Detachment From 3d-Reality and the Responsibility to Preserve the Purity of Thinking

by Brian Brintnell and Georgi Stankov, July 10, 2012

Dear Georgi and members of PAT,

I’ve been wanting to contribute to the dialogue for quite some time now, however every time I come up with something to contribute, some one beats me to the punch and expresses the same view point in more eloquent and concise manner. I think this time however I got everyone beat. LOL, not that it matters who presents the idea or point just so long as it’s presented provided it adds to what is transpiring not that we can really do anything more at this point on an energetic level because I agree, it’s all been done but our minds can still get a little confused, at least mine can.  Man it’s tough to communicate in written language these days!

So I’ve been reading the Great Central Sun channeled messages quite extensively over the last couple of days. I like it, however I do agree that it is somewhat dated. The Central Sun presented a timeline or process of ascension that was to be transpiring. However as we can see, humanity was and is in such a retard with regards to awakening that much of this did not occur in the general masses.

So again I agree that the 3 earth scenario at this point in time is the only solution that makes any sense at these days. Humanity needs someone to guide them, and not an “off-planet” someone, but a someone who is human but knows what the hell is happening but is not limited to a carbon based body/mind/communication limitations, i.e. an ascended human, who has real relationships with people and doesn’t have some other motivations in helping humanity out.

The main point I have, however, is with regards to this channeled message about identifying with this 3D illusion and the ascension process. This topic and any dialogue regarding it has caused a lot of contention and confusion for myself (and I’m sure with others) over the years. Much of it has to do with the limitations of spoken and written language, I’m sure, especially English, but I believe there are other reasons as well which I’m going to get into here.

In my opinion, in general, the basic messages have been (in a nut shell); “Give up everything in your life to ascend. Everything!”  Wow!  What a kick in the nuts!  How can anyone partake in this journey if that is the price one must pay. The fear machine then kicks in or maybe the ego and this scenario can then become a reality. Maybe it is the reality for some people and not a product of fear or ego but then again maybe it is the product of ego and fear for others and not a necessary process.

Basically what I want to say is that this quest to ascend can become an identity unto itself and easily high-jacked by the ego. I think this has become a huge trap for so many “lightworkers” and a huge reason for humanities mega retard in the awakening process.

Fact is, we do live in a 3D realm right now and we need 3D stuff and jobs and money to continue to exist (not saying that this is how it has to be in a 3D realm, but this is how the PTB have set this place up to be). I don’t believe it is our mission to separate ourselves from the world as much as we can and move to “Mount Kaka-Poopoo” and partake in whatever “spiritual masterbation” that goes on in some of these places.

To me this is just another expression of the ego. I’m not saying that all “spiritual activities” that people partake in as being self-indulgent, but I believe that there is a very fine line between the two and older souls know the difference. Look, if we are to be our own authorities, take charge of our own destinies, then we have to take charge of our own ascension process as well and not give into fear of losing it all and becoming a hippie who doesn’t shower.

I’m not saying that some haven’t had to give up more then others or it hasn’t been a tougher road for some, but it isn’t a cookie cutter solution and it is different for everyone.  For sure the LBP has to happen (although for me it’s been pretty minor), but overall experiences may vary.

This is how I see it. Perhaps I’m a little off in my understanding (or lack thereof).  Perhaps I didn’t express myself as well as I could have. Perhaps this is irrelevant and the members of PAT are way beyond this stage and I’m just expressing some of my own insecurities. It has been something that I’ve personally had a hard time coming to terms with and if this is the case for anyone else then I hope this sheds some light on this issue.

But again, maybe I’m out in left field as we say in North America and more light needs to be shed on this issue for me. However, please take into account the limits of written communication as what I have written may not actually be what I mean, as there are lots of ways to interpret what I’ve said, it comes from my higherself, so either the truth of it will be understood or an area of lack in my understanding will be revealed and some one can point me in the right direction, it’s all good!


PS.  I do agree though that over all, there is nothing left to do because it’s all been done and we wait in the void now.


Dear Brian,

thank you very much for your comprehensive comments on the Great Central Sun Transmissions and on the key issue of ascension –  how humans should treat this process. As far as I have correctly understood you, you have raised a very important question regarding human enlightenment, which I have only recently discussed –  spiritual high- esteem, which is a basic human angst.

This human trait looms high as soon as the separated, incarnated human entity establishes for the first time a direct, intimate contact with his higher self and discovers the infinite realms of his inner spiritual space. This spiritual high-esteem may grow high into Heaven and cause severe imbalances and problems, which have not been perceived before. The above source speaks of “inflated high-esteem” which is a severe distortion of the harmony of the Tao.

This spiritual fear of most light workers not to be evolved enough may lead to a complete and deliberate detachment from this reality. You have mentioned in this context the attitude of a hippie and I am thankful that you have chosen this paradigm, as I will  publish today an article that tackles exactly this issue which, in itself, is a remarkable serendipity.

Let me put your comments in a broader context. When one discovers the higher realms for the first time, one does have the insatiable wish to leave this dire reality and planet as soon as possible. Only at a later date does one realizes that he still has some duties to fulfil here on the ground and that it is not about himself, knowing what he is – an immortal transgalactic sentient being – but also a humble human being that has certain energetic duties to fulfil, which are beyond his survival in this debased society.

When one realizes this terrible dichotomy of life of any enlightened person on this planet, then the actual troubles begin for him. First and foremost, he has to solve the cardinal problem, with which any spiritual person is confronted: What should I do to progress in my personal enlightenment and still establish a balance in my 3d-life  as long as I dwell on this planet?

Then comes the second question, respectively experience: If you fully detach from this reality, you will eventually not be able to accommodate all the necessary energies from the higher realms which will forge the  progress of your LBP and spiritual evolution. This was the problem with all the hippies in the 60s, who, after discovering the transcendental dimension, took flight in all kinds of psychedelic drugs without any limitations. This spiritual escapism was deliberately instigated by the dark powers who furnished these drugs at that time as to seduce these enlightened generation. And they fully succeeded up to the present day in many ways.

This trend has remained invariant up to now and it is predominant in the current New Age movement. Let me explain.

All LW we witness today behave as if they are living in a social vacuum and do not need to bother about the real problems of the society on the ground. By saying this, I mean that they make no effort to comprehend the central problems of the current Orion society from an intellectual and theoretical point of view  because with their declared detachment from this world, they have automatically furnished for themselves the bogus excuse not to develop their minds and abstract thinking. In fact most of them have not even started thinking, but repeat all the time some stupid esoteric mantras like parrots and thus believe to be enlightened, as is the case with this teenager Wes Annac who channels a lot of trash these days and feels selected to educate humanity. This is a typical example of spiritual high-esteem.

This spiritual angst not to be evolved enough can only be neutralized if the person is fully embedded in this reality, even if he rejects it on spiritual principles and hence is fully detached from its underlying ideas, as is the case with me for more than 20 years. However this detachment does not take place at the existential, daily level by cutting all material bondage to this 3d-reality, but by analysing all parental collective ideas that create the holographic matrix of this debased society.

These ideas must be analysed at depth and in most cases rejected. There is only one real form of detachment from this reality and this is the mental detachment at the intellectual, abstract level. This detachment cannot occur as a simple escapism to psychedelic drugs alone, as was the case with the failed flower power and hippie movements in the 60s, but through taking full responsibility for your personal thoughts and ideas. This would say, that as soon as you have discarded any basic 3d-idea that shapes this Orion reality, you must substitute it actively with a new and better idea and thus live your new dream, as is also recommended in Mila’s messages and has also been vastly discussed on this website.

As long as the New Agers have only passively detached from this reality, but have not understood how the fraudulent Orion financial system actually works and enslaves humanity, they will always fall prey to weird ideas, like the recent alleged  arrests of financial banksters by anonymous forces, and will erroneously believe that such primitive actions will save humanity and bring about evolution and ascension. Or as the Germans say, “most LW are more stupid than the police allows”.

While these debauched New Agers do not take full responsibility for the purity of their personal ideas and intermingle them constantly with old, false concepts, they may detach as much as they wish from this reality in their artificial esoteric bubble, they will still remain easy victims of dark Orion propaganda as is the case with another young channeling cretin Greg Giles, to name just one, in addition to the well-known culprits such as Beckow, Wilcock, and Fulford.

When you make the effort to fully analyse this reality, you must automatically anchor yourself in its darkness, but this time you do this with open eyes and take the full responsibility for your thoughts and ideas. From this fulcrum of full mental awareness,  you can now ascend much higher as you now know what should be transmuted in order to achieve a new enlightened society. You now actively transmute a nightmare with a new sparkling dream only with the purity of your ideas.

For instance you cannot simply wait passively and expect to receive advanced 4d-technologies from the GF or ascended masters that will make life easier on this planet, and make no effort to understand the new theory of science of the Universal Law, on which these inventions will be based, because in this case you will be highly vulnerable to misuse them, as was the case in Atlantis and thus trigger another catastrophe in the future.

After all, it all comes up to the clarity of human thinking – the clearer the mind, the higher the entity will ascend, but also the deeper it can dive into darkness and transmute it, as the light of his pure thoughts will guide and protect him. This is what I have been doing for the last 40 years, since I was activated by my higher self and this is what most of the PAT members are also doing in their own personal way by taking responsibility of being  part of this 3d-reality and not desperate escapists, as many esoteric menopausal guru-ladies practice these days.

If the hippie movement and his followers – the current New Age of Aquarius – have failed, it is precisely because they did not take any responsibility for their thoughts, kept them instead suffocated with too much drugs and darkness, and actually never entered truly this life, with all its pitfalls and abysses, before they can claim the right to ascend as spiritually purified masters.

There is not a single Anglo-Saxon New Ager who could claim a true intellectuality and a strong personality nowadays. This is the dire situation in these last days prior to our delayed ascension. You can only ascend if you have first hit the bottom of this dark society in a conscious manner and has found the way back in a Sisyphus intellectual effort, thus leaving trails for the others to follow you.

With love and light


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