Amy’s Sum Up

Amy Skalski, June 15, 2012, copyright 2012

In reading the last report, I fully understand what is meant by the “pull of the rope” for I am living it. What a wonderful way to put into words what has been so prevalent for most of my life.

I would like to share a few things with the PAT that have been on my mind today. All of my life, I knew I was headed for “something”, being primed for “something”, yet my HS would never allow me to know what that “something” was. I finally understood what that “something” was when I first heard about Ascension. Yes! And boy did that one word ever ring true to me!

One year, just to commemorate how my life has been, I had a tattoo representative of me, dressed in a purple toga, blind-folded, holding an upraised bloody sword in my left hand, and a snake wrapped around my right arm. I was also standing on a red ring with white wings going through it. My left breast was left exposed to express my power in my femininity. That is how my life has been, blind-folded, yet constantly at war with the dark.

No matter how much I changed direction in my life, which I did many many times, I found myself doing spiritual battle. The totality of the Lesson was to learn how not to loose my emotions and get drawn into the drama, no matter how powerful the battle, no matter how personal the battle. So many times I couldn’t count, I failed that Lesson’s objectivity, teaching me to stay grounded and centered without getting my fuse lit. I still as yet am unsure if I have totally learned that Lesson, but I would like to think so. In any way, one looks at it, I have come a long way from when I first started engaging working for the Light.

In short, I was teaching myself how to become a Master of the lower emotions. To sustain that kind of determined focus and will power not to loose control has been one of the most challenging Lessons in my life. Right up to this present moment, I am still being tested.

I know I have now arrived at the starting gate, so to speak. All in my life has come to a dead end. I even have tried to imagine what I would do if Ascension did not happen, and it is as though there is no future in that respect. I come up blank, seeing absolutely nothing. There is just nothing I want to do, nothing more I need to do, for I am so past done, it isn’t even funny. Yet, this I must say. If we had ascended last November, I would have missed some extremely important Lessons. And for this, I am glad for the delay.

And that brings me to my final thought. I think, the higher a soul intends to go in the higher realms of dimension, the harder that soul shall be hit with LBP symptoms, and the more challenging that soul’s life will be. This only makes sense to me, as in reading other’s comments in the PAT, some have had a comparatively quiet or reasonably easy life compared to others. I fall in the category of challenging every moment of every day I have existed on this planet since my birth in 1957. I would even say before I was born, for I am told by my mother, I gave her one heck of a fight to be born, just refusing to be born. I know, I knew what was ahead of me, and I believe I was having second thoughts. Little did I realize how powerful birthing is, and nothing, but nothing will stop the process except for death itself.

I don’t know about you, but when I break out of this reality I plan on flying the highest of all. There will be no limit for me, and if there are still weaknesses that I must empower before I proceed higher, I will learn. My goal is limitlessness, for we are all limitless, with no beginning and no end.

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts. I hope also you are able to rest comfortably tonight. I have been having a tough time with sleep these last days. There is no life for me on this planet in a carbon body for I have done all I can do with it. The next phase of my mission I must have a crystalline body and be fully ascended. I have BIG ideas and BIG dreams!!


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