Clarification on Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, July 23, 2012, copyright 2012

The recent discussions on the date of our ascension and the essence of this ascension have necessitated a final clarification. Indeed, we have also discussed in the last days some alternative scenarios that must be re-evaluated in the light of our latest information.

One of these scenarios was that some of us will ascend prior to the Olympic Games and appear in front of humanity at the opening ceremony. The reason to consider such an alternative, was that humanity is still in a deep slumber and that there is no chance for it to revolt on its own against the current system this summer and thus abolish the old matrix. This revolutionary impetus was considered to be vital for the triggering of the ID split.

However, the latest information, which Dorie and Jerry received from their HS and shared with us, confirmed one more time that we are still in the same old scenario of 11.11.11. We, as Planetary Ascension Team – that is why we carry this name – must ascend as a group and thus perform the ID split and the ascension of the balanced earth A/B to the higher 4th dimension. It is the same objective as extensively discussed before the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, as anybody can re-read in the earlier SOARs.

During our collective ascension through the portals, which we have built long time ago, we will augment the energies of our fields one million times each one of us and then  transmit this huge energy, equivalent to the explosion of a supernova, to Gaia. At the same time we will separate from our three lower chakras and delegate them to Gaia as powerful energy fields. In this way we will be inextricably linked to the field of Gaia in all eternity. This is an inevitable energetic prerequisite for us in order to fulfil our future mission as powerful Earth Keepers /Creator Gods. We can do this mission only if we fully immerse with the soul energy of the ascended Gaia. This should be cogent to everybody.

In this case, our ascension will be at the same time the ID split of Gaia, when the balanced earth A/B will separate from the catastrophic earth B and will ascend this time to the higher levels of the 4th dimension, that is to say, beyond the lower astral levels of the former PTB from the Orion/Reptilian empire.

The new balanced earth will be free of any negative off-world influences and will be only populated with human souls. This new timeline, which we have created with our relentless efforts in the last 10 months after we opened the stargate 11.11.11, will be under our full supervision as ascended masters. We will also have the right, and duty, to appear on this earth in our crystalline bodies as often as it is deemed necessary and lead the people, first to their mass ascension in Dec. 2012 to the new 5d-earth A, and later on to help humanity arrange the new society under the new energetic conditions on both timelines A/B and A .

Life on the balanced earth A/B will be from the very beginning completely different from present-day life. The most important difference will be the  abolition of linear time  as I have recently discussed in an article.

The awareness of the ascended human beings will be much more expanded immediately after the ID split and will operate in a more simultaneous manner. Past incarnation memories and experiences will be accessible to many human beings and this will facilitate the coming revelations about the true history of mankind and the earth. These revelations will be necessary for humanity to understand the true situation and prepare mentally for mass ascension to the 5th dimension by the end of this year.

The  energetic conditions on the ascended, balanced earth A/B will be much more favourable, so that the shortening of the time of revelations due to the perennial delays of the ID split in the past will not significantly diminish the quality of the awakening process of the people.

Considering this whole energetic background, it is unlikely that, if we will ascend before the Olympic Games and unleash the ID split, this sports event will ever take place on the balanced earth A/B.

It may however take place on the earth B in a rather catastrophic manner, when this portion of humanity may even experience the explosion of a dirty atomic bomb that may trigger a big war on this debased planet, where less than one quarter of humanity will most probably survive the magnetic pole shift and the devastating effects of the rapidly approaching Nibiru.

Simultaneously with our ascension and the ID split, the magnetic pole reversal will take place. However its catastrophic consequences will be only felt on the remaining earth B, where many people will die in the course of it and will leave this timeline.

Altogether, it is expected that about one quarter of humanity will leave earth during the ID split and shortly thereafter. Roughly half or humanity will continue living on the balanced earth A/B under completely new energetic and social conditions. This part of mankind will not experience any natural catastrophes, but only the psychological shock of awakening all of a sudden on a completely new planet.

However, the advantages this new planet will offer them, such as new advanced 4d-technologies, which we as ascended masters will introduce, new more efficient and just forms of social life etc., will immediately mesmerize the masses and compensate for their shock. They will very quickly and easily adjust to the new much better living conditions, where poverty will no longer exist.

It is possible that many cities of light, which now exist above the earth, will merge with the ascended balanced earth A/B, so that this portion of humanity will experience an immediate improvement of a miraculous nature.

In this way humanity does not need any fake arrests in the End Times, as these are favoured currently by most stupid LW on the Internet, as the dark Cabal and all the other unripe and dark souls, and clones will be separated within the blink of an eye from the rest of humanity, which has voted to further evolve and ascend, and will stay on the catastrophic earth B.

Considering all this, we actually need not do anything anymore, but strictly stay the course and send clear signals to our souls that we no longer accept further optimizations of the ascension scenario by participating any longer in new test runs. This is unlikely though, as we have trespassed all divine deadlines of Ascension set by All-That-Is. But it is still important for us to clearly demonstrate our desire to finish with this dirty and extremely exhausting job once and for all and ASCEND.

After all, we have already become sovereign ascended masters, fully aligned with the Great Central Sun, since July 9. We are now the ones, who not only create our destiny, but also that of whole mankind as the new Earth Keepers. We must now step up on the plate and show that we are advanced enough as spiritual and sentient beings – as the new elohims of this planet –  and resolutely take over the leadership in the creation of the new transgalactic human society. Not more, and not less!

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