A Creative Envisioning to Send Gaia Fully Forward and Activate Our Ascension

Michelle Bien, June 23, 2012, copyright 2012


Now, finally, here is my contribution to the topic “How I Envisage my Mission on Earth After my Ascension” as started by Joe Hein (May 7th), as well as a type of contribution to George’s suggestion to “THINK BIG AND LIVE CALM”.  I would like to give this particular piece a new title (below, more or less) to fit the timing. This draft evolves every time I re-read it, almost daily, so particular paragraphs were written on different days.  That is why it is only now being sent.

The writing process itself is/was certainly helpful and I would write many more pages (and edits) if I had the time. Even though it may be oversimplified overall and inaccurate in spots due to human limits, effort was made to tune in from the highest perspective and to allow the ideas to flow naturally. So now, I can use the cumulative picture for further contemplation and analysis.

And, as all will be revealed very soon, today is a good day to finish this and move on.  What I could really use right now, though, is a video camera that can hook up to my mind, so I can visually record what I am “seeing” and trying to describe. But the written form will have to suffice for now. Hope you enjoy.

A Creative Envisioning to Send Gaia Fully Forward and Activate Our Ascension

Early in this life, I would sometimes visualize an angelic super-being who would go leaping around the world with lightning speed, in and out of this reality, using her divine power to assist humans, plants, animals, and invisible entities, inspiring greater knowledge and emotion, and restoring health, beauty, and abundance.  Plants would grow in her footsteps and the power of her light could trigger profound healing and awareness simply by locking eyes with her. Now that I am aware of the reality of ascension, I interpret this vision as my early idea of an ascended master’s first mission.

In my ascended crystalline form, I will continue the energy work that I have already been doing both while asleep and awake when part of my soul has been “off elsewhere”. But after ascension, the work becomes extraordinarily more intensive and effective. If our present Earth and humanity remains as it is for a short while after our initial ascension, I would have a thrill making short appearances to people I know, giving them the shock of their life by showing up in unexpected places and times and showing them hints of the things yet to come, and leaving them speechless, with much to contemplate.

Oh, the thrill of finally showing everyone, with our new forms and limitless capabilities, the truth of the universe! It brings me a smile just to think about the many ways certain individuals would react and how I would conduct my appearance. Perhaps in this way, further seeds of awareness may be planted worldwide before the final shift takes place.  However, I fully realize that there is much work also to be done beyond Earth immediately following ascension, so I will joyfully go wherever my first mission will take me.

More immediately after the great shift, after ascension, I will serve as teacher, guide, and healer to those who are preparing for ascension on Earth A/B. My influence will be both via dream state and as a lighter presence “in person”. After Gaia makes her complete ascension into Earth A, I will offer further guidance to the newly ascended about the ways of harmony and creativity by showing examples of infinite creative potential to the Earth’s inhabitants. Once more guides have been assigned to Earth’s inhabitants, I will continue on.

My “home” is well beyond the 5th dimension, but part of my multi-dimensionality means having many personalities (consciousnesses) in many dimensions simultaneously, all of whom are in constant connected communication with each other (sharing the same soul) so that, unified as one consciousness, I/we create an ideally multi-faceted enlightened perspective for the sake of fulfilling complex missions that require maintaining the harmonic balance within all these dimensions.

My sense is that I/we work in this multidimensional manner until the lower dimensions no longer serve any (our?) purpose, at which point we leave to become more unified in the fewer higher dimensions. Thus I could see myself having living consciousness in Earth A/B, Earth A, and the higher dimensions simultaneously. For example, perhaps in Earth A/B my consciousness may reside in a crystal in the same way the crystal skulls of 3D Earth are said to have higher consciousness; on Earth A my consciousness may be part of that of a diverse biome, and in the higher dimensions I would take the form of both an individual personality consciousness as well as a unified collective consciousness inhabiting realms out and beyond the limits of a single celestial body.

In the higher worlds, complete abundance flourishes. We communicate openly with all forms, from the micro-cosmos to the macro-cosmos, from the elementals that constitute life, to the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, and further to the planets, greater celestial bodies, and collective awarenesses. Everything has increased intelligence oneness. So-called “physicality” is much lighter, less dense than in 3D, immensely more radiant and meaningful, and has the ability to morph in and out of form, or into formlessness.

If we choose to experience a more “physical” state, we can “grow” beautiful clothes that are a perfect expression of our being, or we can remain confidently and happily nude with any bodily form we please. Using pure energy and focused thought, we can create palaces, gardens, mountains, boundless paradises abundant with unique fruits, lush colorful and wildly fragrant flora, sparkling waters, and entire habitats for creatures of all kinds.

Soul families and soul groups can get together to share hosted experiences – grand ceremonies as well as small intimate assemblies – and dances with infinite thematic possibilities for food, decor, and activities. We can invite those whom we remember from other lifetimes to join us. A soul aspect of ancient philosophers and our other inspirational influences will often be able to join us also. Wine, mead, and all the rest do not cause drunkenness. Sugary foods are fully nutritious. Plants can be sampled without being poisoned. Our favorite memorable meals – whether pizza, elaborate roasts, or Black Russian Triple Chocolate Coffee Vodka Bundt Cake, taste far richer and more vibrant than their 3D counterparts, yet they do not sacrifice life in their making.

Consuming our creations is simply a matter of pure energy exchange and new energy experience, using one form to give way to greater forms. Instead of excreting waste, we glow. Our activities may include water sports with sea creatures, experiments with formations of fire and lightning, and lounging around with tigers, because life here poses no danger to other life.

We can create beautiful little Earthen cottages and breathtaking floating palaces placed within landscapes, gardens, climates, and biomes with infinite potential for leading to new developments of life and form. “Space” for everyone’s creations is abundant, and so are the resources (infinite energy). While nurturing the new Earth, gardening is a simple process of using our minds, while the use of our hands and feet provide a more intimate connection to our surroundings. We are no longer limited by sharp primitive tools, so no life, however large or small, risks being disturbed or neglected. All is kept sacred.

Before we participate in altering or adding to each space or event, we receive full awareness and direct communication with all the life in each habitat so that their needs and wishes are respected. If challenges start to cause negative interference, or if for any reason a being will start to decline in vibration due to its own struggles, countless others will immediately take notice and be able to assist to remedy the situation. Nothing is left unnoticed and ultimately, harmony remains in balance.Life does not age or die in the same deteriorating way it does in 3D.

As people mature, they may, if they wish, show their age and wisdom through reflections of age, but they remain strong and healthy. Children are heart-meltingly gorgeous! They are like cherubs of condensed light in its purest and most playful form. They can grow older or grow up at their own will (in their own timing) but that does not create “instant wisdom”, as wisdom is still learned through experience.

Likewise, we have full access to knowledge, but comprehending the knowledge comes with experience. We can choose to immerse our focus into the experience of feeling or becoming gradually more conscious and unified with the limitless, all-knowing, all-encompassing, infinite presence (Source). This is a gradual process, but the “closer” we get to “Source”, the “faster” we seem to arrive to this complete state. In the same way a 3D human may experience an expanded consciousness of the 4th and higher dimensions while asleep, so too may we experience expanded consciousness at designated times and as our mastery allows.

When the time comes for a soul’s transitional existence from one life form to a new one, the “death” process is more like a graduation or evolution. The old body disappears, or rather, transforms into a new body within the same dimension or a higher one (depending on the individual). Communication between dimensions is more fluid and open than in 3D, so we still may communicate with other souls who have moved on, or, likewise, stayed behind while we moved on.

However, inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional souls have the extra advantage of having full access to multiple dimensions as they please. Inter-dimensional souls may travel back and forth to visit others, to fulfill missions in various other dimensions, and finally, to reside in the highest dimensions accessible to us. Multi-dimensional souls may shift their main focus from one dimension to the next while also simultaneously existing with consciousness in multiple dimensions to which they have access.

The 5th dimension brings immediately a natural and complete comprehension of the Universal Law, as if we have known it all along and simply forgot in 3D. We can use this expanded consciousness to discover new laws, and to apply the Law to everything we create, so that, acting as creator gods and goddesses, we can create entire worlds, galaxies, etc. in perfect order and comprehension of the full capacity of the Law.

We work within many different respective groups to fulfill our greater missions. I belong to one of what has been called the “Councils of Light” that work to protect and keep ancient wisdom as sacred and perfect. We hold meetings with the purpose of discussing how to best spread this wisdom through the worlds and realms that are ready to receive it, including the lower dimensions, so that those who live there will have optimal inspiration and opportunity to grow spiritually.

When a unified plan of action has been reached, we carry it out with calculated timing, optimal coordination. This group might sometimes have similar energetic properties or appearance as that of many philosophers, mathematicians, shamans, and other thinkers and masters, in a great diversity of forms and personalities (both human-like and ET) all gathered in an illuminated marble temple scattered with sparkling blue pools, courtyard gardens, unusual demonstration tools, illuminated symbols, and holographic maps and diagrams. Some gathering rooms exist for the specific purpose of viewing these holographic projections into possible “future” scenarios, for the sake of reviewing variables, as a group, and discussing the outcomes and possible alternatives.

Sometimes we review history to gain further insight.We also open our consciousness up to receive portions of much greater wisdom and more complex knowledge, coming to us from even higher realms, than we have ever previously encountered. When this happens, we record this by using our accumulated experience to translate this wisdom effectively into something understandable, still truthful and as precise to the message received as possible. These recordings, this new insight, we then share with everyone else. It is part of our collective task to put these new insights into practice, test experiences, to confirm the accuracy of the new knowledge.

In my experiences out in infinite space and the transition through dimensions, I partake in fanciful dance-like or song-like experiences with celestial bodies – stars, planets, nebulae, clusters of galaxies, etc. – by sending vibrations of musical, colorful, and geometric nature back and forth between myself and them; and both of our consciousnesses delight in the rapturous feeling of the harmonizing frequencies bouncing back and forth between us.  This is done for mutual enjoyment and as a learning experience, as we learn to perfect our harmonic “cords” and keep them tuned, thus we learn to resonate to higher and more complex types of frequencies. New forms of communication also develop this way.  While it is telepathic, it is also musical, colorful, and full of character.

The same experiences also take place in groups, especially with my soul family and council members. We combine in a unified form of complex sacred geometry with each other. “Geometry” is used here to include a combination of being, and also transcending the formation of being: physical in appearance (think of molecules forming snowflakes or rock crystals, or forms within forms like 3D fractal geometry), musical in melody, and harmonic in vibration/resonance, multicolored but with colors ranging far beyond our visible spectrum, and also having a certain “feel” and “aroma” but these words are inadequate to describe the advanced senses in the higher dimensions.

We experiment in these unified forms so as to build upon them and make them even more beautiful and divine. Mysteries are discovered and also revealed in these patterns.  Also, we project ourselves, our unified formations, into and around other celestial and cosmic bodies, so as to join them in cosmic dance and movement as described further above; also this is done to heal or soothe them (as some stars and planets and galaxies may need especially during chaotic cycles). In these complex geometric formations, we act as energy “correctors”, bringing unaligned frequencies back into high harmonic frequency.

We also assist those in raising their individual frequencies in this way. As an angel may inspire an incarnated human with thoughts and images of divine music and art, we as a group sometimes work in much the same way, infusing highly sacred and sublime inspiration into the lower dimensions, but we have the power to do this in extraordinarily and massively effective ways. We may join other groups of souls, in their unified geometrical formations, so as to exchange information in this joyful and infinitely creative manner.

The ability to morph in and out of form allows for attaining a more accurate comprehension of the consciousness of the multiple forms and spaces around us, as we meld through them and they through us. For instance, we can momentarily “join” with a creature or planet, when it is willing, to experience what it is like to be in their frame of consciousness. We can also ride waves of energy, as one would flow through rivers or float among clouds carried by wind, as energy passes in infinite forms through both dimensions and their multiple universes, all of which are all kept confined to their own particular “space” sort of like a mass of bubbles, or smaller spheres within larger spheres, within even larger spheres.

The portals and energy “rides” serve as pathways and doorways to explore other universes, as well as other dimensions of those universes. We can only access that which we have the knowledge and experience to work with effectively. We as masters of energy possess the skill to “tune in” (as in watching a movie or dreaming) to the life forms and lifestyles in these other universes/multiverses to gain an understanding as to how and why they function.

We cannot enter the other universes completely, however, without first entirely changing our form and energetic function (except for the soul, which I believe always has the same energetic signature, more or less), which is not always necessary or optimal.  Entering another completely uncharted universe is a highly complex task. It requires much more dedication than simply incarnating into a new body within our own familiar universe. So this process, this involvement of and exploration of other universes, is generally only reserved for specific missions and there is a big exploratory/learning process involved before jumping head-first into another universe.

But the benefits of undertaking a mission that involves multiple universes is rewarding for its unfathomably far-reaching impact. For instance, we may collaborate with the energy-forms / life-forms of other universes with the goal of creating a new universe “bubble” that evolves using a combined form of knowledge, experience, and states existence of both universes, theirs and ours. I might conjecture that the bridges to these other universes can only be accessed between the highest dimensions, where we may soon reside as ancient ascended masters.

This is only a small sample of the many ways in which I see myself, and sometimes us collectively, working and existing beyond this Earth. The results of our continuous success is the creation of new life, observing infinity take form, and reaching the greatest heights of infinite bliss, unified in the very heart-center of Oneness.

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