State-of-Ascension-Report-109: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-109, June 11, 2012


The Begin of the Inter-Dimensional Split of Humanity – 2012

June 10, 2012

George –

I just checked Your website is ranked 437,000 and has 167 sites linked to it. Steve Beckow’s site  “” is ranked 27,000 and has 775 sites linked to it.  (Another site called is ranked 6 million).

In SOAR-108 you suggested that your credibility was supported by the fact of your increasing popularity. Beckow remains very popular, even more so than you. Those are the facts. I assume you’ll now argue that “popularity” and “credibility” are not necessarily related, which of course is true.

Then you go on to say:

“I am giving you these facts, which are irrelevant within the bigger picture, only to show you how distorted your view of the reality is and how subjectively you see some events from your current narrow-minded point of view of personal soul evolution.”

To quote an English expression, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Is there room for human kindness in your world? Or is it all about so-called intellectual rigor. I say “so-called” since your attitude and emotions clearly distorted your view of the web status.

Seems to me that you and Beckow and Giles have far more in common than the 99% who don’t believe in any kind of Transition this year. I think that those of us who do “believe” can have a stronger effect on the world by treating each other’s differences with kindness rather than slings and arrows. If your emotions hadn’t been so keen to put Beckow down, you may have found the accurate facts about the web status and not been so nasty to a reader.

Pete Mimmack
Dear Pete,

I am very happy that you wrote this letter to me as you demonstrate in a paradigmatic way two very common traits that are inherent  to the current typically ignorant, full of spiritual envy and highly demeaning light workers who constitute the majority of this weird group:

1) You are unable (incompetent) to make a proper and diligent research on the Internet which demonstrates your stupidity and

2) You eagerly derive from this self-inflicted ignorance and total blindness the right to indulge self-righteously in  prompt accusations against more evolved human beings. These accusations are in fact nothing else, but  preconceived prejudices born within the inherent nastiness of your unreflected character.

But I am not surprised at all about this outburst of human ugliness, as this is what I see all around among this, ah, so “enlightened” light worker cretins and I have expected this trait to come to the surface in these last days of energetic transparency.

With love and light

PS: Below you can find my email to Steve Beckow with the correct statistics:

Dear Steve,

High esteem precedes the Fall! The harvest of years of stupidity, intellectual confusion and personal unethical human and journalistic behaviour is there for you to reap. And I warned you in a benevolent manner before you started doing these stupidities as I knew that you will be doing them from my higher self who asked me to warn you in due time, but you did not listen to me as you are unable to learn anything from personal experience as you are absolutely dumbed down by your personal demons. or how did you call them? – I forgot it – ah yes “vasanas”!

See your current result – an absolute fall in the abyss and this is just the beginning. I never intended to open a website but when I did it, I stayed to my higher ethical principles of journalism and that of an enlightened human being and never searched for a medial prominence at any price as you did and the result is better than I have ever expected or searched for.

Because I am not an Internet journalist, but the greatest scientist in the last 2000 years. One has only to read my scientific books on the Universal Law and understand them to comprehend the magnitude of this statement. I will have one whole eternity to make you and the  many human brains you have mired in the last years with your confused articles and erratic irresponsible behaviour aware of this fact.

With love and light
____________ – The 2012 Scenario
Statistics Summary for has global alexa traffic rank of 4,813,292.This site is relatively popular among users in the United States. It gets 49% from United States. This site is estimated worth $1,939USD. This site has a low Pagerank(0/10). It has 911 backlinks. It’s good for has 23% seo score.


This site has a Alexa rank of #506,716. This domain registered on 2011-08-29. It gets 932 internet visitors per day. Visitors to it view 1.9 unique pages each day on average. Estimated daily time on site 03:13 seconds. It has 142 backlinks according to Alexa.

The estimated daily revenue is $19 USD. If the site was up for sale, it would be worth approximately $6,710 USD. Out of the 13 unique keywords found on, “universal law” was the most dense. This site has Google PageRank™ 2 of 10. – view all backlinks, rankings and Google ……/ –
Bewertung von SEOprofiler – 12. Mai 2012
The Link Rank of is not in top 10000000. The website ….Alexa top domain list from 242401 to 243200 by The… /. Anchor text: …

Dear Pete,

Here is some more information on Steve Beckow website. I used the most favourable ranking of about 30 000 (28 000 ) listed only once, while the average ranking was much lower – between 40 000 and 110 000. The current  ranking of this website is not 2 millionth but 24 millionth – I have made a huge mistake on behalf of Beckow. I suppose that you now owe me a big excuse if you are an honest and correct person.


PS: And don’t forget that Steve Beckow changed the name of his website from to the2012scenario,com after his fiasco with the joyride with black limousines to the mother ships.
_____________ Site Info – Alexa latest: –
There are 24738350 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than Compared with all internet users, its audience tends to be … Review at Webstatsdomain. Stevebeckow ...…/ –
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Bewertung: 7.1/10 – 58 Bewertungen
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Alexa Rank Details of Domain # Alexa Rank … – Vereinigte Staaten –
DMOZ Directory Details for, Address details for, Who is Domain Detail for, Domain Name, Referal Site .
June 10, 2012

Hi Georgi,

Many many thanks for your answer. I immensely appreciate it. I feel as a small dummy boy with all my doubts and questions – but surely you radiate security and wisdom. It makes me feel better – as you cannot imagine how much I try to meditate, to feel the energies and to understand what is going on … I suppose I commenced late and still I have to bear the long Orion/cabal education in all aspects of life.

Anyway – I have a big respect for you and the PAT and of course I have to thanks you all for the immense job you do in service of mother earth and all humanity – even if we don’t quite understand it

Thanks again
Dear Jorge,

I have just published our correspondence in the last ascension report-108 and we must now wait for the eventual comments of the readers which I will  publish in the next report.

After all the reader is always the ultimate judge of our ideas and thoughts.

With love and light
June 10, 2012

Dear Georgi,

What a lot of confirmations l had while reading your last report 108. Not that l need confirmations, but it is us as PAT members, giving you our news that helps you put the bigger picture together on behalf of all of us. This is why l have decided to write now, as my silent acknowledgement does not help you if l don’t put forward my experiences.

Jorge’s letter made me recall my choices and life style in the past ten plus years.

I withdrew from my family (mum, dad, sister)  apart from one sister who is like me.  I found relative comfort in my home (in northern Italy on the Ligurian coast) with my husband, and (now 17 year old) son, who don’t understand what l talk about, but allow me my space. In December and March I returned to my natal country, England and l finally met with my family again.

My Dad came to visit while l was staying with my sister, and all was well until I gave my opinion of the current systems… he literally attacked me verbally and aggressively, accusing me of being a negative person with a depressing outlook on life and that he demanded that I was not to say another word on the subject and that he wanted to live the rest of his days in optimism and enjoy what was left of it. I was devastated and speechless and emotionally destroyed in that moment. I felt the inevitable separation, which he responded to by leaving.

Now months later I can see how this has helped me stand in my own truth “no matter what” !  It would have been wonderful to have my father by my side, but that is not the case. I am where l am now because l allowed myself to understand the dark, Orion system. It meant looking into the dark side of everything, it meant facing my fears, it meant finding my own strength, it meant accepting everything as it is. It meant having patience in getting to the neutral, non judgmental position I now have. It meant trusting my own feelings, insights and just “knowing” when things just resound in me in the most natural of ways.

My father is one of the many who continue to be, as you say “blind, deaf and spiritually blocked and it is not my place to convince anyone that this brave new world exists”.  Each soul will guide their incarnated personality in the moment that is right for them. It is a personal choice and journey that no one can be externally forced into.

I get information everyday, that nothing new can be done while the old system is still in place. I  wanted to let you know what happened when l went to the chemist to order the nystatin cream. I was told that it was a dangerous product and they could not give it to me without a medical prescription. I have only seen my doctor a few times in 25 years and usually to get a medical certificate for sport. I am not going to fight against this system, and l immediately looked for an alternative. l have been soaking my feet in salt water 5 to 6 time a day to keep them soft and help calm the itching. Then l have been covering them with Shea butter….

Love and Light
Dear Denise,

thank you very much for your comments as, indeed, this website lives from the comments and impulses of its readers. While I understand very well the separation from your father due to your completely different views of the world, I think that the case with Jorge is a different one.

He is a highly evolved soul, who only needs the last push to surmount his doubts and to start to believe in ascension. While attacking me, he actually asked me for additional confirmation and for help to eliminate his doubts and embrace  the idea of ascension: I somehow felt his inner outcry and today I received an email from him that confirmed my intuitive feeling with respect to his stance. I will publish his email in the next report.

There are many similar cases which have to do with what I call “spiritual envy” among light workers. The most recent case comes from Marilyn from the USA as of today (see below). She made the same experience with another LW. I will publish this case also in the next report as it embodies the current rapid “separation of the wheat from the chaff”.

It is impossible these days to change anything in this system and the people who still cling to it. The best thing is to await some more days when the old matrix will be swept away by the cosmic broom and disappear on its own. I have always made the experience that as I soon as I let go of any failed attempt to improve the system, the desired result comes in a miraculous manner. This works without any exception in private and at the societal level.

I was an active dissident since 1970 in Bulgaria and later on as a political emigre in the West against the communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe and did politically a lot of useless stuff. The moment I lost interest in toppling down the communist system and stopped combating it around 1988, the changes came all of a sudden and very swiftly in 1999. The same pattern I have observed at least a dozen times in my private life.

Now I have given up  the idea of convincing other people that ascension is the only way to salvation and this neutrality is a clear sign that we are on the cusp of the first wave of ascension. This is how All-That-Is operates and, if it tells us anything, it is that everything is illusion and the change can come only after one loses interest in playing the game of illusion.

With love and light
June 10, 2012

Caro Giorgio,

I think it was a good idea to publish in your last update the message of that guy Jorge, as it displays the arrogance, ignorance and stupidity of most new agers. This guy Jorge says he does not consider this one a toxic planet!, saying this he demonstrates a complete lack of empathy and compassion for, just to quote an example, the third world countries, where thousands of children are starving with their bellies full of nasty parasites, where children are kidnapped to take their organs or for sexual abuse or to be killed in satanic rituals.

This is the planet where every day planes fly spraying toxic substances to kill people and reduce population, where companies like Monsanto are allowed to poison millions of humans in order to make more money and control people’s fertility. This is the planet where, as I saw recently in Brazil, an old man can look for same piece of food on the floor in the middle of a lot of fat tourists, and nobody, except me, give any attention and assistance to him.

This planet is not only toxic, it is terribly disgusting, even with its beauties. What I found more disgusting is the arrogance, stupidity and indifference of people like this guy Jorge… I would say one thing to him: if this planet is like this, it is also because of the indifference and lack of compassion of people like you, and, please, at least you should have a little bit of respect for all the innocent people, who die or suffer every minute. For them this is more than a toxic planet, it is pure hell.

Giorgio, Your answer to him was very good, un caro abbraccio,


June 10, 2012

Good Morning Georgi.

I read Jorge’s note to you- a bit sarcastic in places. Is he trying to wind you up?

“What is your plan B in case nothing happens in June or September or December? I would NOT like to see you discredited.”

Why should Jorge care if you are discredited or not? Discredit is a 3D feeling anyway. It is your journey, your reality and you simply agreed to share it with others. You do not expect others to follow you like sheeple.

What came to mind is – this being/Jorge has rose tinted glasses on and is totally programmed Orion style – as he admits.

All absolutely all humans beings are wonderful sparks of God – even the evil ones, cabal ones or those who harmed me or any person. I just feel an immense love for everybody.”

We will soon see if that love lasts when He comes into LBP. How does Jorge know they are human and which God is, he is referring to?

We all remember the shocks we got in the beginning when the rose tinted glasses fell off and all that religious programming re loving everyone and turning the other cheek – for another dose of toxic poison.

Jorge has just lost his job… so his journey is perhaps only the beginning?

“If something is wrong or I get harmed, I only accuse myself for allowing it – not others. You see our differences? “

An evolved soul does not accuse themselves of anything? So if a psychopath comes and attacks Jorge, he will accuse himself, rather than putting the blame where it belongs?

Georgi, I came across a brilliant article on this subject – showing how society is conditioned to side with the perpetrators and how victims are expected to turn the other cheek, forgive and forget and allow criminals free to do the same to others.

I much prefer Alex Gordon Nine Deadly Venoms – staying ALIVE in the 21st century., where we send the evil energy – DNA signature – right back to its creator in accordance with Law of the Universe. Those who hurt others are like undisciplined children in society and it is our duty to chastise them – simply sending their creation back to them. To do otherwise, is to fail to protect the next victim.

My heart doesn’t expect to “ascend” because there is no where to 4-5 dimension? I don’t know, but I do whatever to help this mass awakening happens – I see it everywhere,”

Why does Jorge not expect to ascend? Not worthy perhaps? Yes, 4D and 5D are states of consciousness – not places like 3D.




Dear Catherine,

thank you for your comments. What you describe with this link is the famous Stockholm syndrome, where the victim begins to identify with her hijacker after some time.

But while you are absolutely right in your assessment, let me give you also the other side of the coin, which I sensed immediately upon receiving Jorge’s email and have proven to be correct. Jorge actually only wanted me “to give him a warning shot in front of the bow” as to change the course of his life.

He is a highly evolved soul, who only needs the last push to surmount his doubts and to start believing in ascension. While attacking me, he actually asked me for additional confirmation and for help to eliminate his doubts and embrace  the idea of ascension: I somehow felt his inner outcry and yesterday I received an email from him that confirmed my intuitive feeling with respect to his stance.

With love and light



Dear Georgi.

That is great news then!

Love and light, Catherine

June 9, 2012

Hi George,

As always, your write and report confirm our PAT experiences as they are happening in the moment. My deepest gratitude for keeping PAT together during these last days. Today’s report both comforts and elucidates my experiences  My symptoms are progressively worse. I’ve been losing water weight. It does not look attractive. There has been, with today being peak, increased headaches, dizziness, weakness, sinus issues. Apparently my 22 year old crystalline is very disabled with symptoms today also.

Your article

was so excellent, I took a chance and with encouragement, sent it to a LW friend. I don’t think you want to publish this. But I offer it as insight. She works so hard on herself, but it seems is her teacher. Has anyone else written you about this man? He had a near death experience.  Unfortunately, my friend wrote back, and I get to feel like a crazy old lady one last time. She responded:

“Well, I read most of it and skimmed some of it.  I still don’t believe in the multiple Earths theories, but I do believe that a vibrational change is most definitely coming as a result of the astronomical movements.  I still think that Stankov is quite egotistical in his view of his spiritual superiority to the other 95%, and Ego like that is soooooo not a spiritual suit!  

I do believe the frequency of the Earth, and everyone on it is already changing.  I was at a gathering during the Transit of Venus on Tuesday, and the shift in energy was palpable to my body.  

I’m even seriously looking at the ET disclosure/event happening more sooner than later.  The free energy devices sync with the ET disclosure stuff.I’m really feeling that keeping a positive attitude, really living/being IN present time, and truly acting like I AM a Creator is the true way to go through this and come out on the other side.  Love,  M” 

This will be my last outreach to a LW for now.

In Love & Light,



June 9, 2012

Dear Marilyn,

thank you very much for your latest energy update, then in these last days our destiny is shaped exclusively by the upcoming energies and nothing else.

You are absolutely right about the futility to reach out to other LW who are less evolved as they will aways react like this – with huge prejudices and defencive instincts. I have just published an email exchange with a similar LW in the latest report-108 that also highlights this same issue, I have just received a very nice and positive response from him, which convinces me again that it is still worth to shoot from to time at some sleeping entities in the hope that they may wake up.

With love and light



June 9 -10, 2012

Dr. Stankov,

I am new to your website but am very thrilled to find many of my questions and puzzlements being answered in your writings. I do have questions. What does PAT stand for?

I do consider myself to be one of the LWs  that you make reference to, as well as an Ascended Master, back on earth for this Shift of the Ages. I realize that you don’t know me from Adam’s house cat, but I want to learn as much as I can. I so long for Ascension. I want to do my part to help others, yet feel so much in a fog myself. I just wanted to make contact to see if I could receive updates from time to time and find out what PAT means.

Please pardon my ignorance. I am halfway through this life in human terms, but am a full time student at a community college – Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering Technologies. Have always been in church, until God/Creators told me to get out over 10 years ago. Native American heritage. Studied Hebraic roots. Have had supernatural encounters and believe in miracles. Just a short history. Thank you for your time.


Sandra Hatcher


Dear Sandra,

I am happy that you have established for the first time contact with me and the PAT. This abbreviation means “Planetary Ascension Team” and this group connected the dots before 11.11.11. It actually opened this stargate, which on its turn enabled all other changes that we now observe on this planet. It is an ideal group and everybody who resonates with the ideas expressed on this website is automatically part of the  PAT.

You must read the first articles and ascension reports before 11.11.11 to learn more about the PAT and its role (see the article with this title).

In fact only today I wrote to another reader that the 107 ascension reports that have been published so far on this website since September 2011 when I first opened this website account for more than 2000 pages book format and are thus a comprehensive chronology and an archive of this most auspicious group of star seeds and future Earth Keepers after their imminent ascension. This is living history and it will go in the annals of the Akashic Chronics  of this universe as the most spectacular case, where so few incarnated souls have done so much for seven billion slumbering souls and have heaved two thirds of them to higher dimensions. You can read all this and much more on this website.

And please do not forget that this all is embedded in a complex and rather comprehensive, new coherent theory of science based on the discovery of the Universal law that is an unparalleled achievement in the history of this mankind since the Fall of Atlantis and the end of Lemuria. With your background, you should definitely start studying this theory from the many books I have published in pdf for free use on this website. Begin with volume II, full version  on physics.

With love and light



Dear George,

Thank you for your gracious reply. I do not know if one must officially apply to the Planetary Ascension Team, I will if I need to, but I do consider myself a member.

Through my years I have done many studies on my own. Even before instructed to leave the ‘church’, I was open to the fact that there was more to Creators than was ever being taught. I had believed we the sheeple had been short changed on the truth. From my youth, I was drawn to things I could not speak of to people in the church. I knew in my spirit there was more than what ‘they’ were telling us, that God was bigger than we could imagine.

I have always known that I was from God and was One with Him/Her. From what I have learned by studying Kabbalah, my Hebraic roots and the Native ways, I am probably more progressed than I realize. Having battled inferiority feelings in the past, I know it has hindered me from experiencing the confidence of my true self. Though I KNOW who I AM, sometimes it is hard to project who I AM.

I appreciate your edification and will begin to devour the writings you have recommended.

I want to thank you again and am excited to be a part of the Planetary Ascension Team. As my friend Spock would say, Live long and prosper.


The Energies of the Venus Transit

June  9, 2012

Hi Georgi –

We are living in such fascinating times.  As much as I hate still being here, I guess I wouldn’t have wanted to miss whatever will happen the remainder of this year.

My experiences thru the Venus Transit have been unremarkable for the most part. My life continues to go smoothly and I am in good health and got my garden and flowers planted way ahead of time – mid May – which is unusual for Central New York State. We are having a beautiful spring and I am enjoying nature immensely.

The only thing I notice with myself is that since the beginning of June, I am much more upbeat. I have not been nearly as tired as in the past few months.

For some reason, though, my HS will not talk to me or answer any of my ascension date questions. No matter what I ask, I get absolutely NOTHING. This greatly disturbs me and don’t know what to make of it. I guess for whatever reasons, I am not to know where I will be going – not yet, anyway.

How do I go about establishing a dialog with my HS? I contemplate daily about 1/2 hour. I am not consciously aware of anything happening during that time  – except the “clicks” and “frequency noises” in my ears seem to get louder.

Love and Light



Dear Diane,

as far as the click noises are concerned you can expel them, as these are impertinent young souls that bask in our high frequency field to feel how it is, by loudly expelling them from your field and by asking for protection from your soul and all forces of light. They also try to come into my field, but by the first click tone I expel them immediately with a very loud and resolute tone and they disappear within several seconds. These young souls can be very impertinent indeed.

It is quite normal not to have any intensive information from your soul as we are all in a waiting mode and nobody knows exactly when the show will begin. As you are on line with the bigger picture, your soul does not need to load you with additional information and she keeps quiet most of the time. The souls also observe the law of energy optimization and only become active when it is needed – when there is juncture in one’s life or when important decisions had to be taken. My soul is also rather quiet these days and I interpret this in a positive way that everything is evolving in the way we have discussed it and that there is no need for bigger interventions and corrections.

However I have a very strong mood of saying farewell to everything with a sweet-bitter taste and this underground emotional feeling is for me the most reliable sign that we are leaving this planet very soon.

With love and light



June 9, 2012


I can also confirm colossal energy waves coming in. Major sinus type headaches and a bloody nose yesterday – which I never get. And  many trips to the bathroom. Also dreaming of taking classes last night related to properties of other dimensions. It seemed like a prep or crash course in what to expect going forward.

Love and Light,


June 9, 2012

Dear George,

Thank you.  Of course you are correct (in your “Word of Clarification”). I have felt the same. I must have went to the bathroom 15 times during the same period of time.  My husband even commented on it.

I am also feeling that all of my chakras are open now. And you are correct about the channeled messages and the different level of progress of the PAT team.  Once again we are all in sync with each other.

Today I am working on my proposal for a therapeutic community in a free energy zone. I expect to finish it shortly and begin creating it soon so that I can begin my new existence in complete peace surrounded by my friends and loved ones. We have so much work to do.

Yours truly, Charlotte


June 9, 2012

Caro Giorgio,

I can confirm you that I was hit by a strong wave during the 6th and 7th of June. It was so strong that I felt almost like drunk. Fortunately a colleague of mine helped me and I had not to drive. I felt the wave almost on my third eye, I had no headache, but instead I felt like if I had drunk a lot of whisky.

Un abbraccio, Alberto


June 9, 2012

Hello Georgi,

I have passed 28 years of my life reading and experiencing in Spirituality. I would like to offer some of  my knowing gathered during all those years.

1. Nibiru

Hercolubus is a red draft star about about 5 to 6 times the size of Planet Jupiter. The Annunaki (Dark Forces) have created a metallic ship greater than Planet Earth called Nibiru. They have placed that object in orbit around Hercolubus. Hercolubus with its satellite, are making a full orbit around Alcyone (Central sun) in 25 920 years.

On August 15th, 2009, The Galactic Federation have ejected Nibiru out of its orbit using a very powerful gamma ray. Since that date, Nibiru is completely out of the game.

So what you see in the sky actually in your last article is not Nibiru but Hercolubus with its gigantic magnetic forces.

2. Disclosure

I consider the UFO Highway document as the “MASTER DISCLOSURE” document. In the next half of the year, we will have a very short period of time to explain to Humanity the TRUTH about life on Earth and in the Universe.

I consider this document showing really the “GREAT PICTURE” of the minimum understanding that people have to know to begin with. Here are some examples:

– The presence of Alien life underground.
– The Dulce Event in Dulce,

– New Mexico and lessons learned from it.
– The Grey agreement with Us Army.
– The Underground complex, the Tube, the DUMBS and the Maglev Tech
– DNA, Genetic Engineering, Hybridization, Cattle Mutilations, Abduction
– Around 1950, US Intelligence start The reverse Engineering of the Grey technology ex: fiber optic, computer, flat screen, integrated circuit, laser technology, Night Vision, Network computing and Internet
– The Sirius System and the Annunaki
– HAARP and Project Blue Beam Connection.
– Triangle UFO, Shadow Government, Extraterrestrial Life
– The Powers-that-be, Illuminati

This is the document to start with.


Dear Marcel,

Thank you very much for this clarification with respect to Nibiru and Hercolubus. I have read about it, but I have stayed by the simple version of one planet. This fact explains the huge size of Nibiru as observed in the Antarctic. As I know that this planet will have no influence on the ascending timeline, I  do not bother much about it. I knew that Nibiru is neutralized by the forces of light, but I am not so sure if it will still play a major, devastating role on the catastrophic earth B.

Your succinct presentation of the Master file of Disclosure includes the major off-world events and components that have been discussed so far by LW and whistle blowers. However I assume that there are some more atrocities that must be also revealed as to convince the people. In  the first place, I think of all the false attacks and wars that were instigated by the dark ones to decimate humanity.

Then comes the whole fraud in the health care system and in particular in the pharmaceutical industry which I first revealed with the establishment of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation in an immaculate scientific manner. Unfortunately at present most people are overwhelmed by this theory and cannot grasp its full scope and practical ramifications. Only the use of cell-inhibiting drugs (more than 90% of all drugs on the market)  harms the people on a broad scale  and increases significantly their mortality and morbidity. At least 200-300 million patients have been prematurely killed by such therapies only in the Western world since WW2, according to my calculations.

I think that this will shock the people much more than the revelation of a high speed underground tube, for instance, as these treatments have affected all people in one way or another. I think that all these news must contribute to the overall disgusting picture of this planet, so that the people finally open their eyes and prepare mentally for their mass ascension in Dec 2012. This is  the only goal of any revelations that must take place on a massive scale in the second half of this year.

With love and light


PS: Here is a link of a new message that also addresses the topic of disclosure and revelations:


June 9, 2012

Medical Genocide on Humanity 

Dear Mr Stankov,

my name is Fabrizio and I am a friend of Alberto from Turin, a constant reader of your site. Alberto spoke a lot about you, transmitting me a very good sensation about.

In this period of big changes, my mother was “attacked” by a cancer, a T-cell lymphoma , a very aggressive type of cancer, that is leading her in a severe state of disease. Probably this sick state is due to her blocked chakra, which  cannot permit energy passing through. Too many emotions denied, too many life not lived, maybe a closure to express emotions. Every day I meditate for her from 2 to 6 times (sometimes also with Alberto), bringing her light and energy, and trying to “clean” the blocks in her chakra, trying to permit in this way the energy flowing flawlessly through them. We try also to see her completely healed, building firmly this situation with our thoughts.

So, after six cycles of chemo (CHOEP), I would be pleased for you to give me an advice… what can I do now? She doesn’t appear to feel good, we are waiting for the newest medical exams, and doctors are going to restaging the disease… she is taking also pure vitamin c, (pure ascorbic acid), and she has changed her way of eating.  Do you know any kind of cure or something to help her healing?

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Best regards.
Fabrizio – Turin


Dear Fabrizio,

thank you for connecting me for the first time and I wished it would have been on a more joyful occasion.

As you have been told,  the T-cell lymphoma has indeed a bad prognosis from a conventional medical point of view. The chemotherapy your mother has received so far does not help her at all, but will most probably reduce her life expectancy as is the case with all chemotherapies and patients that receive them. There is sufficient clinical data published that proves this since the early 80s and I have absolute no understanding why the doctors still continue with this deadly therapy, except that they have sold their souls to the devil and participate willingly in an obvious genocide.

I have discussed this particular therapy with a lot of colleagues as I worked for some time at a leukemia ward for young leukemia patients and I know from personal experience  how chemotherapy destroys the human organism. It is an outright murder and you need not be a clinician to see this fact with a naked eye. In the current times of rapidly altering energetic conditions, the deleterious effect of chemotherapy is even more augmented and dangerous, as the higher frequency do not support such massive poisonous chemical interventions.

Of course I understand very well that it will be impossible to change the course of the treatment and convince your mother and doctors that it will be better for her not to take any therapy at all.

And this leads me to the conclusion that her destiny cannot, and will not, be decided in a positive way by a medical intervention – be the continuation of this therapy or choosing a new alternative treatment  – as there is no effective therapy for this condition within the current health care system.

In other words – and I must be frank with you – either your mother’s soul has written in her contract to leave earth this year, just as about 25% of all human beings on this planet, or she  has the potential to ascend and needs this huge personal challenge to grow spiritually very quickly and transcend her current disease. From this perspective, she must display the utmost form of courage and reject any chemotherapy in the future and fully succumb to her soul. This is her only salvation. In addition comes the consideration that soon the energetic conditions will change profoundly on the earth, so that such diseases can be cured by the soul, as there will be no need any more for the current failed doctors and health care system.

This is how I see the situation, but it is up to your rmother to make the final decision and you should know that you cannot do anything in this respect and that you should not have any bad consciousness if it does not work the way you have hoped for.

Please do not forget also that some souls have written in their contract for this incarnation to leave the earth by a death experience and to immediately ascend in crystalline light body on the new earth A without going through the onerous LBP; earth B already exists as a blueprint, so that you may see your mother in perfect health after your ascension. This is also a realistic alternative in these miraculous End Times.

With love and light


June 9, 2012

Hi Georgi,

Thought this message may be of interest to you.  Regards,  


Message from Archangel Michael


Dear Coreen,

I read regularly this source as I exert critical control on such sources for being Orion tainted and not of the pure light. Thus I expand my influence as a key observer on the ground from the higher realms on many channeling sources. This one stopped talking trash about ascension  in the autumn of last year after my intervention and since then has channeled only trifles until recently. This is a new development as it wants to mire again the people’s minds in these crucial times.

The statements of AA Michael are identical with those of SG from last year when we announced a number of events and nothing happened, and he did not even bother to explain why. No matter the name, it is the same weird source. Aruna is a stupid goose, as I have already said on several occasions, and she is fully compromised as a channeller in my eyes.

The present list of 20 points an ascended master should observe is the usual esoteric crap and are worthless as they do not contain the most important prerequisite – advanced LBP. The LBP is not even mentioned in this message and this disqualifies it totally.

I have never resonated with this channel and the Comte is a preposterous source who speaks in the name of the White Brotherhood but it comes actually from a lower 5th dimension. I am in contact with the White Brotherhood and the energies are completely different and on a much higher intellectual level as my website also perspires.

With love and light



Hello Georgi,

Thank you so much for your comments on this message. Due to allowing myself to be upset by a family situation, this message pulled my spirits down even more. So thanks again for assisting me to cast all these lower energies out of my energy field – I feel better already as I write. I liked your forecast of what is ahead.

Namaste and peace,  Coreen


You see now why I have such a negative opinion of this source, as it is meant to tear the people down and discourage them by setting very high a fictive bar for ascension and thus insinuating that most candidates will not qualify.



June 9, 2012

Ciao Giorgi,

oltre a ringraziarti per questo prezioso portale, questo strumento d’incontro fra noi PAT, voglio raccontarti del passaggio di Venere. Io abito in Emilia Romagna nella città di Modena, paese che da diverse settimane è soggetto a terremoti, tante persone vivono in auto, in tenda, hanno perso il lavoro, la casa, tutto…

In addtion to thank you for this precious website, this place of connection between us, the PAT, I would like to tell you about the Venus transfer. I live in Emilia Romagna in the town of Modena, a place which for many weeks is the object of earthquakes. Many people live in their cars, in tents, have lost their jobs, houses, everything…

Ci sono tante emozioni di paura, rabbia, disperazione. Io non sono stato toccato nel fisico e nell’emozione dal terremoto, cerco di dare il mio contributo fisico e psicologico per aiutare il prossimo, ma nessun graffio alla mia centratura.

There are a lot of emotions of fear, rage, desparation. I am not affected physically or emotionally by the earthquake, and I try to give my physical and psychological contribution to help the people, without any damage of my centeredness.   

Poi specialmente dopo il passaggio di Venere, la mia vibrazione è cambiata molto, moltissimo, sono imperturbabile ad ogni cosa, ma con dolcezza, i colori sono più’ vividi, mi cibo pochissimo ma sono spesso in bagno, ho una leggerezza in corpo indescrivibile…a volte mi rendo conto che ho un piede nella 3D e uno nella 5D. Sento che è questione di poco tempo per la nostra ascensione.

Especially after Venus transfer, my vibration has changed a lot, enormously, I am no longer troubled by anything, but with tenderness, the colours are much more vivid, I eat very little and I bathe often, I sense an incredible  lightedness in my body… sometimes I realize that I have one foot in 3D and another in 5D. I feel that it is only a question of a little more time left before our ascension.

Io sono pronto..noi siamo pronti..niente e nessuno più’ ci trattiene..siamo in partenza.. Torneremo più’ luminosi e consapevoli, per portare aiuto e amore incondizionato… Penso che sarà l’ultima mia mail, ci troveremeo nella 5D per abbracciarci, grazie Georgi, grazie miei fratelli PAT.

I am ready… we are ready… nothing and nobdoy can stop us, we are departing…  We will return much more luminous and knowing, to bring help and uncvonditonal love… I think that this will be my last email, we will meet in the 5th dimension to embrace us. Thank you George, Thank you my friends from the PAT.

I love you from the bottom of my heart

Dave (Davide)

Vi amo con tutto il cuore…
Dave (Davide)


Caro Davide,

ti ringrazio per la tua lettera molto commuovente. Sono felice da sentire che tu hai trapassato il passagio di Venere con gran successo. Io ho sempre aspettavo che dopo il questo passaggio la nostra energia sarebbe molto più piacevole et questo e già successo. Anche io confermo che mia anima mi dica che sarebbe poco tempo prima la arriva da nostra ascensione. Noi gli abbiamo già fatto, dopo una grande et abbastanza lunga sforza.

Ti abbraccio



June 9, 2012


I would like to introduce myself to you and the PAT nation. I am now to be considered a former member of the group of individuals who have been avidly following this website, but have not written. It has crossed my mind  at times but so often I would read a letter that seemed to be written for me by another PAT member that I just let it go and marveled at the amazing synchronicity of it all.

My personal story is much like yours and some of the writers to this site. I have been magnetized by the concept of ascension for over thirty years and have studied all available information I could get my hands on. I have joined organizations devoted to the higher esoteric teachings. Basically I have been like Richard Dreyfuss in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” who builds a small mountain of mashed potatoes in his living room because he KNOWS something big is there and calling him. I had an experience as a young boy when I was playing in our back yard and gazing at an azure blue sky one afternoon. I heard a beautiful woman’s voice tell me that I would experience something later in my life that would be the greatest thing that could ever happen. Something BIG.

So here I am 50 years later feeling that I am now finally at the eve of the experience my beautiful angel was speaking of to me. My current situation is also like many others on this site. I am suffering from major health problems in conjunction with major LBP symptoms for the last 8 years as well as having  a major health crisis at age 30.

The biting burning pain that you wrote of yesterday exactly describes part of my current condition. It is a constant daily experience and it is “inhuman” as you so accurately wrote. I am feeling all the energetic downloads that are described here. To put it quite bluntly I will not survive this for much longer in my carbon based form. But I am determined to hang on and am constantly urged to do so by my HS. I have read so many stories like mine on this site of people who were formerly active socially, but have been forced by circumstances of this harsh 3D reality into seclusion that I propose that the unofficial motto of this site be “Recluses of the World Unite!”. Please excuse my paradoxical attempt at humor.

This website has been a great source of satisfaction and learning for me these past 8 months. Your mastery in the world of physics as applied to the spiritual development of the soul is unsurpassed and has greatly broadened my perspective as well as helped me hang on through this difficult period. I thank you for your courage and efforts in creating this site. There is no other site even close to its depth and originality regarding Ascension topics. And George your physics is not bad either!

So to all the PAT nation who congregates here I say hello and God bless. I read each of your stories and do realize we are all experiencing this amazing time here and now together. Our great adventure in Ascension is coming upon us and our Earth and we live in the greatest possible moment this planet has ever seen.

Kevin Bonthuis


Dear Kevin,

thank you very much for your first and very uplifting letter to me and the PAT. It is good to know that there are indomitable individuals in the human wilderness that have kept the spark of ascension for many years and have stayed the course to finally experience this BIG EVENT, as your angel has told you, for which our sols have been preparing for eons of time. I am happy to hear that this website has given you some moral and factual support in these last onerous days when the only motto can be to survive, as one can no longer live as a normal human being.

I hope that you will now contribute more often to our discussions, but even if you cannot do it due to lack of time – so much for the better. We will definitely continue our dialogue at a much higher, more rewarding, multidimensional level very soon.

With love and light



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