On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, No 2, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Last night I slept for 11 hours straight. In the dream a Cherokee Indian in full dress gear came to me and said to me:

you have to wait for 2 more…”

and then disappeared without finishing his message. I opened your page and first thing I see is is April’s conversation with her HS:

“All in all within 2 day’s at most (high probability) – at max the Lion’s Gate will propel all that is unfinished forward. That is the final-final conversion point/date. We expect our goals and your goals of ascension to be met well before then, but should any delays arise, the Lion’s Gate is it. I can confirm that.”

All I can say that all dots are being connected, synchronicities are being amazing…and I have ” a-ha!” moments every day.

I said the PAT decree out loud 3 times…and SO IT IS!

Energy levels are amazing. Body feels red hot burning and buzzing…but I have to say I enjoying it at this point thinking that every moment brings as closer to the finish line.

Our only job right now is to keep out vibrational levels high, get popcorn ready and await for fireworks! We have arrived!

Much love to you, Georgi, and all the PAT!

Dear Georgi,

Here is another confirmation from Adronis ( Brad Johnson – channel ) regarding ID spit/event with a “boom”.


with love,

Dear George

How strange I am moving from this house on 1 August too and could not help but wonder if I would leave this house and ascend!  Let’s hope so!

In love and light
Maria Jones

Aloha Georgi and PAT,

First contact has been made! LOL well between you and me anyway and only in 3D language! And with your site being down all day until now.

Just a few quick notes: From way back in June my IS (Inner Self, my word for Higher Self) showed me August 2nd as the date! But I chose to put it in my back pocket as did not wish to endure that long again! But here we are again, haha, 31 July in Australia. Already feel that could get stretched to Lion’s Gate – especially seeing I thought last year’s Lion Gate would be my personal Ascension even more strongly than 11.11.11.

After checking in again today on Lion’s Gate info.( refer www.evenstarcreations.com under cosmic events) the linking of the Great Central Sun etc. and the ending of our 26000 year cycle being the Second Coming! Hallelujah! This has to be it! My personal info is that I’m a Sirian Warrior Queen who has endured 26000 years on this planet, so what’s 6 more days!….

Sunshine Coast, Australia

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