On Mother Nature, Human Ignorance and Emotions

By Demitra M.N and Georgi Stankov, June 16, 2012, copyright 2102


Our poor treatment of the environment doesn’t cancel Nature’s inherent beauty out, but it does strip it down so that the inherent beauty is scarcely visible, much less enjoyable. What most of us are left to enjoy of Nature, if we’re lucky, is a postage-stamp-sized yard, which is more often than not frequented, whether we like it or not, by our numerous neighbour’s’ dogs who must urinate and defecate somewhere.  

And so what comes to mind when I think about the natural environment that is available to the average person on a day to day basis, is the metaphorical junkyard with one lone dandelion growing in some far off corner. You’d have to agree that one would be hard pressed to select such a spot in order to genuinely enjoy an idyllic afternoon picnic with one’s loved ones, imagining all the while, that this is Nature at Her best.

Of course this doesn’t mean that there are not very many beautiful and pristine places on this planet still, for indeed there are. But I challenge anyone to pick out any one of those truly ideal places that doesn’t already have a PRIVATE PROPERTY sign attached to it and/or a ticket booth, where you must pay large for the privilege of enjoying what ought to be open and available to us all.

In any case, the true godliness of Nature is not the point here. In that regard, Nature is larger than us; even as a human collective of over 7 billion She will prevail when all has been said and done. In this, we agree. It is the ignorance of our brothers and sisters that is the real crux of our problem, and that which I feel compelled to bring more attention to.

While ignorance can be set right at times by approaching it with love and kindness, we have arrived at the End Times, as they say, when love and kindness is not even recognized as a strength but rather as a weakness. Therefore, to try and reason with love and kindness is very often done in vain when dealing with ignorance. Ignorance, by it’s very nature is no respecter of love and kindness, and so your highest intentions will no doubt fail to correct circumstances when dealing with the unenlightened who are strongly attached to defending their personal ego positions.

In this, Georgi Stankov’s courage to fearlessly slap down stupidity stands us all in good stead as a good example to follow, rather than to judge.

The best any of us can do is to realize that we must “attack” problems in ways that ignorance will not fail to take notice. Ignorance, after all, is fearful and so easily succumbs to the unexpected. While we need not be UNkind in dealing with others, we must very decidedly practice “jolting” others with our words and our actions. And we can only be successful at doing this if we ourselves live alertly in the moment, attuned to what is happening in the Now, perfectly prepared to take Action and Speak-up when the moment calls for it.

Should we hesitate in that moment, and that moment passes us by, the best we can do then is to realize that we are still being driven by our own fearful ignorance, which is itself being driven by our desire to “fit in”, so we accept being politically correct as our habitual way of dealing with others.

We need not, however, waste our energies berating ourselves for missed opportunities, we only need to keep practicing being more aware. Eventually, we will catch those moments and deal with them more effectively.

As for emotions, I am of the belief that until we actively process all our past emotional baggage, then surfacing emotions will still be referencing our old conditioning and childhood programming. As long as we still have emotional issues still buried within us, we will always be too afraid of being engulfed by their expression should we allow ourselves to vent them openly.

I find this attitude most prevalent amongst light-workers and those claiming to be oh, so spiritual. These kinds of people will judge any passionate expression as a morally weak outburst, but they fail to understand that the expression of emotion is not a moral issue, although our religions would have us vehemently believing this.

Expression of emotion is actually a necessary catharsis of karmic dross. In order for us to mature into individuated peoples who know how to deal with life realistically and pragmatically, we must deal with our emotions by seeing the different ways that they strait-jacket us into avoidance when it comes to issues of importance. As spiritual warriors, it is our first line of attack before we can hope to ever go out and be effect in matters of relevance, whether they be of personal, community or global scale.

When we finally do sort through, clarify, and transmute these energies, they can then be realized for what they really are, the essential driving force that spurs us to action in matters of relevance and importance. But until we’ve done the work and cleaned out our “closets” of all our skeletons, we will never know this truth.

Bottom line, if the people systematically apply themselves to working on all the emotional stuff buried within themselves, then they are in the unique position of knowing that there is no need at all to work hard in order to hear one’s intuitive and intelligent heart. The only thing that ever keeps anyone from accessing their intuition (or rather their HS) is the thick blanket of noxious emotions that they fail to process and continue to carry around with them no matter how old they become.

All emotions from our past remain lodged inside our physical form, effectively cutting us off from our HS. Until we have the courage to transmute those emotional energies, by allowing ourselves to acknowledge and FEEL what is hidden and buried in us, we will always find ourselves head to head with other people who are daring to express themselves with confidence and certainty. We will always feel compelled to judge and correct them. Ultimately, what makes most of us shy away from dealing with our emotions in the first place, is that they are often so painful to feel, especially because the circumstances and people responsible for them remain in the past as well.

As a result, we can never justify ACTing upon old emotions in the present, all we can do is feel them, forgive them, and release them. To blindly act upon painful emotions is misdirected, causing only more emotion to be added in the form of guilt on top of what is already there.

May we all have the courage to turn inward and confront with love and compassion what we find there.



There is no doubt that Mother Nature and this planet are in dire conditions and that the earth will not survive the current degree of pollution one more year. This is the main reason why it must ascend as to be saved (in addition to the divine plan for this cycle). More of the same will definitely annihilate this small planet in its current derailed equilibrium.

While most of the damage of Nature and Gaia goes to the heinous deeds of the dark off-world forces who simply exhaust any newly conquered planet at the expense of its indigenous population which they enslave, the actual huge contribution of mankind to the contamination of the environment cannot be neglected.

And this collective behaviour is the product of human ignorance and inability to identify in a spiritual way with the harmony of Nature and to develop an inner understanding as to how to safeguard the precarious balance of any planetary biodiversity

Of course one can attribute the current ubiquitous ignorance of humanity to the heinous influence of the PTB in the last 10 000 years who have dumbed down humanity to such a low level. This will be the central topic to be debated very soon when the real End Times of revelations and tribulations will commence. Insofar this disquisition is of great actuality.

You, Demitra, are absolutely right when you point out that not only the contamination of Nature, but also human greed prevent us to enjoy the few pristine places on this planet by erecting huge hedges with signs such as “private property, No trespassing, We will shoot without warning” and the like.

I am happy to live in Bavaria, Germany the constitution of which explicitly forbids the owners to build fences around their private property and obliges them to keep the paths and private roads open to the public, so that the people can enjoy the natural beauties of Bavaria. This is the only reason why my wife, for instance, is able to ride with a horse unrestricted through the landscape as far as Austria (100-150 miles) without being hindered by the above mentioned signs of human greed, merely documenting the flawed idea that humans could possess Gaia.

My cousin who lives in the USA and visits me regularly discussed last year this issue with his friends in New Jersey, some of which also ride and made them aware of the constitution of Bavaria that preserves the right of the people to enjoy Mother Nature. He was encountered with a complete lack of understanding on the part of  his American friends. They were so proud to pay 20 000 -30 000 $ fees each year to belong to an elite equestrian club and to be able to ride at some small private property, hedged from the general public, that they were simply unable to appreciate the freedom to ride through the  landscape from one country to another as it was the case in the past, without paying any fees for Nature, but also finding shelter in special farms for horse and rider. This is the pristine character of Nature that must be recovered on the new balanced earth A/B after the ID split.

Now to the last and most complicated topic on emotions. I will keep it short as I do not want to delve into huge discussions, but only point at a central fact that you have not covered in your essay. Emotions are energy, and the inherent characteristics of energy is to flow unrestricted. The very moment it is blocked, it causes harm and lowers the frequency of the incarnated entity. Emotions are the umbilical cord of each incarnated entity to the higher self and any interruption of the flow of emotional energies leads to separation from the soul. The deplorable results of this inhibitory process can be now seen everywhere on the earth.

Therefore I fully concur with you that no emotions, no matter how we define them – good or bad – should be suppressed, as this will only harm the incarnated entity. The LBP is in the first place the manifestation of enormous courage of each individual to face his emotional demons from the past and surmount them through personal experience. It is a  very painful process, but as Boyd recently wrote – “no pain, no gain”. Nobody will ascend by suppressing his emotions, but by showing courage and confronting them without any reservation.

Finally the members of the PAT should bear in mind that most of the negative emotional patterns and fears which they repeatedly experience throughout their onerous LBP are not their own, past emotions they should cleanse, but typical collective emotional patterns they have given their consent to delete as to help humanity get rid of them and progress on the road to ascension. Therefore, it is very important to keep this knowledge in mind and not accuse yourselves of not being able to overcome past negative emotions as you do not have such anymore.

You are simply the most courageous and most heavily burdened human beings on this planet with infinite, unpleasant, transpersonal duties on behalf of humanity. You have not come here to enjoy harmony, bliss and love as you are used to in the higher dimensions from where you come from, but to do the dirty job most other souls cannot cope with on their own.

Therefore enjoy any so called “negative feelings” you may experience throughout your life, such as wrath, anger, discontent, passion, etc. Use this  divine right and privilege of an old soul to demonstrate to the average human souls, castrated in their feelings by the current Orion indoctrination, being also so inherent to the New Age movement, that you stay firmly to your emotions knowing that this reality is created on flawed emotions and ideas and is a total illusion. Enjoy the erratic and consternated reactions of your surroundings with humour. This is what I do most of the time. This is the only way to overcome the boredom on this toxic planet and to fulfil your duties to the very last moment.


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