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Report-103, May 30, 2012

Botticelli, The Three Graces of the Soul: Greco-Roman goddesses of creativity, beauty, fertility and charm

How to Flow with the Energies of Your Soul? A Conversation with Debra 

May 28-29, 2012

Hi George

Synchronicity- today I stumbled across an article on a high speed tunnel train, much like the one that was mentioned in Giles´new channeled message. This link is about an article published in the 70s in the newspaper about the train. I really am pleasantly surprised to read this message. Did you have exchanges with him or was it through public embarrassment that he has realized his information was being compromised?  Anyhow, congratulations are in order.

(This site needs discernment. There are several contributors and I do not vouch for many of them. I do, however, like the “Phoenix Journals”, which are the real versions of important historical events that have never been told.)

Speaking more of your work, I was thinking of you this weekend as I was going through the afterwaves of my energy upgrade from 20 May. Keeping the spirits of the PAT high, connecting us to each other all over the world. Informing us and educating us, yes, but most importantly, through your site we can stay very anchored in the highest versions of ourselves.

Now again I find myself helping someone close to me through a rough patch. It makes me realize how irresponsible we can be with regard to our own inner state of events. It is very easy to become disheartened and angry with one´s lot. But we cannot call ourselves Spiritual Masters and act like children! We must learn to overcome negativity!

You, for example, have been thwarted from completing many important tasks on this level. Perhaps you are bitter on some level, it would only be natural to be somewhat angry “with your soul” as you say. Yet, you continuously model to us a very positive spiritual energy. We may discuss what is going on, and that helps to process, but dealing with this friend and his tantrums, I am reminded of just how important it is for us to stay in our “light” as much as possible. If we are to call ourselves Masters, we must be vigilant of our energetic influence in our communities. We must be more responsible for our power to create.

Now the grids are running at full strength, we have the option to surf the power of those grids, and to direct it in helpful ways.

All the work we do to clear dross, whether personally or collectively, results in the ability to tap into higher and higher levels of these grids. Most of the PAT members must be energy conduits, if not all of us. I am convinced that my job is to ground, anchor and disseminate light information to both the Earth AND her people. And the reason for that is, I can help awaken others, I can help to activate the heart chakras of others and this is very good work indeed to help the time pass!

This weekend I heeded the call of my inner self to go out “clubbing and socializing” in Berlin. I could have felt a little bit guilty and take on some stupid attitude like if I am a Master then I should stay home and meditate every day. I know I should do things that keep me high energetically and cheerful. Instead I stayed out until 8:30 in the morning. I refrained from alcohol, but did smoke just a little bit of grass, which for me personally, opens my heart chakra and brings out my talkative side. I spent the entire evening conversing with people in 4 languages, connecting on a heart level, talking about the state of young people in Spain and the new “nothing to lose revolution” that is apparently still stunted.  And at the end of the night I “worked” in the club to bring the heart vibration of all the smiling, happy dancers into one giant pillar/ portal which extended and hummed into the city. I activated my heart chakra and invited others to join me, by imagining that I was an energetic trigger and a focus of energy. And that is how I spent my night in the club. I used the optimization of energy available in the club. People were already happy. Many had heart chakra openings because they were on ecstasy. It doesn´t matter. The heart energy was available. I just augmented it and unified it into a cohesive, purposeful nexus.

It was in the taxi on the way home that I realized just how centered and expanded I felt. I didn´t need to stay home and meditate to achieve this effect. And it was a good thing what I had done. What humanity needs is for as many people to awaken their heart centers as possible! Until my personal ascension, this will be my new focus as I believe it would be a waste of the constructive interference that I have access to by being plugged into the grids, which are fully charged and available to us for our direction.

I hope this letter finds you well, George. Thank you for the endless hours you put in to keep the team high-spirited. I am very grateful for your online portal of the highest energetic levels on the Earth. We are all connecting the dots. We are the PAT.

Love Debra.
Dear Debra,

thank you very much for your lengthy letter and the many insightful comments on important aspects of our life during our last days on this planet.

I have had no personal contact with Greg Giles and I have no idea if he had ever read some of my disparaging comments on his earlier channelings which were definitely Orion-tainted. I was surprised to find out that in the last days the quality of his texts had improved somewhat and I was stunned by this latest message which I promptly considered for publication. Obviously the link to this entity has been established at a higher level and his channeling sources have improved from there. This is how a real ascended master should operate most of the time – from the fulcrum of his soul, while doing as little as possible on the ground to manipulate matter and men.

The topic of a high speed underground train at Mach 2 and higher velocity was widely discussed since the 70s and I am a little bit surprised why it is no longer a major topic as most of the armies and personnel the US is transporting around the world in a clandestine manner in order to establish and maintain its imperial ambitions is done with such transport systems, which they have developed with the help of the Greys and at the expense of the world population which is paying for this extravaganza. At the same time the railroads in the USA are in a disastrous state and no longer properly function.

These are the facts that will soon rock the collective mentality of the people, and I think that one should keep an eye on these facts and events on the eve of the coming huge revelations that will sweep humanity and put it in a kind of catatonic state for a while.

There is one fundamental psychological aspect that has not been at all understood by all New Agers and esotericists: No matter how medial you are or how spiritual you pretend to be, as long as you have not been able to build a strong character with personal will, steadfastness  and perseverance throughout your life, you will inevitably fail at some point (or many points) in time.

The very fact that so many light workers are so scared by their ego and vehemently reject any manifestation of a strong character is the greatest mental hindrance for them to develop a strong intellectual personality that is guided by clear ideas and follows firm moral principles. This educational principle that emerged in the Enlightenment is now virtually non-existent in the New Age movement and this is the chief reason why it has not produced a single great personality so far. In fact, its atmosphere is contra-indicative to such a personality, or the appearance of many personalities, which would have been the better solution.

You can only be truly spiritual and expand this ability if you are firmly rooted in this 3d-life and know it well in all its numerous and treacherous facets. Otherwise you will live a life of a dilettante, and most light workers are indeed profound dilettantes in most aspects of human life. In this way they cannot connect the dots at a more abstract level and get lost in their weird self-made spirituality.

In this sense, it is absolutely important that one delves from time to time into the collective pond as to adjust his watch. There is not much good coming from staying at home and just meditating. As long as you can survive the low frequencies of the masses, it is imperative to mix with them as to be able to check their pulse.

It is indeed a major objective of this website to promote a clear mind and view of the world in these times of great confusion when the old matrix, with all its pillars, is irreversibly crumbling, while the new order is still not in sight. It is my duty to keep the things as simple and as logical as possible and to point out inexorably to the bigger cosmic picture, so that my readers do not get lost in trivialities and trifles.

This is indeed my contribution to the higher vibe of this website which actually cherishes from the numerous inspired contributions of the members of the PAT and is thus a unique phenomenon not only on the Internet, but also throughout the small light worker community dispersed on this planet. But I strongly hope that this group will very soon unite at a higher level, just as it has always been united at the soul level for eons of time.

With love and light
Hi George

I appreciate your lengthy reply to my letter. It is very true what you say that until one can learn to navigate the 3D world and integrate that with one´s spiritual values and perspective, one has not really reached a level of spiritual mastery. I seem to meet many of those people who are so wrapped up in their “weird spiritual bubbles”. They make esotericism their world to the expense of all else!  Nor do they hardly dabble in anything else because they find it repulsive and/ or challenging. This is understandable. But it is not insurmountable.

More and more I meet indigos (not crystals) who are completely at odds with 3D and have no idea how to make friends, make any money, find their “place” in the community, or even find joy with the simple pleasures of life. Some are so depressed by their inability to understand this world they simply choose to live in their minds. Then they complain that they are ostracized, marginalized and a victim of one´s life blueprint. Where do I begin to point out the inconsistencies! It drives me insane. In one breath they cannot create these experiences because they lack will or self-esteem or vision. In the next, their soul has created such a terrible life blueprint that they are destined to live on the outward edges of humanity as outcasts and misfits.

This was a very long-winded way of coming to the question, George, how much control do we, as spiritual masters (not dilettantes) have in creating our reality on the ground? I realize there are many variables involved, especially when you deal with larger groups of people. I am trying to get my head around a strong desire to achieve some effect and the soul´s blocking of that plan. Sometimes you talk about how it is futile to exert any action upon an endeavour for this reason, which I understand.  For example, you mention that it was your soul that does/ did not allow you to introduce Nystatin to the general public. If it is the soul blocking you, you must have had the same question. If 40 million people have AIDS and could be helped, is it that they as a collective do not want to be healed and this is what your soul is up against?

This has to do with the multi-dimensionality of reality and all the potential timelines that exist. Your idea to introduce Nystatin is not premature (because you are aligned), the rest of the world is in retard. So to say that it is your soul that is blocking, could you elaborate? In my view (but I do not have the whole story so I am speculating!)  perhaps it is just too difficult to manifest because not all the variables are in place? Would I be correct then in saying that your soul is not in alignment with that certain collective timeline?

I wish to engage in a bit more discussion on what is in our control and what can´t be influenced at all due to soul contracts and blueprints. I feel it´s an important discussion because some people tend to use the soul as an excuse to not achieve certain things. They become despondent and disempowered, blaming their failures and slow spiritual progress on the soul. Naturally there are other factors such as negative entities and poor development on behalf of the incarnated human as a result of shitty parenting. Not to mention the type of person who could be considered insane as they look for external signs in every little thing. The type who has no balanced ego and does not participate in their own lives, but waits for special numbers, symbols, elusive visions and very far-fetched synchronicities to act.

My experience has been that one needs to have a very solid understanding of one´s emotions and energies to attune to the soul as they function as a type of compass. Your article on the left and right portal of the brain was enlightening in this respect. Finding a way to correctly interpret energies and emotions as a means of dialogue with the soul.

Would you care present your view on this topic? How much is in control of the soul?  And when we are truly attuned to our souls, is it still possible to be off track?  If so, to what extent? There is a New Age saying, “Everything is perfect. Everything as it is meant to be”. Yet, I have met others who maintain that even more evolved incarnated entities may only be 70-80% in alignment with their soul purpose. This may have to do with the complexity of the constellations one is trying to learn through, the fact that our reality is multi-dimensional, not to mention the Orion factor. Any thoughts? I would like to hear your take on the Nystastin story in more detail, if you don´t mind.

All the best,
Dear Debra,

being a very clever person, you have posed the most difficult and relevant question, from which any enlightened discussion and gnostic disquisition should depart in order to understand the eschatological purpose of human existence.

I will try to keep my answer as simple as possible. Every soul incarnates with a predetermined plan and can only achieve what has been defined by her in an excarnated state as the maximal possible outcome in the higher realms in coordination with infinite similar plans of other souls. By this I do not only mean the visible impact of the incarnated personality on human society and history, but also the invisible management and coordination activities which the soul incessantly creates in her energetic exuberance behind the veil.

As we cannot talk much about the latter in the absence of concrete facts, but only make vague assumptions, I will restrict myself to the visible achievements of the incarnated personality and gauge them with respect to her predetermined soul potential.

Most souls, including all old souls, incarnate on this planet with the objective to solve a number of personal issues and that of the soul family. There are very few souls that have chosen to incarnate with the aim of fulfilling a cosmic mission on behalf of humanity and All-That-Is. I am one of them, and it took me quite some time to realize this difference and to learn to put back my personal wishes on behalf of my divine mission. It is my conviction that all members of the PAT have also voted for such a divine mission, as they all exhibit very similar individual destinies and a set of personal experiences.

This does not say that one should resort to martyrdom or self-negation, but to a proper evaluation and usage of all existential conditions and elements that have been given to him for this incarnation. Normally the soul provides a modicum of stable social conditions for the individual to achieve his utmost goals as set by his or her soul. However, due to an unreflected behaviour and thinking of the individual, he may destroy this fragile social balance that his soul has initially arranged  for him.

I was several times in my life on the verge of destroying this fragile human balance and could only turn the tide by pure will and a great portion of flexibility that allowed me to challenge all my conditioned personal wishes and preferences and subsequently discard most of them. The U-turns in one’s human life are the most difficult and at the same time the most rewarding experiences, as they open new opportunities at the expense of throwing away many old habits that have made our lives rather comfortable in the past. This U-turn is now awaiting the whole humanity and therefore this discussion has a great actuality.

I think that it is fair to say that all PAT members have also voted for a cosmic mission at the expense of their personal well-being as incarnated entities and have thus experienced numerous challenges at the personal and social level. They have lived the life of misfits and outcasts in the eyes of most conventionally thinking people. One may now argue that if they have been a little bit bit more enlightened and cautious at their life junctions when the U-turns in their destiny had to be accomplished, that they might have preserved more of their initial social stability. But this question can only be solved by each and every individual for his particular situation.

It is, however, an undeniable truth that only very few persons can achieve the maximal soul potential, anchored in their incarnation plan. I think I am one of them and this evaluation has decisively contributed to my personal self- esteem which is  independent of any external confirmation. This kind of self-esteem should be the ultimate goal of every old soul in her last incarnation, as is the case with all PAT members. This is the ultimate recognition that you are a sovereign creator being among infinite other sovereign creator beings and that you do not need any approval outside your soul

In my case, I have always tried to push my creative potential beyond the predetermined boundaries initially set by my soul, only to fail most of the time, thus testing the societal limits of this toxic planet imposed on any unrestricted individual creation. How much these personal efforts have contributed from the higher dimensions to the elimination of darkness on the earth remains to be seen after my ascension, but it is fair to say that none of them have been truly detrimental to my social and family life, as these efforts were always undertaken in full harmony with the family needs and not at their expense.

When my efforts were unsuccessful, there was still nothing lost, expect some time and personal engagement. As long as one does not resort to self-pity for his lack of social success, but regards all his endeavours in a playful way, thus keeping all opportunities open for the future, one is only experimenting creatively with his destiny as a raw material, while pushing the limits of creation a little bit further under the limited 3d-conditions on this planet, even when there are no tangible results.

This attitude is the only guarantee to keep the potential of creation high and not to succumb to the grey stream of restrictions imposed by the current society, indoctrinated in a slave-like manner. It also helps not to be terribly disappointed, if most of your efforts do not yield better results. Ultimately one must believe that his soul is always choosing the best possible alternative for her incarnated entity by considering all possible factors and probability alternatives, which a human being can never oversee with his limited carbon based brain on the ground. This is an important aspect that one must always bear in mind.

I am conscious that this is a rather personal approach to your question, but there is no other way to tackle this problem in a feasible manner. Therefore let me continue along this path.

When I started discovering the Universal Law, this scientific breakthrough was not at all on my personal agenda for this life. In fact, I had given up all my academic ambitions to achieve anything of importance in scientific research. When the revelations from my soul started to flood my mind and consciousness, but even more so my subconsciousness before they could acquire a more clear gestalt, I was at first overwhelmed by this expansion of my mind. This happened to me at the age of 42 and I felt that I am too old for any major scientific endeavour.

But my soul kept insisting that I should go along this path. As the ideal reward was very high and my soul’s whisper very promising, I decided to stop all my mundane activities and fully dedicate myself to this discovery. For an external observer I must have behaved like a mad person at that time, as I had just established a private company and was quite successful in my business. But our lives are full of irony and apparent contradictions, which seem so only in the current duality, but are just the opposite from the higher vantage point of view of the soul. What is natural for the soul, seems always abnormal from the perverted, materialistic Orion point of view. This I learnt however much later.

The discovery of the Universal Law and the establishment of the General Theory of Science was an act of pure creation and it lasted more than five years, which is actually an incredibly short period of time, given the scope of this intellectual achievement. At that time I was carried by my soul at least one meter above the ground and was helped by powerful intuitions and revealing dreams in such an intensive manner that has, most probably, no comparable correlation in the whole history of this mankind. But of course, I cannot prove this statement – it is only valid for me and for that reason I am most thankful to my soul for enabling me to have had this unique experience.

And now comes the most difficult part to understand. It was not a done deal from the very beginning that I would be successful and discover the Universal Law and develop the new theory of science. This was only the result of my focused and dedicated, unconditional efforts to follow and achieve this goal after more than 7 years of most tedious work – from 1993 to1999. During this time I worked more than 12-14 hours a day without any pause and managed a workload that is beyond the imagination of any normal human being.

It suffices to say that during this time I analysed, among many other activities, more than 10 000 pivotal publications in bio-science and medicine which comprised 1% of the total data bank of Medline – the most comprehensive data bank in bio-science before the introduction of Internet. l checked all these publications to confirm the validity of the Universal law and the General Theory of Biological Regulation and could prove that it is valid without any exception. To do this work, you normally need a whole institute with at least a hundred scientists and you will still not get the desirable result, as it it will be diluted by this collective effort.

My soul explicitly told me that this theory can only come from a single mind. At the beginning I felt overwhelmed by this challenge and seeked for external help from other specialists. After this attempt fully failed due to the  intervention of my soul, I realized that I have to go this way on my own. There were many pitfalls during this lonely journey through the abysses of science, and I had to enter uncharted territories which nobody had visited before. The more successful I were, the easier the next steps were.

This experience taught me that if your soul wants to help you to achieve the preconceived goal, you will receive any imaginable and unimaginable support and you cannot fail, unless you stumble over your personal shortcomings.

The discovery of the Universal Law was also my last comprehensive initiation before I could begin with the last phase of the LBP in 1999. The first phases took place between 1972 and 1998 in a well-dosed manner.

The final equation of any human effort and success depends thus on the help which one receives from his soul and on the extent to which the incarnated entity translates this help into tangible 3d-results. You cannot simply say, I want to discover the universal field equation Einstein has been searching in vain during his whole life, unless this is anchored in your soul contract, as your soul will not support you in this kind of vanity endeavour.

However, even when such an extraordinary achievement is firmly anchored in your soul contract, you may still fail if you do not fully and unconditionally comply with the high expectations and demands of your soul. Especially if you are supposed to achieve something that has no material background in this reality and no predecessors in the society, as was the case with me. You must go completely new ways for the first time and you can only rely upon your soul, while disregarding completely and resolutely all traditions, external influences and advices that always divert you from the inner goal of your soul. This is a very lonely way to go and it demands an almost inhuman will and perseverance to stand firm against all kinds of human seductions.

This was the most extraordinary period in my life (between 1993-1999) when I was flying through life on angels’ wings, although my whole material, professional and social life crashed for ever – I lost my company at some point in time as it was only an irksome burden to my future scientific activities. I lost a house I had bought in Berlin after the Fall of the Wall to the bank and did not even notice this loss – so much was I engaged in my scientific activities, I closed my company with a huge debt towards the Orion banks, and all my activities to promote nystatin were crashed by my soul and the economic conditions established by the dark ones from the Orion empire, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, etc. etc.

Now I come to my last years which are fully under the auspices of the last phase of the LBP – from 1999 to 2012 – when the somatic and clinical symptoms were in the forefront and my life quality asymptotically approached zero value. What should one do and how should one behave in a society, which is obviously doomed to disappear for ever, as I realized around 1996-1998, and is practically closed for you precisely for this reason? You can either become a recluse, as I eventually did after 2000, or you may decide to terminate your life in an act of free will, if you can no longer bear “the stings and arrows of an outrageous fortune” as Shakespeare writes in Hamlet.

There are periods in one’s human life when the soul carries you through all hazards, and there are periods when you are thrown in the stormy ocean without a safety belt and have to survive on your own. Alt least at first glance, as your soul is always there to back you up when it gets really dangerous. But you have to master your life without any active, visible help from your soul. Since 1998 this is how I have lived most of the time.

Of course I could have restricted myself to cope with the pains and tortures of the LBP, which itself is a sufficient challenge for many incarnations in a row. But then again I decided to optimize this interim time of painful awaiting and in a state of total blockage by my soul with respect to any meaningful social activity on my part, except caring for my family as good as I could. This situation was hard for me to bear, as I was used to be very active in my social and professional life.

Instead of simply going through my LBP, I started writing gnostic books which were actually not on my list. The advantage of this endeavour was that, while writing them, I could forget for a while all the pains and tribulations of the LBP which exceeded anything I could have imagined in my worst nightmares.

Let me summarize this personal experience in a more general manner. The individual achievement of a personal life is always a very complex algorithm that encompasses the goals of your soul, which are embedded in the bigger cosmic plan, and the personal abilities, which the incarnated entity has to develop throughout his incarnation. It is a fine-tuned process that cannot be put into a fixed theoretical scheme, as most ill-guided gurus try to do nowadays, but must always find a very personal solution.

For instance, I reached my peak in physical understanding when I was 18-19 years old and had to prepare myself for an entry examination at the technical university in order to study electronics in 1970 in Bulgaria. I learned all the basic physical stuff by heart and wrote a collection of lectures on physics based on such textbooks as the famous Feynman’s lectures on physics. Of course, I never used this knowledge during the next 22 years when I was engaged in completely different activities, so that I thought that this effort was in vain.

But 22 years later, in 1992 when I started to get beamed by my higher self to discover the Universal Law, I had to recollect all my past physical knowledge and to expand it, before I could prove the validity of the Law in all detail and to write down two comprehensive books on physics.

What I want to illustrate with this example is that the soul has long, medium and short-term plans. You may start working on a major goal of your soul at a younger age and then you may be constraint to abruptly give up this activity for another 10 – 20 – 30 years and then return again to the point of departure at advanced age. During this time you have completed your Arcana circle and have collected precious personal experience. Now you can implement your initial knowledge and combine it with your existential experience as to create something really unique and great.

However you must be able to bridge the idle time and not lose hope in the appropriateness of the invisible and often erratic plan of your soul. You must allow yourself to be jettisoned and tossed around like flotsam and jetsam during your journey through the troubled waters of your earthly life.

Most light workers nowadays are too much engaged with their personality and with what mental and emotional slivers they should discard or what abilities they should develop as to achieve some kind of self-proclaimed spiritual evolution. At the same time they make no effort to work hard on their personal knowledge in a playful and creative manner that also includes the possibility of failure.

Ultimately, there can be no failure at all, as no matter how little you achieve in your social carrier on this toxic planet, you always compose a beautiful and unique symphony of human life, the richness of which you can only truly comprehend after your final ascension.

On this way to personal evolution, a good portion of mental flexibility and cosmic humour are your best friends. For instance, it was never my intention to edit this website, but I was thrown by my soul in this new function. Before I started it, she simply told me to follow the tides and ebbs of the End Times and to flow in an effortless manner with the stream of the events. I did this in full confidence that this will be much better than doing nothing, as was the case in the past, and I have been hugely rewarded for this decision.

The appreciation I have received from the members of the PAT for my work on this website, but also the notion that I have helped a lot of people to leave their social niche and finally join a community of people with similar destiny and aspirations have been my greatest reward and stimulation in these last months on this planet.

This positive feedback helped me a lot to overcome the exhaustion during the relentless edition of this website without a pause since the end of July last year. In addition, I was carried a lot by my soul during this tedious time, just as she carried me for many years during my research activities, while discovering the Universal Law in the 90s.

Of course I would have preferred to see some more success at the social level –  a true world revolution of the masses against their perennial Orion masters and a much earlier success of the PAT in its mission. But ultimately as linear time is a human illusion, one should not make his success dependent on such an illusory notion, but only have eyes wide open for the final energetic results. And they will be awesome very soon.

We have done our job on the ground and now our mission as ascended masters can really commence. We have made an optimal use of any possibility that has been offered to us by heaven and have transformed this planet to a cosmic jewel. I think in particular about the decision to establish a third timeline with the balanced earth A/B, which is our most remarkable collective achievement.

The fact that we are the only group of star seeds worldwide to have comprehended and appreciated the advantage of this ultimate, ad hoc decision in the End Times to its full extent is the strongest evidence that this is the collective achievement of the PAT, for which you all should be very proud. This will be the most precious jewel in our crown, even after we have left this insignificant planet and have started to create whole galaxies from the highest dimensions.

At no time in the history of this galaxy, have so few souls achieved so much for a whole civilisation of incarnated souls, as we have done in the last 7-8 months on the earth, by first opening the stargate 11.11.11 that unleashed all subsequent energetic changes which have already transformed humanity beyond recognition. Then came the decision to create the new timeline of the balanced earth A/B. And this is just the beginning.

After we have prepared the energetic ground for the imminent inter-dimensional split, we will be the first human beings to have ascended beyond the 5th dimension in a single incarnation. With this unique achievement we will help mankind to smoothly perform its planetary ascension at the end of this year and begin to evolve as a responsible transgalactic civilisation.

What more can a soul achieve in one single incarnation? We have done all this and much more which we will have to learn yet. Now we must only tame our impatience in these last days on earth and not become a prey to negative attitudes when the last dark energies of the past surge high, before they are deleted for ever.

With love and light
Hi George

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed your answer to my rather difficult question. Naturally one can only really speculate on these things and a personal story is how we interpret the world and our surroundings. It is only by comparing and contrasting our personal experiences around this topic that one gains any insight to such elusive mysteries.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that your idea of how the soul supports you when something is indeed in your contract. I feel very much the same way. That there are times when life flows, intensely, quickly, with a lot of signs along the way. Other times I have been obstructed at every turn and I interpreted that as being the “wrong path” for me to pursue at that time and looked for openings to change course.

This is naturally a delicate process and one must be fully attentive to one´s surroundings and constellations, and even quite perceptive in terms of energies. Even when I didn´t know anything about energy flow, I was able to feel my way around. Things that upset me and stole my energy were not in alignment with what I needed to be doing at the time. It took me a while to figure this out and I had many learning experiences along the way. I was most happy to hear that you mentioned how we need to acknowledge our failures with a lighter heart and press on. It is no good to get defeated.

It was very validating to hear that although the odds are rather slim that we fulfil our soul contracts optimally, that it is the ability to soldier on and continue to consciously create more experiences which fuel a “successful”, enriching incarnation. This is also my understanding and why I find it so disheartening when I meet those who have lost their sense of play or who doubt their own creative processes.

I am curious to hear about others´experiences on this topic. How aligned have people felt with their incarnations and how does one carry on through the hard parts of life when there is no concrete or explicit dialogue with the soul?

At this time I wish to quote you on perhaps one of your most eloquent texts:

What I want to illustrate with this example is that the soul has long, medium and short-term plans. You may start working on a major goal of your soul at a younger age and then you may be constraint to abruptly give up this activity for another 10 – 20 – 30 years and then return again to the point of departure at advanced age. During this time you have completed your Arcana circle and have collected precious personal experience. Now you can implement your initial knowledge and combine it with your existential experience as to create something really unique and great.

However you must be able to bridge the idle time and not lose hope in the appropriateness of the invisible and often erratic plan of your soul. You must allow yourself to be jettisoned and tossed around like flotsam and jetsam during your journey through the troubled waters of your earthly life.

Most light workers nowadays are too much engaged with their personality and with what mental and emotional slivers they should discard or what abilities they should develop as to achieve some kind of self-proclaimed spiritual evolution. At the same time they make no effort to work hard on their personal knowledge in a playful and creative manner that also includes the possibility of failure.

Ultimately, there can be no failure at all, as no matter how little you achieve in your social carrier on this toxic planet, you always compose a beautiful and unique symphony of human life, the richness of which you can only truly comprehend after your final ascension.  “

How very uplifting!

My very best regards,
Dear Debra,

you have excellently summed up how the incarnated entity should flow with the soul energies and learn to understand their ebb and flow. To this topic I read to my great surprise today a very good message, which I would like to share with you:

I am regularly stunned these days by this kind of serendipity. I discuss a topic and then I read the same day or the next day about this same topic in a channelled message. I am beginning to suspect that some channels are telepathically following my discussion with the members of the PAT and then jump onto the same train (topic) and address it in a message. Who knows?

With love and light



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