State-of-Ascension-Report-93: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-93, May 4, 2012

Born in Russia in 1887 to a Jewish family, Marc Chagall transfers his Post- Impressionist style and colorful romantic life  to his dreamlike canvas. Most apparent in his works is a story of love – A love for color and imagination, a love for his people and a love for a woman with whom he spent the greater part of his life. His motto: It is easy to fall victim to love at first sight. So get ready to fall hard.


First Ascension Wave of the PAT Around Summer Solstice. 

Intuitions and Visions of Present and Former PAT-Members

May 3, 2012

 Hi George, 

I was pondering the bigger picture about the time frame we are in now, like how certain events require certain cosmic energy and certain cosmic timing in order to manifest, ‘ windows of greatest probability ‘ if you will. I asked my higher self for direction about the most popular question on every one’s mind: When will the critical mass be reached to initiate the most transformative events…

I was working randomly on my computer when I asked this and I was immediately directed to some completely obscure and random website with an accidental click of the mouse which I couldn’t even begin to explain how that happened and how I actually got to that website.

The short story is that the info the man, Marc Smulders, is presenting exactly in line with what I learned about Mayan calendar system and all things point to 3 dates. 20 May 2012 with an eclipse, 01 June 2012 as the actual end of the cycle and a transition period from 01 June – 20 June 2012 which begins an entirely new way of being that would not be possible to record in a calendar or system. He even suggests the split of the 2 or 3 versions of Earth is required during this time and that a certain group will need to transform first during this first phase and get things ready for the mass ascension on 21 December 2012 or earlier!

I know how you feel about the Mayan calendars and especially the misinformation Calleman pushed on everyone to support his theories by twisting the data to match his ideas. I fully concur with your opinions about that as well. But I am/was a bit of a Mayan scholar and my take away was the same as this Marc Smulders and others regarding the 01-20 June 2012 dates which I learned a long time ago. We of course can and have changed many things regarding cosmic events and schedules, but always within the construct of best cosmic probability or best cosmic alternative.

All I’m suggesting is that even though the Mayan info came most probably from a 4th dimensional awareness (Enki/Anunnaki) with an obvious agenda, that still does not invalidate the fact that certain energy and windows of opportunity are required for anything to happen in this Universe and surely the Anunnaki were aware of how this system worked.

Please disregard this entirely if it does not warrant any of your time or energy. I just thought it was extremely interesting as supportive evidence of what we all feel is happening and certainly is with the parameters of your time frame and/or sequence of events that would be transpiring.

This Marc Smulders makes many interesting correlations and points and even has a count down ticker to the 01 June 2012 date which I find quite amusing, here are the relevant links if you care to investigate this further, they are shorts reads so it might be worth a look:

My best always,


Dear Marco,

With regard to your forecast: I agree 100% with your itinerary and it does not matter from where you depart – from the Mayan calender, from astrology, or from astronomy.

The 20th of May will be the beginning of the big events and they will stipulate in June. Around summer solstice, as I have mentioned on many occasions in my reports, we will most probably ascend. But before that there must be some notable events that will shake humanity. It could be as well that we will ascend before that and that this will be the actual big event.

Why May 20 is so important, you can deduce from the fact that Obama transferred all of a sudden the G8 summit on May 20 from Chicago, where the city was in preparation for this event for more than an year, all of sudden to Camp David, which he has not visited in the last 3 years. He has also asked Putin for a special 2 hour private meeting with him although the US media and government were very hostile against him, being elected as Russian president for the third time, including some very nasty comments by Hillary Clinton, which were beyond the usual diplomacy. Now they must be in a total disarray and try to “save their skin” with such emergency meetings.

You can bet that they know perfectly well what is coming upon them. It may be the magnetic pole shift or the Madrid fault line disaster that may have convinced them to change the site of the G8. Or maybe they are simply so insecure that they can only meet in Camp David away from the public. But this is highly indicative that they know that something big will happen around May 20 and want to take precautions for themselves. In the meantime they know that they have ultimately lost…

With love and light


May 3, 2012

Hi Georgi,

Felt like mentioning in case you have not read the latest from CA, the ‘To Thee” May issue of CAC (not the classical newsletter) has some extra information on the ”pole shift, so to speak” (channeled by Callista, see below).It will indeed commence this May,by the Interpreter of CA travelling from the North hemisphere to the South hemisphere, effectively being one of the final and important triggers to indeed make the energies of the North pole move to the South pole, so to speak, and the energies of the South pole will now be where the energies of the North pole always were. This will occur largely on the magnetic CORE of Gaia, also in the newsletter I recommend reading page 3-4, where it speak again on the pole shift having MINOR repercussion on the ground.

The May newsletter has much info indeed,for ex that both those on planet B as well as those on planet A/B, many timelines of those 2 Earths will not even realize until much later that any shift had taken place. The timeline of complete mayhem and destruction is but ONE of many, many timelines indeed that will be part of planet B reality. There will be a planet B reality also, where things will carry on to most peoples views as unchanged,and slowly, but soon they will realize that it is indeed much worse than it once was. This will occur however at a later point in their life on planet B. Same analog situation with planet A/B, most timelines of that Earth will not right away realize.Those of heightened spirit consciousness on planet A/B will though,partially.

But of course your analysis is your own,and if you think and energize and want to experience a huge pole shift, then indeed you and many others who do as well will experience this. The situation concerning the pole shift has been covered extensively in the April and May newsletters and in my own private sessions as well, it has been confirmed to me by CA that a pole shift of the scale people expect for everyone to experience, that indeed the majority will not experience such a pole shift before ascension occurs.There will be tremors and bumps along the way,also due to the photon belt, but it will have no negative effects either due to the technologies under the pyramids and many places now turned on etc.

I was sharing with you what CA shared in the newsletters as well with me in my sessions, no more no less. You are obviously free to make your own conclusions. As always,best wishes to you.



Dear Valeri,

thank you  very much for this information. I have no access to the CAC newsletters since Callista fell in love with Berlinghof and got angry with me all of a sudden for criticizing the CAC. She sent me the links to these newsletters before. If you have the April and May newsletters, can you please send them to me, so that I can read them and comment on them. Otherwise, I will be unable to make up my mind from only what you tell me. I must read the original text to analyse it first.

With love and light


Also, for what it’s worth Georgi,

I am just sharing this with you so that it may perhaps give you an insight on your own ascension. In my session with CA I was also told that the summer solstice is the time frame awareness would recommend me concentrating on from now on, because I expressed in my question a strong desire and intent to ascend in May-June time frame, and I was picking up indeed on the fact that Mother Earth will itself be giving a ‘’push’’, where it will make its next big step closer to ascension in Dec 21,when the ascension completes fully as CA said.

My mission in particular, as I was re-confirmed based on my question to CA, would be to create the crystalline body as well, so that my 5th dimensional consciousness could enter the crystalline body and I could work the ‘’Valeri’’ personality and body in order to assist people, to interact, but would truly be functioning from a 5th dimensional consciousness,and therefore the limits set by 3-dimensional consciousness. physical limits, programmed reality that the lower self used to accept, that will not be an issue any more, because the lower self will also ascend.

But I personally was indeed warned that I need to connect with my lower self much more and help it overcome its dark patches and re-program it, assist and make it Grow Up so to speak, to mature, so that it doesn’t feel also abandoned, for it will indeed sabotage the ascension for the middle self(me) if it feels it is stuck itself and cannot ascend as well. This was stressed to me, for all parts need to ascend, and it is not enough to desire and intend to ascend, because that is still only the middle self that wants this, but the lower self needs to be on board as well,and of course the higher self. I don’t think I am the only one who has to assist its lower self at this time, so I assume it is so for a few others as well.

But ascension for me, if all goes as planned, will be around summer solstice, confirmed by CA, and it also said many will choose this time frame to ascend at this time. Hope this helps you to tap into this info and see if it resonates for you.

Take care,


Dear Valeri,

I have not read this one about the pole shift in May. I will do it now. But the separation between the earth B and the balanced earth A/B has already commenced since February 26th, Now, these human beings who will ascend or stay on A/B are connected to the crystalline grid which is almost complete, while all dark entities will remain connected to the old magnetic grid of the Anunnaki.This is the reason why you see now that many people still sleep and that they will never awaken. As they make one third of the human population currently they make a huge impact. After the  inter-dimensional split, they will simply disappear from our sight. Otherwise earth A/B will not function.

CA says explicitly that it will be free of dark entities and this balanced earth must be separated now from the dark ones. This is the chief reason why the shift will happen in June and  then the final mass ascension will be less dramatic in December as large portions of Gaia and humanity will have already shifted to the 5th dimension before that. We will wait and see – this is my vision anyway.

With love and light



April – May 4, 2012

Dear Callista,

I have just read the latest newsletter-4 (April)  from CA and the paramount impression is that the CAC group is at the beginning of a spiritual discussion, which we, the PAT, have already had and left behind us a long time ago. In my case, I finished with this discussion in the late 90s as documented in my gnostic books.

This latest CA channeling only demonstrates the different levels of evolution in the “enlightened” human community, where the PAT is the spearhead and an absolute spiritual anomaly among the still much confused  old New Agers, who are slowly beginning to emerge from the mist of their earthly beliefs and habits, shaping their narrow-minded weltanschauung. They are obviously so deeply immersed in the typical Anglo-Saxon way of dualistic thinking, void of any faculty for abstract philosophic contemplation – a peculiar phenomenon that has deeply bothered me since I have started reading the New Age literature – that it will take ages to truly enlighten them.

From this lecture, I must conclude one more time that there is little hope for this kind of people as the CAC, representative of all those light workers who are physically on the path of enlightenment since eons of time, but have not made any substantial spiritual progress since then, to catch up with the modalities of ascension in the few remaining months prior to mass ascension in December 2012. Hence the necessity to create a third balanced earth A/B, where such entities as the CAC members will have a lot of time to streamline their weird worldly concepts, as their questions to CA perspire. In the next 2000 years they will continue evolving as slowly as today, notwithstanding the CA education efforts in the last 40 years, this time, however, under the surveillance and guidance of the new ascended masters – the ascended members of the PAT – as CA has prophesied in this latest message.

With love and light


Dear George,

I did not read it this way and do not agree with your interpretation.

in love and light, Callista


Can you please specify?



Dear George,

There are 7 billion different points of view on this planet. It is not possible to agree with everyone and it is possible to disagree without being rude and disrespectful. Everyone is at a point in their development which is applicable to them and them only. It is not for us to make judgements about them, nor to assume that we are any better or more advanced. There is a bit more water to go under the bridge yet, and the fat lady has not yet sung. As I have said to you before, we cannot hope for Ascension until we are operating above polarity consciousness. Goethe said “If everyone keeps their front-doorstep clean, then the whole world will be clean”. It is up to the individual to achieve this.

in love and light



Dear Callista,

I was expecting from you some specific and detailed comments why you disagree with my assessment and I have received the same general prejudices I receive each day from some less evolved souls and readers, when they feel overwhelmed by the writings on this website. Of course, I do not publish them as I protect you as readers from this kind of negativity, so that you do not even notice it and think you live in harmony around this website. If you would have done my job and  have received such emails and bear the sole responsibility, you would have collapsed under their weight at least 100 times since the opening of this website.

Your reaction is absolutely human, but has nothing to do with the dire reality. Let me explain it with one simple and obvious example. I say for instance that the whole science currently is faulty and all scientists that support it are dumbed down and are not even aware of their profound stupidity. This is also increasingly the topic of many channeling messages, even if this trend  may have escaped your attention.

According to you, I should be tolerant and allow these scientists to continue indulge in their wrong scientific ideas, deliberately and insidiously forged by the PTB. This is however not the plan for this planet. Otherwise, I would not have discovered the Universal Law.

The same holds true for the light workers community. Why should it be acceptable that not a single light worker or guru worldwide has any deep understanding of science? Why should this deplorable state of mind be acceptable and tolerated according to the logic of your advise?  And why should not another person who reveals this dire fact with the help of the  higher realms, as there is no other way to do it, should not make these mired people – be they scientists or esoteric gurus – aware of their fundamental failures in their thinking.

Come on, you are too much influenced by the esoteric crap that you are surrounded with and reading all the time and cannot establish a more objective view. Criticizing the current debased dualistic human thinking from the  point of view of the holistic thinking of the Universal Law I represent, has nothing  to do with with this same kind of dualism I am criticizing. In this case the forces of light are also dualistic because they combat the dark forces and therefore should be no better than the dark ones.

You forget that the forces of light are representatives of the source in the first place, just as my theory of the Universal Law represents the Logos of cosmic awareness and that from this higher vantage point of view all human categorical systems have bluntly failed. And all humans that still stick to them are simply stupid, unenlightened beings. This is what will soon be revealed to humanity. This is what the End Times and Ascension are all about.

It is not about saving the people to a higher dimension with an easy life, but making them aware of their current stupidity in the first place. This conclusion gives me the right to criticize them in a constructive way and even in a rather emotional way, if they do not get it otherwise. Of course they can do the same with me, but must experience the power of my objective objections.

Of course, everybody has the right to evolve along his own path and at his own speed. But what is wrong if somebody tells him in a loving, but firm way that he is too slow and may not reach his goal. We do not have much time to waste in the End Times. And many will not make it. This kind of tolerance is no longer asked and it no longer works. It has been practised in the last 10 000 years and it has not produced any feasible results whatsoever, but only more mental entropy and darkness.

Your arguments are the most common arguments I regularly receive from other less self-reflecting human beings and I am honestly surprised why you have made them to yours. But on the other hand I experience so many individual crisis and regressions in human behaviour these days that I am not at all surprised. I am confident that you will soon overcome this personal crisis and see the things with the necessary intellectual clarity, to which I have dedicated myself on this website, independently of all the hurt egos of other people that have been tabled on my Internet menu as free meals, although the editing of this website is against all my personal spiritual and scientific principles and thus a pure sacrifice for those less evolved that need my help. I do not need this job to ascend.

Now, let me comment on the last CAC newsletter. It is a fact that all these questions posed there should not have, and would not have been asked in the first place if the questioners or the editor would have read the philosophical books of CA and/or have remembered most of the answers, CA has repeatedly given at least ten times in the last 10-20 years. I have read all newsletters since the 70s and I have an excellent memory. CA is reiterating the same stuff again and again, only the topics may change somewhat with the time.

CA does this on purpose. It is no longer a real source of information, with some notable exception, e.g. when it gives us, the PAT, a direct information as was the case with Valeri’s interview, but has put its channeling transmission for the CAC on automatic pilot. Please observe that CA spoke of the new balanced earth A/B without being asked because this is the most important new development, although none of the CAC people have checked it that there is such a new pivotal decision for humanity, to which we have already dedicated four comprehensive publications and several reports. This is the intellectual abyss between the PAT and the CAC. What is wrong to point at this fact? The CAC should start learning something from us. It’s time. They should not wait when we have ascended, while some of them stay on planet B.

Take for instance the concept of multidimensionality that is responsible for most of the redundancy in this newsletter. It has been extensively discussed by CA and by Seth, Jane Roberts, in the 60s and 70s and I expect when somebody is on the path of his spiritual evolution that he is acquainted with these basic concepts of esotericism, and not repeat again and again the same failures as an old disc with a crack.

Of course everybody has the right to stay stupid, no discussion about this, but also every intelligent human being must have the right on this “planet of allegedly free will” to make such a  person aware of the fact that he is stupid and that he moves in circles on the same spot and rejects any new knowledge. What is wrong with such a statement? Is it done out of lack of love for this person, or is it the other way round? And what kind of love Is this to be silent and complacent with the stupidity of others. This is not love, but the opposite of it.

Is my critics on the CAC out of lack of love, as you indirectly accused me or is it out of love for humanity and compassion for every stupid human being? I have changed this group with my critics for the better in the last one year more than anybody else, although they may hate me as they still live in their duality. If it were not for me and my critics on their stupidity and closed mentality, they would still have no idea what ascension and LBP is all about. They would have remained stuck in their inherent stupidity and would have missed the last train of ascension.

Is this kind of passive attitude and mentality that you recommend me to observe with your comments? And think about where PAT would have been, if  I would have really followed your advices in the past.

With love and light



Dear Callista,

Congratulations! Why didn’t you tell me straight forward that you have just fallen in love with Berlinghof. I would have understood this immediately and you would have spared me my long response. Enjoy your time ahead.

With love and light



Important Message from Interpreter Will Berlinghof

Readers of Cosmic Awareness Communications will remember perhaps that about six years ago I shared a dream with Avaton where in the dream I was introduced to a woman who impressed me immediately. In the dream I saw a curly blond-haired woman with amazing turquoise eyes and I knew that this was indeed my life partner. In the dream I was teamed up with this woman to do some task of service to others. I sent this dream to Avaton and Vicki as a private correspondence and was most amazed to see that Avaton has posted it in his More Wind editorial. Many years have passed and while I have had several relationships in my life, I did not find the woman of my dream. Until now.

While organising a contact session with Cosmic Awareness three weeks ago, I found himself talking to a woman on the other side of the world. The intensity of the exchange between us was astounding and the more I spoke with this woman in Australia, the more I realised that there was already a deep sense of connection between us. This was further enhanced a few days later when I did a personal Cosmic Awareness reading for Callista, for this was the woman’s name. It became apparent after the reading and the discussion that ensued that I had so much in common with Callista and she with me. So intense was the interaction between us that we needed to talk again the next day and the next day after that, and every day since then. After a couple of days Callista sent me a picture of herself and I was absolutely blown away when I saw the picture, for there was the woman I had seen in my dreams.

What has developed since then is truly a miracle. Within a week of our first talking to each other, I knew that I had to go to Australia and meet Callista. I have since bought a ticket and will be departing for Australia on 14 May when I will spend six weeks with my soul-partner. This has been truly the most amazing experience for both Callista and me and is a true example of how the energy is now working and miracles can occur.

While I will be away for six weeks from 14 May, I will still be checking my emails and those who are interested in a reading can still contact me via email. I will respond to them and set up dates for these readings to occur. Furthermore, I am now able to offer Skype readings for those who have Skype set-up. Also due to the Energiser, Joan Mills, moving away from Calgary, I have taken over the sending of the recorded Cosmic Awareness consultations and as a result I am now able to offer a service where those who choose to have an audio file sent to them can receive their readings within 24 hours. The audio files will be sent through a service called SugarSync and while this is a most efficient way to send the readings off, sometimes they are sent to a spam file, therefore please check your spam files in the event you do not receive the reading within 24 hours. Or email me. For those wishing to have a CD or tape cassette of the reading this can still be provided upon request.

As an example of the incredible events that have been occurring between Callista and me was the event where Callista channelled the Cosmic Awareness energies in her own unique way. What follow are two messages that she channelled for Awareness about the pressing reason for my journey to Australia. They are offered up at this time for the membership to see how magical has been the growth of this destined relationship. These are the most powerful times. It is always to be remembered that the power of the Divine when opened up to, can bring miracles into one’s life. Me meeting my soul partner has proven to be most miraculous of events indeed. I ask that all be open to their own miracles, for miracles can indeed happen in these most interesting of times.

Namaste Will

Two channelings from Cosmic Awareness by Callista will be included in the May issue of the CAC newsletter and To Thee. You will also be able to see a photo of Will’s beautiful lifemate.

Lloyd in Love and Light


Inline-Bild 1

Explanation of events of last 3 days

Saturday 14 April 2012 Cosmic Awareness channeling by Callista Summerfield

Yesterday afternoon I was able to put the crystals and minerals back into the centre of the portal in my living room. This morning I clearly felt a higher energy (Cosmic Awareness has indicated to me that I am invited and encouraged to channel It and It felt like the energy of Cosmic Awareness but please use your intuition here) and received information about the events of the past three days.

There has been a shift in the magnetic core of Earth and this has caused movements on the crust. It is called a pole shift and these are happening gradually to reduce the impact of life on the planet. This shift was necessary for in the coming days and weeks there will be more energy flowing from Helios and the Arcturian Sun and this energy is of a different vibration from that previously experienced. Earth’s magnetic core is undergoing the same changes as human DNA and RNA. During the recent shift, earthquakes and tectonic plate movements were evident on most fault lines and this has enabled a further improvement to the matrix. Shifts of this nature loosen old energy which is incompatible with the new matrix. This is also why there has been a clearing of the human emotional body since the Easter trigger and emotional baggage is literally flying everywhere (learn to duck!).

The core of the portal in my house had to be free of crystals and minerals while the shift was taking place and it is the pre-cursor of all other primary portals on other continents. Now that my portal is firing with the upgraded energy, all other primary portals follow suit. I am aware of Craig’s portal in Cairns (Australia), Divsy’s portal in Cameroon (Africa) and they are both also firing now. There is a Star Being in South America with a male energy who has a primary portal and this is also now firing. Of course there are primary portals on every continent but my focus at present is upon the Gondwanaland portals in Africa, South America, Australia and India (India is considered a continent in this context). There are two Star Beings in India, one male and one female, who are holding the primary portals there and these portals also encompass the islands of the Indian Ocean including Indonesia and New Guinea. The Australian primary portals also take in Antarctica.

The primary portals have changed shape from a cylindrical energy to a torus (doughnut). Previously the energy flowed in a two-way direction (up and down) from Earth’s Central Sun (Inner Earth Agarthian) to the Galactic Central Sun and back again. Now the energies are flowing in a manner that is suggestive of a merkaba, with the energies flowing in a toroid formation. Thus the dimension of the portals have greatly increased and this enables the energetic force of the portals to reach a wider area, such that all primary portals are gradually merging all over the planet.

This has the effect of increasing the frequency of the matrix and enabling it to move more separately from the denser energies of 3D. Now that the primary portals on all continents have started their firing, those personal portals whose energies are compatible with the new matrix, will connect with the matrix. Energies are now collecting in layers of frequency, if you will: the lowest layers are forming Planet B, the next layer is Planet A/B. Planet A contains the new matrix.

Planet B is formed of lower 3D energy and is quarantined.

Planet A/B is formed of upper 3D and mid 4D energy with visits to Planet A in dream state.

Planet A is upper 4D – 5D energy with visits to higher dimensions and Planet A/B in dream state.

Note that this is a work in progress and shifts are occurring constantly. The above is an illustration of movements to date and is a gestalt (I use this term according to Kurt Koffka’s original phrase, “The whole is other than the sum of the parts”), and it will trigger your intuition so please share any information that comes to you.


Cosmic Awareness speaks about Planetary Torus

Sunday 15 April 2012 Callista Summerfield Interpreter

Just as the energies of the primary portals of the Earth planet are beginning to operate in a torus-shaped energy field, so, too will the planetary energy be configured. In mid-May the Interpreter (Will Berlinghof) will travel from the northern hemisphere into the southern hemisphere, and as he travels, the energies of the planetary torus will be initiated. This is truly the meaning of the pole shift. The energies of the north pole will be brought into the opposite polarity; and the energies of the south pole will occupy that which was once the north. This movement will energise the torus energy field into operation and facilitate the separation of the planets A, A/B and B.

This does not mean death and destruction. This does not mean chaos and confusion. This movement is taking place in the magnetic core of the Earth planet and will disrupt the crust in only a minor way. To anticipate calamities and destruction is counter-productive and it is recommended that every person who is aware of the nature of this shift will intentionally and consciously employ a positive stance, a positive frame of mind, with a sense of joy that the planetary movement is at last manifesting in your consciousness, in your lifetime.

For this is indeed a time of great rejoicing, a time of like energies attracting like energies, a time of re-grouping and recognising fellow Galactic brothers and sisters who have previously accompanied you on similar missions in other star systems, and in other lifetimes upon this Earth planet. Many of you are now meeting and recognising each other on the inner planes when you enter dream state. Some of you will meet your Cosmic partners on the physical plane, for you will come together for support, for companionship, and co-operation in your work, for the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Time is collapsing all around you, and some timelines are merging, some timelines are disappearing and some timelines are being formed. Soul will direct each entity to their timeline of choice, for choice is an important and enduring factor upon this Earth planet. There is no cause for confusion, or fear, or dismay. All are loved, all are catered for, all are provided for, all are supported and there is no lack of any kind whatsoever.

The culmination of many lifetimes and of much hard work, is now upon you and you are encouraged once again to carpe diem (seize the day), seize the moment, be joyful, be optimistic, be wise in the knowledge that all is proceeding according to Divine plan.


May 3, 2012

Dear Georgi,

my LBP continues to evolve and grow, ( and might I add wow what an amazing journey). To be a part of the experience of not only Planet Earth’s Evolution, but the Evolution of Universes is such a great honor. With myself as always the impatient observer.

The rigid constraints, and mind conditioning is so deeply entrenched within humanity. I don’t just mean the masses because  that I accept, it’s the way it is, and when the soul is ready these individuals will shift.

But my observations of the New Age / Spiritual Community, what I and a few of my associates call “The Love and Light Brigade” leaves a lot to be desired. Many just don’t get it, they are so tied up in the realms of their own self importance. Do they not understand that from a physical point of view a lot of the body language they present and the language that is used is devoid of the frequency of the higher realms.

Who we are becoming is what precedes us on every level as we walk upon the Earth. The other is a mask based on illusion. And I don’t doubt that this is very real for them, at least for now any way.

Many times I have been asked to define Love, what is it? How do I know if I’m coming from Love and what do I need to do to manifest this presence in my life? Oh higher aspects of me give me strength. When are they gonna get it. It’s something we become, not some thing we do and Love is many things to many people. It’s the journey we all undertake towards maturity of the soul.

So much crap has been written and continues to be so, along with countless workshops on HOW TO …. How to what? descend even deeper into a reality based on illusion. The answer is, LET GO, let go and just allow, it’s as simple as that. Because there is always some one out there, who is gonna try and offer you instant gratification, it does not work.

You know Georgi, you sum it up very well in your writing’s about those who have a co-dependant need or words to that effect to be seen as a teacher or guru and to have many followers.

Before I finish, I’d like to thank you for the information about Agartha. I became aware of this realm a couple of years ago. Through a vision. I have never in the whole of my life meditated, I have always been given instant access to information in this way, even at the start of my process of 12 or more years ago. But back then an awful lot didn’t make sense to me. But you know they’ve all been spot on, and as my awareness has continued to expand, I’ve got a full understanding of the meaning behind them. Anyway, in one of these I watched my self being taken underground into what looked like a system of many caves with various openings I was led into one of these and before me was a city it looked like a city of gold because it glowed, I think maybe what I was seeing was the frequency of light of this place. I then found myself in a room with other beings present. One of them handed me a scroll again it looked like gold. I opened it and started to read, but before I was able to take on board what was written I shifted reality again.

I’ve often wondered about this because I have always known it was my contract, and I had the sense back then that something had changed. This is the second time I’ve been given this information. The first time was many years ago at the start of my process. But since then things have changed. Your information gave me that confirmation I was told my contract is open ended, there is no end date not for me at least, or should I say it is not known yet.

Shortly after that I again became aware of very tall beings around me, especially in my times of challenge and frustration. I was told they where from Agartha. Over the years I have seen many different beings and in the early days some of those you speak of, the dark element that are on the Earth at present. And like many others I recognised that these beings had no hold over me, unless I chose to come from fear. And Georgi I don’t do fear. So I know that the beings around me are only of the highest.

The White Brotherhood resonated very deeply with me as well but I’ll save that for another time, as I sure you must get so much information coming to you. Wow this is the most I’ve written for a long time.

Thank you Georgie.

Maria Chabaani


Dear Maria,

thank you for this comprehensive account and for your lucid comments on the New Age “Love Brigade”. The fact of the matter is that we, the PAT. have evolved so much in the last months since 11.11.11 that we automatically perceive all the self-delusions and discrepancies in the world view of these people, while they are unable to check it. This makes a communication with them virtually impossible. Besides, I have a pretty secure information that we will ascend around summer solstice and then all these energetic differences will become obvious to humanity and our current discussions with them  – obsolete.

Agartha will play a vital role on the new earth A and we, from the White Brotherhood, will also care a lot about the new balanced earth A/B. This is the reason why I started some new incentives now as to lay the foundation of the new society on this timeline.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your response. Not long after your previous E-Mail to me, I was given that the ascension of certain individuals of the PAT would take place June/July, but no specific date. So this morning I was given another confirmation on your date of 21st June.

A Big Thank you Georgi.

From The Heart Maria


May 3, 2012

Ciao Giorgio,

Last night I was having a nice dinner with my girlfriend. We were talking with the owner of the restaurant, a friend, when suddenly we had both the same weird experience. For few seconds, at the same time, we were really confused… we forgot where we was, not understanding what the guy was telling, we lost time perception, almost a strong state of confusion that last few seconds, but really strong. I thought it was something with my sugars, we had not started to eat yet, but when I knew that my girl had the same experience at the same moment, I thought it was something that had to do with ascension. What do you think?

Grazie, ciao, Alberto


Dear Alberto,

These are quite normal states of perception of parallel realities or higher dimensions when the focus of the mind is detached from this reality. This phenomenon will become quite normal in the next days when the veil is thinning and this 3d-reality implodes. No reason to worry. It is part of the ascension process.



May 3, 2012

Dear George,

In SOAR report 92, you wrote:

“Just staying in our cosy esoteric ghetto does not solve a single social problem on this planet. Besides, while starting my attacks on these fence straddlers, I practically lay the foundations of the new balanced earth A/B as I create new conditions of life in the “Now”, not after ascension. The difference is that I am not a passive observer of the cosmic events as most light workers are, waiting for Heaven to heave them to the higher dimensions, but try to do as much as I can on the ground, while also waiting for ascension. I think that this is a very big difference.”

This statement alone is worth its weight in gold! Great job with your email to Gates. Also posting info on Gwen Olson and her heroic acts to make a difference here on the ground, instead of just waiting around.

Rumi and I are opening a physical “portal”, we call it. Actually our opening is on this Full Wesak Moon, Saturday. We are joining forces to help create a physical space, where people can upgrade and get the support they need to change belief systems, learn how to work with the LBP, purify their energy fields (from entities and vampiric cords) and lots of other things designed to help people become more empowered with the view to changing their personal timelines. Indeed, we call it our portal. There´s more info here at my revised site:

It´s great to get our hands in the dirt, doing what we feel we are good at. In this way you maximize the creative process and its effects, like you always say. No point trying to do things that you have no aptitude for! We all have our gifts, strengths and feel pulled into certain areas. It´s very empowering when you are able to really align with those values, instead of just sitting by, idly watching. It creates its own momentum. I feel that the energies are definitely swirling higher and higher into “action”.

It´s so refreshing to read a post about getting into action and not just following some bullshit channeling about hoping and sending loving energies all day will bring about the changes we seek.  I read Greg Giles´most recent channeling recently out of curiosity (posted at Beckow´s site). I encourage all readers to give it a peek for a lesson in just how stupid channelings have become:

There is so much to dissect from this one channel, I don´t know where to begin. But here´s a great quote:

“We have always assured that you would receive the benefits from our assistance, although it has been necessary for us to conceal our helping hand to better allow you to reap the rewards of going it on your own”

It is mind-blowing just how far the messages are now going in that they read like black psy-ops manuals. So placating and full of psychological trickery! They say, Hey, just trust us! We, the invisible forces, require even more patience from you even though we have not once delivered on our promises. But continue to put your faith in us because it is we, by the way, who have been working invisibly behind the scenes to remove the dark ones. We are your heroes! We are timing everything so precisely so that when we finally decide it´s timely to use our great holograms to deceive you, you will welcome our instructions!

Georgi, I am going to write a letter to Giles and Beckow. They are being completely reckless by publishing this bullshit.

Thanks for inspiring us and leading by example. Why shouldn’t we get fed up and do something? If you care about the state of the world, you need to draw a line in the sand. Like you have said before, anger is worth more than compassion when it motivates one into action.

love Debra.


Dear Debra,

thank  you for this email and for the latest information. I read your article on your website and it makes perfectly sense. I do congratulate you for your efforts and I fully agree that it is better to do anything you like than just sit and wait for ascension. We have already ascended on November 22, 2011 and now, though still in a clay vessel, we can create anything from the fulcrum of the  higher dimensions. This is the reason why I start all these actions….

This entity Giles is all over in Internet on many websites and it impossible to eradicate him.

By the way, Beckow website has crashed from about 60 000th place worldwide before his joyride with black limousines to the GF motherships to now about four million-th place. At the same time I am steadily occupying  the 240 000th place on the Alexa world ranking scale, which is a rather precise evaluation. Just an insider information as not to bother too much about Beckow. He is out of the game now.

Wish you a lot of luck with your new incentive. My latest information is that our ascension will be around summer solstice.

With love and light



May 3, 2012

I thought you might enjoy this painting. It has proven to be very popular with the younger people who have seen it, mainly my daughters friends. The galleries I deal with are so conservative that they don’t appear to even see it when I show it to them so I’ve found no market for it.

You have my permission to use it as an illustration for one of your reports if you wish. I have no attachment to the idea and I’m not trying to hustle anyone so you do what you want with it. I don’t even require credit for it, you could just say it was done by a PAT member. Anyway I just like sharing.

It’s based on a photo taken by a friend back in 1970 of a wandering sadhu in Kathmandu, Nepal. I called it “Bedazzled Sadhu”.

Hope you enjoy it,

Bedazzled Sadhu 48 by 36 72dpi.jpg
685 K   Ansehen  Herunterladen
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