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On  “Time Traveller in Suspense” and  “Rules for the PAT Prior to Ascension” 

July 1, 2012

Hi George,

Firstly thank you for your latest post “Rules for the PAT…”, they are a good reminder and a thank you to all the PAT members for their contributions because collectively they put into words what I most of the time cannot.

That said, I would like to add to Bill’s post as lately I have been thinking about how the masses will process the shear magnitude of the coming revelations. If I were to stand in their shoes and see what it would feel like when the the truth is revealed. In short it can’t be put into words.

The quotes below from Bill’s post display the basic condition of the human mindset.

“Quite astoundingly, they also believe that Humans are the most advanced form of intelligent life that has ever existed.”

“In a nutshell, they believe that their government truly has their best interests at heart and wouldn’t intentionally do anything to harm them.”

We are well aware that the PTB want the masses to believe that there is other life in the universe, only it’s malevolent life that wants to do us harm. It’s all good people, the Government has your back! Hollywood has told you so.

Now can you imagine being one of these slumbering people finding out today what has been going on. I don’t think you would be able to comprehend the depth of the sickening hole in their stomach all the while trembling so uncontrollably that all that comes from their mouth is little squeaks like a petrified mouse. The overwhelming feeling of being betrayed and indescribably alone. Helpless.

Could you imagine finding out officially for the first time that not only are ETs real and have been visiting our planet for eons, but that some were already here before us, they are malevolent and they are far more intelligent than Hollywood has led you to believe. Thousands of times more intelligent and tens on thousands more technologically advanced. You realise that we have no chance. We were created as slaves. (In order not to create any more unnecessary editorial work for George I want to state that I am fully aware that had we been left to evolve unmolested, we would have not only been more technologically advanced but more spiritually advanced also. This line is based on the current awareness of the masses).

You find out that the government that you thought had your best interests at heart has actually been working with these malevolent ETs. Not only are the military and police not going to fight the malevolent ETs, they have been unwittingly doing their bidding. You find out that the very food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the medicine you take has been methodically poisoned by big business, the government and the ruling ETs. Secret societies. The Powers That Be. You have been microwaved and bombarded from the full spectrum of the EM field in order to make you sick, in order to make you die, and in order to make you sleep. To never remember who you really are while your still alive. You realise that every facet of your daily life has been infected. No exception.

You find out that 9/11, the London bombings and in fact all wars and terrorist attacks were instigated, carried out and profited from by the Government, Big Business and the Malevolent Extra Terrestrials. On top of that from your point of view you find out that the Human minions of the PTB have been worshipping demons and the devil. They, including the Vatican have been religiously involved in ritual sacrifice. The demons have been feeding off your energy and the Government has been helping them! Everything you thought you knew has been turned upside down.

So now what?

You turn to God, to Jesus, Allah. But where are they? Nowhere to be seen. You are alone. Betrayed. God why have you forsaken me? The Government you trusted have deceived you. Every corporate brand that you trusted has deceived you! ETs are real, demons are real and they are out to get you and your family and the richest, the most powerful of this world are helping them. Always have been since ancient times.

OK I think I’ve made my point and remember that we have found this out in small doses over a period of time. I’ve had a couple glasses of red so apologies for the dramatics and any grammatical errors. I don’t think a timeline that would incorporate this blatant disclosure would actually materialise as there would be no benefit scaring the masses to the point of paralysis without showing a way out assuming they even found out what was going on in the first place. It actually highlights why there needs to be an ID split with ascended masters holding the hands of the people in an environment of constructive interference before the truth is revealed. The shock would be too great and counter productive otherwise.

…..and if you are hearing this for the first time – the PAT has your back!

Warm regards
Alex Golowyn – Perth, Australia
Dear Alex,

thank you very much for this very realistic and consistent presentation of the shock wave that will engulf humanity when the real revelations start and the scope of deceit on the earth becomes officially known. This is also the main reason for me to favour a clean ID split of the two earths before the revelations can begin under much more favourable conditions in the 4th dimension on the balanced planet A/B and in the absence of all dark entities and off-world aliens that have enslaved humanity for so long time.

Given the current slumber of the masses, there is no other alternative. That is why we had to wait for so long as to make this irreversible split of the two timelines energetically possible.

With love and light
July 2, 2012


Bill’s latest message published on the PAT website caused me the greatest laughs I have had for a while.. I really can relate to his message big time, hahah! I have had similar thoughts for many years and I loved to see that I am not the only person in this world who thinks the same.

For many years I have laughed at my Terran friends when they are so proud of their Volvos and flight tickets in the first class and their ipods and Ipads, hah.. Well they have no knowledge of any better, so It’s not their fault, but still makes me laugh when so many of these people work their ass in the Orion companies and then are so proud to have their bizarre looking automobiles and ancient tools of communication.. I consider even this laptop (brand new, with almost best hardware and software in the market) as very slow functioning, ancient piece of synthetic Orion technology, which will be as useful in the Higher Dimensions as piece of old plastic bag in the garbage bin in the corner of my room…

Thank you Bill, and thank you PAT, for all the great insights and your very resonating messages lately published in the PAT website.

July 1, 2012

Dear George,

I love these last two posts…simple truths. There really is nothing left to do for the PAT and yes, most activities drag you down into the lower vibes and pretty soon it’s all confusing again and you’re wondering why the hell you got out of bed or out of your comfy chair or out of the shower. hahah. But the upside is that it feels SO good to return to these states of just being once you’ve experienced the chaos that describes most earthly activities.

Way to go Bill on your Time Travelling post! I love it:) You succinctly and simply described the state of things here. I was just thinking to myself how much manipulation exists here… how people tell each other half truths constantly to get what they want and how most of the things they do for each other is based on some requirement that you must meet or else they retract their kindness and quickly! I’m just happy that I’ve found a way to only work 2 weeks a month and provide for myself.

I’m on vacation now, visiting with my sister and I was able to put two new tires on her car and pay for a week of Bikram yoga for her. Feels really good to be back into the place of manifesting easily. I am much more comfortable like this, obviously. Yet, the whole process of taking her car in and waiting on the tires really sucked and I told her that from now on, I just can’t be in places like that for any reason. She understands finally. And, judging by how close we still are and the fact that she has gained weight recently, I feel that she is on the path to ascension. She allowed me to talk about it for over an hour the other night and she didn’t object to anything! First time for that. Positive signs. Things moving quickly.

The other day I took a nap and when I woke up, I looked at my phone and was like, “why the hell are these people in here?” And I deleted like 12 numbers on the spot! haha. It’s like during that nap I was upgraded and had an aversion to even more humans upon waking! Talk about fast! I’m allergic to these peeps! Well, I’m doing a whole lot of nothing lately except fun stuff. But even some things I thought would be fun are proving to be miserable.

Last night I went to see a movie and the crowd was overwhelming…people spilling out of the theater and for some reason they all looked like people from the reality show, “Jersey Shore”. I swear everyone was short to medium height and the women had long dark hair and spiral curls, lots of makeup, heels, and flashy clothes. What the hell? I really think that show has a huge influence over young Americans for some weird ass reason. I couldn’t believe how much everyone looked alike. It was freaking me out. I thought maybe I am in a sea of baby souls…I don’t know. Here I am tall (5″9) with strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, tad bit of makeup and comfortable clothes, and I swear no one else looked like me…not even a little. I really just felt like I wanted to be around more people who looked like me. No one was glowing… no one really stood out to me, energetically.

Also I’ve been feeling so BIG lately. And I don’t mean fat. I’m very proportionate body wise. I mean that with all the short people around me and my expanding energy field, I feel like a giant. Except instead of making me feel great, it makes me feel clumsy or self conscious. I feel like everyone is tiny…tiny hearts, bodies, and minds…and I’m just this expanded thing that no one can contain. Which is true, and should make me happy…I think it will just take some time to get used to.  Well that’s all for now.

July 1, 2012

Ascension Dreams

Dear Georgi,

I am so glad that you wrote to me today, because I went to the site to download Dorie’s message and then I realized what has been happening to me during the last month and the last few days, especially since the Summer Solstice.  While I have been working on the translations, I would fall into a stupor of some sorts and wake up an hour or two later.  Sometimes I would have to go to bed to rest for a few hours or get four or five hours sleep.

They were doing this to me as a training exercise and I had very little recall, except for the fact that I would be doing four or five different things in the 5th dimension and not showing any fatigue or strain. It was so exciting, and then they would bring me back to what I was doing, and then I would have to eat or go to bed to recover. I realized that when I went out a few days ago that my mind-reading abilities were getting so sharp that I could read someone from a hundred feet away. It was also shown to me today about an hour ago! They also showed me that when the time came for the transition it would happen to me immediately, without any ‘rehearsal’ at any time. Well, that suits me just fine because I love surprises.

Secondly, when I asked the question that I sent you about ‘U-Menge,’ (U-set) I already knew the answer, because I had asked you YESTERDAY when I first came across the term in one of the translations; you transmitted the information telepathically, but I had to prove it to myself because I am always doing that, testing my own abilities that come naturally. So I am finished with that crap because I know what I can do.

The reasons why I am doing this translation, I figured it out a while ago, was that I could stay connected to you mentally, like a small child. There will be no need for that once we’re out of 3-D. So there is no need to rush to try to finish the translations because I can do it carefully and completely one or two pages at a time until the time comes to go. That is the only thing that I am doing because everything else has no meaning.

So we are really gaining in power to do the things that we are supposed to do and equipping ourselves and the rest of the PAT to do the things that come naturally, like so-and-so (I forgot his name) who said that “he was going to control all the animals on Earth.” That probably really is the case, and I’m glad that he spoke out. Best regards,

in Love and Light,
Dear Henry,

thank you very much for this energetic update which is congruent with my experience and that of the rest of the PAT these last days. We are indeed in the void, in between the dimensions, and the only purpose of our stay here is to anchor the huge cosmic energies as much as we can.

I am glad that you mention the sharpening of our telepathic and intellectual perceptions in the last days which is a direct consequence of the new energies after the opening of the summer solstice portal June 21/22. We have entered the time of a heightened awareness, where crystal-clear judgments and discernment will be the main trumps, while  the unduly revered feelings in the New Age scene will begin to play the second fiddle. This is by the way, an important evolutionary leap of the human species on the way to acquiring a new expanded transgalactic awareness, as will be the case in the 5th dimension.

I had a dream today (July 1), in the early morning – I was supervising the official start of the Olympic games on a small planet, I guess it was the earth, but it felt very strange and distant to me. In fact I knew that it was the start of the ID split and ascension of this planet and the Olympic games were only a camouflage thereof. The responsible people for the opening event of the Games were children or very young souls and I had to explain to them the whole multi-dimensional procedure behind it and when they should activate the official clock for the beginning of the event.

In order to explain this procedure to them I arranged some trans-dimensional travels with these young souls through ID portals to other solar systems and dimensions and explained to them practically the complex coordination and preparation behind the official activation of the Olympic clock.

When everything and everybody was ready, I gave them the signal to switch on the clock, but they failed, precisely the clock failed to respond to the signal I sent to those who were responsible for its activation. I was very puzzled and somewhat angry with these young souls. “I do not really understand it”- I said to myself, “These young souls are able to make time travels through the dimensions with the help of higher forces, but are not capable of switching on a simple clock and now they have spoiled the beginning of this crucial event.”

Then I woke up and knew that this dream was part of the ongoing preparations and energetic adjustments for the ID split. The young souls I had to supervise were from the GF and they were in my dream no-good for the job…

With love and light
July 2, 2012

Dear George,

I write to you from holidays in Spain. Initially I did not want to go, but I was forced to by family who made a huge scene. However, I think I’ve made the right choice now. I just experienced a number of notable events, so I even write them down right now, 6:25 in the morning to avoid forgetting.

First there was a curious dream sequence where I saw/was/interacted with a huge amount of different people. I then woke up and it was completely dark. A mysterious power loss in the apartment, which fixed itself after some walking around. My soul told me that this was important.

When I went back to sleep, I was in a very conscious experience and had the ability to fly. There was not a lot more for me to remember than flight, because I was in a much higher dimension, and the carbon brain does not comprehend such things. I flew down to earth and had huge awareness across the entire planet before the scene changed.

Again there was a chain of short meetings. This time all people I know personally “here”, at least in some way. Notable is a conversation with one of my best friends, about that we are in a dream, and some other stuff. There is more, like a girl I know singing a Led Zeppelin song.

Now comes the part which I find very important. Somewhere in this sequence of dreams there was a different type of experience. Near the end or perhaps at the end. I am in some kind of place, perhaps a boat, but I am not sure. I am thinking again about my flight from an earlier part of this story. In hindsight, perhaps this means I found what I came for?

A small addition between the events: After this there was a confrontation with the entity you called “astral terrorist St. Germaine”. I am not fully aware of the back story, whether this dark entity impersonates the real Germaine, or if it simply is a dark entity. Anyway, the story continues:

While thinking about flying there is another person. I believe a male, but now I am not so sure. This entity made a comment which I found to be ironic or sarcastic. It was something like “the only way to fly is as described by St. Germaine”.

This was either 1. the typical new age person saying something stupid or 2. a fellow PAT member making fun of such a new age ignorance. I am not entirely sure but tend to option 2.

After a very short time of walking I approach a staircase going down, and look at it. I don’t use the staircase. Then, I feel very strong destructive interference and realize that this staircase is somehow related to this entity “St. Germaine”. I can see how astral terrorist is an appropriate name, because he really tried to destroy me with a fear attack. But I did not let this happen. By realizing that I can never be destroyed and that I have huge power, I called upon an enormous amount of energy to protect myself and to neutralize this dark entity. And this is where I woke up. My soul tells me, that I have done extremely well, and of course I am very happy about this.

Love & Light
July 1, 2012


Well June has come and gone and I really am not that disappointed like I was after 11/11/111. I know that all will happen in time and I still believe that time will be soon. This is the first weekend in a long time that I have felt functional. Seems the heavy waves that hit us around the solstice have subsided for now and probably to reappear in some form around the full moon. It is time for independence day celebrations in the US and it never seemed more ridiculous.

I have been having many dream lately I think about ascension. I dreamed that I was in my old college dormitory after my graduation packing up my few belongings. My roommate was there but he was so slow that I became frustrated with him I started packing his belonging myself to hurry the process and announced to him that we had to return home now.

Another dream was that my wife was pregnant and obviously ready to deliver. I said to her you know I think a lot of our recent problems have been because you are pregnant and when you deliver I think we will be much better.

I have so enjoyed your recent posts. Yes you are so correct about the fluffy websites and not many men at least straight men even bother to review them or at least post to them. I read one of them once who speculated that most people ascending were middle aged women. Because few men ever posted to their web site, they speculated that about 90% of all light workers were women. Many articles were about how men had abused the world and how the divine feminine would take revenge on men and change the world.

Of course men have abused the world because they have been the ones in positions of power, but the Hillary Clintons  and Nancy Pelosis of the world who risen to power act more masculine and power hungry than even the men. Its just a crazy missed up society, actually a disgrace that we have not progressed any further, no matter if men or women are in power as long as the system stays the same, it won’t matter.


On the Orion Financial System in “Neoplatonism and Christianity -Serial 1”

July 1, 2012

Dear George,

I have been reading your website, and do always since my first discovery of it a couple of month ago. I have learned much.

This past Tuesday, I returned to the mountains of Western North Carolina from a visit to my mom. She had a successful medical procedure. The trip was only to be for about 5 days and ended up being a nightmare of two weeks in the very horrific 3-D reality! No details, just so very glad to be home!

I was so frustrated when I returned that I did not leave the house for 3 days. No we are in the midst of a record breaking heat wave, even here in the mountains. On the day before I went out, I was trying to communicate with HS and Source. I did this all day and into the night. Didn’t hear anything. The next day when I went out, HS began rising up in me and confirming things to me. I had come completely to the place of being fed up with the 3-D state and everything that is going on (on the planet) and my words were “I’m Done”! I had even told my mom that, (I’m done) before I left. (This was regarding efforts to have relationship with my brother & his wife, as well as some other areas.)

In my thoughts I had kept saying that I don’t know what to do and that I need direction; but as I was driving this past Friday I said aloud ‘I know exactly what I have to do’ and overwhelming peace engulfed me.

I had read your posting on ‘Neoplatonism & Christianity – Series 1’ and was so excited that you and others clearly see what is happening in the USA as well as globally. Talking about the financial situations of this nation (et al), the truths you wrote were so right on. I had been seeing this, in the happening, all through the years of my career. Slowly, and subtly, there wasn’t any more career choices to be made that didn’t have to do with money. There isn’t a GNP any more. Every job is either a service or having to do with ‘creating’, ‘moving’, ‘hiding’ ‘playing with’, or ‘making people think’ they have money. Almost every product in the USA comes from somewhere else. We don’t make anything anymore. That’s why there are no jobs. That’s why people over here don’t have any money. That’s why the service people and ‘shakers & movers’ are only there for the ‘silver spoon’ folks. That’s why this country is falling apart.

Now, I’m no Harvard grad, but why can others NOT see such a blatant truth?! This brings me to your other posting on “The Know & Know Not in Current New Age Movement”.

One of your postings from today was a PAT member recalling conversations with LWs about Obama, and their rejection of her thoughts. While I agree that Obama was not solely responsible for the current conditions in the USA, he sure as hell has done all in his power to make them worse. Again, not being a Harvard grad, I can SEE this.

When I first moved to WNC, my friends got involved with some (wealthy) new agers. They started sharing all of the new stuff they were learning with me. I am one who does not swallow everything, hook-line-and sinker, so I pondered everything cautiously. HS enabled me to take what was good and accurate, and discard the rest. As I met some of those LW, I found that their lives were not any more ‘together’ than anyone else. Also, most, if not all, of them were pro-obama. WHAT???? How can anyone claim to be enlightened and have clarity of spirit and NOT see what this man is?

I have concluded that most of the new agers joined that movement to be a part of something, and really don’t KNOW anything about what is taking place. (Some names I do not capitalize on purpose – I give no respect to them!)  At any rate, I give no regard to any of them. I read THIS website and I listen to HS. I will only listen to what my spirit bears witness with. I cannot help but think that so many are so deeply intertwined with the 3-D that they simply choose not to believe what is absolutely obvious. We cannot help that. We can only help ourselves and believe that the closer we draw to Ascension the light will be so real and so bright that it will begin to awaken them.

I was going to write this to you yesterday but it did not happen. I was trying to collect my thoughts and was going to write them down before I wrote. The notebook I was going to use had some other things in it. I found in there a study I had written on Feb. 19, 2005. (I used to teach Torah and Bible studies.) This particular study was verifying through the Torah, our life here and eventual Ascension! It spoke about how we came from All That Is with our mutually agreed upon commission for our incarnation on this planet and eventual Ascension back to Source! It truly was a good article. I couldn’t believe that I had written it. Then I realized that I hadn’t; it had come from HS.

At any rate, I am on board with the PAT and wanted to tell you so. Again, thank you George for what you are doing and thanks to all the PAT members. We are going to make it. I believe Ascension will be soon as well. BTW, I have noticed that when the moon is out, there seems to be a small, shadowed, arc at the bottom tip. In my spirit, I believe that Nibiru is between the sun and the moon, and that the shadow is from it. That means it is closer to us that people think.

Love, light
Dear Sandra,

I am glad to hear that you are back from your journey and that you have reposed after these calamities.

Thank you for your validation and confirmation of my latest publications. In fact these flawed economic developments were obvious to me as early as the mid 90s and I have written about them in my 1999-economic forecast published on this website. It has always been a conundrum to me why nobody saw these negative trends at that time. Even the “greatest experts” and numerous Nobel prize winners on economics in the USA who were considered to be critical at that time were nor as bold and as far sighted as I have always been as to see where this catastrophic economic policy of the USA will lead at some point in time in the future.

In this case one does not even need to consider the alien card of the Orion/Reptilian empire to come to the right conclusions. This has always been a huge conundrum to me, and the longer I observed this insidious economic development, the more convincing became my initial economic analysis.

Now the same holds true for the New Age scene and again I am perplexed how it is possible that so few individuals see how faked this whole movement of spiritual enlightenment really is. This leads me to my basic conclusion from the last several years that humanity did not awaken as it was initially planned in the higher realms, so that  now part of it will be transported to the higher dimensions in a completely unconscious manner by the ID split and only then will we begin to educate and awaken the masses. This – as  a matter of  fact and the ultimate explanation why we are still on the ground, although we could have ascended years ago.

With love and light

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July 1, 2012

Obama as the Antichrist

Dear Georgi:

Isn’t it?

Video about Satan’s Name, from Arameic into English

Today, Presidential Election’s Day in Mexico. I am in retreat. We got as I see it help from Mother Nature: All Mexico is covered with clouds, and here in my region, it sure rains!

Love & Light, dearest friend! Dorina.
July 1, 2012

On Reptilians and Greys

Hi Georgi –

I came upon this” missive” by chance as I was researching something on the web. This ties in with much of what you have written about relative to the reptilians. Don’t know who authored this, but it’s very interesting and something you might find interesting as well.  Still hoping for ascension soon.

Love and Light
July 1, 2012

NASA Discovers  Earth’s Magnetic Portals

Dear George,

with Love-
July 2, 2012


Latest from Metatron/Tyberon

This article seems to be very good. But not many of the Metatron channelings are anywhere near that…thoughts?

Dear Eric,

It is pretty good indeed. I read it yesterday. In any case, it reveals how complex the whole energetic procedure is that leads to ascension and that the personal experiences only make a small portion of it..

July 1, 2012

Hello Georgi,

Message to the people of the earth

I have read it already and consider it to be a falsification.

July 1, 2012

Hi Georgi!

I just got this link with a youtube video in Russian about the subject…

Pyramids Discovered Submerged In The Bermuda Triangle

Watch at :

Pyramids built by Atlantis’ Fish Humanoids.

Thank you very much, however it was a Macedonian program and language and not Russian.


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