Let Go Of…

by Dorie Bowlin, June 3, 2012, Copyright 2012


Since being led to this website by my Higher Self in September of 2011, my world has changed in indescribable ways, not so much my life as seen by others, but the world that lies within me.

There were many things I had already let go of, for instance I had already let go of the belief that true abundance would not be something I would experience in 3D reality, but something I would only be able to  experience in 5th dimensional reality. I was already aware of just how deeply the rabbit’s hole of the Orion Monetary system went. I even studied a bit of law, so I could fight against the credit card companies in court. While I was very successful in in several of my court cases against them, eventually the PTB caught on and inserted a hologram which I immediately recognized and knew I could not win against.

I had to let go, surrender and understand that my soul was saying it was not meant for me to take it any further. I filed for bankruptcy and in that moment let go of the belief that my so called “status” in society had nothing to do with how much money I made or what my credit score was. It was the most liberating experience I’ve ever had.

Since 11/11/11 I have let go of even more beliefs and perceptions in preparing for my final ascension, and that is in thanks in part to Georgi. Through the wealth of information that he has provided on his site, I was able to finally let go of my fear in being the Ascended Master that I am, and once and for all accept the fact that, although I am in a physical body, a mere human of sorts, my true essence is that of a creator being of light.

I have let go of my belief that I have to save others from their own misguided beliefs and perceptions. One of those beliefs being that they are not intuitive, cannot connect with their higher self, and that they are not sovereign beings, but instead believe they need to take the advice of those they have deemed “more connected”, instead of taking the advice of someone who says they are just as connected as anyone else.

I have let go of the fact that the 3D world will change to reflect the visions that I have held inside – that others will finally acknowledge the insights I have to share. I have let go of the idea that I will ever “fit in” in 3D reality. Instead, I have embraced the knowingness that we have created a new world where others will see the Light that I have always had within me, the light they always had within them, but were too blinded to see.

I have let go of all of the clients in my holistic practice, except for those who have a true desire to participate in their own healing and an open mind to the truth about ascension. I am willing now to fully embrace being taken care of by others.  What a poignant message George shared with Larry in SOAR 105 The following words resonated with my soul in such a way it brought tears to my eyes:

“One of the greatest lessons a very old soul has to learn at the end of her incarnation cycle is to unconditionally surrender to her destiny and allow that other souls care for her”

I have always taken care of everyone else for as long as I can remember. Letting go of the belief that I was a burden has been one of the most challenging programs to overcome. With those words, I have finally released that belief.

I have also let go of any fear surrounding the well-being of my family members during the upcoming shift, particularly when it comes to my sons and my husband. I understand now that we chose to be with each other on this last mission of ours, and no matter what choices our souls have made, whether it be to ascend to higher dimensions beyond the New Earth A, to fly on spaceships with the Galactic Federation, or even to remain on Earth A/B,  each of our individual souls have made the decision that will lead us in the directions we need to go in order to facilitate more growth, not just for ourselves, but for All. I know now that I am giving my family the greatest gift of all by letting them go, knowing fully well that we have never been and never will be ‘separated’ – I am letting go of the very belief that has kept us in shackles up until now.

The only thing left remaining to let go of are my bits of doubt concerning the soon coming date of ascension. After openly speaking out for many years on the subject, I have to finally let go of all my disappointments and fears about being “wrong”. I have many, including my own family members, who do not hesitate to point that out to me. And yet, what is different this time is that there is a calmness about the soon up and coming events, a calmness that I have never experienced previously.

And I know that is due in part to the fact that I have connected to Georgi and with the members of the PAT who have all gone through what I have gone through, who have seen what I have seen. From the bottom of my heart, I am in deep gratitude to all of you, for you have been “a respite from the storm.” It is our connectedness, whether through sharing in the forum, in our dreams, or telepathically, that gives me the courage to finally let it ALL go and say goodbye to this life that has lasted far too long in this illusion.

Finally, I look forward to letting go of this 3D body. I give thanks to it every day for its useful purpose in getting me around in the ol’ 3D reality, but performance athlete, skilled ninja warrior, or beauty pageant winner it ain’t!  I will be glad to embrace my new crystalline body, that will perhaps give me the ability to do what I have always wanted to do…FLY!!

I am truly READY to say goodbye to all of the noise and embrace the silence! In the famous words of Buzz Lightyear…”To Infinity and Beyond!” See you all there …and SOON!


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