Criminal Mossad Agents Kill Israeli Tourists In Bulgaria to Start War Against Iran. Further Crimes are Planned with High Speed by the Dark Cabal Prior to Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov July 20, 2012

Hi Georgi,

It seems your latest post today got my LBP accelerated again. Feels like head explodes and it feels like I am inhaling sharp crystalline air down my throat. So, thank you for that.

I highly await the imminent changes, which Netanyahu wants to derail impatiently. We can see it through the actions of the cabal.

My dreams of late instructed me to keep a very balanced approach. It is a good way to stay in the middle of the river and not get caught on the maelstrom of the polarizing solar flares.


Dear Dennis,

The recent terror attack in Bulgaria on Israeli tourists in Burgas on the Black See coast  was most probably done by the Zionist criminal Mossad agents who do not hesitate to kill their own people to trigger a new WW3, first against Iran, and then against the rest of the world, as they know that they will not survive this year.

I talked to a friend of mine on the phone who is a high ranking officer in the Bulgarian National security service and he told me that their assessment is that there has not been any suicide bomber at all, but that it was a remote explosion of a bomb that was placed before that in the bus by Mossad agents. As the killed people were torn to pieces, they will not be able to reconstruct the case and find the suicide bomber. Now they use a  photo from the airport of a young man, which was also killed in the attack as a possible perpetrator, but this photo does not prove anything.

In addition, the Bulgarian authorities were informed several months ago by Israel that an attack was planned on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. How did the know it so precisely in advance, unless they have planned and executed this crime by themselves.

Then all of a sudden 3 war ships of NATO appeared  on Varna haven near to Bourgas half an hour after the explosion inadvertently with the official explanation that they want to protect Bulgaria from terror attacks (?). I read all this in the Bulgarian news. How could these ships know about this attack and find themselves exactly at this time so near to the Bulgarian coast, unless this attack was coordinated from these ships. Normally when foreign military ships enter the coastline of a sovereign country they must ask for a permission many days in advance to enter a haven even if they are allies.

And how could Netanyahu and the Israeli government know immediately that it was Iran behind the attack, when all the criminologists on the scene say that it is impossible to even know how the explosion took place and to prove that there were a suicide bomber.

Then came the US ambassador in Sofia and promptly proclaimed in a special interview to the Bulgarian press that Israel has every right to attack Iran in this case, while at the same time even the German foreign minister Westerwelle was constraint to warn Israel not to make  too early conclusions knowing what is the purpose of this insidious crime committed by the criminal Israeli Mossad. By the way, my HS confirmed yesterday my initial suspicion that it was the Israeli secret services, as usually, that killed their own people to trigger WW3 in the End Times.

This terror attack in Bulgaria is a farce and a crime on humanity done by the Zionist criminal clones in Israel – first on their own citizens, but also killing a Bulgarian citizen, the driver, and must be made responsible for this. It was a test run for a much bigger crime on the Olympic games they plan for, but they will fail as the people no longer believe the dark cabal and begin to perceive their heinous deeds.

With love and light
Hi Georgi,

“Interesting” story, I did not know those details.

Now they try another attempt (to kill Hillary Clinton in Israel allegedly by Iran again):

With love and light,
Dear Dennis,

Thank you for this important additional information. The dark cabal are in shambles and try to perpetuate the same dark options that they have always used in the past to bring humanity on the brink of WW3 and destruction. Now these efforts seem increasingly clumsy, ridiculous  and transparent, and this is what we will observe in the coming days more often, until this whole system crumbles in August at the latest.


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