How Humanity Has Been Enslaved by the Use of Shape-Shifters Instead of Elected Human Politicians

By Nik and George Stankov, June 25, 2012, copyright 2012

Hi George,

what do you think of these videos of “reptilian shape shifters?” I have seen many compilations some years back and this is the latest.!

What I can tell you is that video artifacts, errors in compression, or digital tape errors (which are very rare because of error correction but happen sometimes), or in transmission, happen on individual and specific pixels on the video. They do not move within the picture.

To explain a little bit better, if others are reading this, imagine that each video frame (29.97 frames a sec in America and Japan and 25 frames/second in Europe) is a Cartesian grid, a two dimensional map split into individual little squares called pixels.  They are usually encoded in neighboring blocks that they look like bigger squares. In any case, these squares, are fixed within the frame, the actual size of the video picture.  If some of them go “bad” for some reason, they display wrong, or they freeze or do any sort of weird things, individually or in blocks or even entire frames. But they are very specific because they are represented by coordinates and numbers (there is very little analog video these days, and when it goes bad, it doesn’t look like that, there are no pixels and no squares) and they are fixed on the screen like I said.

So this effect, cannot be a video problem because it would be on a specific point on the screen. The subject in this video and in others moves and changes position relative to the edges of the screen, yet the “artifact” remains.

Do you have any explanation other than the conspiracy theory of reptilian holograms going bad, or is that what is going on?

Are we talking actual entities from Orion masquerading as humans or are we talking humans somehow? Is this what you have meant by the mention of clones sometimes?

Or is this another diversion to focus on that energy and that vibration focusing one’s attention on that which which needs to become real?

And whatever the answer, is this what it actually looks like for someone standing in the presence of this “person” (if they are a person) or is it because the technology itself is used and it wouldn’t otherwise exist?

Is the observer behind the camera affecting the outcome? Is it a glitch in the machine, the machine being the media equipment and circuitry? I have worked on many TV stations and it’s just a bunch of computers running software, it’s not all that mysterious.

What is your take on all this?


Dear Nik,

I am convinced that reptilian shape-shifters are a reality and this is how this planet has been enslaved for the last 10 000 years. Many politicians are killed after they have been elected and substituted with a corresponding shape-shifter or a clone. I can easily discern a shape- shifter on the TV. It is somewhat more difficult with clones on TV. But when you are in a personal contact with them you feel the void of human aura immediately, just as you feel the aura of menace in the physical presence of a reptilian shape-shifter. You must only be clairsentient to recognize them and most PAT members are already very advanced in this respect.

I am not competent as far as the new digital technology is concerned, but I do believe that these videos show a real holographic glitch of the reptilian camouflage as a human being. I have read that not all reptilians are good shape- shifters and that it needs a lot of self-control and experience to keep the holographic image of a human being all the time and that at the presence of highly evolved souls as the PAT members these reptilians cannot hide so well in their holographic human picture.

The incoming powerful waves from the central sun have hugely impaired their ability to shape-shift  and that is the reason why the Orion/Reptilian  empire  has now retrieved most of their human representatives from the earth’s surface and only operate with some rest clones on power, who are less powerful and can only function under a permanent mind control.

You must watch carefully that in the last months and days many politicians who loved to show in front of a camera now can no longer be seen on TV as they have either taken refuge in the few intact  governmental bunkers underground as to survive the pending ID split or wander headless in their headquarters as they are no longer controlled and manipulated by the off-world PTB from the 4th astral dimension to such an extent and have no idea how to continue with the enslavement of humanity. This is a clear indication that the old matrix is irreversibly crumbling these last days in front of our eyes.

The present Berlusconi is a shape-shifter after the real entity was killed about two years ago when he was hit by a man with a metal statue, while his body guards were looking deliberately in the opposite direction and did nothing to protect him, as could be seen on TV, and his jaw was broken. He disappeared after that for two weeks and came completely altered. The  Western faction of the dark Cabal killed him because he fraternized with Putin and had practically signed a joint venture with the Russians to import Russian oil through their pipelines coming from Russia under the Black see, through Bulgaria and the Balkans. Greece was also partially involved in this project. After he was killed  and substituted, Italy immediately withdraw from this joint venture.

Putin is considered to be the greatest political enemy of the Western faction of the dark Cabal sitting in GB and the USA, as he now also works with the GF, but he is still not an enlightened person and has mainly his personal political interests in mind. This animosity is so obvious in the news media of these countries that I wonder why most people don’t get it. We have already entered the new Cold War in preparation for WW3 after the ID split on earth B.

Sarkozi is also a shape-shifter as well as Mubarak, who is now allegedly in coma. There are many more. Diana knew that her in-laws are shape shifters and that is why they arranged her spectacular killing in Paris, etc.

The whole story with these reptilians is so abominable that when the people realize the true scope of deceit on this planet, there will be a huge outrage and all real or alleged shape-shifters will be hung on the next trees.

That is why there must be a neat ID split, so that the people on the balanced earth A/B will learn about this deceit and enslavement of humanity only after the reptilians, the Cabal, and all the dark human minions on power are separated from the rest of humanity on the catastrophic earth B. One can easily predict the timely sequence of some notable events, if one establishes a causal relationship between psyche (emotions ) mentality (mind) and human fear-based reactions upon the background of the spiritual pre-conditions for ascension.

From this point of view you cannot have revelations, while the dark ones are still walking freely on the earth as it will be a real hell. We will have a real devastating inter-species war between the humans and the Unholy six (Reptilians, big greys, small greys (zeta reticuli), etc.), i.e. the former PTB. However the new balanced earth A/B has established a new timeline, where the disruptions after the ID split and  during the interim period of reforms will be contained to a minimum as not to influence this timeline too much in a negative way. All catastrophes and negative ramifications will be delegated to the catastrophic 3d-earth B. They will embody the karmic experiences these dark entities need to go through as to evolve to light beings during the next Kali Yoga period of 26 000 years.

By the way this positive scenario has been recently confirmed by the source Juliano in a remarkably technical message:

With love and light



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