The Extraordinary and Exclusive Interview of our PAT-Member Gwen Olsen on the Alex Jones Show Exposing the Pharmaceutical and FDA Crimes on American Children and Patients

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, April 29, 2012

I have the pleasure to present you the exclusive and extraordinary interview of our courageous PAT-member Gwen Olsen, author of the bestseller book “Confession of an R&Drug Pusher”  on the Alex Jones Show. This interview sums up our recent discussion on the nystatin project in a perfect way and contributes to a better understanding of the ongoing fraud in the pharmaceutical sector, whose only purpose of existence is to cull humanity in the End Times and prevent it from ascension:

I also recommend you to visit Gwen Olsen’s website for further information:

Below you will find my latest correspondence with Gwen on this issue.


Dear Georgi,

I have been trying to play catch up and read all that has transpired in the past week on your site. I had house guests from Costa Rica and was attending a four day workshop with them while all this nystatin info was unfolding, so I had not been online. But my HS has been urging me to get online and check the site. I intuitively knew that something “exciting” was taking place!

I am flabbergasted to discover that the FDA has quietly removed oral nystatin from the market. Quite frankly, I researched the cost of nystatin from my compound pharmacy when you recommended it for my skin cancer and was not able to afford it at the time. However, after reading your research I was immensely excited about the possibilities of this drug for all the sick and dying people, were it to become affordable to the general public. I gave up on seeking treatment for myself personally because I fully intend to ascend soon and thought it would be a mute issue at that point. Now, I’m wondering how this will all play out in the meantime for all those in need of this treatment option. Perhaps at some point I could get the info in front of Dr. Ron Paul who is a current underdog candidate for the Presidency from Texas?

It is sad state of affairs that it must be a foreign doctor who demonstrates the integrity and moral conviction to speak out for the human rights of the American public on this matter. But thank God for your defiant voice of truth, Georgi! I will go within to receive my direction on all of this, but as you know, I am no stranger to rebellion against the dark forces of the Orion health care system here in the U.S. I have a network of over 5,000+ young chiropractors and alternative health care practitioners who could play a key role in disseminating this info to their patients, and I have an ear with both the alternative and mainstream media here when the time is right.


Love and Light,
Dear Gwen,

I have just listened to your extraordinary and exclusive interview on the Alex Jones Show. I did this with great attention and a growing excitement and I commend you for your courage and eloquence in presenting the truth about the crimes of the international pharmaceutical industry. Let me also compliment you – you are a very attractive woman with an incredible ability to capture the attention of the listener and accompany him with a secure hand and emotional conviction into the current abysses of Western drug consumption.

I will immediately publish your interview on my website as it sums up our recent discussion on the nystatin project and the ongoing genocide of the American patients by their elected President Obama and its Administration.

I would highly appreciate if you make aware as much people as possible of the latest clandestine crime of the FDA to ban oral nystatin from the US market and to stop the production of this drug in the biggest Western country, where candida infections are real epidemics due to the unscientific and excessive use of antibiotics by the American physicians. The latter have been mired for decades by the pharmaceutical manufacturers of these drugs to use them for all kinds of viral infections against which they are known to have absolutely no therapeutic effect.

Currently, oral nystatin is practically unavailable to the American patients or is so expensive that nobody can afford it for a systemic treatment. The reason for this is that nystatin is the most potent cell-  and immuno-stimulating drug worldwide and when chronically used can heal most frequent diseases, thus substituting the thousands of the currently registered deleterious cell-inhibiting drugs of the Pharmacy Mafia.

These drugs could only be registered and thrown on the market  because the current international pharmaceutical industry is actively supported by the two most prominent registration authorities – the FDA in the USA and EMEA (EU) in London, UK. It is no coincidence that these two agencies reside in the two most darkest citadels of the Orion Empire on this planet. The Orion empire has developed the current pharmaceutical industry with the only goal to cull humanity in the End Time and prevent them from achieving Ascension. In its global euthanasia program on humanity, the off-world Orion empire, the former PTB of this planet, have always been actively supported by their chief minions on power in the puppet governments of the USA and GB.

I suggest that we now initiate a grass-root movement for the American people and the many patients in this huge country who can be helped and cured with oral nystatin to start importing this drug from abroad, preferably from China, where bulk powder Nystatin Hydrate is rather cheap and easily available. They should defy the current criminal law of the FDA to ban oral nystatin from the market and start preparing their own formulations in capsules of 250 mg as recommended by myself. The currently available oral nystatin formulation in tablets of 100 mg is not applicable for a prolonged chronic treatment of most severe human diseases that now ravage the American population and cause millions of premature deaths each year.

The Nystatin project as advocated by myself and the PAT can become a focal point and a catalyst for a real grass-root upheaval against the dictate of the US and international  pharmaceutical mafia, which is now committing a nationwide genocide on the Ámerican  people under the umbrella of the Obama administration and the Orion FDA.

I leave it up to your journalistic experience how to proceed in this case. I would only like to stress at this place that the American people have their constitutional right to provide the drugs they need to save their lives wherever they can at affordable prices, and any effort by the US-authorities  to hinder them in this natural right will represent a capital constitutional crime.

In this respect the business model I suggest allows the production and distribution of not only applicable formulation of high dosage nystatin in form of gelatin capsules according to my therapeutic recommendations, but also at a price that is four – five times cheaper than the current pharmacy prices worldwide.

At the same time nobody has said that an ethical business should not also bring abundance to the people. It is precisely the current Orion type of business that brings abundance only to the one percent of the human Elite, while they enslave and impoverish the rest 99% human beings. The business model of the nystatin project is not only providing for cheap, pure and thus save powder nystatin hydrate to the American patients that badly need this drug to convalesce and be able to ascend by the end of this year,  but also renders the possibility for many distributors to generate a sound income and detach from the current Orion economic order.

The new nystatin model will  be the acorn that will topple down the criminal Orion pharmaceutical Mafia in the coming months, whose only aim has always been to decimate humanity with their poisonous drugs that only increase mortality and morbidity in the patient population and kill them on a massive scale.  I have proven this fact  irrevocably in my scientific book, volume III “The General Theory of Biological Regulation” published on my website.

You could also make the people aware of my website, where they can find a comprehensive information sheet on nystatin and its therapeutic effects in the form of my US-patent of more than 90 pages as well as from the above mentioned book that furnishes the scientific basis for an understanding of the incredible therapeutic potential of this extraordinary cell- and immuno-stimulating drug. This information is infinitely more sophisticated and scientifically founded than all the tons of scientific fraud that the current medicine and pharmacological research have produced in the last 70 years after WW2.

With love and light

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