Energy Update for June 22, 2012

By Georgi Stankov June 23, 2012, copyright 2012

I want to report shortly on the huge wave on June 22. On the eve of June 21 I was hit by a massive wave, which began with a sneezing attack. As I have had this experience numerous times in the past, I realized immediately that this will be another highly transformative, hopefully last, wave that will transmute the rest of my carbon based body into a crystalline light body. Later in the evening of June 21, this powerful transformative wave caused me very strong throat pains due to acute laryngo-pharyngitis and  simultaneously lung pains due to acute broncho-pneumonitis as explained in my article on the LBP symptoms. It feels as if somebody is cutting your throat and lungs with razor blades. Here is what I wrote in my article on the LBP symptoms an year ago:

“The symptoms associated with the heart chakra were already discussed above because of their more severe and imminent character. In addition to them, the opening of the 4th chakra is also associated with a profound transformation of the lungs. There are specific energy waves that enter the left brain portal and affect in the first place the respiratory system. When you have entered this phase of the LBP, you will begin to discern the various wave qualities and you will know in advance, which organs will be affected and what kind of symptoms you should expect several days later.

It is important to stress at this place that when a high frequency wave, coming from the causal centre of your soul, enters your physical vessel through the left brain portal, it takes some time before this wave fully reaches the lower body organs and induces the corresponding symptoms and complaints.

In the case of the respiratory astral wave, it affects in the first place the upper airways, such as nose, pharynx and larynx, before it descends within 24 hours to the trachea and the bronchi, until it finally reaches the alveoli of the lungs. The result is a dry, acute, severe broncho-pneumonitis,(bronchitis and pneumonitis) which can be rather dramatic and can manifest itself clinically as acute pneumonia.

At the beginning, this broncho-pneumonitis is always associated with high fever, however, at a later stage, you will no longer be able to develop fever in your body, as this symptom is associated only with the metabolism of the carbon based organism and is no longer existent in the new crystalline light body, which you are about to build. This is a very exciting field of clinical LBP research, about which I could tell you much more, but I will refrain from this for the moment, as not to make matters much more complicated.

The acute broncho-pneumonitis lasts for 2 weeks and represents the most intensive and extensive transformation episode during the LBP. Fortunately, it occurs only once or twice per year (in my case more often) and leads to a massive release of density in the physical body. This event involves in the first place the 5th and 4th heart chakra, but has also a lasting impact on the lower three chakras.

As soon as the respiratory astral wave that triggers the acute broncho-pneumonitis enters the body through the 6th and 7th chakra, the brain is also fully involved in the human suffering. From the very beginning, this wave leads to extreme tension headache and rigidity of the neck muscles  that is almost unbearable. This tension headache lasts at the beginning for at least 24 hours. Its duration may diminish to 12-15 hours later on, when you enter the final stages of the LBP.”

The quality of this wave is that it affects in the first place the whole mucosa in the body and the overall feeling as if the whole inside of the body is burnt out. It is a real purgatory experienced while still in the physical vessel. I thought I had finished with this type of waves as I did not have such a wave since the beginning of this year, while I am still having regularly my commotio cerebri waves with massive headaches and distorted coordination during the last months. I have had 40-50 such episodes of acute laryngo-pharyngitis and broncho-pneumonitis in the last 12 years. The first one began in December 1999, so that I am very experienced and immediately recognize the pattern of this wave.

After each such wave my body feels lighter and filled with more light. Normally such an episode lasts in its acute phase a week and it takes another week for the body to fully recover. This time my impression is that the duration of convalescence has been shortened due to the wrapping up of sequential time. The last such episode was shortly after 11.11.11. I  believed at that time that I had finished with this kind of waves, but obviously one should never say “never”.

In this sense we did experience a very powerful energy surge on June 22, but it was not what I expected. I hate when my soul gives me dates which are only meant to hit me one more time. She is like a real sadist who not only tortures me on a regular basis, but also announces in advance the date of my next torture. In this sense only “gallows humour” (Galgenhumor), as the Germans used to say and Jerry wrote yesterday in his latest article “How to Survive the LBP”, can help us survive this terrible plight of a PAT member.

On the other hand, I see that all signs point to the fact that we are on the cusp of ascension and that huge waves of global transformation are enveloping humanity and Gaia, But yesterday I was so knocked down by my soul as I expected something different than hitting me one more time, that I had no power to concentrate on any issue. I hope you can understand my temporary disappointment due to my total physical debilitation.

Today the world seems more friendly again and the recovery is surprisingly quick compared to past episodes. This is another significant sign that Heaven is in a hurry with its deadline program for Ascension of humanity and that we may expect some tangible events in the next days. We are definitely running out of linear time.

This is another proof that the ID split will dissolve the old matrix with all its manifestations within the blink of an eye. This includes the economic and financial system, the old fraudulent Orion science, all conventional thinking, etc…. Even most common human feelings will not be preserved after the shift as most of them are fear based patterns that must be radically eradicated in the peoples’ energy fields in order to ascend to the 4th dimension of the balanced earth A/B.

This dynamics of the ID split is presented very well in the last manuscript of survival 155:

Let us explain. Your society is based upon some fundamental rules, and as you have all been raised for generations under these same rules, it is virtually impossible for you to bend your heads around the fact that these rules will one day be declared null and void

You see, as you have been so programmed to expect a certain outcome of every action that takes place, this process we are referring to will seem to be almost impossible to comprehend. In other words, we do not speak of a gradual change, where one instance will follow the next in a well defined order, we talk about an almost instantaneous merging of different planes that will literally turn everything upside down and inside out and render the landscape almost unrecognizable

Not in a literal way, as what we refer to are the ingrained habits and thought patterns of humans that will have to be erased in order for the new programming to take its place, and where you go from your limited way of reasoning and reacting to a limitless way of acting from the centre of your beinginstead of from that reptilian part of your brain that is currently in control of everything you do. When we use the word ”reptilian” we do not in any way refer to a sinister sort of creature, rather to the most basic and crude part of your mental capacity in charge of serving the most fundamental needs of your physical body. 

In other words, that part that will resort to anything out of the fear of dying, and that has been in control of most of mankind’s action for a very long time. But now, that primitive master will have to resign, as there is a new master waiting in the wings to take back the controls, namely the many faceted true you that have been hidden away under all of these layers of fear. And as these changes will start to burst forth, your souls’ shining head will raise above the murky waters of fear and chaos and calmly take over the reins.”

Some of the PAT members have had visions and seen repeatedly numerological signs that the following days June 23-26 will be of paramount importance. Lets us wait and see what will happen next. We have already done our job and now we are on a “stand-by-modus” for ascension.

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