State-of-Ascension-Report-73: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-73, March 11, 2012


Peter Bruegel The Elder, Apocalypse

March 11, 2012

Dear George,

The sensational development regarding the inclusion of Planet AB provides a win-win situation for all Beings involved. Planet B provides a refuge for those of dark persuasion and removes their interference to those who want to evolve further.

Planet AB provides a refuge for those who are so confused, they cannot see the Truth, but want to improve their lot. This environment, free from artificial fear-mongering technology, will give an opportunity for the evolution to a position of creative mastership rather than victim hood based on an obsolete controlling child/parent paradigm. Planet AB also provides for a continuation of the more dense physical experiences, but this time without the constraints and pitfalls of dark energies.

When an entity is ready to evolve past dense physical experiences, Planet A provides the perfect environment for advancement.

The prime purpose of this Solar System is to provide the environment for Humanity to overcome victim hood and realise that they are Sovereign Beings. There is no need for child/parent attitudes where off-planet entities dictate the state of play. The overthrow of this victim hood is essential as a model for those parts of the Universe where oppression is taking place that is contrary to Universal Laws. The process would have played itself out long ago, but for the interference of dark forces which saw their opportunity to prolong their control. The innocence and trusting nature of Humanity allowed the subsequent appalling manipulation of genetics and created an environment which has made it very difficult for Humanity to rise above. There has been so much disinformation and downright lies and deception especially in the last hundred years, that it is impossible for most of the population on this planet to grasp the purpose of their existence. Religions, nationalism, racism and economic models have all contributed to the blood sacrifices that were required by dark forces to maintain their control – control which is now at an end.

We are to be congratulated for being able to formulate this plan which is fair to all parties concerned. It also sits comfortably within the bounds of Universal Laws. It is a huge relief to all parties.

All members of PAT, without exception, have loved ones and acquaintances who are not of our persuasion. And it was heart-rending to imagine that these loved Beings were to be cast down once again onto the dismal mouse-wheel of Planet B.

Planet AB provides the perfect environment for those who need to play out their physicality and develop their consciousness as a Sovereign Being, without the hindrance of dark outside forces. Indeed, some members of PAT may find that they wish to have a more fulfilling human experience on Planet AB ad this is a good choice for them. Who wouldn’t like to experience the Garden of Eden in all its original splendour? Who wouldn’t like the experience of a sexual relationship without interference from outside controllers?  Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the pristine physical natural wonders with the innocence of our true nature?

Now we have more choices and every individual must ensure that they choose wisely and make choices that are compatible with their Soul.  These coming days promise the denouement we have been waiting for, and perhaps we all need to commune deeply with our Soul so she can lead us where we need to be.  It is an opportunity to get rid of parental imprinting and explore deeply and truthfully our inner realm and allow ourselves to choose the experience which is in line with our true self.

in love and light
March 11, 2012

Dear George

I have read your latest report 72. I have to say that at first the New 3 Earth scenario felt like a compromise to the situation, and it had the feeling of being a human way of compromise not at a higher level. But having had the night to review I have come to this: masses of humans live in a matrix world i.e computer, mobile, games, twitter, yes they are the sleeping masses. Many of these people have ‘faith’. Whether we believe that they are able to sufficiently elucidate what it means, is not important. There are millions of them, they are  people, living entities, they have a soul. So at the soul level they have built/chosen earth A/B as their place to live in duality world for the next 2 thousand years. They are not ready to leave duality .They are not bad people. I feel that post 11.11, the light version of ascension, we could have underestimated the powerful vision of the future for ‘sleeping masses’

This includes many humans that dutifully follow a religious practice in their daily lives and still believe in an individual god. Also those that do not believe in a form of religion and are ‘science based’. Their souls have built, created, demanded at soul level Earth A/B.
I now can see that this is not a compromise, the light quotient release was always going to be a ‘hope’ on our part. I think we had reached this conclusion at soul level when we got fed up after 11.11 and demanded that heaven produces results.

I for one am now content that the cancer of duality will be finally ‘cut off’ from hu-mans. When heaven delivers this with the pole shift, or the universe delivers it with Elenin, Nibiru or whatever it will take, I will now be ‘working’ my energies in this direction. Does this explain why I have felt far more bold and courageous lately? I believe so. Then as PAT we can believe in this ascension version and finally push to rid duality of the dark once and for all. This includes  the final curtains for earth B and showing how we can live in a world without darkness.

love and light
March 11, 2012


After hearing about this new alternative,  I believe my soul may have been advocating for planet AB at the February 26 meeting. I felt quite sad  that  an alternative was needed because so much of the planet remains asleep but I also felt a sense of great optimism that they will have an opportunity to eventually move on to the 5th dimension. Planet B sounds like a horrible place. Although they may be asleep, there are many good people, who I believe with assistance, could move on to the 5th dimension.

The evening of March 8 I had a dream, I, and a group of people, had finished a task (a very important task). Each member of the group signed off  in a crystal book similar to a briefcase. We each had our own book. Once it was signed our book was closed. It was very  solemn ceremony. I believe this was PAT in a graduation/completion ceremony and that we have completed our assigned task. And that it was recorded in the Akashic record.

Love & Light,
March 11, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Last week my dear friend was visiting me. We did spend hours discussing current events (on the ground and in heavens ). Our last conversation was about the technical side of ascension and the subject that there are so many souls who would not qualify for Planet A but clearly would not belong on Catastrophic Planet B.

Try to place a child from Middle School in Elementary School or High school. He would not be in the right place in either of them. Same goes for 2 Planet scenario.

Next day when I did see your post “Sensation! New 3rd Earth A/B will be created” I felt a big relief and excitement at the same time. This is the “missing link”! Now all cards will fall in their place perfectly. Finally heavens have come up with the realistic plan that would fit the real situation and would accommodate many souls with proper placement. Also I felt that many lives will be spared because souls, instead of going through death cycle, can simply move to planet AB and continue their education. Although it is not the best case, I feel that it is a good solution for the current situation.

with love,
March 10, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I was amazed to read your comments about a three earth split. I am still sorting through and researching the two earth hypothesis. If there is a three way split, my feelings tell me that the inhabitants of A/B earth would have an extended opportunity to wake up but without the dark entities. Surely those of the dark would be left to fight it out amongst themselves on Earth B. Those of us in the 5thD would then be allowed to come back and forth between A and A/B to still help them prepare for 12-21-12 at 11:11 a.m. There are a lot of loving beings who are still sleeping but deserve the opportunity to ascend even if they don’t know what hits them in December.  As the scripture says, we shall not all sleep, but we will all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye. The PAT will have to be there after this brilliant white energy light hits those who are still here on 12-21-12 to help them understand there new beingness. Thanks. I am waiting  with every new wave of energy to totally transform.

In love and light.
March 11, 2012

Dear George,

Thank you very much for your far more detailed and quite different analysis of how you believe the three-earth-scenario will manifest this year. The coming weeks and months shall be very interesting!

Perhaps Heaven has learned that its Law of Non-Interference needs a major revision, since the Human race is so hugely retarded spiritually and intellectually, as a direct result. It is inconceivable even to my stripped-down Human brain that a race so abused, desecrated, dumbed down, misled, manipulated, controlled and poisoned both mentally and physically can be expected to suddenly awaken at the snap of Heaven’s finger. I honestly can’t imagine what Heaven was thinking in allowing such outrageous maltreatment of a people whom it expected one day to join the benevolent galactic community. To pass this off as a magnificent learning experience is a little too incredulous for me, and would be nothing short of a cop-out, in my opinion.

Earth A/B is obviously the interim solution to this otherwise avoidable debacle, though I don’t know how or if we can ever be repaid for what I perceive to be a grievous failure by Heaven. Hopefully, some manner of reparations will be forthcoming, as it is way past time for our lives to become easier!

One thing is certain… the next time Heaven is looking for assistance with a particular planet and race, it may be hard-pressed to find volunteer star seeds, wayshowers, Ascended Masters, etc., their having witnessed the immense failure that has transpired on Earth. I would never again volunteer for such a mission without a major rewrite of the Law of Non-Interference. Rant over.

Dear Bill,

This earth was a big trouble spot in this galaxy, so that from heaven’s perspective any kind of success here is a huge success. The other alternative would have been annihilation of this toxic planet, and until 1997 this was a very probable alternative. From that point of view we still have had a great success, given the fact that so few souls have achieved so much for so many souls. This has never been achieved in this galaxy. You should evaluate our success independently from the overall result. Read also report-72, where I discuss this issue at some length with other readers.

With love and light
March 10, 2012

One More Time On Hypnosis and Other Wrong Categorical Systems of the Collective Human Mind


Having just finished reading the two newest postings from your website I’d like to reply to, as well as clarify some a bit concerning our email exchange, especially in regards to Joe’s reply, published in report 71. Initially, I’d like to point-out that whilst Joe, as an established practitioner of hypnotherapy, surely understands the technical tidbits & his associated training more so than myself, I feel that in this instance it is important to stress that in mine experiences (& this woman practitioner was not the only experience I’ve endured in regards to hypnosis) these practitioners do not all explain the “trance-like” state (which is, imho, remarkably similar to meditation/meditative-like states we can ALL achieve without the induction of another entity, in this instance any practitioner… I do agree though that some of us, some entities, do not/cannot, for whatever reason(s), achieve such a state without any “outside” help) which DOES, certainly, allow for conscious speaking, etc..

What is also important to understand is that, given this dynamic, that not all experiences being relayed via hypnosis, quantum-hypnosis, past-life regression(s), channeling, & the like, which can be all lumped together into a ‘knowing’ of-sorts & from this morass it is mine opinion that no true discernment can be propagated. Phrased differently, what I mean to elucidate is that taking ALL of these experiences, which are really variables, cannot & does not paint a convincing picture as the “truth” is (or could be) henceforth buried beneath half-truths & flat-out inaccuracies. Contrariwise to a broadening of one’s perceptions this scenario of confusion & half-truths serves only to further reinforce the social paradigms that serve to imprison us.

Additionally, as you & I further discussed in the portion of email exchange that wasn’t published, I do not feel that mine expectations of this practice were at all unreasonable; in fact, contrariwise to Joe’s assertion (which, I do note & understand he prefaced as speculation) I went into this experience with a completely open mind, even preparing, per the practitioner’s urging, fully five+ handwritten pages of questions & such… I was beyond excited to experience this regression &, coupled with the exhaustive research I had previously compiled, I feel that I went into the experience completely openly & transparent. I want(ed) to KNOW, anything, something, everything! =)

To Joe, specifically: I never intended, nor do I, “blame” the practitioner for mine experience; for me it was simply validation that I already KNOW what I need to know… It was further validation that too much of the esoteric scene is, truly, awash with complicit (knowingly or not) personas whom are not/do not really understand the energetic dynamics that they are indeed “messing about with”.

In an effort to further this example let’s examine what we believe/intuitively know about Western medicine/health. It has been successfully argued (as well as essentially proven) that most of Western medicine is a fraud, built upon the pharmaceutical industry, it’s profits, etc, and the ideology of treating symptoms, via drugs, instead of actually solving/curing the imbalances (energetic imbalances, keep this distinction in mind) or dis-ease(s).

So, I ask in all seriousness, if we can & do prove that established Western medical science, being largely & irrevocably flawed due to a very serious & deeply-entrenched paradigm, which is itself fraudulent & false, how can & why do we attribute the “science” of psychotherapy/psychoanalysis as any more legitimate, as somehow being more correct, more true? This is a blatant disconnect and it is, also, the very sort-of disconnect which can be perceived across & within vast swathes of the established, corrupt societal paradigms in which we all live (and suffer!). I’m sorry to sound as if I am berating Joe & or other practitioners of such “sciences” but, truly, I’ve had this same discussion with physicians who cannot see beyond their “education” which, being flawed, is not/cannot be adequately defended! One need look no further than the established doctrine of medical science in regards to nutrition & vaccines to discern the utter ridiculousness, bordering on outright lunacy, prevalent throughout such “sciences”.

So, extrapolating these examples into the larger picture I am sorry indeed that Joe feels mine intent was to lump him & practitioners like him into the esoteric, ‘Vanity Fair’ charlatans as that was not mine point. Rather, mine point was to point out that there is an unbelievable number of layers comprising these subjects & this scenario has been/is purposefully fostered so as to keep us confused & dumbed down, a result of the Orion system(s) @play everywhere throughout our reality & experiences.

(NOTE: I do believe that Freud himself, the so-called ‘Father of psychoanalysis’ wavered between the value/no-value of hypnosis & the practice there-of. Now, certainly, I am not as informed about this topic, certainly not as informed as some others likely are, and yet, importantly, I think that the references I made above concerning Western medicine in-general is a barometer for the inherent value (if any) of ANY western scientific field. We already know we’ve been improperly/incompletely “educated” in regards to such “sciences” so, truly, why would the science of psychology/psychiatry NOT be similarly infected?

Joe wrote: …”I also think that most channelers out there are channeling their higher selves mostly, with some parts chipped in from their monkey mind…”

Agreed! Completely, and this brings us to the point I was trying to make in regards to lumping hypnosis & channeling together; each is ONLY valuable to the entity involved because each is/are highly, deeply symbolic for that entity. This doesn’t mean there is no truth or value, either in hypnosis, or channeling, but imho it does mean that it, any value, is subjective & cannot therefore be objective!

I know that the way I write & speak is/can be somewhat obtuse but, truly, I am an open individual whom will examine the commonality of any & all subjects. What I do do, honestly, is discount information (& I do so quite easily) when I see blatant discrepancies therein, whatever the reason for those discrepancies. For instance, I immediately discount any “medical” practitioner, physician, psychiatrist, whomever, whose knowledge of/opinion of cannabis is aligned with the “establishment”. For me, the evidence of this miraculous plant IS overwhelmingly positive and, through decades of propaganda & b.s., this miraculous plant is overtly vilified! Why? Ask yourself, why? The answer is the Orion paradigm & it’s establishment which truly, truly runs so, so deeply, is so entrenched everywhere throughout our (i.e. humanity’s) established paradigms, that there are so, so many who are unwittingly trapped, as well as manipulated & used, by said establishment! It doesn’t end with economy or $$, just as it doesn’t end with vaccines, nutrition, cannabis, or psychotherapy.

In a nutshell I am speaking in extreme abstracts which are difficult to easily portray into words; I appreciate the feedback & perspective from Joe, as well as his indignation & “offense”… But, like yourself Georgi, I am not here @this time for any reason besides helping to free us from this toxic paradigm… that the toxicity of this paradigm stretches more deeply & intricately into areas of our lives/careers/beliefs than most of us are aware of & yes! It is painful & ugly to examine those dark places. Yet, if we are to truly transcend this paradigm and establish one of unity & prosperity it is inconceivable that we would take with us ANY part(s) of a rotten paradigm.

In closing I’d like to provide two links I found, just now, by using Google & searching for Freud & his “opinions” of hypnosis; I haven’t yet taken the time to read these completely, having just skimmed them quickly, but in each case there is validation of-sorts for exactly what I am trying to portray herein: that psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, etc. IS a westernized “science” which, as we have tons of evidence of, IS part & parcel of our current, toxic, Orion-based paradigm. I mean, seriously, c’mon, look up & understand what vaccination IS – a pseudo, nazi-science whose sole purpose is the destruction of the body & the disconnection of mind from soul! ANYTHING which allies & aligns itself with such an evil is, cannot be, anything else but also broken, toxic, & likely, “evil”.

Thanks for moderating Georgi and, truly, if this is beyond the scope of your vision for your website I understand completely; in no way am I intending to alter the dynamics you are steering along with. I hope that mine opinion is valued herein because the crux of mine point is that these Orion-based “systems” are & have infected the very core of what we believe to be “human” and, imho, this corruption runs so deeply, and is also so, so cleverly interwoven in our lives & beliefs, that facing it is a painful & certainly traumatic experience. I guess I just do not know how else to elucidate this p.o.v. any better with the cumbersome words I have to use @this moment in time!

With Love & most, most Sincerely,
Dear Geoffrey,

I am glad that I asked you to streamline your elucidation on hypnosis as you have now broadened it as to encompass the fraudulent concepts of current Western type of medicine, which has usurped the concept of science, but is in fact the melting pot of all most dangerous concepts that lead to human genocide. My whole General Theory of Biological Regulation in volume III is dedicated to exposing this medical fraud in all scientific details.

Your fundamental question:

“Why should another human collective product of Western medical approach as hypnosis, now tainted in rosy esoteric colours, be less fraudulent than the science of medicine?

is the mother/father of all human questions and it leads to one ultimate and irrevocable conclusion:

“There is no existing categorical system of collective human thinking that is not flawed and detrimental to human life as long as it has been created under the conditions of separation established during the Orion/Reptilian reign on this planet.

It is a sobering act, but unless we meet this stark truth with open eyes and stop indulging ourselves in the appropriateness of our self erected ivory towers, we will always delude ourselves in one or another way and will carry past ballast that will hinder us in our highest possible ascension to realms, where such concepts can no longer exist.

With love and light
March 10, 2012

Reptilians, The Bohemian Grove, the Great Depression and The Manhattan Project

Greetings Georgi,

First I would just like to say thank you, thank you and thank you. This site and it’s members have been such a place of light for me over the last few months. Even though I have been rather silent, I check this site a million times a day and still get that “kid in a candy store” feeling anytime you have a new post up, ha. This feels really good as I no longer get such feelings from material things. When I come on your site I always feel uplifted and get this feeling that I am part of something really wonderful.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask you some questions in hopes that it may help me find my way.  You see, I come from a family steeped in Satanism.  Many of my direct bloodline is in the Bohemian Grove. My  great grandfather is Ben ‘Sell Em Ben’ Smith (100 Minds that made the Market by Ken Fisher) used his inside connections at the Bohemian Grove to make his fortune, he then turned around and used it to fund Roosevelt and the Manhattan project.  Some pretty evil stuff….

Then one day, I find this picture of my grandfather (another Bohemian Grover) with the reptilian slit eyes and some serious bells and whistles started going off.  Am I a reptilian?  Why did he almost name my mother Aldebaran?  Why did I used to see the Greek god, Pan all the time as a child (like 100 times all when I was 7 years old).  How did I put my arm through a solid wall like a ghost?  Why had I been compelled toward the dark in the past?  Were the Hover Crafts my grandfather said he was working on really anti-gravity devices?  Was Uncle Joe, Joseph Stalin?  Why did my mom used to joke with me and tell me I was 1/4 alien as she was 1/2?

Long story short, I started to research and speak out against the Grove and my family has had me put it a mental institution 4 times in the last 6 months.  I live in Delaware, USA and in DE, corporations, not individuals, have all the rights so the minute the world “Alien” came up, I was cooked.

I guess I am writing you because my family, except those in on it, think I am crazy.  And to further dig my hole a little deeper I got drunk and drove my car into a Masonic sign at the foot of my home town.  Being almost dead in between Washington, DC and New York I just feel surrounded by this shit.  So as of next Monday I sit in front of a Masonic judge to determine my fate in the immediate future. I just wanted to get this letter out as I may be looking at 13 months and fear my Ascension process will just have to take place in Chester County Prison, Pennsylvania. To make this all the more interesting, I was an entered apprentice in the Freemasons about 2 years ago, before I realized it was a Luciferian cult. So I have betrayed my oath to them and now openly speak against them…

After all this, I went to the one person in my family, whom I thought would understand, my great Uncle Bruce Smart,  only to find out he is in the Bohemian Grove too.  Aggggh!  I felt so stupid.

Then I started noticing how my mother’s siblings were mostly all married to elite bankers. Then I got to thinking about Princess Diana, how she was used by Charles and then discarded. The exact same thing my grandfather did to my grand mom after the last child was born, hence me thinking I could maybe talk to her brother about it – Uncle Smart, whom is in on it. After which, I remembered my grandmothers nasty attitude toward children and her obsession with power and becoming the first lady in the US. I believe they were all in on child sacrifice and this is the big dark secret in my family. My mother told me she was abducted when she was a young girl off a boat going to Nantucket island, but now she denies it.

I have been working on cleaning my Karma up, I really do feel I am a good and loving person for the most part. I just worry that I may have some sort of astral vampires or entities on my case, especially with speaking against all the Satanism in my bloodline and then doing the entered apprentice ritual with the Masons probably didn’t help. Even if I do have some bad vibes working against me, I feel really protected for some reason.

Yesterday, when I was reading you post, I couldn’t help but notice you said you were in the White Brotherhood and I heard this voice in my head “I knew it.”  At any rate, I have been an Aspiring to become an initiate. I know I have a pretty steep learning curve as I hear the order is full of heavy hitters like Jesus and Buddha. I understand the lodge is not one of Earth, but they must hear my calls. It is my hope that eventually they will get tired of my belly aching and put me to task. I don’t know why, but I just feel this need to go deeper into the mysteries and heal. This tradition of involution and scheming with negative entities ends with me. If my fathers before me can use Involution and Satan, I see no reason why I can’t use Evolution and God.

Well, I am rambling a bit. I guess my question is this, if I am in fact related to a human proxy or proxies from the Orion empire, is there any special precautions I should be taking now? I know we all have reptilian genes, but is it different for people whom have highly reptilian genes and a family history of invoking dark entities?  Does this make me more susceptible to possession/dark influence as seems to be the case with my family and other highly reptilian entities? I know I can beat it either way, I was just curious as to what I am up against.

Well Georgi, you are probably one of the only people in the world I really trust on this stuff. Any light you can shed on this would be great.

All The Best Love and Light,
Jonathan Wiley Roberts
(Just in case, I always like to know)
Dear Jon,

I appreciate very much that you informed me on your personal life and problems with your family. I checked some sources regarding your great grandfather Ben (Sell’em Ben) Smith and could make the connection with what I already knew about that time – the Great Depression and the Irish-Jewish scam that unleashed this depression.

From your information I assume that you are now 32 years old and I wonder what you have done all that time and when  have you begun to realize the true situation in your family? Is it correct to assume that this has been the case in the last six months when you were put four times in a mental institution to hinder you with your investigations of your hidden family history?

Before I proceed with answering your main question, I would like to know if you want me to keep this email confidential or if I should publish it as a kind of protection for you in case you are sentenced on Monday for this misdemeanor? You have not mention anything in this respect. For the moment I will keep it confidential.

I must admit that I have no personal social experience in this incarnation with reptilian families, but I am supervising some of the most influential of the 13 ruling families as the British Royal family and the Rothschild in the dream state and get some information on my activities containing their vicious deeds. But this is different from living in such a family.

As you have correctly said, we all have reptilian genes and one or more of them do not make the things look different. Genes do have a role to play in our personality, but their effects are limited and malleable under the influence of the new Christed energies that now flood earth. Hence you should not bother much about your physical heritage. We are souls, spirits and not our bodies.

In fact, given your current spiritual interests, inclination and your emotional attachment to light and to the discussions, we lead on this website, it is prudent to assume that you are a highly evolved soul who has incarnated in this reptilian family to end this lineage as you have stated yourself. In this case you have a hard job to complete, and your feeling that you are protected by forces of light is true and not an imagination. Otherwise, you would not have survived in this family.

It might be that your mission in this life is to expose some past evils, but I personally doubt it. Most probably it is sufficient that you have taken the sacrifice to incarnate in such a family and experience the darkness in its most intimate sphere that makes you so vulnerable as a family member. In this case you must be a very courageous old soul to have dared enter the lion’s cage.

I personally will advise you to stop making recherche about your family, as not to scare your relatives much more than they are already scared, knowing or speculating what is currently ongoing on this planet and that their days are numbered. You may even pretend to have given up your intention in front of your family as to take the pressure away from themselves and reciprocally from yourself.

In the few remaining weeks and days before the events will begin to unfold, you must make sure that you protect yourself with as much christed light as possible. Below I am giving you a meditation procedure that is very powerful and works immediately for you to employ. You should use it first against your judge as not to sentence you on Monday and then against those members of the family whom you suspect to be behind you being sent to mental institutions. Later on, you may expand this procedure to your whole family. At this time there is no other way to protect yourself and this one is the most effective. But you must keep it for yourself and not discuss it with anybody in your family, as they may start using satanic rituals against you. Not that they are very powerful, they have lost their effectivity already, but why awake the dogs.

Please write some more details about your life and what you have done so far.

With love and light

Meditation with Christed Light

I have written in my previous reports about this powerful energetic method as to how to protect against dark entities, but will summarize it for you one more time as you may not find it easily on my website. I assume that you will easily learn to apply it, as you said, “you have a steep learning curve”. Use it as often as you can in the coming days beginning today:

You start immediately with the following meditation. You relax in your bed and then ask loud your soul, your soul family, your soul tribe, all forces from the causal worlds, all forces of light, all angels and archangels, until the 12th dimension up to the Source (in this order please)  to help you cope with these dark attacks from your family and be Christ protected.

Then you begin to visualize a spiral of white christed energy from the source and how it wraps your whole body. Then you begin to spin this energy into an impermeable energy ball around your body in the following way:

Three times you make an energy circle like the equator from left to right and then three times you make a meridian from left to right (or from above to bottom) and three time a circle starting from your body and circulating it away from the body. All circles are thus perpendicular to each other and build a complete 3d- ball. You have to use your Imagination until you become more experienced in this procedure.

Then you expand the energy ball of white christed light and wrap up your house and then you repeat the three circles each one three times again. The you expand the energy ball for a third time as much as you can imagine, say the whole Delaware, and repeat the above procedure.

When you have finished with this part of the procedure you do it once again, this time wrapping the reptilian entity in your family that attacks you – first his/her body, then her house and then as far as you can reach.  While doing this, you are sending all the time your love and good wishes and then you should cry as loud as you can  and as often as you wish: “Leave my energy fields immediately” while imagining how this entity is wrapped in the ball of white christed light and is taken away by the energy spiral and thrown out of the galaxy.

When you have trained this procedure it takes about 15 minutes to complete it. Start immediately and do it several times a day – especially in the morning and before going to bed, and as often as you can during the day. You will feel the difference very soon.

Do this meditation and purging  procedure for at least a month and then anew each time you feel vulnerable. Now the energies are such that it will have even greater power than half an year ago. I had problems with an aggressive neighbour and I neutralized him to such an extent that I have not seen him after that for more than a year and a half and he stopped bothering me.

It works fabulously. It is important that you send as much love and as intensively as you can as in this way you imprison this dark entity in christed love and she/he can no longer move and escape this light prison, in which you have wrapped him and you are thus protected.
Hey Georgi,

Thanks for the quick response. I don’t mind at all if you post this email. Maybe it can serve to help anyone whom may be in the “snake pit” ha.

You are right about my being Irish, in fact Sell em Ben used to fly his horses over from Ireland.  I’m not too read up on the exact details of this Irish-Jewish scam, but that sounds right up his ally.  I know he sold short on another family members company (Maybe Anaconda Copper?) to make his fortune right before the depression. Of course this was all on insider information from his dark cabal buddies, so he funneled it right back into funding their evil aspirations.

Thanks for the comment about being a soul more so than a genetic. My friend says when asked if she thinks she has a soul.  “I do not have a soul, I am a soul, I have a body.”  I always liked that…

I used to think I had to expose all of these evils, but you are right, that does not feel as important now. Initially, I felt so compelled to try and save the ones I could, hence me speaking out and getting locked up. I even thought I could talk the Satanists in my family off the ledge, and tried to some of them only to be met with extreme anger like I have never seen from them before. But now, especially with the 3rd timeline, I am feeling ever more confident that things will work themselves out for the greater good. I have faith that the innocent in my family (most them actually) will be sorted out come Ascension time. Hell, I even think the guilty will come around and realize they are wrong, you just have to understand, they are so entrenched by these evil forces it may take a while. Not to mention, who knows what kind of pacts they have made…  Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the feeling that even Lucifer will one day realize the error of his ways. Kinda like when I was a teenager and ran away from home to “do it on my own” ha.

Thanks so much for the meditation. I just did a little of it while reading and it felt great. I get what you are saying about not wanting to wake the dogs, but I think that maybe a little late. I already told my Uncle Jay Smith (big time Bohemian Grover) that I “I am fucking your evil plans up”  and then proceeded to tell him about his upcoming arrest if he didn’t tell my mom the truth about the family and renounce his evil ways. I also told him he was to give me 10 Million dollars, so he could watch his own reptilian blood seize the Washington Monument, lol.  My real goal was just to kick the bee hive, I think it worked. I didn’t really expect him to say OK, tell the truth, renounce Lucifer and give me 10 Mil…  but it’s a nice thought.

About me, well, grew up on a dairy farm, dad a farmer and my mother a veterinarian.  Had a great childhood really. However, when I started seeing Pan all the time, I started to worry that the dark was after me. Soon after that my grandfather stuck me in military school and I became a hardened asshole for a while. Then when I was like 15, I read a book called the Celestine Prophecy by James Reddfield and it changed my life. He was talking about the Ascension and how people use energy in manipulative ways for egotistical purposes. I realized my who self worth was tied to this bullshit image of being this almighty ass kicker and I was really empty. Then I got all spiritual for like 3 years, caught a ton of shit, quit talking about it and just settled in for a mundane life in 3D.

I went to school to be a Vet like my mom, but was nineteen, and honestly my focus was on chasing skirts. So I did what any kid who liked to party too much in college did, and majored in Psychology. After school, I became a financial planner/alcoholic and just felt empty. I started to think things would make me happy, so I got a house but still felt empty. Then I sought a title, and started to fight in Jiu Jitsu competitions, won some medals and still felt empty. It was like I just went back to sleep. Then, like a year ago, I went into the Blue Ridge Mountains and my spirituality came back to me and hit me like a truck. For the past year I have been playing catch up…  Thanks so much for this site and helping get me up to speed, it really is a great thing going on here. Gotta run.

Dear Jon,

thanks for the additional information. Just for your information, Lucifer did return back to Godhead in the 70s and his creations remained in the 4th dimension without a supervisor. This return was a necessary prerequisite for the current ascension process. Hence there is always hope for any dark entity to return to the Source. After all, duality is only a game and when one realizes this, there is no game any more and no evil and no good, but  just unity. I hope that we will soon return to this unity. My guess is in the next three months, in this spring.

March 10, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I’ve been following your website on and off since, I think starting around the 20th report. I thank you for all your work, you brought us together. Although I’m not sure if I’m one of the PAT, but I do feel all this make sense to me, and the information on your website is the only source I feel I can totally trust and reply on.

I’m originally from mainland China, and now staying in Hong Kong, where the information is all reachable. Maybe this is why my soul guided me here.

It’s hard to stay happy in the 3d life when you have built a spiritual inner world. It’s painful on my everyday way to work which used to be my dream job/career, now that it’s just killing me inside. But somehow I know I still have to stay at the job for several months before I can just quit, for the reasons of being the light beacon to the colleagues or to not cause family’s worry of me being acting recklessly or what so ever. There were moments when I was not so busy, I was sitting in front of my desk and computer, and sensing the whole office people around me are strangers, I don’t understand their world, they don’t understand me. They are so close to me, yet so far from me. I never had the thought of saving somebody’s soul, because I learned it’s very personal experience. So I rarely talked to anyone about this, and I don’t need others to confirm this, and still being alone and on my own.

My mom passed away in a car accident when I was 12. I felt sad and cried hard when I was standing beside my mom’s body at the hospital, with another strange and shameful feeling of joy, like something good is waiting for me. I couldn’t explain at the time. I felt like I’m finally free, and can start to live on my own will. I love my mother, and I felt she was around me for several years until her dad, my grandpa passed away when I was in university (I guess they unite?). Now my understanding is that, this was a deal, we agreed that she will leave our family like this to put us in such experiences to walk through. I had tough life after my mom died, mainly because of tough relationship with my father and the new family he tried to build up. Anyways, I’ve sorted out myself, and the relationship with my father through all these years, and I think my karma in this incarnation is over, and I’m ready to ascend.

My mom’s dead is a wake up call to me. A while after she died, I realized that I’ve dreamt of how she died when I was around 10. That’s when I started to notice my strong dream/spiritual energy, which is also the start of inner self exploring. I used to think I must be mad and needed some therapist to help me out, so I kept a diary for nearly 10 years of all my weird/crazy thoughts and emotions, and hoping someday when I have enough money to go to a therapist I could show her this diary. It really accompanied and helped me during the tough years. Ironically it was missing when I want to find it out now. I guess I don’t need it anymore, however the process of me keeping such a diary was actually helping me releasing fear based thoughts/emotions.

Like some of your readers, I also doubt if I’m part of the PAT member, but I think it doesn’t really matter. Because somehow I feel I’m ascending with the mass in Dec 2012, not in first ascension. As I feel I’m here to stay until the last minute and to help out during the mass ascension (not sure what kind of help tho). I don’t have the other LBP symptoms you described, I only have on and off heartache when I’m tired, it’s more like a heart chock/cramp, and I couldn’t move a tiny bit or breathe hard until wait for a while, it disappears. It happened more often when I’m around 10-20 yrs old and it rarely happened these 2 years, checked at the doctors for many times, no nothing… the only acceptable explanation is that, it feels pain because the heart muscle was out of oxygen and no pills can heal. I’m still not very sure about this saying, and also not sure if it’s part of LBP, because i was so young since it started and I have no other symptoms, or I didn’t notice.

In my current agenda, I’m still planning to get married in this May, and get pregnant in October; although I know there will be things happen in December. Maybe this has something to do with my soul contract with my fiancé, however he’s the type of guy who had shut down all his spiritual senses due to a wired childhood time. Or maybe things will be different if big events happen and change our lives.

One more thing, there are certain people in China who are also awake, and they usually go to this forum to share information, which mostly are translated channeled information from English sources, like SALUSA, abundant hope and such. Very rare Chinese channelers tho. Funny thing is, I found some mainland Chinese people are quite acceptable to these concepts, maybe perhaps they are less materialized due to the less evolved modern economy (for the older generations until 80s, the new generations are just spoiled kids).

I think I saw some content/information on the forum was translated from your website, there must be somebody doing translation when he found it useful. Oh, I hope you won’t mind since it’s helping others, they did put your names on it though. I wrote a piece of review of your articles and reports, to summarize the post 11.11.11, as people were all got disappointed, lose in patience, mad and questioning and such.

Anyways, just felt like talking to you Georgi, hope you don’t find the email boring, and excuse for the English if it causes reading problem. No need to reply me if you don’t find time. Thank you again for all your efforts and hard work, and also your son in law for the work on the website system.

With love,
Dear Vina,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive first email and I am glad that you have finally established contact with me. I appreciate your confidence to share glimpses of your personal life with me and the difficult time you have gone through. From what I gather, you are still very young, in the mid 20s, and thus a crystalline child. Your generation has never been affiliated much to this earth as you know that it will not last very long.

The members of the PAT are only several thousand and their experience is not representative for many other old souls, star seeds and crystalline children who will also participate in the first wave of ascension that will be in the millions of ascended masters.

Now, there is a new scenario which will make the change to happen even quicker and smoother, and we must be prepared for some spectacular events very soon.

I am happy to hear that some of my publications and reports on this website have made their way to China and help your countrymen to better understand their current reality. I have a faithful reader of my website and an US-citizen of Chinese origin, who regularly translates some of my writings and publishes them on a Chinese blog.

Wish you all the best in your life.

With love and light
March 10, 2012

Dear George,

I’ve just read the latest report about the possibility of a new earth A&B and I have some questions. In this report you advise about not trying to help other sleeping human entities, as they cannot be saved and that this could jeopardize your own ascension.

I have been trying to wake up a lot of people around me just by urging them to watch certain presentations and interviews about the PTB, their agenda and ultimately about ascension/portals and this has just lead indeed to them making fun of it, but still does that mean I didn’t make a difference at all? I live in Holland and I believe the PTB have a firm grip on most of the Dutch citizens, but they have gained this control, is there no way to loosen it? After I have been showing these kind of presentations and interviews (I do think they felt on deaf ears) and I don’t know if this is linked, but I have felt a lot of negativity thereafter, which started this new year’s eve and lasted throughout this year. I do think I drew in negative attention and because of that I have experienced a lot of fear patterns which hick up when I see certain people from past experiences or when I am in certain situations. It puts me in a state of fear and gives me restlessness in my mind about what is really happening around me, which I find so hard to conclude at times because it feels like I am the one with the distorted view and that I am the one causing harm.

My biggest question or a subject I would like you to elaborate on is if coaching is possible from higher dimensions to the lower ones, where a lot of souls will remain, the reason why this is so important to me is because I have been feeling like I can’t fully let go of this dimension not because of material wealth or because I enjoy this society so much my, view on that is the complete opposite and I would love to let go of all of this and enter the New Earth, which you have described so beautifully, but I do feel that if we would ascend shortly, we would leave so much behind. I would love you’re elaboration on this view!

And your poem A TERRIBLE BEAUTY IS BORN was really touching,

Love and Light
Andres Felipe Grul.
Dear Andres,

It is normal that you still feel attached and attracted to this earth and at the same time you long for the higher dimensions which are our pristine home. We all live in this split reality and have to bridge it somehow.

Now to your basic question: saving other souls. One must be indeed very specific and precise in dealing with this issue. We all have come here to help humanity and hence save their souls. The very fact that we have incarnated on this toxic planet at this time is a proof for our desire to help humanity.

What I am often talking about is that we should be very careful not to try to save the people in the old way by sacrificing ourselves as this has been symbolized by the Christ Crucifixion and followed as a pattern by many old souls in the past. Sacrifice for other people is another noble way to leave prematurely this earth and save your face for your desire to quit this hell. This drama has been extensively used by many old souls in the past and has not been very helpful on the long run. This is precisely why the sacrifice myth was introduced in Christianity by the Orion/Reptilian empire when they established this organized religion under Constantine the Great.

This myth is so disgusting, and I am made aware about it each time when I pass by a crucifix with a suffering Jesus on it, and in Bavaria where I live the countryside is full of such crucifixes. Probably you can find more crucifixes in this part of Germany than in all other countries put together, probably with the exception of Italy and Austria, which I count to Bavaria in this case.

Of course one should serve as an example by being indomitable in his ideas and even by openly expressing them, but not by trying to convince other people at any price. It is very important, no matter how much we do to enlighten other people, not to have any expectations that we will have any success. Our desire and efforts to help other people awaken should be unconditional, just as unconditional love – our motivations should not be linked to any personal expectations and final results.

Ultimately every soul is responsible for her incarnated entity, and no soul can save another soul as all souls are immortal and need not be saved. The only thing they want is to have all kinds of experiences – the good and the bad.

In this way you are not being dragged down by other entities, who do not want to awaken and mire you in their personal dramas. This happens much more often than you can imagine. And precisely this danger I want you to avoid by simply being watchful and not doing too much to save other souls in a proselyte fashion.

In addition, as you have noticed, the more you engage with people still vibrating with the old matrix, the more fear based pattern you are attracting and experiencing and this is detrimental to your LBP and personal evolution. Please, leave the management of your life to your soul and she will organize for you the necessary experiences, where you must delve in the abysses of human fears and cleanse them. But you should not actively contribute to this by attracting more negative situations than necessary. It is a very fine line to walk, but this is the art of life one has to learn throughout this last incarnation.

With love and light
March 10, 2012

Hi Georgi !

I understand that the confusion in many people is generated by reading all available information (often including myself). It often comes from not knowing how to give the right information to the timeline. In fact, may all be true – in the  third  earth,  there may be facts that until now had discarded as junk. Is it possible?

Dear Nico,

I have always considered facts of a secondary importance, at least the way they are presented and regarded now on earth. It is more important to have established a logical system of perception of the world, with which to evaluate the facts as to grasp the full picture. The more facts, as they are presented today, the greater the confusion. This is by the way the tactics of the Orion/Reptilian empire to dumb down humanity.The whole education system functions according to this principle of disinformation through scattered facts.

With love and light

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