The BIG EVENTS will begin with Full Moon on March 8, 2012; Remarkable Reliability in the Visions and Predictions of the PAT Members

by Georgi Stankov, March 5, 2012, Copyright 2012

Henry Matisse, The Ascension Circle of the PAT members, 1932-1933

The BIG EVENTS will begin with Full Moon on March 8, 2012

Since this website was opened in late August 2011, and the members of the PAT connected the dots in September and October last year, we have developed and projected our visions and predictions of the new reality on a daily basis. This is how the New Earth is created in a conscious manner by the true protagonists and powerful creator beings on the ground – the members of the PAT. None of you has ever expected to be taken with a black limousine from home and driven to the mother-ships of the GFL, as many confused light workers believed recently and some of them still not have given up this irrational hope. You, instead, only relied on the progress of your LBP and the inner voice of your higher self. Others relied fully on external channeling messages, by eliminating their true personality, which they erroneously consider to be their ego, and by fully neglecting their critical discernment in the illusion that they will thus be more clear channels, or simply because they are not used to think.

While we discussed extensively during the last six months the low quality and pitfalls of any uncritical channeling practice and establish the new guidelines of enlightened behaviour for the rest of the light workers community, all present-day channelers, be their names Sue, Ute, Aruna or Greg,  do not bother to ponder over the reliability of their external channeling sources, but prefer instead to constantly bombard the allegedly more enlightened part of humanity with promiscuous esoteric trash at the lowest possible intellectual level, thus discrediting themselves as enlightened and critical beings. Their vehement denial to enter in a critical dialogue and their exuberant intransigence against any decent and reasonable arguments speak for themselves and are a cogent proof of this annihilating conclusion.

This is the fundamental and systemic difference between the members of the PAT, who only rely upon their personal work to raise the light quotient on this planet and humanity, and all the others, who entirely rely on external help and information, thus succinctly admitting that they are unable to develop their own visions and ideas as to how the New Earth and ascended humanity will look like in the near future. In other words, instead of behaving like sovereign creators, they still cling to the old idea of their personal impotency as instigated in the human minds by the PTB from the Orion/Reptilian empire.

On this whole planet, there is only one example of evolved human beings, who have managed to unite in a homogeneous group of individual ascended masters with distinct points of view, but sharing a common goal and mission – the members of the PAT. From all distant corners of the world, they have connected around this website in the full knowledge of their leading role in the End Times, In the last six months, we all have developed and refined our visions of what we want to experience in the near future. We have done this with unprecedented perseverance, intellectual steadfastness and, in the last days, with an increasing love for emotional, adventurous experimentation.

Thus we have created the new template of the ascending 5d-earth in advance and have significantly accelerated the energetic events that will lead to this goal. We have turned the disadvantage of the many delays  to awaken humanity and many other sleeping star seeds into our greatest advantage. And we have now reached the point in linear time, when we can bear the fruits of our immense and often inhuman efforts in the past.
This week, around full moon (March 8, 2012),  we will experience an enormous surge in power in our personal energetic fields. The reason for this will be that around March 8, the crystalline 144-grid, which we helped to build quicker than anticipated after our decision to prolong our soul contacts and stay longer on earth than planned, will be fully implemented and will be boosted to its full power.

As discussed in previous reports, the members of the PAT are already connected to the crystalline grid, since we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and became huge antennae for the infusion of the powerful 11.11 energies in most incarnated human beings, who are now increasingly opening their chakras. By staying longer on earth, we accelerated the completion of the crystalline 144-grid that was initially planned to be accomplished at the last stargate 12.12.12.

When it became obvious that humanity cannot be awaken to the necessary and desired level as to unleash a world revolution against the PTB, the initial cosmic plan for the End Time scenario was radically altered. On February 26, 2012 the decision was taken that the new plan will begin with the last act – the completion of the crystalline grid, which is the energetic framework and the basis for human and planetary ascension. As all events exist simultaneously in All-That-Is, they can be rearranged to enter the linear 3d-reality in any possible order. This was precisely the decision that was taken at the highest realms of cosmic providence for this planet and its population, and, as usually, you, the members of the PAT, were the main protagonists and major decision-makers at the soul level, no matter whether you remember this or not.

Everything that will happen from now on throughout this last spring of humanity, will be the result of your personal achievements in the past. Please remember this once and for all and make it the foundation of your deserved pride.

What do I expect to happen this week around the full moon?

The crystalline 144-grid will make use of this favourable energetic constellation and its power will be amplified one million times, similarly to the augmentation expected to happen at the stargate 11.11.11 (see below). This time we will, however, not ascend, but will incorporate these energies in an organic manner in our fields.The latter have in the meantime – during the four months since the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 – raised their frequencies far beyond the 5th dimension and are now already anchored in the highest levels of the Source for this universe.

At the stargate 11.11.11 this merging of our energy fields with the higher frequency realms was only possible by delegating our three lower chakras to the energetic field of Gaia and raising one million-fold the intensity of our body fields, thus transforming the old carbon based body into a crystalline light body. Now this can happen without us ascending and disappearing from the earth, as its new crystalline grid will be fully activated, so that the frequencies of Gaia will be also vibrating at the highest level of the 5th dimension and beyond it.

The holographic 3d-matrix of the old world order, which was until now supported by the old magnetic Anunnaki’s grid of duality will crumble soon thereafter, and this will cause in its turn the collapse of the whole system without caring much about arrests of the financial and political cabal and the like. These trifle measures at the societal level, which are now propagated by many dark channels of deliberate confusion, will have no impact compared to the sweeping cosmic power, which the new crystalline grid will elicit very soon, most probably after March 11, as intuitively predicted by Robin in report-65 and confirmed by Shinzhi Rumi (see below).

After the crystalline grid has been set up to work in full power, our bodies will start to vibrate with the same intensity and power as the new grid. It is impossible now to predict how this will feel at the individual level, but I assume that this new state will be a precise  anticipation of the bliss that is awaiting us upon ascension, as discussed in my article “Life After Ascension”. Therefore, be ready for some incredible surprises after March the 8th.

All members of the PAT and some other highly evolved incarnated human beings, as for instance my friend Anthony Kane, will build the famous energetic circle (see painting above) and connect through the new 144-grid. This will increase the already observed synchronicities and telepathic communication, which all of you have experienced in the last days. Let us not forget that our power will exceed anything known so far on this toxic and derailed planet. Our combined energetic force of light will be infinitely more powerful than all the fear based pattern of the dark ones from the Orion Empire.

Their influence from the 4th dimension, known as Luciferian and satanic forces, will be abruptly stopped, and the new grid will shield us from their heinous influence. You will no longer experience their negative intervention in your high frequency fields. After that we will start to connect with the rest of humanity that has already opened the 4th heart chakra and has also begun to connect to the crystalline 144-grid step by step in preparation for mass ascension by the end of this year.

Associated wit this energetic explosion that is bound to happen this week, we will experience a cascade of financial crashes and economic collapses that will soon eliminate the national states and will establish for the first time in the history of mankind a true and durable peace on earth. This cascade of events will take place this spring until summer solstice. In this period of huge transformation, there are several pivotal dates (portals) that should be observed: 1) Spring equinox 2) Total solar eclipse on May 20, 2012, 3) Venus transit on June 6, 2012. All these dates will be further portals that will bring the new 5d-energies on this planet. In this same period, the magnetic pole shift and the splitting of the two timelines, as extensively discussed by all of you in the ascension reports, will take place.

Below, I will show  in a retrospective survey of the most important statements in my articles and your contributions to our ongoing discussion in  the ascension reports that we have always correctly predicted and anticipated these events and have explained them in a coherent and logical manner, and in much greater detail and inner understanding than all channelers in the past and at present.

Remarkable  Reliability in the Visions and Predictions of the PAT Members

Since  September 2011, when this website commenced to function in full capacity, all my articles have been dedicated to the Shift of earth and Ascension of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions, initially planned at the stargate 11.11.11, which unfortunately only opened partially in the fall of this year. Their purpose was in the first place to inform those star seeds, who belong to the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), about their mission to heave Gaia and humanity to the higher dimensions. In my article on the Role of the Planetary Ascension Team I wrote on October 1, 2011 the following:

“In fact, many of these star seeds have prolonged their soul contracts to help Gaia ascend in this fall… The reason for this is that the transformation of earth and humanity was postponed to the last possible deadline, as the dark forces from the Orion/Reptilian Empire, the almost former Controllers of earth, were deeply entrenched on this planet and held humanity firmly in their grip. Their control will be terminated for ever, when the stargate 11.11.11 will be opened and the frequencies of earth and most human beings will be significantly augmented…”

We know in the meantime that the reality on the earth was much more dire than even this pessimistic assessment and that we, the members of the PAT, had to bear the bulk of the burden in the cleansing of the dark energies on this planet, as this definition of a true wayshower explains:

“Every star seed and potential PAT member is a wayshower to humanity. What does this common term actually mean?. A wayshower is an incarnated entity, who has taken the responsibility to go first through all the difficult energetic transformations and perils and pave the way for the rest of mankind to follow. This altruistic act does not mean that somebody is heading the company and all others should follow him. From an energetic point of view, the actual role of the wayshower is to go though all the severe and rather debilitating stages of the individual LBP and experience at the conscious level all the negative energetic patterns and collective fears that are stored in the astral atmosphere of this toxic planet.

The individual pattern, according to which the wayshower copes with these negative dark energies is then amplified in the higher realms of the soul and transmitted back via the crystalline 144-grid of the earth to all other light workers and human beings, who have also decided to go through the LBP at a later stage in order to ascend. The few courageous wayshowers are thus like huge antennae. which constantly beam the refined energy of light they create, while cleansing past dross of Gaia and humanity.

It is often sufficient to have only one wayshower in a country to raise the vibration level of the whole population there. These wayshowers integrate their energy fields with that of the new crystalline 144-grid of earth and thus establish a complex common energetic network, through which they communicate with each other and with Gaia. All these complex energetic interactions at the higher frequency levels obey the laws of constructive and destructive interference, which are the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction…”

The key role of the crystalline 144-grid in the transformation and ascension of Gaia and humanity in conjunction with the individual LBP was well understood at that time (September 2011), and nothing has changed in our assessments since then:

“Since 2000, the building of the crystalline 144-grid of earth has commenced. Parallel to it, the opening and cleansing of the three lower chakras in all wayshowers has also begun. Their frequencies had to be augmented at the same pace, at which the frequency (octave) of the 144-grid has been augmented. At the same time, the heart chakra also began to open in all wayshowers. I need not reiterate all the emotional, social, and mental problems that were associated with this process in the following years, as you all have gone through them…”

The complexity of the energetic mechanism of the new grid and its repercussions on human society and civilisation, as summarized for the stargate 11.11.11, is still valid. It will unfold its effects after the full moon on March 8,2012, when humanity will usher into a new era:

“The great gambit of Ascension has already begun and the bets are very high. All wayshowers have established contact to the highest realms of cosmic providence for humanity and this planet to manifest constituency on earth in the End Times. They are supposed to integrate as many followers as possible and help them ascend to the 5th dimension.

This will happen at the Arcturian alignment, when the solar system of our planet will align with the central sun of Arcturus. A this point in time, earth will have fully entered the photon belt, which will ultimately enable the final Ascension of Gaia and large part of humanity to the 5th dimension in December 2012. The energetic peak of this alignment will be in November 2011.

At this time, the most powerful cosmic energy stream from the Galaxy will reach earth. This will evoke a massive increase in 5th dimensional  light transmission. Together with the highly charged photons from the belt, it will amplify the intensity of all human thoughts, feelings and actions. The wayshowers will have the responsibility to stay in flow with this powerful energy stream, grounded in unity and harmony with Gaia, in order to activate the new collective hologram.

At the solar alignment with the star Arcturus, humanity will have to balance and clear all present views of the world, past beliefs and fear based patterns, past programmes, and karmic obligations. After this point passes, the current slow evolutionary 3d-template of humanity will be replaced with a new framework of rapid evolution, which will determine the progress of human civilisation in the next 2000 years (earthly time)…

Here comes the most important part of this cosmic event. Every human thought, emotion, intent, no mater, whether it is good or bad, will be amplified one million times in power at the stargate 11.11.11. The magnified power of the collective human consciousness will also be accelerated one million times, so that it can begin to manifest itself faster than today. This inherent human potential to manifest has been hindered on earth in the last 10 000 years by the dark forces – hence the inability of most incarnated human beings to create and manifest through imagination and intent. This situation will radically change after the stargate 11.11.11.

The current controllers on earth, the Greys and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire, are completely unaware of the consequences from this powerful cosmic event, because they have never experienced it before and will be thus caught fully by surprise. Their current reality on earth, which they have created in a clandestine manner through their human proxies, will disintegrate quickly and there will be a total chaos for a short period of time.

This powerful 5d-energy beam coming from the sun of Arcturus at the activation point of the stargate 11.11.11 will be focused and transmitted on earth by the wayshowers of the PAT: They are the ones, who have the experience to sustain this energy in the 3d-reality on earth. This is the reason why they have incarnated on earth at this time and have merged their lower chakras with Gaia. In this respect, the wayshowers are galactic experts in planetary Ascension – they are very famous in this galaxy as the “emissaries of light”.


After full ascension was postponed at 11.11.11, this same scenario was only stretched in the linear time as to give many sleeping entities the possibility to awaken and increase their light quotient with our help as huge antennae of the powerful 11.11. energies.

Since then, it was the primary objective of the PAT to define the optimal time of splitting of the two timelines for humanity and the shift of Gaia to a higher dimension. In my article on the “Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization” as of November 29, 2012, I define the theoretical aspects of this decision-making process by introducing this universal law that was not known to most light workers until then, and this lack of knowledge had hindered them to understand the way the parental higher realms make decisions and realize them in the 3d-reality:

“In other words, any dramatic change on earth for the better must wait until the optimal moment in time has come, that is to say, the optimal state of energy has been reached, before a new significant change can be induced. At this point in time the paths of least resistance are fully opened and the energy of change flows easily into the system. Any effort to bring about this change earlier will be tantamount to huge energy waste  We have however learned that All-That-Is does not waste any energy because it observes the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization…

How does this translate into the optimal choice of time (energetic state) for our ascension? This is indeed a very complex optimization exercise that has to take into consideration infinite energetic levels and systems of mankind, Gaia, and the global constellation in this galaxy, as the ascension of this planet is closely associated with many other planets, sun systems, and civilisations in this galaxy and takes place in conjunction with the huge cosmic cycles of this universe as described in my article on the magnetic pole shift. In order to streamline our ideas on Ascension let us now discuss some basic components and variables that affect significantly the point in linear time of our actual ascension.

The most important variable is the level of awakening of humanity, its light quotient. We are still in the period of incubation, where these energies work in a covert manner, while rapidly transforming the emotional and mental bodies of the human population beyond their comfort zone. These changes will manifest very soon in the outer world, as the newly created human templates and behaviour patterns will be in apparent contradiction to the current social conditions of human enslavement….”

Then I carry on and explain why all material structures of the old world order will crumble when their holographic gestalt will no longer be supported energetically by the new crystalline grid:

“All external social structures on the historical stage are product of inner psychological dramas of cosmic proportions that acquire only in a secondary manner a holographic space-time gestalt. As soon as the collective inner impulse changes its direction and content, these space-time gestalts must disappear. We are now amidst this process of rapid mental and emotional alteration of Homo Sapiens and its projected gestalt patterns in the outer space.

The old world order has been established by the 1% dark human elite, which are minions of the off-world aliens from the Orion/ Reptilian empire. The 99% of the human beings on this planet are considered by them to be useful slaves, whose lives have no value at all. These human masses are now on the cusp of erupting emotionally and tearing down the shackles of their perennial enslavement. Currently, there is a huge energetic build up underneath like a volcano that can erupt any moment. The tipping point of mass upheaval and irreversible change will be reached very soon…

The major catalyst for this surge will be the crash of the Orion Monetary System, which is imminent and has already commenced. This and next week we will see more of it, To quote Rumi “when the butterfly claps its fragile wings, a storm breaks loose in Heaven”. The current financial system is based exclusively on fraud, debt and printing money out of thin air and has reached its ultimate point of instability when indeed a clap of the fragile wings of a butterfly will be sufficient to induce an immediate default of all banks, so that they will have to be closed overnight.

This will cause a sudden infarct of the world economy, and for a short period of time nothing will function. All political, medial, judicial, medical and transport systems will be completely paralysed. This stalemate (stasis) will mark the end of linear time and the entrance of humanity in the new multidimensional reality of the higher realms.

When we apply the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization for this short moment of total paralysis, it is self-evident that it represents the optimal energetic condition for us to ascend.”

We are now entering this final phase of total transformation, which will intensify with our upcoming ascension:

“Thereafter, some of us will appear officially as multidimensional, powerful creator beings, as Ascended Human Masters with unlimited power in front of humanity. We will promptly take over the leadership of humanity and carry out the necessary reforms of society and economy. Anyone of you can be this new spiritual leader of humanity.

When we apply the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization in a logical and rational manner, we must conclude that all these events must occur in the blink of an eye as any protraction will only lead to waste of energy. Just as the higher self eliminates the ego of the incarnated entity to carry out undisturbed the LBP of his body, so does Heaven with respect to earth and humanity: It must act very swiftly and eliminate the collective fear based ego of humanity within a very short period of time and restructure it fundamentally before the necessary sweeping social, economic, and technological changes can be swiftly implemented.

For this reason the Higher Providence for this planet will wait as long as all conditions for this sudden intervention are in place. Then the cosmic A-Day (Ascension Day) will come unexpectedly for the masses as a thief in the night.

In the meantime, Heaven depends fully on our mission as members of the PAT. We are the most evolved human beings on earth. Our bodies, chakras and fields are huge antennae which transmit this powerful 11.11.11 energies to all humans and open them for the coming revelations and tribulations. As soon as our function as huge transducers of loving energy and as very effective transmuters of negative energies is finished, there will be no need for us to stay on this planet.”

From this quotations it becomes evident that  nothing has changed in the Simultaneity of Al-That-Is and that we are still in the same scenario as envisaged and broadly discussed by the members of the PAT in 2011.”


At the end of 2011, I published a forecast on the probable 2012 scenario, after taking into consideration the  post 11.11.11 energetic transformations of all humans and Gaia, titled “The Winds of Change” (December 21, 2011):

“After the delayed 11.11.11 scenario, the magnetic pole reversal and the shift of Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions will now take place in early 2012 and will be more magnificent and all encompassing than initially planned. The reason for this is that we all have stayed on earth longer than planned and have contributed with our powerful energetic fields to the establishment of the new cosmic 11.11.11 energies of love and compassion, streaming from the central Arcturus sun throughout our sun. The latter is now in a birthing process and a new fifth-dimensional sun will soon be born, which will heave Gaia and part of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions in 2012. ..”

The leading role of the members of the PAT was reaffirmed in this publication:

“The members of the PAT will be the new leaders of humanity when the world revolution will erupt in the first half of 2012. The greatest conundrum of this historic event will be that we shall take over the leadership without being directly involved in street clashes and other more or less violent upheavals or even in the organisation of such dramatic events. The reason for this is that we are the chosen wayshowers by virtue of our soul origin from the highest realms of All-That-Is….”

Then it was suggested that the shift of Gaia and the split of the two timelines in spring this year will be much more dramatic than initially planned as to compensate for the many delays in the past:

“The shift of Gaia to higher dimensions and the split of the two timelines during and after the magnetic pole reversal will be more radical and pronounced than originally planned for 11.11.11 for two reasons:

1, Mankind is  in a huge retard with respect to its process of awakening and preparation for mass ascension in Dec 2012. In order to achieve this goal, some major events have to occur on earth and transform both, the old Orion/reptilian world order and the collective human mentality, which is entrapped like Gulliver in a huge network of invisible cords of basic fears and inadequate patterns of social behaviour. Only when all material and ideal structures of the current human civilisation are more or less completely destroyed, can the masses begin to shed their current deleterious modes of thinking and social reactions and enter the road of spiritual evolution, which will be crowned with their ascension by the end of 2012. Hence, there is very little time left to carry out this enormous education and transformation programme. We will be the ones, who will lead mankind through this adventure of cosmic proportions, and only later on can other highly evolved civilisations enter the scene and help us.

2. Due to the fact that the planned ascension at the stargate 11.11.11 was postponed, the soul contracts of all incarnated human entities have been automatically prolonged. The proportion of their final karmic experience was subsequently extended and its intensity was hugely augmented due to the higher frequency energies flooding earth after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. This circumstance renders the unique possibility for many human beings to finish completely with their rest karmic obligations in an accelerated mode, so that when the shift will come in early 2012, they can irreversibly move to a higher dimension. This would say that  the split of the two timelines and the human fractions will be definite when the shift will come…

All ascension candidates for Dec 2012 will be separated interdimensionally from the population of juvenile human souls who are representative of all dark aspects in the current human condition. These souls will remain on the catastrophic earth B and will have to go through all natural catastrophes, economic, social and technological disasters that are planned for this timeline after the split of the dimensions.

From this we must conclude that we should not expect big financial, economic and political collapses before the magnetic pole reversal occurs, but only their visible initiation. This experience will be sufficient for the ascending human fraction to finish with its rest karma. When the actual crash will come, they will have moved to a higher dimension and will begin to create the new 5-dimensional earth…”


While discussing the current, de facto defaulted financial system, being on the verge of total collapse, I forwarded on February 10, 2012, in my February Update on the economic collapse the idea that the long expected financial crash may no longer play this pivotal role as an initial trigger of the total collapse of the old world order, as most cosmic deadlines for the End Times have been reached or already trespassed, so that now only a total devastating blow, carefully orchestrated from the higher realms, will have a real chance of success:

“The forces of light were confronted with a very complicated optimization exercise during the current End Times. On the one hand, both the national states and the old economic order must collapse at some point in time before humanity can start preparing for mass ascension in Dec 2012.

On the other hand, humanity is still in huge retard with its awakening and revolting against the ruling cabal as the anemic Occupy movement in the USA explicitly shows. If this crash would have come earlier in 2011, this would have only unleashed the basic survival fears of the masses and the crash would have been exploited by the dark ones to promote their agenda of the New World Order. When you have scared, fearful masses you can manipulate them very easily, as this has always been the case in the past.

For that reason it was decided in the higher realms that there will be first a powerful infusion of loving energies by opening the stargate 11.11.11 and two further portals 12.12 and 21.12 (winter solstice), which were as magnificent as the stargate 11.11.11. These energies have raised the basic vibrations of the masses, so that they already begin to experience more loving emotional and mental patterns and to disentangle themselves from the prevailing dark Orion ideas that have reigned on this planet and society for eons of time. These baseline energies, promoting love, compassion and truthfulness by opening the 4th heart chakras in many human beings since 11.11.11, were further augmented in January and are about to reach a peak in February, when the first cracks in the dysfunctional financial and economic system of the world economy can no longer be hidden…

The advantage of a late financial crash – most probably in association with the pending magnetic pole shift this spring – is that it will not affect that much the portion of humanity, which is bound to ascend at the end of 2012. They will move immediately after the shift and the split of the two timelines to the new ascending timeline, where new, just and transparent numerical systems of payments will be introduced very soon, together with new advanced technologies from the higher realms. This will happen in the second half of 2012…

In this sense, everything I have anticipated so far with regard to the economic collapse in 2011 is still valid and will now take place in 2012. Only the magnitude and the speed of these sweeping events will be accordingly augmented as to take into account the huge delays in the 2012 scenario. Only in this way can the optimal conditions be achieved, under which humanity can be prepared for the coming mass ascension by the end of this year….”


This somewhat  academic assessment on my part was brilliantly confirmed by the intuitive shamanistic visions of Shinzhi Rumi and his mother, as published in “The Prophecy of the Two Arcturian Bears“, on February 16, 2012:

“The bears are to protect us before and guide us during the Shift to occur within 2-3 months. I saw a massive energy current shooting into the north pole. This will cause Earth to split in one planet B turning into a glowing charcoal, and one planet A turning into a luminous globe. The ascending part of humanity will enter the prophesied “Golden Age,” free from malevolent manipulations, free to create a future of its own design. They will get lots of support from star visitors…”


Finally, in my “Energy Update – March 2012“, February 27, 2012, I announced that the ultimate decision to start with the final changes of Gaia and humanity, as extensively discussed among the members of the PAT during the last six months, was finally taken on February 26th in the highest realms of cosmic providence for this planet, solar system and universe.

I also confirmed that you have contributed decisevely to this decision with your courageous behaviour and with your enhanced influence as souls in the higher realms, after you took the sole responsibility for the ascension of humanity on the ground and sacrificed yourselves one more time by deciding to prolong your soul contracts:

Yesterday, February 26th, 2012 is a turning point in the history of mankind and earth. We have entered a new period of energetic constellation, where the splitting of the two timelines will become for the first time evident and palpable for all human beings. This process is ongoing since we opened the portal 11.11.11, but this process was felt only by the members of the PAT and some other more evolved incarnated human entities. To the vast majority of human beings, it was business as usual during these last four months. Now the collapse of the old matrix has reached a level when its outer holographic images of the old world order can no longer be energetically sustained and will begin to crumble according to the hermetic principle “inside as outside”.

This new development will bring great advantages for all of you. Until now we had to experience the huge transformation in our energetic fields in the course of our LBP without seeing any tangible results whatsoever. I need not discuss all the frustration this unyielding situation has caused to all of us. The reason for this was that we were still linked to the old magnetic matrix of Gaia and humanity in order to raise their frequencies and infuse more light in the model from the ground, which is the most effective way to transform this planet and its population…

We discussed last week that the new crystalline grid is almost completed earlier than planned due to our efforts to transfuse high frequency energies in the astral atmosphere of Gaia and humanity.

It is not a well appreciated fact that the higher some individuals raise their personal frequencies on the ground, the quicker the ascension process of Gaia and humanity will be. This is an extremely non-linear process, where the achievements of a few courageous wayshowers such as the members of the PAT is sufficient to augment the frequencies of the whole humanity in an exponential non-linear manner. The synchronization of your thoughts and experiences around this website in the last four months has hugely contributed to this goal of cosmic proportions.

We have already discussed in the context of our expected ascension at 11.11.11 that one ascended master would transmit during the short period of time, while going through the portal. such huge and powerful energies that they would be sufficient to open and awaken one million human beings on the ground. This ratio is still valid for the members of the PAT after 11.11.11, notwithstanding the fact that we decided to stay on earth and postpone our ascension….

In fact our “coefficient of light efficiency” has multiplied in these last four months, because we stayed longer on earth, beyond our initial contracts, and could ascend our frequencies beyond any limitation observed so far in this galaxy. In this way we actually promoted the light quotient on earth beyond the initial expectations. We have thus turned the disadvantage of the delayed awakening of humanity at the stargate 11.11.11 to a major advantage, as now the actual splitting of the two timelines will come earlier than played out in the most optimistic astral probability alternatives for the End Times.

We will start to experience increasingly more loving energies from the 5th dimension, where we will now reside in a more conscious manner. We will be kind of wrapped up in these energies as in an impermeable bubble that will protect us from the hurricane that will swirl around us and we will float above all calamities, mayhem and social upheavals that will commence on a grander scale in March and will peak in the coming months of this spring until summer.

You will feel this improvement in your personal lives and in the way you will begin to perceive the new reality that will emerge from the chaos. This will be possible because we are now being linked to the new crystalline grid of the New Earth in preparation for the magnetic pole reversal and the definite split of the two timelines when we will also ascend. We actually perform this split in advance in our function as wayshowers to the new 5d-reality of mankind….”


In confirmation of this announcement, Shinzhi Rumi wrote to me on the same day (February 27, 2012) as published in Report-66, February 28, 2012:

“By the end of January/beginning of February, Maria asked the Arcturians how long we were to wait to get more specific information concerning the Shift. “Wait two full moons.” The first full moon was February 7/8 when “solar tornadoes” were registered, while February10/11 another portal was opened according to the Arcturians.

The second full moon is March 7/8. Robin highlighted (pun intended) in SOAR-65:

“If we see that Spring’s mid-point, LIGHT-wise, is the Equinox, that means that we are already living in the Spring of 2012, and that the building of the energy of Light we all feel is also because the seasonal process for 2012 is heading to ITS “zero point” with the present lengthening of daylight as we approach the Vernal Equinox.

This would mean that the present daily building of light supports what we can feel happening in our bodies and our sense that “the light is changing”, instead of interpreting it as “having Spring fever”, like it’s not what it feels like it is.

The point here is that in Report 62, Yoa received information that “3 weeks + 1 day” was how many weeks left to ascension/shift. That puts it right at March 11th; and on my calendar, that day just “happens” to be the arbitrary date for “Daylight Savings” to begin…ha!

If the shift/our ascensions are to happen in “the Spring, then THEY ARE BUILDING NOW as a collective pole shift/zero point occurrence within US, since this really already is Spring, and its Mid-point is on March 20th. More and more pieces confirming the Big Change Picture.”

Thus Shinzhi Rumi confirmed what Robin had suggested two days before under the guidance of her higher soul for the exact date of the beginning of the BIG EVENTS. This insight was confirmed by my higher self in the last several days.


This retrospective presentation of our continuous discussion on the destiny of mankind and Gaia in the current End Times reveals not only the astounding reliability of our collective visions and forecasts, but also proves that we have actually begun to shape our destiny and that mankind as the spearhead of the enlightened community since the summer of 2011 – in fact, much earlier at the individual level,

The impact of our collective visions on the human destiny will hugely amplify the role of the PAT this week when the crystalline 144-grid will commence to function with full power. We will be soon the energetic extension of this grid and thus the extension and pristine representatives of the parental forces of light. After this week, we will become not only instrumental for many major changes on this planet, as has already been the case in the last six months, but we will for the first time step up on the historic stage and firmly reclaim our role as keepers of the New Earth and Gaia.

The days are numbered when the curtain will be lifted and your current “limelight fever”, as Ben recently commented in an email, where he announced the publication of his first videos to enlighten humanity, is more than natural. The final act of the cosmic drama has already begun!  

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