How Mankind will Evolve After the First Ascension Wave

by Georgi Stankov, May 8, 2012, copyright 2012

Paul Gauguin, Easy Life Without Money

PAT is on the road to its final ascension after most of its members have already ascended in spirit and body frequencies on November 22, 2011. This time a remarkable sobriety and calmness determine the individual preparation for this pivotal event of cosmic proportions. It is the proverbial Olympian calm which any true creator god should emanate in the knowledge and perception of his immortality and invulnerability, and his infinite creative potential. The clear assertion of many PAT members to ascend in the course of this month of May is the vivid expression of a divine sovereignty, many people would have considered a mental aberration only a few months ago. This is a clear indication as to how quickly the 3d-reality of this planet has evolved in the last few months.

We have not only thrown the dice, but have already commenced with our mission as ascended masters. We have started  to appeal to that portion of human population which has so far identified with the goals of the dark Orion order, but has also harboured deeply in itself the  spiritual potential to outgrow the past and to make an ultimate decision on behalf of the light. We have begun to forge plans as to how we can help humanity awaken after our imminent ascension. This is how any sentient being in All-That-Is creates reality in a sovereign manner.

None of us expects any external help from alien ETs or speculates about dates of Disclosure by corrupt politicians of the old order. This is the big difference between us and the rest. We know what we are, where we come from, and where we will soon return. But above all, we know that our visions and future actions will shape the destiny of mankind beyond any imagination.

Let me summarize at this place the basic areas of transformation, which humanity will undergo after the inter-dimensional split and our ascension in the course of this auspicious last three-dimensional year.

The Political Order 

The old Orion political order of divide and conquer will be abolished for ever. This was the chief strategy of the Orion /Reptilian empire to divide humanity and plunge it into greater separation from the Source. Racial, cultural, political and religious differences were extensively exploited to instigate perennial wars as to further enslave humanity. Let us not forget that  less than two centuries ago human slavery was rampant the world over and still exists in many continents in a disguised, but not less heinous form, as many UN documents confirm.

In addition, the  last 20th century witnessed the most brutal and profound dictatorships, under which two thirds of humanity were subjugated – the communist regimes in Europa, Asia and some other parts of the world  and the equally brutal military chuntas and suppressive regimes in Central and South America, as well as in most African countries. Colonialism was still officially existent in the late 70s when a socialist revolution in Portugal finally wiped out the last bastions of this infamous Orion practice and eliminated  this last rotten European Empire.

While it seemed that Eastern Europe has regained some of its civil liberties after the Fall of the Iron curtain, it is still a crime to have a brother or sister in communist China with its Draconian one-child policy and there are still many pockets of state slavery as in North Korea and Myanmar which are as bad as the much dismayed slavery of African black men on the cotton farms in the Southern US-states. At the same time we witness a steady build up of draconian legal measures in the USA, considered to be the greatest democracy on this planet, which are consequently  preparing the ground for a brutal martial law and the transformation of this banana republic into a real Gulag state.

This is my shortest version of the current debased political order that will be soon wiped out from the surface of this prison planet. In the course of the coming cosmic events, all national states will collapse and will be replaced by a new transgalactic order, which we will first implement as ascended masters.

National states have always led to the separation of humanity and have been the main cause of all wars and human calamities. In the last 100 years, the national state has become the Big Brother, who is not only watching his citizens, but who has put innumerable, invisible shackles on each and every individual and has thus made him more or less a constitutional slave. Fiscal systems, juridical systems, passport and custom regulations, financial constraints, border restrictions etc. have contributed to the massive manipulation of humanity and its collective and political consciousness.

With the abolition of the national states, all these social institutions  and profound human aberrations will be also abolished for ever. The caste of current corrupt politicians and minions of the Orion empire – be they clones or shape-shifters – must and will disappear for ever. They will remain on the catastrophic planet B and will experience real hell.

It is however a grievous mistake to assume that they will be substituted with new, more ethical politicians as this is not possible, given the current low level of spiritual evolution of humanity. The whole political elite will be simply eliminated and the new form of human organisation will be vertical in nature. It will be organized from the higher realms through the ascended human masters. This new, open form of  transgalactic human society will be in alignment with the higher dimensions of the souls, but also with all other civilisations in the new ascending galaxy with the name of “Rosa Dorada”.

The societal forms of human organisations will be of global character and will be very pragmatical in their goals. They will be established on the principle of basic democracy, where all people will have their say and will be strictly oriented towards providing abundance for all individuals. Human civilisation will follow the simple principle of cosmic organisation which is the law of energy optimization. The quality of each social  form of organisation will be evaluated by its propensity to guarantee the maximal freedom and potential for spiritual evolution of each and every human being. It will be the contrary of what we observe today. The many new advanced technologies will also help establish a new level of flexibility and abundance to satisfy all individual needs and desires. It will be cumbersome to delve now in detail as to how the edifice of this new society will look like.

Juridical and Fiscal Systems

With  the abolition of the national state and the current type of fraudulently elected governments, there will be also no need for legislative power such as parliaments and senates, and also no need for an executive power to implement these laws. The whole current juridical system, with all its ramifications, will be also abolished in the course of this year. Consider just for a moment – without any laws, there will be for instance  no such stupid movements fighting for homosexual equality in terms of marriages that have to be officially accepted by the state. This case alone exemplifies the profound dysfunctionality of the current human society and its very primitive, pervaded character. And I could list  infinite such examples from daily human life.

As there will be no state and no intermediary institutions that actually build the current structure of the national state, there will be also no need for the people to pay taxes to support this inefficient form of social organisation. The fiscal system will be also abolished. Together with the Orion Monetary system, it is the most insidious form of human enslavement which the former PTB have established on this dark planet.

Now imagine a global community of all incarnated human beings on a small planet like the earth, who are completely free of any social  and political superstructures and constraints, who are able to communicate and organize their private life with other equal human beings in any conceivable manner, only guided by their unlimited creative potential. Humans will follow the only principle of cosmic organisation – that of love and compassion, which is the human connotation for the principle of constructive interference.

In practical terms, any human being will be able to enjoy his freedom of creation in the full knowledge that all other human beings are also sovereign creator beings and that he should respect their creations. This mutual respect for the creative potential of each and every individual will be the only constitutive principle of the new enlightened humanity. And it will be also the most efficient principle of organisation of all.

Of course, I can indulge much deeper in this vast area and also discuss the role of telepathy which will create conditions of incredible synchronicities and serendipities as the members of the PAT now experience each day around this website. This higher form of human coordination  will unleash immense synergies and will quickly heave human society to a new, unimaginable level of efficiency and prosperity.

I assume that my readers have noticed that I am talking most of the time about the balanced earth A/B that will emerge after the inter-dimensional split, which I expect to happen in the first half of this year. The energetic matrix of Earth A will automatically contain all this and much more, at levels that we cannot imagine now with our slow functioning carbon-based brains and limited minds.


The current Orion monetary system will be replaced by a very simple numerical system of payments and exchange that will be based on the actual needs of each incarnated human entity. This system will reflect the general acknowledgement that money has no value in itself, but is only a simple system of measurement  as is the SI-system  in physics and science.

In this case each individual will receive automatically and unconditionally a well defined amount of digital units of payments. With this simple reform all banks and other intermediary financial and fiscal structures can be eliminated with a single stroke. The transaction of these digital units can be done per Internet as is the case now with bank accounts. This kind of a simple system can be technically introduced within 24 hours if the collective will of humanity is sufficiently developed.

Due to the profound humanistic nature of this simple numerical system of payments, nobody would resort to fraud and would try to steal money from others, as is ubiquitously the case at present. Each individual will receive his digital unit account  automatically, let say, at the beginning of each month. All accounts will be fully transparent on the world wide net or on another, more sophisticated means of communication, so that any fraud will be immediately noticed by the others.

Such a fraudulent attempt will only lead to the situation, where this person will be ridiculed for his greed, which is no longer compatible with the new spiritual principles and he will most probably never try it a second time. There will be no other form of reprobation than the collective contempt for such kind of service-to-self behaviour.

Each individual will define his needs  and will be allowed to determine by himself his personal digital account within a universally established range. However, if a young pair decides to establish a new family and needs a new house and thus more money to buy this house, they will simply and automatically generate a higher money account for them by explicitly saying that this additional digital sum is needed for the payment of the new house and this will be accepted as a legitimate investment.

Let us not forget  that money has no value –  it is a simple projection/reflection of the properties of energy. As soon as you expand your creation, which is of energetic origin, you also need more money as an adequate projection of this creation. The amount of money should always reflect the amount of human creation as its true numerical measurement.

This new understanding of the function of money will also allow for the simple elimination of some sums of money (digital units) from circulation when some physical forms of creation are destroyed as to make place for new ones. In this way money and generated human product will always be in a perfect balance and there will be no more any economic crisis which are always the result of huge imbalances between money in circulation in form of world inflation and the real economic production.

By the way, this will be precisely the reason why the current Orion monetary system will crumble very soon. The world  inflation. the amount of fraudulently generated money by the banksters out of thin air exceeds at present 200-300 times the actual GDP of the world economy. The whole financial system is  entirely based on debt and this debt is put on the shoulders of the citizens as to enslave them for ever. In this respect the debt of the national states is only a camouflage for this deliberate financial enslavement of humanity by the Orion empire through the fiscal and financial system.

The new basic digital system will not generate any debt at all, as there will be no money lending anymore. Everybody can generate his own money account and be thus an emission bank, a loan bank, an investment bank and a production unit at the same time. As I said with respect to the nystatin project, every individual will be in the future a sovereign master of a full economic cycle and will enjoy a complete economic autarchy. However if he wishes he can, and will, always participate with joy in collective incentives for the pleasure of social intercourse.

Later on, even this simple money system will be abolished, as the people will realize that money is only a virtual projection and a simple reflection of their direct energetic creation. They will realize that they no longer need this inefficient numerical measurement and will instead start appreciating their objects of creation directly by employing the law of energy optimization, which is an application of the cosmic laws of constructive and destructive interference, being at the same time  the laws of creation and destruction.

Social and Human Equality and Inequality        

This is the most difficult and sensitive area to comprehend. Although human society has been strictly hierarchical for eons of time according to the Reptilian order, humans have always considered themselves to be representatives of the same biological species, known as “homo sapiens” even when they believe in the stupid Christian Genesis. Its chief characteristics is, from an agnostic point of view, that all humans are mortal and hence must die after they have spent a number of years on this planet. They all suffer from the same diseases, independently of how rich they are or how high they have climbed on the social ladder.

This biological equality amidst an exorbitant  social and economic inequality and injustices has always helped humans to find a kind of social balance at the lowest possible level of collective awareness. This kind of down-levelling has not even spared their overall assessment of human consciousness and mental abilities.

The generally accepted dogma of humanity is that intelligence is also more or less equally distributed among humans, and most individuals believe that they have come with enough intelligence on this planet, so that they no longer need to evolve intellectually after they have left school or any other form of education. For this reason homo sapiens is considered to be the most lazy and dumbed down incarnated species in the whole universe.

The reason for this is the prevailing agnosticism of humans who have not grasped that human ideas and thoughts are the only source of creation of All-That-Is. In other words, this negligence of intellectual achievements on the earth is an expression of the very low spiritual evolution of most humans.

The current process of ascension is in the first place an evolutionary leap of human consciousness and intelligence. Given the lack of any pronounced intellectual aspirations in the current esoteric vanity fair, not to speak for the rest of humanity, it is not surprising why this evolutionary leap has not happened yet. But humanity has crossed all divine deadlines set by the Cosmos for the current End Times and now they must be pushed with raw force towards more consciousness and spiritual awareness.

And here comes the greatest psychological problem, with which mankind will have to cope in the coming days, after our ascension and official appearance in front of humanity as ascended masters and powerful creator gods has taken place. Most people, who have been used to see us, the members of the PAT, in the context of social outcasts, will not be able to comprehend our incredible metamorphosis to immortal gods, just as the Christians needed two thousand years and are still not able to fully comprehend why Jesus had to be crucified in the company of mean thieves and criminals.

Our ascension and appearance as the Second Coming of Christ  will not only obliterate their whole past lives, based on lies, prejudices and false beliefs, but will also demonstrate their seeming worthlessness. The feeling of being worthless as inserted in their reptilian genetic code by their former masters will prevail as long as they do not learn to consider themselves immortal powerful souls, only temporarily trapped in a physical vessel.

But in the interim time, as long as they regard themselves as vulnerable biological beings, they will have huge problems to accept this energetic inequality among human beings – the existence of immortal powerful creator gods and humble, mortal, weak biological creatures that must still crawl on the surface of this toxic planet. I am making you aware of the key psychological problem, with which we will have to deal in the very near future and which has implicitly existed throughout your whole last incarnation in form of perennial social and familiar conflicts with your environment.

In this inevitable psychological conflict, we will have though one powerful ally – the total confusion and disarray of the masses when the old Orion order will irreversibly crumble in the course of this and next month and the survival instincts of the people will surge high in Heaven. In this dire situation they will be compelled to accept our leadership as superior human beings, as gods, knowing that when they will follow our example, they will also become superior human beings along their bumpy road of evolution.

This aspect will be predominant on the ascended earth A and will play a lesser role on the balanced earth A/B, where our appearance will be rather restricted as not to interfere too much with the life of the people on the ground. After all, it will be a balanced earth, where neither dark off-world forces, nor ascended masters will prevail. It will be a playing field for the incarnated souls.

But in the interim phase until mass ascension in Dec 2012, we must actively take the leadership of humanity as we will be responsible in the first place for one third of humanity that is scheduled to ascend to the 5th dimension, where we will be the new Earth Keepers. We will be also the new Earth Keepers of the balanced planet A/B, but we will not need to intervene in the future in a visible manner on this planet, but will rather pull the strings in a more discrete manner from behind the veil, as we have done as ascended masters for eons of time preparing Gaia and humanity for this final ascension.

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