A Farewell to the PAT

by Rick Jewer, July 31, 2012


A very mysterious point in a perceived life of evolution. I feel the spectator here, watching a great play unfold that may end at the climax of Eureka proportions. What ever happens, I wish you and the PAT team, all the best and come to know that if I am separated from you because of linear time, that I will be united at some point of being.

The energy from you, PAT,and the website is enormous. I feel the pulses exiting my computer screen and entering my body with pulses of uplift that are among the strongest I have felt for months. I don,t know what will happen, I only feel some significance and being inspired to write now. I wobbled a few times in the last hour meaning that my spirit steps away a few inches from my physical form and I must remain very still to let it back in my body. My body is experiencing dull pulsating which is like a glowing and recognition of change within. I believe the energy you the PAT are emanating is affecting the rest of us less advanced and is enabling us to step up to fill your shoes? We need more tools to work with, if I am to stay here, they need to be convincing tools to establish credibility, not tools that leave the recipient with doubt and no direction.Please think about this.

There are many hidden messages in songs and such, they were planted there, we just did not know how to read them, until lately. We have been drawn to the ones we liked because of the sense that there was something more there, that would be utilized in the appropriate linear time. I have read them and used them along my short journey, recognizing that they are a foundation and one of the primary steps. I have at least heard of 1 or maybe 2 in the past months that are becoming aware of this as well.

You say your group has been aware for years and it seems by PAT help and others, that the awareness expands, as you wish. April,s relay today is most rewarding and weighs a tremendous amount of truth verification. The signs become clearer and are able to be more easily pieced to form a greater understanding, not only for current PAT, but also for us taking up the rear that may have more work here to do.

These are indeed glorious times, as each of us grows and enters the different levels of being. The love and togetherness grows, and will flourish, it’s a matter of linear time, but will reach that end. I guess I feel that we, the ones left behind, may be ready to take over and receive the guidance of the PAT members after their ascension. We are all one, and inevitability can be achieved for the rest us through the collective and unity that is our foundation.

It appears you (PAT) have fulfilled your destiny here and are very ready and capable of the ascension. If I am to remain here to serve my purpose, I will gladly give my support and boost to your ascension energy. I believe the time is nigh for the earth to open its hand and let the bird fly.

Happy Journey!

Love, Light and support to all PAT!

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