The Way I See it at the End: My Hands are Now Off of Humanity

by Amy, May 17, 2012,

I am writing this because I find myself both confused and a bit shocked regarding my feelings towards the human race. I have been an extremely compassionate, empathic woman for most of my life and now that I am at the cusp of my Ascension, I truly want nothing more to do with these humans. Even with my own blood family as I begin to see them being shaken, I feel nothing but a sense of “it is about time you heard the CALL that ALL of us have had!!”

I have no desire to interact with these people, reach out a hand to these people, nothing. I am solely focused on myself and being immersed in Nature. I want these people to experience the symptoms of LBP and I want them to know when they “see” how off the mark they have been. In order to embrace wholeness, one must go through episode after episode of cleansing, truth seeking, and an inner knowing that in order to embrace All-That-Is within themselves, they must first do the work.

The very same work I did and all the PAT did. There are NO shortcuts and for any of us to interfere with anyone’s growth process would be to their detriment. They need to go through the trials and the suffering in order to gain the wisdom that they are more then human and they have every opportunity to be gods when they remember.

This may sound cold hearted. This may sound cruel. I have been in the forefront trying to help others for so many years with very little results and with many insults hurled my way. For reasons I am not quite understanding, my heart seems to have closed towards humans, just now being non-committal, non-judgmental, and knowing that I will not interfere or enable anyone by reaching out a hand.

I now live by example, just as I have for almost 28 years, no longer with words and if people don’t get hit with a tidal wave of light from my very presence, then that is not my problem to solve now, is it? It is still their choice to acknowledge that when I am around, they feel damned uncomfortable and confused. Good! That’s a start!

It really has come down to this, only my Ascension and nothing else. I’m not even sure if I will be coming back for humans. I know I will be coming back for the animals, birds, plants, but not for humans. My attitude stuns me, for I have been the peacemaker, the healer, the comforter, the encourager. And now nothing?

I care more for this Earth and all of Her expressions than I do for these species called “humans”. There is not even any guilt on my part which is another surprise. My rationalization is just this in a nutshell. If I had to walk through hell for these people, then they too can walk through hell in order to become their own master.

My “mission” seems absolutely complete concerning the human race which is such a relief, it feels as if hundreds of pounds have been lifted from off my shoulders. It is freeing to know I am finished at least with this part of my existence here. These people have to learn, and my hands are now off of all concerned.

Is this what the majority of the PAT are feeling these days?

I am not including children who have not arrived at the reasoning age yet. No. I am referring to those people who have heard the CALL to awaken and have ignored it due to fear, greed, anger, selfishness… and the list goes on.

I know there is a loving energy who knows how our children are our heart and soul and those children will not be left behind. I have no proof of these words, but I do know it is true. All my life I have tried to explain to people that “God” is a loving, non-judgmental, understanding “energy”, but unfortunately my words have fallen on deaf ears for the most part.

Perhaps I have “sown many seeds that are still to sprout”. That I don’t know. But getting back in closing, regarding innocent children, again I say, they shall not be left alone and they will be with their loving parents or if they don’t have loving parents, someone will step in to “gather the children” and bring them to where their soul needs them to be. Just trust All is Good, and know when the final curtain comes down, we all will be in Perfect Peace.

In release we begin…


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