State-of-Ascension-Report-108: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-108, June 9, 2012

Alexej Jawlensky; Light Worker with Closed Left Brain Portal
and Right-Side-Blindness, 1912

June 7, 2012

Hi Georgi,

You are a wonderful human being with a excellent sense of humor. Your intelligence quota must be high – all these qualities makes your writings a pleasure to read.

But let me say, I don’t fully agree with you. I don’t think anything will happen in June – polar shift or PAT ascension or alike. I don’t have any access to my higher self and I don’t have any dreams that speaks to me as it is with PAT members. Don’t make a mistake, I have you and the PAT members in high regard, just my feelings and experience are completely different – I’m very normal person. Today I’m without job and I hope I will get some – but it doesn’t imply I consider this a toxic planet. I still from the depth of my heart consider this a wonderful planet. All absolutely all humans beings are wonderful sparks of God – even the evil ones, cabal ones or those who harmed me or any person. I just feel an immense love for everybody.

If something is wrong or I get harmed, I only accuse myself for allowing it – not others. You see our differences? I fully agree with all your predictions, but I have a strong sense/feeling it will happen in the following 3-5 years. Not in June, and December 21 will be another day with a remarkable flow of “energy” that not all will feel. We are awakening today slowly but secure – and this process will unfold for many many years ahead – this is my strong conviction and feeling from my heart. Even if my money runs out as it is today I will still enjoy a children smile and I will let my heart sadness to flow around my being when I see I beggar or any brother/sister in disgrace.

In January 2012 I was in Madrid and I saw an UFO it was night and it was close. I thought it was an airplane but looking closer, no, in so low altitude, without sound and so slowly passed – it was an UFO!

My heart doesn’t expect to “ascend” because there is no where to 4-5 dimension? I don’t know, but I do whatever to help this mass awakening happens – I see it everywhere, Bilderberg protests, Vatican crisis, financial crisis etc I see overall this awakening. Even Mother earth with its earthquakes, floodings etc. And all this will unfold for many many years ahead – I think so.

Have you think Georgi that you put your self in a bad situation when predicting this month ascension – what if it will not happen as I think? you will lose credibility – already happen to you with 11:11:11. Sometimes I wanted to challenge you for who will be right you or me?. I read all your publications – excellent pieces of work – and always I read your website from the beginning with a big pleasure, But another difference between us is that you know everything, you always have an answer for any question, occurrence. My self, I’m full of questions, full of wonderings, full of expectations, but not answers. Also you said 26 Feb was decided the split of the world. But it is not true!! A reader of yours posted a link to a Internet discussion with Hidden_hand from 2008 he already stated about this split of the world in A, B and A/B. But you blatantly refused it considering him a Orion/cabal message without any value. It just demonstrates that no decision was taken in Feb 26 2012 instead it was already known – even if it is in the Orion/cabal circles.

I hope you will not take it hard what I’m saying. I remember when you warned Steve Beckow about his journalism (how much he improved since then) and I agree 90% of what you say about him and the vanity fair club. it is just not possible to read those guys anymore – in my eyes they all have lost any credit. Is it the same with you Georgi? I will be sad because you are so right but your timelines seems too wrong to me.

Again here I’m a normal guy – product of the Orion society (with no high intelligence quota) that awakened and see from the eyes of my heart against you who is to intelligent and have access to you higher self and enjoy lucid dreams. I don’t know my higher self and my dreams are just normal. What is your plan B in case nothing happens in June or September or December? I would NOT like to see you discredited.

From my heart to yours
Dear Jorge,

we live on a planet of free will and everybody creates the personal experiences he wishes to have. Your version of the future is absolutely legitimate as it reflects your current level of soul evolution and most probably you will experience  it, with some notable modifications of course.

However you have not considered one simple fact by all your elaboration. I have estimated 2000 -3000 readers, most of them regular readers. They are all highly evolved souls. If I would say or write something that do not resonates with them, they will immediately contradict me and stop reading my website. The fact that they don’t do this, is the most convincing proof that they feel and see the same things and that the new reality I create on this website is also shared by themselves in their visions and dreams.

By the way, this feeling has been unanimously expressed in all ascension reports (107 in the meantime of more than 2000 pages) by all PAT members and I wonder how you might have missed this most obvious fact, if you regularly read this website as you say. After all, this website is not my personal platform, but that of the PAT, where their ideas, visions and dreams are equally presented. This reality is obviously not shared by yourself as you are not there yet, and this is quite normal in these times when everybody creates his personal timeline.

Let me clear a second fundamental mistake in your thinking: I “did not lose any credibility” after 11.11.11, quite on the contrary. I increased my credibility by staying the course. If you are not able to see this simple and obvious fact, then you must indeed be blind for some key aspects of this human reality.

In fact after we opened the stargate 11.11.11, humanity started really to evolve and this was our (PAT) greatest achievement that is of truly cosmic proportions and the results of it can be now seen the world over. One must be blind, and deaf, and spiritually totally blocked not to have grasped this obvious fact. I have many crystalline children, teenagers as readers, who have realized this truth in a very deep manner and have even written excellent essays on this topic, which I have published on this website that you allegedly regularly read.

Even from a practical point of view, I could not have lost credibility as the number of my readers has steadily increased and my website is now on the 240 000th place worldwide (among 500 million websites) from the 550 000th place  before 11.11.11. Steve Beckow for instance was with his website prior to his insanity to travel with black limousines to the galactic mother ships on the 30 000th  place. After that his website nose-dived to the 2 000 000th place and even below.

I am giving you these facts, which are irrelevant within the bigger picture, only to show you how distorted your view of the reality is and how subjectively you see some events from your current narrow-minded point of view of personal soul evolution.

The actual problem why you do not believe what is written on this website  is that you are not in the LBP and thus you are not opened to these energies that shape the human reality. As long as your soul does not open you for these new energies to the full extent, as is the case with the real members of the PAT, you will cherish your doubts together with 98% of all human beings on this planet, including my wife, who are so dumbed down by the dark energy patterns of separation that even when they display superficially some kind of esoteric love and understanding for humanity, as you now pathetically declare, you will be still a  prey to these dark energies and will not be able to  ascend beyond them and acquire the certainty the PAT members enjoy.

Besides, the PATs are not representative for humanity as they will be the new Earth Keepers as Elohim. They will protect and guide people like you who still need a lot more time to truly ascend and acquire full awareness.

When you will begin to do this, with the help of your soul, you will automatically begin to see a completely different, multi-dimensional reality – the one we, the members of the PAT,already see.  Until then you will stay in your conceptual box and will have to cope with your doubts.

It is however “not my beer” as the Germans use to say to convince you that this new brave world exists. Even the upcoming events may not achieve this Tantalus act, if you decide to close your eyes as eventually one third of humanity will do in the course of this year, while staying on the catastrophic earth B.

With love and light
June 7, 2012


I just sent you a message from Steve Beckow. I think this message shows that you have had an effect although delayed even on him.  He has finally given up on mass arrests and NESARA. The end times are surely near. HA.

Dear Jerry,

I just read the article. There comes a point in time when only the idiots do not change their mind. I have always sustained the opinion that Steve Beckow is a crypto-psychopath, but not an idiot. By the way our ascension is independent whether people like Beckow begin to open their eyes or not, but this is a reaffirming additional evidence.

June 8, 2012

Hey Doc- good morning!

I have been following the sun-tracking discussion. I recently took a series of photos of the sunset at a local lake.  Sorry to bore you with yet another pix — more images can be seen:

@ (Perry County Lake Summer Sunset).

On a personal note – my patience is running V-E-R-Y thin. I am speechless after talking with 99.999999% of the people that I ‘work’ with at an auto parts supply factory. The pace is hyper-fast and everyday is more of the same – a superficial pursuit to “grow the business;” to “make more money;” to “suck-it-up and do more with less.”  Ad nauseam.

On the home front I’m constantly asked why I’m not “happy” – why I just can’t ignore the fact that I have been fed a series of lies my whole life – from my perverted religious ‘education’ to the faked landing on the moon to the absurd belief that I even have to ‘work’ at a ‘job’ to ‘make money’ in order to ‘survive.’

I am asking questions that NO ONE in their right mind can answer. And do you want to know what the hard part for me is?  My logical observations and questions are met with illogical retorts and answers, and I am the one that is accused of being ‘odd.’

I AM not ‘odd’ —  I AM ‘even.’

My bubble is balanced as I move inward and upward toward the light!

Rant over.

The simple remedy when my imagined burden gets a bit too heavy?  I focus on activities that I will (am) doing in 5D.  I hope you enjoy the attached poem! Thnx and have a spin-up day!



As I stand here it’s tough talking to some.
And with some I no longer talk because I feel too numb.

For ME discussing football, game shows and politics does not feel normal
So to others I must appear somewhat aloof, pre-occupied with my thoughts and formal.

In KNP 157 I wrote about being stuck on an eight-to-five rodent’s wheel
Mindlessly mimicking human characters like ME walking the “job” line toe-to-heel.

What is so stupid hard is that I know that I know
But even knowing this knowledge I find it hard to let go.

The simple remedy is to focus on the basics of see, feel, be
And remember that I AM is the creative source in my reality.

So this next volume of poems will focus on one thing
Doing what excites ME and the internal satisfaction these 5D activities bring.

By Kent Nelson
Dear Kent,

thank you very much for sending me this beautiful poem which very precisely expresses the current situation. Your experiences with other people are shared my most PAT members. The growing impatience you now feel is this time not the basic human fear, which many other people have on this planet, but an expression of our higher selves who long to finally unite with us, the incarnated parts, and celebrate our victory in the higher realms. This is the most clear indicator that there is not much time left, so that this impatience should be really enjoyed as a wonderful anticipation of the 5d-reality you now try to envision as a compensation for the dire reality on the working place and elsewhere on this toxic planet.

With love and light
June 7, 2012


Here is yet another confirmation of the upcoming events:

Post-2012 Earth Changes

A Global Climate Change Remote-Viewing Study. Multiple Realities, Timelines, and Events

to include a short video (18 min) discussing the procedure for their study, and the implications.

Much Love,
Dear Leonard,

I saw this video and I have read a lot about remote viewing, but I am still not able to understand what “remote viewing” precisely means and what this science, about which some people talk so often in such a preposterous manner, really is. I have already discussed this issue with Alfred Webre and with some other friends of this weird science and nothing tangible has come out of it.

If all remote viewers are asked to visualize objects or events about which they have no idea initially, as this pseudo-science operates, how better are they than most channelers who also receive decoded information from higher beings which they cannot understand, as is the case with most of them. If the people have knowledge of the true multidimensional reality, an open access to their soul as most PAT members, and understand deeply that any creation is done in the Now and that every entity is an active creator being, then remote viewing, the way it is practiced today, is a deliberate or unconscious fraud or better defined – a self-induced confusion due to profound  spiritual ignorance.

If the military has been engaged in remote viewing for decades to access the outcome of the End Times, which they have obviously done on a great scale, then they ultimately should have known what is openly written on my website and then they should have behaved in a completely different manner. The fact that they deny until now the ascension process and instead build bunkers to survive is the most obvious and irrevocable proof that their remote viewing has totally failed. They have not grasped that LBP and ascension is the only solution. And for this insight you do not need any remote viewing, but just listen to your soul.

It is as simple as that, and this reinforces my conviction that remote viewing is another aspect of total human confusion which is inherent to the current End Times  – be it as military operations, pseudo -scientific research or simple New Age cacophony.

By the way I had to laugh reading  on this website that they have tested timelines beyond 2012. This statement alone is sufficient to discredit them as charlatans.

With love and light

I see your point that the military’s remote viewing has totally failed. They must know of Nibiru and used their remote viewers to view the catastrophic timeline, and prepared accordingly with their bunkers. Also, they must know from their dastardly deeds that they are not ascension candidates. Therefore, I imagine, they are really just preparing in order to survive the pole shift, and the consequent inter-dimensional split, so that they come out on top in the planet B timeline.

I miss your point about Dr. Brown being a fraud and/or charlatan. I do not see what he has to gain by publishing this info/disinfo. From the video, he appears to be genuinely “concerned.” He does not seem to come from fear.

I definitely missed the joke about timelines beyond 2012. Will not planet B continue in 3D time/space as before where the years will pass as usual until the planet implodes?

My questions are rhetorical, as I need not concern myself with planet B timeline. Once again, thanks for your reply. I had hoped to add to the conversation, not detract.

Much Love,
Dear Leonard,

my comment on fraudulent science was not meant directly for Dr. Brown, but for the science he presented. I missed in his presentation the critical scientific approach however. Just think for a moment: You use as military force highly evolved souls for remote viewing who are able to see the future through their souls as nobody can see more than his soul allows him to see. This is basic gnostic knowledge and the point of departure of any remote viewing. What I am essentially doing on this website is remote viewing based on the Universal law and its theory. Nothing more.

If these people were so much evolved as to encompass the whole picture of the future correctly, then they must have made for themselves  the right conclusions. How comes that nothing of this information has been discussed or analysed by the military and has reached the broader public? This was the major point I expected to hear from Dr. Brown as a critical analyst and he did not make it and thus contributed involuntarily to this military fraud. You can passively or actively contribute to a fraudulent idea. Ultimately the result is the same.

The timeline earth B will not be a mere continuation of the current timeline, even though many people may perceive it as such due to their limited world view. This timeline will not have the huge support it now has from the forces of light also in terms of the  many star seeds as ourselves that have incarnated on the ground as to make the energetic difference now. This timeline will sink  to a higher 3d-density and will very soon deteriorate to a catastrophic earth. It may even be destroyed by a nova which has exploded 11 light years away from the sun system and will hit it in the summer of 2013. This is known by the dark Cabal. In addition it will be hit by the Nibiru’s asteroid tail in October after the inter-dimensional split has occurred and this is also not the result of the irresponsible actions of the establishment, as Dr. Brown presented the causal link of this remote viewing with respect to the two possible timelines.

All in all, he was talking too much of science, but had, himself, no idea of how real science and critical scientific approach should be applied. I know this type of scientists very well, as I have worked a lot with many of them. They are very dangerous in their ignorance and mental confusion as they become eager promoters of false ideas under the banner of scientific truth which is in fact pure fraud.

June 7, 2012

Dear Georgi.

I am so excited to read your words of confirmation today re the simple numerical system of payments etc. My friend said we must be attending the same school. lol. I am telling people for over 3 years now about this, but no one gets it?.. so far. I am hoping when they read the way you phrase it, they will.

Every single thing you write today I have seen in my mind years ago. I feel that because it is soooooo simple people cannot believe it, as society is programmed to complicate things- Orion style.

Love and Abundance
Dear Catherine,

thank you for this confirmation. You have said it –  the people are unable to see the simple solutions as their minds are so perverted by the Orion matrix that they can only find complicated solutions. The more complicated, the better they feel and the more important, as they can now control the chaos. This is how the current system of enslavement functions.

June 7, 2012

Hello Georgi & PAT family –

Bob Brewster here from a sad state of WI. As you can learn, we fell short in the recall attempt of Gov Scott Walker. We did however take a senate seat and switched the balance of power in that chamber. I thank any and all that sent power of light our way and by no means did I consider this a referendum on the will or power of the PAT. Perhaps the lack of written response after my initial request was all the real answer I needed as to how important this was in relation to the true events and issues at hand. So please accept this reflection as a “self-exam” of my thoughts and feelings as we head into the final changes.

The lessons I take from this final political experience – the power of the dark systems money has become the controller of the masses here in the U.S so much, so that I truly see and wait now only for the shift to end this madness in one stroke. The badger spirit I know and love is here in a few, but as in the world the majority are so asleep they voted for the interests that would and are currently destroying them. We fewer in the minority did our part as best we could and I am still proud to have been involved with and met the true patriots of this state, these people are our ascension candidates and deserve a masters lead and attention after the initial shift.

As for myself and my wife Jackueline ( whom I have neglected to name but would like to now as she is with us 100%) we are ready to go or do what man’s true destiny will have us do with you and the PAT. We know you are the true way and have known since we found the site. It’s been such a journey and its just starting as we know. The power of this truth has made all the 3d world issues fade in relevance and we eagerly await the events of this month and our total awakening. I won’t say never any more but should this be our last e-mail our thanks to you and all PAT, every one of the letters published and read add something each to our growth and we hope our meager written contributions have helped others in their learning and growth.

We are at peace and ready for the move to the new earth and even if we don’t yet know exactly what as many other of you also feel, we KNOW we have our purpose in this event and that’s enough to drive us on. I would leave you all with a quote from my personal favorite American artist Bruce Springsteen who to me represents the best side of the American experience warts and all. His latest and last album ends with a song called ” We Are Alive” and it could be a theme song for ascension of the few Americans who might make it:

” We are alive, though our bodies lie stranded in the dark, our souls and spirits rise, to carry the fire and light the spark, to stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart.”

I  salute and honor you all and will stand with you as others said “To Infinity and Beyond”

Warmest Regards of love and light to all – Bob & Jackie Brewster

Thank you again.
Bob Brewster
Dear Bob,

Two days ago I was thinking about the WI elections and wondered who might have won them, but then I forgot to check on the Internet. This electoral defeat of your candidate only confirms that you can not change this system within the system. The whole old matrix must be removed and replaced with something completely new. Now we advance so much energetically under the radar that it is no longer possible or necessary to combat the system with its means. It will be swept away by the cosmic broom. It is only a matter of days or several weeks…

With love and light
June 6, 2012

What Nature is Telling Me

Dear George,

I have functioned in many different roles during my incarnation, yet, one role that has been consistent and the most evident, is my role as the observer. I don’t stop there. I then proceed to go within and seek conclusions as to what I am seeing and why.

This part of myself has been running strong as I find myself confused, baffled, and amazed by what I am observing with Nature in the present time. It is my belief what is before my eyes has everything to do with the slant of the sun’s rays, which are all wrong for this time of year. All of Nature is guided by the Sun as when to grow, when to harvest, when to sleep. As I sit here typing this on my laptop, I am facing a Southerly window and in looking out, the Sun is telling me it is about October.

This is why the animals are foraging for their biological time clocks, controlled by the Sun, are telling them winter is coming. The raccoons are foraging and not only that, their winter coats are coming in. I’ve observed deer starting to once again come to the bird feeders, something they normally do not do at this time of year, only munching on my plants. They start coming to the feeders again in Fall. My cats are so confused, and upset. There bodies are telling them two different things, one, summer is here, but two, the sun and its position in the sky is telling them cold weather is approaching.

In my travels yesterday, as I was driving, I saw a tree beginning to shed its leaves. NO! No way! That was MY first reaction. Then, OH MY GOD!

We have lost sun light as in the amount of time. The Solstice heralds a time of year I look so forward to, and that is very long days of bright sunshine and late twilight that fall around 9:30pm. There have been occasional twilight of past days that it still has been light, not completely dark yet, around 10pm. Now? The sun is setting around 8 – 8:30pm, again due to how far North it is in the sky.

Temperatures have dropped considerably in the past week.

If this is all just a phase and I am making too much of it, then so be it. I just have never seen anything so strange unfolding as I am now.

What irks me, I have been following the Sun’s movements for years, and have even commented what I have observed, to people I thought “informed” but how wrong I was. For their response was anything intellectual, but rather a shrug and a response “oh that is where the sun usually is at this time of year.” I have been observing bird migration here for years as well, and I have noticed that birds (migratory) are leaving earlier and earlier. As of this writing, just from last week when I said the birds were here, is no longer true. What was actually happening, birds were beginning to flock and they have left. Only the long staying birds are here, such as robins, who are the last to leave, red winged black birds, sparrows, morning doves, and always hawks. I also hear an occasional Baltimore Oreo, yet again they in reality just arrived here which is no surprise to me as to why they are still here. This Spring I recorded the most incredible bird song I have ever witnessed here, which if I am not mistaken, was a little over a month ago. Now, the bird song is sparse. I miss the songs.

Could it be that again this is all a transition, and the birds will return?

As I wrote to you before, all mosquitoes and no-see-ums are not present. Neither are many flying insects and one has to look high and low to even spot a flying insect. I saw one lone butterfly yesterday which made my jaw drop, because of late, none I see, compared to only about one month ago when as far as one looked in any direction, one saw butterflies. What is happening here confounds one’s mind. No one is saying anything about how strange the sun is, how strange this spring has been, how strange the animals seem to be acting. I mean, come on! Something that is so blatant and NO ONE is saying anything! Talk about deaf, dumb, and blind!

I don’t think people today even pay attention to Nature anymore. Who even today takes the time to stare up at a night’s sky?

All these observations just makes me more sure that those who are meant to Ascend this month, will do so. I know myself that with the energy that is vibrating at such a high velocity in me, I do not know how this clay vessel is even able to remain intact. I have been experiencing sensations of leaving the right side of my body and then “something” jerks me back into this body…. very unpleasant and frustrating because I just want to go!

Just a few of my observations, George. I don’t know what Nature is doing in your vector of the world, but it sure is strange here. See you soon!

Love and Light,
June 7, 2012


Thank you for posting your response to the teenager. Yes I concur with you that just using deductive reasoning alone, our ascension would have to occur this month. But we have more than deductive reasoning. It is the response of our bodies and guidance from HS. I was very mad for sometime with my HS after 11-11, but with your explanation and my own reasoning I have come to the conclusion that it was best that we did not ascend at 11-11. Best for us and the whole of humanity.

Now my HS is again telling me to prepare as if I knew how because it will come swiftly. Of course this is the same HS that told me something similar for 11-11. Back then, I still had a lot of fears about what would happen should not ascension occur. Would my wife’s cancer return? Would I be homeless? Would I get sick. Somehow this time I just don’t seem to care if I ascend or not. Of course I care, but it is hard to explain it is not in the same way. These latest events have had obvious affects. The eclipse and full moon put me into a deep slumber. The Venus transit has caused me to be sleepless, restless. My neck, head and shoulders hurt not a lot, but I am uncomfortable in any position that I lay.

Now to a not so polite question. After these events this one not being an exception my wife and I have very large odorous bowel movements. You may have answered this before but is it caused by clearing our own dross, the general dross of humanity or the earth or as I think probably just a body response like a laxative effect from all the light we step up in our bodies.  Also since we are on the subject not that it is important, but do ascended masters have bowel movements?

Dear Jerry,

to begin with your last question. I even intended to address this issue two weeks ago, but then I let it go. It is indeed so. Flatulence and odorous feces are part of the cleansing program of the body during the LBP, as our bodies have collected so many poisons and other toxic substances that normally do not belong to our physical nature, that they must be now eliminated  in a rapid pace and it is, as if the toilet has become a chemical lab. The reason is that the dark ones have so much poisoned the whole environment in the last years – air pollution, soil contamination and from there poisoning the whole food chain, etc., etc. that our bodies carry chemicals that have never existed on this planet only a generation ago.

This is in fact the main reason why Gaia and humanity must ascend – this earth can no longer exist like this and must either be annihilated, which is still a possibility for earth B, or cleansed by higher forces and ascend.

We have prolonged so much our stay on this earth that this time there is no further possibility for delays and the cosmic events must start this month, no matter what happens in the society.

With love and light
June 6, 2012

Dear George,

I want to point out how funny it is that Giles has the GFL ask us each time for a telepathic confirmation of e.g. our eagerness for free energy devices, among others, or – totally hilarious – make a small comment about the generous offer on his Facebook profile. Of course we are all eager to have anything renewing, uplifting, lessening the burden of life et al happening, like yesterday already! He is on a big ego trip and almost all of the information transferred is transient and has almost become redundant.

I would like to thank you once more for all the information, and, obviously, all members of the PAT contributing. I have like 7 tabs opened right now. On any page there’s always info you shared before, but, far more important, quite often a single sentence that clarifies a confusion, I could not even describe, things just get clearer. I especially liked the comet Elenin and Nibiru message. I will need to read the Eastern vs. Western experience again in terms of how ready the West is (or not). This is vital information. OK, I’m going to leave it to that.

Thanks and Bless all,
Dear Dominique,

Tomorrow I will publish an article based on a question/comments by a crystalline teenager (16) from South Africa. This article also covers the issue of new technologies in the context of the End Time scenario.

Greg Giles is an analphabet and has no idea what free photon energy is and how it should function. He is however not alone – he is in a good and very large company, consisting of all New Agers – old or young, no matter.



Plagiarism and Serendipity of Channeling Messages

by Georgi Stankov, June 8, 2012

Finally, I would like to give you some links that have prospectively confirmed my scenario for the rest of 2012, written on June 5 and published the next day on June 6:

The End Time Scenario as a Logical Inevitability. A Response to a Crystalline Teenager  by Georgi Stankov, June 6, 2012, Copyright 2012

These citations prove that there is a remarkable serendipity that we already observe within the PAT since it connected the dots before 11.11.11. From a more sober point of view, one may even suspect that many channels are involved in astral plagiarism by borrowing basic concepts from my articles, which I introduce for the first time, and then disseminate them as their own ideas. I observe this astral plagiarism for more than a year, but it is not always easy to prove it. I now offer some clear-cut proofs.

The first message below was published one day after the publication of the above article and two days after I wrote it. It confirms prospectively the logical inevitability of my scenario for the rest of 2012 in a remarkable coalescence with most basic concepts which  I have addressed in this article:

A Message from Saint Germain: “The OM WAVE ~ Activation of the ONE.   Christine Meleriessee, June 7, 2012

The next message uses a word I have never met before in any channelling text so far that “coincidentally” appears in the title of my article – “Inevitability” – a day earlier: Please observe that I am the only writer in the esoteric scene who has introduced, discussed and used the concept of “astral probability alternatives“, first in my book “The evolutionary Leap of Mankind” in 2001. I may be wrong with this assertion and might have missed another author who also uses this concept, but you must show him first to me:

Let us play a little today – Michael channeled by Ron Head June 7, 2012

“Our conversation today will concern your desire to know your future. We will begin by giving you an absolute prediction of your future, one that will never fail. You will return to your Creator’s unconditional love and oneness. You will bring with you, as rich gifts, all that you have experienced…. Let us play a little today and discover why we do not give you predictions of your future very often. We do, we admit, give very general ones that have reached the point of being probabilities, even inevitabilities…”

You all know that I have always advocated the idea that there will be no landings of space crafts of the GF and that the only true aliens are the incarnated star seeds who have finished with their LBP and will appear after their ascension as powerful creator beings on the earth A/B and later on on the ascended earth A and will lead humanity to new transgalactic horizons. This has always been a key idea of all my elaborations on the End Time scenario.

The following message, which was published simultaneously with the above article, confirms one more time this basic notion, which so many light workers, mired by such false prophets as Steve Beckow or Wilcock, have not grasped yet:

Aliens in Spaceships Have Landed – They’re Us.  Brenda Hoffman, June 6, 2012

“Dear Ones, You may have read of aliens from other planets. At times, you were frightened. At other times, amused. You are the aliens… There is another reason we wish to introduce this topic today. Some are channeling that alien spaceships will land soon to help you create a love-filled earth. The spaceships have landed and they are you…

Will spaceships land on earth? It is highly unlikely.Why would you accept and expect to learn from a culture that is little more advanced than you? There is no need for spaceships, for the teachings of those aliens in spaceships are within you… You merely have to accept your worth and totality and you will easily fulfill your planned-for role on earth during this transition. To deny parts of your being – in whatever form – is to halt or suspend your role. Such is not a threat. It is merely the reality you are now processing.”

This message has been the leitmotif of all our discussions on this website and the main objective of my editorial activity – to convince you that you are the powerful creator beings – the old and new Elohim – who create and execute since the beginning of your incarnation the  Ascension of humanity and Gaia and that you will be the new Earth Keepers.

With the opening of the Full Moon Portal, June 4-6, the transparency of the real energetic conditions on this planet steadily augments and there is no space anymore for weird interpretations and psychopathic projections that are so beloved by and inherent to the mentality of many a light worker and can be profusely found on the Internet.


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