)
Dear Dustin,

I congratulate you for your courage and desire to oppose any negative forces around you with your explicit and resolute behaviour and also with the purity of your christed ideas. This is the only way how we can create a new paradigm and eliminate the old debased norms of human behaviour.

We are now so much protected from the higher realms that any effort we do on a personal level is augmented million-times in the astral atmosphere of the earth and achieves a profound global result, which we can not even imagine.

I have just started a similar offensive about which you can read in my latest article “The black soul of Obama is exposed”. I too firmly believe that we are now very powerful creator gods and we can achieve anything as long as we firmly believe in this end and act from the fulcrum of our light and our souls, and not do anything for purely personal reasons.

We should in fact intensify our efforts in this respect as this is the only way how we can accelerate our ascension.

Therefore I congratulate you one more time for your conviction to be a great creator of your reality and can only recommend you to go along this path of personal realisation.

With love and light
Dear Georgi-

I have just read all the latest Keshe information as well as the executive orders. Debra and I are filled with excitement! The reason being is that I have been talking to many people openly, as well as using the christed meditation, to create a world where mass murder and psychopathic tendencies do not exist! As with all of the things I have been able to create with the pure light and love of the Highest Ideal, there is a “lag time” between thought and creation. As you and I know in a very real convincing way, we have come to the place of creating in the “now time” with no “lag”.  this is extremely powerful!  When doing these meditations I feel as if I have a ring of fire rising from the top of my skull.

I did the ascension meditation for July ascension the day you spoke of it. I have been very interested in your past as a revolutionary, as I have a knowing that I am a cosmic warrior who enlisted here on earth to hold light and obliterate the dark, period. I also am supporting with the light some friends whom are being taken advantage of in a housing situation.  They are doing all that they can to stand up for themselves, and have offered up a deadline to the offending party. Housing is a human right, and when I see these injustices, my inner energy level rises and I feel as I must stand up and use my power for the good of the whole. I have a connection to the house in question, as Debra still owns it, as well, it was our home for a time. I have relinquished all ego attachments, and if the offenders do not cooperate, then I have decided to help those in the light to remove the belongings of the offenders and redistribute them to people in need.

I am grateful always for your guidance by example. I too tend to be blunt, with love, and not many people understand that. thank you.

in the Love and Light of All That Is,
great stallion standing tall
Dear Dustin,

My experiences in politics were all negative, as I only met greedy, manipulative corrupt people, but I learnt a lot. At that time the old order was firmly established and you could not do anything of importance to change the situation. At the end I realized that one cannot change the world by action, but through his ideas. This may seem trivial now as mankind has evolved much more in the meantime, but at that time it was not a common idea

We can now indeed change a lot through our ideas and we must only know this and use our power accordingly for the benefit of all, never for personal advantages, then in this way we will misuse it by believing we have a deficit and need to improve our situation. Ascended masters have no deficits, but only challenges to solve.

For instance when we desire to ascend in crystalline body, we do this because we want to help humanity on a grander scale. Of course we also want to end up our sufferings with the LBP, but this is a normal human desire. Everybody has the divine right to live without pains and sufferings, and if he takes this responsibility, it is always for the sake of mankind.

Hence our desire to ascend as quicker as possible is not an egoistic wish, but driven by our desire to do more than now.

The warrior mentality is a basic feature of most PAT members – otherwise they would not have taken this dirty job. But the objective of this archetype of the soul is to transcend the warrior mentality. This does not mean to suppress it, which is impossible and would be a treason to the own personality, but to realize that the fighting aspect should be transmuted into more constructive decisions and actions from the fulcrum of the HS as to achieve much bigger results.

The warrior point of view is to disagree with any injustice on this planet, but then the warrior energy must be released in a controlled way as to achieve the maximal result and not being wasted in direct confrontations. This was also my major lesson during this life and I must admit that I was not always up to the height of my soul standards. Even after one enters in a personal confrontation, one must still have control over the events and be able to retreat.

The warrior must learn that a retreat is never a defeat, but another more elegant way of victory – a victory over his combatant mentality, which is not in harmony with All-That-Is. This is a complex philosophical question and it may take a lot of place to tackle all its aspects.

Bottomline: The great challenge of any warrior soul is to preserve her combatant nature, but to be able to transcend this energy to creative, all-inclusive solutions, The warrior energy is badly needed on the earth, where most of humanity lives like meek slaves, because without it there will be no change at all.


On Obama and the Keshe Foundation

July 17, 2012

Dear George,

In reading your latest article about Obama, you respond to Gwen pointing to strategy by saying: “Although I have no means to verify the claims of the Iranians, this is a very clever move that offsets with one stroke the technological aspiration of the US and makes their ineffective present-day technology ready for the museum.”  And later you say, “clearly exposes the dark side of this president with a very black soul and his criminal government”.

My question has to do with confusion about Keshe magnetic space defense technology. It supposedly uses magnetic and gravitational force fields (Magravs) to block and jam magnetic field communication systems at any frequency and from a distance. They claim one of the uses is to block any magnetic fields that carry information in space.

Forgive my ignorance but my question concerns the Central Sun articles regarding magnetic, electric and radioactive civilizations and incomplete ascension.

Is magnetic technology relative to magnetic civilizations? If it is not relative I have no further questions. If it is relative, why would a magnetic civilization create magnetic technology in order to block magnetic communication?  I am wondering, if we have two equally menacing civilizations at odds here?

Thank you George,
Dear Marilyn,

first of all I have no idea what the Iranians have really developed. I can only refer to what they say. Second, every technology has two aspects – a positive and a negative one. The GF can cloak their ships with magnetic shields, so that they cannot be seen or penetrated by the radar beams of the Orion empire. In case of urgency, they can offset any radar or deactivate any missile with similar magnetic fields. It does not matter what a technology is capable of doing – the more advanced the technology, the more universal and global its effects – but for what purposes it is used by the sentient beings that have developed this technology. No ethical sentient being will use his more advanced technology to harm a less developed civilisation as the Orion/Reptilian aliens are doing with humans.

Please see this question from the overall point of view of energy. Any energy can have constructive or destructive effects. It is up to any sentient being to learn to use energy in a constructive way rather than in a destructive. This is the main purpose of any incarnation experiment. It does not matter how you call this energy – electric, magnetic or electromagnetic. You should not lose yourself in terminology, but see the nature of energy behind any phenomenon.

With love and light

On PAT Ascension

July 16, 2012

When I read the words “The more we purge now, the quicker we will ascend.” I felt my heart rejoice. I totally agree and in the days gone by, after receiving a download of this powerful energy on the July 9, which turned me on like a torch, burning up my skin (especially hands and feet!).

I instinctively started to talk with my family about the need to consciously direct our intent in direction of the cleansing of our everyday reality. I felt the urge to interrupt everybody who speaks to me, complaining about the job – husband, children, to stop with their complaints and say to them: “Enough! It is useless to complain, now that each of us is beginning to take responsibility for his own words and thoughts and directs his intention and heart towards what one wants to achieve on the New Earth, after the intet-dimensional split has come and the change in all sectors have been implemented ”

These words are simple and even though many times I see the emptiness in the eyes of some people, I am convinced that by talking and acting deliberately in this clear manner, some seeds will germinate and some will participate and help us in this great cleansing. My HS confirmed to me since July 9, that it is necessary for us as  Ascended Masters to reclaim our power and our dignity in order to ascend as first. He told me: “You need to stay on the ground  as long as you have worked out part of the cleansing you have not done your best so far to clean this earth in the best possible way “.

As I read the posts on the Great Central Sun, we can not ascend to the detriment of others or the earth itself. An incomplete or false ascension is not in the plans of the universe. Then tonight, with the help of your Meditation of Christ (to which I have already made use of in moments where I felt dominated by collective fears) I directed my intention to clean and sent love to some Italian politicians, and while I was at work, I felt called to devote my attention to Obama. I saw him struggling in a bubble of Light and how he was wrapped by a spiral that took him away from the universe, and I felt the power of love of all the PAT.

So I ask you, Georgi, and all the PAT how you feel, does this resonate with you, and what visions have you developed during the night between the 14th and the 15th of July? Personally, the night was a great job for me and I did not stop for a moment to cleanse Gaia, I had to sleep till late in the morning and although I woke up several times, there was no way to interrupt the succession of scenes and to wake up completely. There was a time in the past weeks  that I felt almost useless in the expectation that everything would happen, now with the energies of July 9, I feel strong, I feel that my intentions are full of Power, Mastery, Love. I can not explain it in words – it is a sensation of heat with more love, physically, I feel a heart as big as if it were boundless.

Just now I heard the news on the Italian TV: all politicians are in utter confusion, Berlusconi (the clone that is no longer framed by nearby) intends to be re-elected as premier in an attempt  to “chiudere la stalla dopo che i buoi sono scappati” (Italian proverb), Monti today seems to have disappeared, the others fight for the last available bones. I am reminded of the metaphor of “Death to Samson and the Philistines!” I have this strong feeling that some Italian and European politicians will soon open their mouth and reveal many secrets and this will trigger the global collapse of the Orion Empire in Europe and the world over, like a domino effect.

Positive news is that Putin was preparing to intervene in a diplomatic way in Syria and Iran. It’s fantastic! The preparations for the Olympic Games is failing. Not enough men could be recruited for security purposes, According to my HS,   the Olympic Games will be a flop, even if they are trying to pass this information to the terrorists, who have already passed through airport controls. And how did they go …..? Italian TV is great in terms of journalistic hoaxes and news distortions ad hoc.

For my part I will continue with all my strength and  intention to create Ascension, and thank you all for the love you emanate.

Also big thanks to Martina, her photos are beautiful!

To you, Georgi, thank you for your article about immortality. It is depressing to see the blindness of these so-called scientists who seek to eliminate Earth in one of their many experiments in CERN. At the time of the earthquake in L’Aquila in Italy, I  heard some timid voices of scientists who considered the possibility that some experiments conducted in a laboratory under Gran Sasso may have caused this earthquake and gave this confirmation to local farmers, who often confirmed that they heard strong roars coming from underground as explosions….

With Love and Light I greet you all and the PAT


Dear Daniela,

thank you for your comprehensive email and for your confirmation of the energetic conditions in the last days after July 9. You also confirm the information from my HS that on July 14/15 huge purges were undertaken by the forces of light with the pivotal help of the PAT to eliminate all the dark ones from this earth. I also performed this Christed meditation with respect to the Rockefeller and Rothschild faction yesterday with great success as it seems to me. (read my second comment in my article on Obama’s black soul.).

In my last PAT comments I also wrote about my encounter with Angela Merkel in the dream state and how I demised her and took her job on the part of the PAT. I am also receiving similar confirmations from other PAT members that dark entities are contained or eliminated in the astral dimension. It is obvious that there is a huge final purging ongoing these days shortly before ascension.

The Italian politicians are all in a full disarray. Mario Menti, the Liar, is a tragic clone and he must have disappeared already. It can start indeed all of sudden with some revelations by a single politician that will trigger the whole avalanche.  The Olympic events will most probably coincide with the total collapse of the old matrix, as I wrote to Charlotte and published yesterday.

We are definitely entering some very interesting times finally and now we must only stay calm and observe with vigilant eyes the events.

With love and light
July 16, 2012


I read some channeled messages now just to see if anyone has started to get it. Apparently not. The newest messages seem to revolve around the theme that we have already ascended and now we can start creating. I use the latest Lauren Gorgo transmission as an example.

She claims to channel from the PHC and they are admitting that June was a very intense month of cleansing and rebirth. But now we are ascended into 5-D and time for us to create in joy what it is we desire to do. No mention of how our bodies need to be rejuvenated or the fact that the same PTB rule the planet and stop us at every opportunity. We are supposed to go out now with the same exact conditions as before and create from our hearts. Talk about living in denial. No mention of a ID shift to aid us or LBP. They just don’t get it. This type of message could be very confusing to those who don’t understand and no message at all would be better. This must be part of the false ascension that central sun transmissions mention. Believe me if I ascend I will know it and not have to be told.

I am not talking about ascension in the higher levels which I do think has already happened, but I know I am still firmly and to my regret physically in 3-D, have not been rejuvenated and the ID split has not occurred and Obama and other dark entities are still in office and the stock market and banksters still rule.

I do feel some better physically this morning than I have in a long time but I don’t know if it is a short reprieve or not. I think I will still wait for the real ascension and I don’t think there will be a doubt that it has occurred. Hope you are feeling some better also.

Dear Jerry,

first to  this woman Gorgo, or as I call her “Gorgone” (see the pictures):

She is the most fraudulent person in the New Age circus. She does not channel at all and these texts she publishes are her own invention. We checked them with Hawkins’ scale of truthfulness with Carla and she scored below 80 points, which means total fraud. I have discussed her in the past on this website.

It is indeed very tense in the last days, and I prefer to interpret this as a positive sign. In fact I slept half an hour this afternoon (July 16) after a new strong wave hit me and I dreamt, as I usually do in the last two weeks, of ascension preparations. I was showing to other people how to gauge when the energetic fault line of ascension has arrived as to go on the other side of the spectrum. Then I woke up all of a sudden without any reason and my HS told me loud: “This is the dress rehearsal!”, in English, as I write it. I can only hope that next comes the premiere.

With love and light
July 17, 2012

Dear George,

Hello, and my sincere thanks to you and all who have been sharing their experiences as of late! I agree that the updates and messages you generously give to us are beyond valuable in getting us through these energy waves, and tedium.

I feel moved to write you again since seeing and being so moved by Martina’s beautiful creation of the PAT “Nature Heart” (July 13); and reading Marcel’s letter included in the July 11 “Comments Update”.  The following is from Marcel’s letter…

“It is like a baseball game. Each one is watching the game from a different seat in the stadium. Each seat has a unique POINT OF VIEW of the game. The number of seat equals the number of unique POINT OF VIEW. To get a greater understanding of the game, you need a 3D view of the game. You create it by accepting and including the POINT OF VIEW of others. All seats of the Stadium: This is the POINT OF VIEW of  ”ALL THAT IS”.”

Today, I mainly need to express to you that upon seeing Martina’s Nature Heart, I can feel she was led to make a visual representation of exactly what it was that my Soul was revealing to me, right after the Ring of Fire, in May.   For me, this message came in the form of an incredible wave of feeling deep in my heart, the beautiful Love Space the PAT was meant to create since the Ring of Fire! This feeling has stayed with me ever since, and I realized it was mine to consciously hold for everyone….just as the intellectual/scientific “POINT OF VIEW” is yours to hold for all; and those who are artists, are moved and inspired to express through their unique points of view and creations; etc, etc…

All of my life, I have naturally and intensely held all life in my heart, and I FEEL deeply, the love that is All-that-Is.  I’ve also been called “overly sensitive” my whole life. So, I guess I would say I was assigned to the emotional “vantage point”.  (Today, I saw in Metatron’s message, via J. Tyberonn, this statement:  “We love you so very dearly, in ways that are above emotion, in a love that is omnipotent and flows from Creative Source, of All That Is…of which Divinity you are an intricate member.”  This really puts into words my own experience of love. I deeply remember the unity consciousness “kind of love” from upper dimensions).

Especially since my awakening/ascension in consciousness in 2010, I feel the truth, for the most part, rather than think about it. I experience the truth as a “feeling awareness” of the beingness, or is-ness, of truth. I have now realized and know that I am as much a valid part of the whole “stadium” of all of us here holding the Ball for the whole of Humanity, as anyone else. This includes how I am uniquely meant to hold space for the WHOLE TRUTH, again, just like each one of us is. I have the codes to live the same TRUTH as you; yet I am given to “do” it through the feeling of the truth, rather than through a deep, intellectual genius and knowledge, as you do.  What matters most is that we both give our all on behalf of all of humanity!  We both uphold the same truth, from different seats, or vantage points. The puzzle is not complete without my piece, or anyone else’s piece, being included, just the way it is.

And now, today, since reading Dorie’s 2nd Higher Self Message, and really letting it in that we are now “fully conscious Light beings in the dimensions of 5D and beyond”, I see that all of the above is truly about me owning, absolutely, my own Master-hood….my full Goddess Self!! And that is soo exciting to me…to truly, truly GET this fact, in my cells!!!

So, George, I’m off now, to truly LET THIS BE, and to hold this space of TRUTH with you and all of the PAT, every moment, from now on!  And to BE WHO I TRULY AM!

Please accept my thanks and gratitude to you, and all who share their love on all levels here!  We are truly blessed to have the shared Heart of the Collective Christ that we are now, as we would never have made it without every ounce we’ve all given, on all levels!  We are all truly awesome!

In the Light of Christed Love that We ALL Are…!


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