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On the Article “The Know and Know-Not in the New Age Movement”

June 29, 2012


That was a great piece on the ‘Know’ and the ‘Know-not’. It’s true, people love to stay ignorant and then claim that they are being intelligent, when in reality, they are just being stupid. And yes, the current so-called light workers community is one of the worst only because it purports to being otherwise, and refuses to face its fluffy shit cream pies with pink icing.

However, I will say that it can be extremely difficult to navigate through the sheer amount of garbage – But one thing that I have noticed, is that if you sincerely want the truth, and will not put up with that crap, you will find it. But the fact remains is that you have to stay vigilant – Isn’t that what finding the truth in yourself is about?

Because it’s not out there in some website, it’s in yourself. This, in and of itself, is a scary thought for most people. You don’t give up your rational discerning thought process and allow the wolves in sheep’s clothing to devour you because you thought you would hand over all of your discerning thought processes. That’s a dangerous thing to do. Or, if you need the experience, then you’ll have it. Maybe you’ll come out using more discretion. But, the irony of that is that this is exactly what has happened with humanity and we have been experiencing that reality for far too long. IT’S TIME TO BECOME DISCERNING FOLKS.

The platform of this website you have provided here is paramount in helping people to become aware of this. There is an unparalleled amount of information here that can help people to understand – from a scientific and gnostic/philosophical view point.

There are many people out there who tend to believe that to express anger, or even an opinion (unless it’s PC, political correctness), is a no – no, but this is exactly what we have been discussing here with regards to these so-called ‘light workers’ who (many of them) seem to take refuge in the term ‘politically correct’ way of expressing oneself. They have to realise that being politically correct is just another way to control your thought process, so that you don’t go there and do that and stay on the no error side of ‘correct’.

Excuse me? What is correct? Stuffing ones emotions means you are NOT dealing with yourself and also the broader picture as well. This is why we have so much substance abuse in our society, people are so very disconnected from themselves. This is also why people give their own power away to outside authority figures, because they do not want to take responsibility – (Oh hell, I’ll pop a prescription pill and everything will be alright, that’s what the doc says, and he/she should know).

Our society is rife with people who DO NOT want to take ANY responsibility because someone else will (apparently) figure it out for them. This is a complete disconnect from yourself, and therefore the ability to become discerning and aware are lost, as it is even considered to be absurd to question authority, because they apparently know much more than you ever will. This also spills over into religion and spiritual teachers – (I think Loren was looking for a guru, but was disappointed and went back to comfort zone.)

Some people will say that humanity is very confused and needs to be handled with kid gloves – Well, definitely, there is much confusion and that’s obvious. But too many people (most) do not even want to consider that they may have been led down a garden path – And so, thus the wake up call, which will be what it is, that will have to jolt humanity out of their collective lull – and this also includes misguided light workers who are also missing the point and focusing on keeping this crumbling system intact.

Or, worse yet, taking refuge in only the fluffy pink side of the right brain – I think even babies respond to intelligent left brain activities. As we have been discussing on the platform of this website, this is what helps to integrate us into more intelligent humans able to develop and use new abilities. I’m not sure why people get so upset about this and miss it completely thinking that the emotive side is the most important to be expressed, but don’t actually go there and express your anger, unless you’ve tied a pillow to your mouth to muffle that sound. I’m not talking about abusing people, but in becoming aware.

Certainly there is some justification in taking people to task and also in expressing frustration, is there not? I live in Asia and I have a tendency to have to explain to misguided people that it’s OK to express an opinion based on observation. I have run into numerous people who seem to think it’s criminal to express an opinion on another culture, because it would be racist? People need to think about what they are doing and saying, granted. But to pretend that everything is hunky dorey because you are afraid of expressing yourself, goes right back to giving up your own objectivity and discernment, and not trusting it.

I would not express anything that I wouldn’t say to someone in my own society doing the same thing. This is my litmus test- If I would express it in Canada, then I would express it here. It has virtually nothing to do with being racist, it’s about observing people and seeing that there isn’t any thought process involved in many day to day things. I watch people make the stupidest mistakes based on PC behaviour. People seem, to me, to be terrified of expressing themselves, because it might not be PC. That’s a pretty powerful control to have on a collective peoples psyche, no? But also, it’s obvious that not everything requires a response either, and silence can speak volumes when needed.

There are a few light workers here and a small community – But my encounters with a few of them made me want to run for the hills. They seem just as bad and worse sometimes than the self-serving Christian Evangelists in wanting to push their ‘enlightenment’ down your throat. To be fair, there may be others here who don’t have this attitude. I just generally stay away from these communities, because I’ve never been religious.

Eating fluffy cream shit cakes with pink icing is not healthy.

Warm regards,


June 29, 2012

Hi George

Nice essay. I don’t think you could have addressed the current plight of light workers and the human race by extension more succinctly! Amusing as always not forgetting the affectionate inclusion the black limousine rides to the motherships of the GF.

I have noticed over the months that what makes the PAT stand out from all others is that prior to connecting-of-the-dots – we already knew. We didn’t know everything (relative to our current collective knowledge and insight) but we knew “enough”. Enough of a balanced overview, enough trust in our HS and enough trust in our path beforehand individually before coming together. We didn’t need to be sold on any theory or state of the world. We could distinguish the difference between the BS and the HS – you can use that anytime you like George. We have already gained the prerequisites and faith which gives us the ability to steer “ourselves” around and out of any doubts. This is what makes us surprisingly unique as to realise that only a 1000 odd out of 7 billion know what is going on. A sad state of affairs and unfortunately makes anyone else unqualified to lead for lack of a better word, as in reality we are just treading a path to follow as we stumble around with foggy glasses holding an ever changing treasure map piecing together a few clues.

This leads me to a question: Why is it that some light workers – as I know a few personally – who have raised their frequency to a point at which they have a clear channel (realtime conversational level) to not only their Higher Selves and guides, but to other peoples HS and guides seem to receive no real information regarding these End Times? Is their conditioning to the Orion system so ingrained that not even their trusted HS or guides (that they can see and hear) are able to make inroads? It is difficult for me to grasp this as their psychic abilities are more developed than my own. I seem to get just enough insight, clues and conformation to keep me going. Certainly not any conversation.

Recently though while pondering in bed about what “else” could there be alongside or in addition to All-That-Is (visualising All-That-Is as an infinitely small space with an infinite amount of energy) I heard as a thought not of my own and with an accent “That is very dangerous!”. I then realised it was a dead end in thinking and would lead one to be separated from All-That-Is. I then got my conformation from my heart chakra that I had got the message. These internally “audible” phrases are very rare for me as are visions.

I hope all is well in sunny Bavaria
Warm regards
Alex, Australia
Dear Alex,

your presentation of the uniqueness of the PAT is absolutely correct and this is what makes this group so strong – they simply know and do not need any guides but only exchange of ideas with similarly thinking people as to compensate for the social loneliness.

This automatically explains your question why nobody gets any precise information. In fact we all know what will come and only the point in linear time is still open as it will be an “ad hoc” decision in the very last moment. I have received today a message from the HS of a member of the PAT which I will publish next time. It succinctly confirms the coming of the ID split.

Now most psychics may have an open contact to the HS but this does not mean that they are prepared to receive all kind of information .They receive only as much as they can process. None of them has a more open channel than you do, but simply they fulfil other functions. This is all preordained before incarnation – what one will do on the earth – and channeling is not very high on the agenda of the souls. Ultimately even the best channel cannot tell you more than you know yourself. I have checked all possible channels and, apart from some detailed information, I have never read anything that was unknown to me.

With love and light
June 29, 2012

I’m laughing at the part where you are criticizing channelers because whenever I search on youtube, this character pops up. I’m willing to bet this “woman” is actually a guy who became a female channeler because he lost his balls.

We can only prove it if we make the ball test with this lady as is the case with all popes, since allegedly a woman became a pope long time ago and now all cardinals have to grasp the new elected pope’s balls in a test to confirm that the is a man, strictly speaking.

Haha. I guess I was wrong. She talks like a man inside a woman’s body, but I had to keep googling, her bio says she has kids.

Probably adopted or from another woman with whom she lives. Who knows? There are so many possible sexual permutations.

June 29, 2012

Dear G-

I was so happy to read your latest critique of  the current  aging New-Agers. Three points that resonate very strongly with me are:

1.) We have to do away with the need for money. Any intelligent, compassionate, society of our collective future must not enslave its members through forcing them to “earn money” for basic needs. One should be free to contribute what one is motivated to contribute based on what they are attracted to and wish to create; what they desire to manifest.

Oscar Wilde has some wonderfully “enlightening”  ideas on this subject and he wrote them many , many years ago in a number of essays – one on Socialism is actually quite progressive from a modern-day spiritually advanced perspective. I am in agreement with your ideas, as well, in the essays which you have written – those that I have read so far.

No, there is no sense in wasting effort trying to maintain any of what we currently have as a “monetary” system.

2.) Ascension is the only intelligent “next event” on our horizon – the only answer to our current conundrum in 3-D, as spiritually progressed beings.

3.) The following in it’s entirety:

The present-day New Ager is mainly embodied by the elderly feminine type of an esoteric guru, in whom the hysteric elements of the menopausal age are perfectly intertwined with the rosy, fluffy esoteric trash which they incessantly produce – as personal wisdom or channelled advices for old spinsters. I have estimated that about 80% of all channelers fall into this category. The younger ones follow uncritically the example of their elderly predecessors, as they believe that this is the only way how an enlightened person should behave.

The few channeling men display such a bleak personality and a complete lack of any genuine intellectual endeavour that they assimilate their feminine colleagues much more than their actual gender. Just as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel never wears skirts and dresses, but only trousers, as to compete with her male rivals in politics, one has the impression that these channeling men have never encountered the problem on which side of the trousers they should place their balls, the way they behave as if they are unaware of the existence of these male anatomic appendices.

This is not only true, but it is quite funny and made me laugh because it is so true. Thank you for that, was having too serious a day – and this just “made my day”… really, I am still laughing, my friend.  Bold text, especially hilarious.

One of the reasons I find your material and comments so refreshing is that you are fully “endowed” as a male with a highly refined intellect and logical thought process, and yet you are also fully integrated with the feminine energies of universal love and true compassion for humanity and earth. There are few “real men’ who are so balanced – and you are correct – none of them are in the New-Ager group on the Internet. Thank you for actually writing about it.

Am still here, still in my physical body… but wanting to go on from 3-D.

With Love and In Light, – and that to me means “truth” and transparency and intelligence and humor, which I do find here on this website, my friend.

Lisa Lynch


On CA Forecasts

June 28, 2012

Dear George,

Regarding your statements,

“Cosmic Awareness was wrong it its last forecast for June when it predicted at least two major catastrophes for the USA. If a source allegedly coming from the 12th dimension is so bluntly wrong, why should we human beings score better?”

What do you think or intuitively sense is going on?  If I had to guess, I would say that CA is doing its own game playing/manipulation of information (to foil the Dark) as a grand chess master. We have already had many indications of that nature when CA has refused to divulge information to certain questions. Either that, or Humanity has awakened to such a degree and/or so quickly to all of the B.S. that the timeline(s) has changed. Those are my guesses.

On the other hand, perhaps my question is moot, as Drake says the cavalry is coming to arrest all of the bad people!  LOL  If there is any value at all in that stupid Cabal announcement, it is simply that we are getting closer and closer to the shift/split occurring, and they damn well know it.

Dear Bill,

I have no idea why CA has been so wrong for this month as well for the whole year when it announced the surge of huge rebellious energies that did not materialize. I think that the scenario has been changed and that now a clear ID split will come as it is impossible to make any meaningful changes with these human masses on the ground. They will be heaved in the higher dimensions without any consciousness about this event and only thereafter will they begin to be educated under new, more favourable conditions.

The whole development confirms my version for an ID split. By the way, I am the only one who forecasts this scenario, but it is confirmed between the lines by most reliable channeling sources as the “manuscript for survival” and John Smallman. There are some more. Since the ID split is the greatest secret of the higher realms as to preserve the moment of surprise, no channel is allowed to talk about this. We, the PAT are allowed to do this on the ground as we are the main protagonists and create this reality. The other channeling sources are mere observers. This is very important to consider in all analyses.

June 28, 2012

Hello Georgi,

Just to let you know, in case you do not know already, Cosmic Awareness has often times clearly stated in its newsletters and otherwise in my personal sessions that there are indeed those humans, who have both the technology and the knowledge needed to effectively do battle with the dark ones for lack of a better term.

You raised a question of what exactly they are doing, Cosmic Awareness has given multiple times info about this faction, who indeed the Galactic Federation gives certain information to,as for technology it is tech they got from the secret service organizations they worked in and other means they had to obtain the technology, highly calculated and many tube train systems and elevator shaft systems down into the underground bases have been indeed destroyed as Cosmic Awareness has spoken of in its newsletters.

I know you hold CA in high esteem, therefore I am sharing this information with you because you brought it up in your latest article.

Also of note, in the red alert from may CA did not claim that things ”will” occur, it indeed said ”June MAY turn out to be an interesting month indeed”. As it has explained to me and in newsletters as well, it always looks at energies present at the time of the reading and how these energies effect the most probable timelines that are seen as most probable for the moment the session is held. In the meantime timelines can shift, either by the person or event occurring that shift timelines and make the probable one an improbable one. Cosmic Awareness was only presenting that which was energetically seen at the time of the session in early May.

Again, I am not interested in any disputes, simply sharing that which Cosmic Awareness has directly spoken about, so indeed Cosmic Awareness has confirmed the highly calculated succesful attacks and explosions of the tube trains into the bases underneath as one example for ex. In any case, just wanted to let you know about what CA has said, nothing else.



Dear Valery,

I am sorry but I do not hold the latest information of CA in high esteem since Berlinghof has become the channeler. In fact I doubted on many occasions his recent information and its failed forecast for June is a clear proof for this. I only consider the information from CA when it is confirmed by my HS as is the case with the three-earth-scenario also given to you which was on my list before it was announced by this source.

CA has never talked about GF allies in the past, but only recently in very obscure terms without giving any details or explanations and I believe that the medium Berlinghof was contaminated by dark sources and that this information did not come from this source. For this reason he was extradited to Australia to Callista and is now practically out of the game.

Thank you for clarifying this. In this light your latest article makes much more sense about what and why you said what you said. I fully understand what you meant to say to me. Thank you for the quick reply and elaboration.

As always you follow your own sensing of the matter and only take that from CA that resonates for you personally. As it should be for a sovereign being ,this is the fundamentals as we both know,so just repeating it.

Much love,


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