My Personal Ascension Scenario as a Crystalline Child

by Cedric R., March 29, 2012, Copyright 2012


Anthony van Dyck, Two Dutch Brothers, 1638

By George Stankov

You may remember that when I wrote for the first time about the destiny of the crystalline children, I also mentioned the difficult situation of the two young Dutch brothers. I have been in contact with one of them, Cedric R., before 11.11.11. The last time I heard from him was in December 2011. When Cedric first approached me, he told me that he and his brother do not like to go to school anymore as they no longer want to learn the stupid stuff that the current Orion dominated education system demands from the young people to learn by heart as to be dumbed down for the rest of their life. I supported him in this decision by assuring him that very soon this system will be of no use and that one should not let be indoctrinated by these poisonous ideas.

Unfortunately, the expected ascension did not happen to the full extent and, apart from the members of the PAT who experienced an incredible opening and expanding of their heart chakras for the God’s energies of love, the rest of humanity felt nothing, so that the opening of this stargate, which was pivotal for the current awakening of humanity, was a non-event for most people.

The two young brothers told their parents about the coming 11.11.11 event and when nothing visible occurred, their position at home became unattainable. Cedric is telling us about this awkward familiar situation below. I must admit that I had a lot of bad consciousness, giving Cedric this advise, which I made to the best of my knowledge at that time.

And now comes the point. When a person is Christ protected, as all crystalline children are, there is no such thing as irresponsible decision. This judgment is always made from the position of an Orion based slavish mentality. Whenever a star seed makes a decision based on his inner voice and conviction, no matter how irrational it may seem at first glance, there is always this infinite Christ protection that provides for the most optimal alternative to be realized in one’s human life as to help the entity to progress on his spiritual path. This is what has happened with Cedric and his brother.

Our souls allow and honour our efforts to swim against the current and make courageous decisions that may be challenged or rejected severely by all kinds of obstructionists in the current debased society, who want the keep us in the old crumbling order of the Orion slavery with infinite pseudo-rational arguments. But make no mistake, as the coming events will soon clearly show, this is the road to perdition. Only when one sticks faithfully to the inner voice of his soul, can he be completely sure to overcome the impending tribulations and to find the safe way to climb above the mist of current dark confusion that spreads around the globe and enjoy the first blissful, warming rays of ascension to the higher dimensions. The story of Cedric and his brother is paradigmatic in this respect.

But Cedric has also made the huge effort to summarize all the stages we, the PAT members, have gone through in the last half an year and to present a remarkably coherent overview of the current ascension scenario, which many enlightened adults, and especially many light workers and self-proclaimed gurus, apart from this group, are not able to accomplish. Recent examples – Alfred Webre and Calleman. Therefore, I congratulate Cedric at this place for his cunning intellectual achievement, just as his countryman, the young Eric, recently showed; this is also a proof that the pedagogical efforts around this website have not been in vain. The young generation of crystalline children, be they in Europe or in the USA  is taking the flag from the old indigo generation with courage and remarkable perseverance, and I am really very, very proud of them. And now enjoy the narrative of Cedric.

Our Life Before and After 11.11.11

When I read the SOAR about Melany and the one about crystalline children, I got the feeling that I had to write George an email. Then 5 days ago my HS urged me to write it multiple times, that’s why I composed this (very detailed) exposé during the last days. First, I will explain the personal situation, both my brother and myself were in before and after 11-11-11. Then I’m going to describe, to the best of my knowledge, the way I see/interpret the ‘End Times Scenario, before and after 11-11-11, its implications and some questions I still have about it (the same as Eric did). I’m ending this elaboration by answering the basic question: “What is our (the PAT’s) perspective on the new three-earth-scenario?” and by giving my overall conclusion on the previous mentioned topics.

Personal situation before 11-11-11:

We had exams coming up mid November 2011, for which we had to start studying several weeks in advance. We had the choice between starting to study or quitting, which would affect our situation at home and the relationship with our parents drastically. Eventually we decided to quit studying in late October 2011 because we were expecting the Ascension of the PAT and some major events that would follow it around 11-11-11. We did not want to spend our “last days”  absorbing useless information at school.

We informed our parents about our ideas/plans, the way George suggested it to my brother. We basically told them, we were expecting major changes, economical and geophysical, in the coming weeks, especially around 11-11-11, and that we saw no purpose in continuing school at this time. Because our parents do not believe in “spirituality” at all, the only part they actually listened to, was the one of us leaving school. After stating how disappointed they were with us and themselves (they think they have failed to educate us properly), and comparing us with all kinds of extremists (even suicide bombers), they suggested us to go and talk with a psychiatrist.

We kindly rejected the offer and told them we, and ONLY we, were responsible for the actions we had taken and the consequences that would follow. Then, as a last attempt to change our minds, they explained to us what the consequences would be if we would stop studying: Confiscate our laptops and car, withdraw any financial support (until we started to study again), and we had to leave the house at the end of 2011. Of course, at that time we didn’t see a problem with any of the consequences, as all of them would become useless soon after 11-11-11. We finally told our parents, it didn’t matter what consequences would follow because we were certain we had made the right choice. Around that time we also had a lot of amazing synchronistic experiences that confirmed our thoughts even more.

The days after the “big” conversation, until 11-11-11, my brother and I often visited a forest nearby our house to talk, enjoy nature and escape from the low energies at home. I also checked George’s website several times a day for the latest updates. Because of the magnitude of the events that were about to happen, I felt the urge, even the responsibility, to tell my closest friends about ascension and 11-11-11.

The friends, I met at school, and being in the same age as myself, did not understand/believe much of my explanation, which is understandable because they are not spiritual and do not have the right information to properly comprehend my reasoning. I also have two other friends, who are much older than me and are spiritual in some degree. Although they have read lots of books and articles on the Internet, they do not have a clear vision of what the purpose of this reality is – Ascension. It is like they have 85% of the pieces of a big puzzle, but connect the wrong ones, with each other.

It is not that I expect them to think the same way as I do. However, I do expect them to have a clear vision about their purpose here and the nature of this reality, without too much inconsistencies and/or contradictions. Certainly, when you have studied and read a lot of information for over 20 years. Often when I ask questions or clarification about something, I get several extra questions about their answers, which is sometimes really frustrating.

They also, for some reason, constantly have a teacher-attitude towards me, although I regularly have the feeling that I am better informed. I tried to let them read George’s work, instead of me trying to explain it to them, but it is like they just can not understand his information. I do not know if it is the English language, they do not fully comprehend, or if it is the intellectual degree of his work which is too high. Anyway, they could not understand the information George has presented, so they had a wait-and-see mentality, based on the information I told them, just like my younger friends.

The last days, leading up to 11-11-11, were no different then the ones before, which was weird, because I would have expected to feel that Ascension/the pole shift was going to happen soon. I decided to wait and see, expecting/hoping for the best. Then on 11-11-11 me, my brother and two good friends went to a big forest and had a great day. I felt very peaceful, but I honestly do not know if it were the energetic conditions of that day or the beautiful nature combined with good whether. Maybe both. For some reason I did not expect any great events that day (as a feeling), but it was only when I was back home that evening and the following days that I really thought about what this uneventful 11-11-11 would mean for us, you, the PAT, and the rest of humanity.

Personal situation after 11-11-11:

I must honestly admit that I was disappointed when 11-11-11 passed and Ascension was postponed for the betterment of mankind once again. This resulted in a few weeks, where at some moments I started doubting myself and everything I believed in, and a lot of questions came to my mind. Was I going completely crazy or just becoming sane again? How could I know so much about our purpose/role in the End Times, when 80% of the people I have met, do not even know they have a soul?  Did I make myself believe in the Ascension scenario because I wanted a better world, and Ascension would perfectly fulfill this desire?

Often when I had questions like these, I tried to look at all the facts as objectively as possible and always concluded that this is the real deal and Ascension IS going to happen. When reading the post-11-11-11 SOARS that explained the actual energetic accomplishment at 11-11-11 and the change in the divine plan, I regained more and more confidence.

Mid December my brother and I had a conversation with our parents. They told us we could continue living at home, but under some conditions. First, we had to start working because we were not doing anything ‘productive’ at home, from their perspective. In our country you can only work 25 days in 6 months without paying taxes, so I had to work 25 days during the coming two and a half months, but, luckily, not more. If I would have rejected their proposal, I would have to go to work full-time, just to support my brother and myself (rent, food, electricity, …). We also had to finish our exams in May 2012 (start to study in March), by studying the courses at home.

After some thought, we decided to accept our parents offer. I prefer the scenario at home, where I have a free bed & food everyday and work 1 – 2 days per week with lots of spare time, instead of working 5 days a week, where 80% of my income goes to “surviving”. We were also, at that time, expecting the changes before or during March, so we were not planning to actually study.

We started working in the neighbourhood until the beginning of January, when my brother and I decided (together with my parents) to travel to Turkey and work there for a colleague of my father for one month. The reason for this was that the situation at home, especially the relation with our parents, was not going well at all and we both needed some time alone to get our thoughts straight. Another main reason why my parents wanted us to go to Turkey was that, under the influence of this colleague(s) of my father, they hoped that we would “forget” our weird ideas and start thinking “the normal way” again.

However, the colleague of my father and his friends were very kind, open minded people and we had a lot of very nice spiritual conversations. Eventually, that “work-vacation” had the opposite effect of what my parents had hoped/wanted and we came back even more confident than before. It was, as expected, very nice to live by ourselves for one month and to enjoy the Turkish culture in the weekends. Also the people we met there were very friendly and it was a wonderful experience.

Now we have been back from Turkey for approximately one month, and my brother and I are, ironically, in the exact same situation as prior to 11-11-11. We have to study for our exams in May, but the motivation is very hard to find (again). On the one hand we want to study, because if the situation changes and/or gets delayed again, my parents will kick us out and we will have no home or money to support ourselves. Which means we will need to start working every day from that day on. On the other hand, we both have a feeling, “A-Day” is coming soon and we do not want to study, because the stuff is completely useless, certainly in these times. In the end I prefer studying wrong stuff then going to work every day and contribute most of my energy to the Orion system.

My brother and I have had both the confirmation from our HS, on the equinox, the 20th of March, that A-Day will happen soon. We both got the massage on the same time at separate locations.

The End Times Scenario, before 11-11-11

During the time before and leading up to (and also after) 11-11-11, the PAT-members opened their portals and incorporated huge high-frequency energies from the higher realms into their personal fields. These high-frequency energies establish the condition of constructive interference and thereby eliminate stepwise all local destructive interferences on earth, such as negative, low frequency emotions and/or spiritual blockages. There is a similar cosmic process, whereby the high-frequency energies come from the central sun through our sun and not through high-consciousness beings on the planet. This process has been going on for thousands of years and started its final and most intensive phase during the first harmonic convergence in 1987.

Sadly, humanity did not awaken sufficiently under the influence of these cosmic energies to rebel against their slave-masters and reclaim their sovereignty as creator beings, as it was originally anticipated by the higher realms. These energies, coming from the central sun through our sun, together with some other factors, decrease the magnetic field of the earth and thus decrease the density of the planet.

To help/save humanity, some brave higher-dimensional beings, the PAT, crystalline children, old souls, etc.. incarnated on earth to help raise the light quotient of humanity by incorporating high-frequency energies into their fields, thus eliminating the negative, dark energies on earth by transmuting them to positive, higher energies. Initially, the ascension of those higher-dimensional beings (the PAT, …), the magnetic pole reversal, the crash of the Orion system(s), the removal of the moon, and the dimensional split between earth A and earth B were scheduled to happen around 11-11-11, but because of the deep slumber humanity was still in, it was postponed by heaven once again.

Or in other words: The high-frequency energies transmuted by the PAT members before 11-11-11, combined with the energies coming from the central sun, were not enough to awaken humanity and thus raise its light quotient to the necessary ‘level’ to reach the optimal energetic condition, when the paths of least resistance are completely opened and the energy of change can flow through the system without wasting any energy.

The End Times Scenario after 11-11-11:

The following months, the PAT continued to transmit high-frequency energies from the higher realms and thereby multiplied the light quotient of humanity, which accelerated the completion of the crystalline 144-grid beyond expectations. Ono major (positive) consequence of this accomplishment was the drastic change, in the End Times Scenario, to create a third balanced-duality planet A/B. This change in plan was only possible because of the prolonged stay of the PAT-members and their high energies on earth. Because of the exponential rise in humanity’s light quotient, mainly caused by the PAT, the split of the two timelines could happen sooner than originally anticipated, as the crystalline 144-grid is the energetic framework for ascension (5th dimensional merkaba of earth).

On the 26th of February, the decision was made in the higher realms that this new plan will begin with the completion of the crystalline 144-grid. The implementation of the crystalline 144-grid was expected to begin around the 8th of March together with the crumbling of the old dualistic Anunnaki’s magnetic grid, as the two go hand in hand. The implementation of the crystalline 144-grid would amplify its power one million times, thus accelerating the potential of human creation on earth, which eventually leads to a faster change and shield us entirely from negative 4th dimensional forces and their influences.

In the days before the S-Day (Day of the first “S“plit) I expect to see the visible initiation of the crash of all Orion systems on earth.

The S-Day Scenario

At some point in time, when the perfect energetic condition on earth has been reached, the S-Day will manifest and the following events will simultaneously happen, as they are all closely interrelated:

Some time before the S-Day:

– Completion of the crystalline 144-grid;

– Connection to the crystalline grid of the PAT-members and all other first ascension-candidates.

Just before the S-day:

– Magnetic Pole Reversal (shift);

– Start of the collapse of all the Orion systems on earth, probably starting with the financial system, orchestrated by the higher realms and/or the Galactic Federation;

– Removal of the moon (I’m not sure if it will be removed before S-Day by the Galactic Federation, or if it will stay with earth B during the inter-dimensional split);

– Some (small) natural disasters.

25% of the current human population will die this year, most of them before or during the first inter-dimensional split:

– 1/3 (8,3%) of them will reincarnate some time later on planet B (souls stay 4th dimensional)

– 1/3 (8,3%) of them will reincarnate some time later on planet A/B (souls return to 5th dimension)

– 1/3 (8,3%) of them will acquire a crystalline body by ascension through death experience in the 5th dimension and will immediately descend to the lower second level of the 5th dimension of the new earth in their current incarnation (This type of ascension is also possible on earth A/B, I guess?).

During or around the S-Day:

– Ascension of the PAT-members and other first ascension candidates to the 5th and higher dimensions (cosmic ascension, involving much less than 1% of the current human population of 6 billion);

– The inter-dimensional split between earth A/B (without the moon)  and earth B (3rd dimension, probably with the moon) and so the complete removal of all dark and low evolved entities on earth.

Immediately after the split:

– Planet A/B with 45%-50% of  the current population, will move between the 3rd and 4th dimension;

– Full collapse of all Orion systems (if they would still exist after the inter-dimensional split).

Some time after the split:

On Planet A/B with 45%-50% of the current  human population, existing between the 3rd and 4th dimensions:

– Return of some of the PAT-members as Ascended Masters to earth A/B.

– Education of the masses and the rapid implementation of advanced technologies by the Ascended Masters in cooperation with the Galactic Federation (GF) and the Agarthans from the Inner Earth.

Right After the split:

On Planet B with 25% of the current human population, dwelling in the dense, low frequency 3rd dimension:

– Big natural disasters

– Lots of social upheaval due to severe oppression by the current PTB.

Some time after the split:

On Planet B, 3rd dimension, still under the control of the dark Orion/Reptilian forces from the 4th dimension:

– Reincarnation of 4th dimensional souls, who left the current earth through death experience (8,3% of the original population).

– A huge reduction of the initial population of 25% due to harsh living conditions, natural disasters and wars.

– All souls on planet B will stay in the 4th dimension, and experience a long karmic cycle to purify themselves and prepare for their ascension to the 5th dimension in 26,000 years from now on.

The A-Day Scenario (on Planet A/B):

During the time between S-Day and A-Day (Day of final “A“scension to the 5th dimension), most probably the second half of this year, the people on planet A/B will have implemented advanced technologies and will have discovered the real “history” of earth (this will already be heaven on earth for some entities compared to the current situation) with the help of the ascended masters, the GF and the Agarthans. This will trigger a substantial awakening of the masses and give everyone a fair chance to ascend on the 21st of December 2012 to the 5th dimension or even higher. At that time, the enormous energies of the photon belt coming from the central sun will have reached their peak and trigger the Ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension, combined with the inter-dimensional split between planet A/B and planet A.

During the time between S-Day and A-Day:

– Ascension of some evolved entities to the 5th dimension (planet A) after the first ascension wave and before the final Planetary Ascension in Dec 2012.

– The progression of the inter-dimensional split between earth A/B (for entities with a balance in dark and light energies) and the 5th dimensional earth A (for entities, in which light energies prevail), which will be finally accomplished on Dec 21, 2012 after the opening of the last stargate 12.12.12.

After the A-Day:

On Planet A, 33,3% of the current human population, lower second level of the 5th dimension:

– The new keepers of this earth will be the entities who had, on one hand a cosmic ascension and thus have ascended beyond the 5th dimension, and on the other hand have decided not to return to their original civilization and stay on the new earth to help;

– The return of the 5th dimensional souls who ascended through death experience. It was in their soul-contracts to ascend, but they did not want to experience the torture of the LBP and so could not go through the portals on 21/12/12 (8,3% of the current human population).

After the A-Day:

On Planet A/B with 25% of the current human population, dwelling between the 3rd and 4th dimensions:

– This experiment will continue for approximately 2000 years. During this time all the entities inhabiting this planet will have a fair possibility to evolve spiritually and so still have the chance to ascend to the 5th dimension at a later date.

Some time after the A-Day:

On Planet A/B with 33,3% of the current human population, between 3rd and 4th dimension:

– The reincarnation of 5th dimensional souls, who left the current earth through death experience (8,3% of the current human population).

– The population on Planet A/B will increase substantially in the next 100 years due to the elimination of all current lethal factors and systems, such the current health care system of human genocide, pollution through combustion of organic fuels, chemtrails, poisons in food. HAARP-induced natural catastrophes etc. The mean life expectancy will increase to 200 years and more, so that  the balanced planet A/B will soon have the same population as this earth in the End Times.

My Take on the New Three-Planet-Scenario:

This new scenario provides on the one hand a fair possibility for everyone who has the potential to ascend to the 5th dimension, including entities who are still confused at this time. Everyone will have the correct information presented to him, so that he will have the possibility to make the right choices in the period before the 21st of December of 2012. On the other hand, it creates a perfect alternative – a balanced duality Planet A/B – for souls who are not ready to ascend at the end of 2012 to the 5th dimension yet, as they have a balance of dark and light energies instead of a prevalence of light energies, but are fed up with the old system and are willing to grow without any negative external influences. They will now also have extra time to evolve spiritually and eventually ascend to the 5th dimension under much more favourable conditions than experiencing another 26,000 years of reincarnation cycle on planet B.


The postponement of the events that were about to happen around 11-11-11 was a very good development for myself as well as for the rest of the sleeping ascension candidates. Of course, it was the PAT who had to sacrifice themselves once again for the betterment of humanity. If I compare my perspective at this moment with my perspective before 11-11-11, it is clear that I was not ready for ascension back then. As George said “no entity will ascend without a clear mind”.

The last two months, and especially while composing this presentation, I had to re-write my perspective over and over again, until I could not find any more contradictions or missing parts. I also realized that it is physically impossible to fully comprehend the scale, the magnitude, and all the ramifications of the energetic processes that are currently unfolding on earth with our limited linear mind, “We” as human beings can only scratch on the surface of it and establish a scientifically correct basis, as George did with his theory of the Universal Law.

The creation of the new three-earth-scenario provides a fair chance for everybody and involves a smooth transition without too much destruction and social upheaval (planet B excluded). From all this, I can conclude that the postponement of the 11-11-11 events and the following prolonged stay of the PAT on earth was an extraordinary positive decision which enabled a much better scenario (taking everybody into account) to manifest.

End Note

During the last days I updated my email regularly when new information was provided on the PAT website. I hope my analysis of the End Times is mostly correct, as I have really done the best I can to fully comprehend all information available. At last I want to thank Georgi for the never-ending work he is putting in this website and the emails to educate us. So feel free to comment this elaboration on the End Time scenario whenever you want. You are incredibly brave souls! I tried to structure this essay the best way I can, the same way Georgi always structures everything in a clear, understandable manner. For the rest, I would like to wish all PAT-members the best in their last days on earth and I congratulate them for the extraordinary work, they have done for humanity, even if it is not appreciated at this time.

Questions about the End Times Scenario to George

1. How will the entities living on planet A/B eventually ascend? Will it only be possible through individual ascension or will there be a mass ascension in 2000 years?

I can only guess, but I believe that both alternatives will be possible. Some human beings who have evolved enough on earth A/B, may return to the 5th dimension and then decide to incarnate again on earth A, if they have accomplished their soul plan and solved all karmic duties. At the end of the 2000-year-cycle, I assume that there will be a similar End Time scenario, when the whole population, or most of them, will be given the possibility to ascend to the 5th dimension under much more favourable conditions than now.

2. Are the energies coming from the central sun the same as the ones coming through the PAT from the higher realms? Or are the PAT’s energies much higher in frequency, as they come from above the 5th dimension. Which would logically mean, the energies coming from the central sun must be lower in frequency than the 5th dimensional frequency range, but greater in magnitude (for the lack of a better word) than the higher-dimensional energies coming through the PAT. Is it then acceptable to assume that the energies coming from the central sun have, from the beginning of this civilisation, slowly build momentum to eventually reach the ‘lower 5th dimensional frequencies’ on the 21st of December of 2012 and ‘force’ the ascension of Gaia due the ‘magnitude’ of these cosmic energies? If my assumption is correct, is this cosmic process then THE main force ‘forcing/steering’ humanity’s spiritual evolution and so the cosmic 100% ‘ascension-guarantee’?

This is indeed a very difficult question(s). The energies from the central sun and our sun are the basic energies, upon which life on earth and in this solar system dwells. These energies include all spectra and dimensions up to the source (12th dimension). It is always like this. Our souls are also rooted in the source and contain the whole spectrum from the 3rd to the 12th dimension. They only differ in their quality and function. But sections of the soul may descend to lower vibrational levels and develop in a separate, individual way, while still being linked to the source energetically. Otherwise, they will not be able to exist. In reality there is no separation and even the energies of the central sun and our souls come from the same primary source of this universe. Obviously, there are infinite universes with their sources, but this is beyond our human comprehension. I have covered this topic with the concept of the U-sets, or superimposed levels and wave systems in my theory.

These End Times are indeed carried by the continuously augmenting energies of our sun and that of the central sun at the end of the Kali Yoga cycle of 26,000 years. My understanding is that when you enter this cycle as an incarnated civilisation, you go down for 13,000 years in the denser physicality and separation from the Source and then you slowly rise to higher frequencies and less density. Parallel to this increase in frequency from the sun, there is a similar, carefully orchestrated increase in energies from the higher realms of the souls, which are transmitted individually to the incarnated entities. The last several hundred years since the begin of the Industrial Revolution were marked by this gradual increase of both, soul and solar energies, and helped establish new technologies on earth in preparation for the current End Times. In the last years these energies are rising exponentially.

You can imagine the sun energies as the carrying wave system and the energies of the souls as modulating this underlying system and creating individual systems as incarnated human beings. The whole process is extremely complex and, as you have correctly pointed out, we can only guess it with our limited linear brains. But you have already advanced a lot in your understanding and it is important to continue asking yourself all kinds of questions, even if you may not answer them at the beginning. Your soul will give you the necessary clues how to progress.

3. What exactly is the “light quotient” from a scientific point of view? Is it the average frequency of every entity on earth (Orion/Reptilians and their minions excluded)? In that case, the higher the light quotient of humanity is, the more high-frequency energies have been incorporated by entities on earth, and so the higher the average consciousness on earth is. Does the word “light” refers to the fact that the higher the frequency is, the more light can be ‘absorbed’?

This is another very complex problem about which nothing has been written so far. I solved a similar problem in the new cosmology with respect to electromagnetism and the space-time characteristics of such celestial bodies as neutron stars and pulsars. Let me see how I should explain it you as simple as possible. When you have an old soul who vibrates with a very high frequency, this frequency superimposes with the vibrations of all other souls on earth. Thus they create a mean vibration pattern for the whole humanity. However, the impact of the old soul is much greater on the overall mean frequency of humanity than that of all other low-vibrating entities. In this way this single old soul is able to augment the vibrations of about one million less evolved, low vibrating souls, as they all profit from this incremental increase due this single old soul in the overall vibration pattern of humanity. Roughly speaking, one old soul, or member of the PAT, augments the frequency of about one million souls on earth, but this ratio may change of course. The influence of the PAT is thus significant and disproportionally greater on the increase in the light quotient of humanity.

Now, the popular term “light quotient” actually stands for this overall mean increase in frequencies of humanity. It is a matter of fact that very few light workers, if any, understand this relation and this makes me angry sometimes, knowing that the members of the PAT have contributed so much more to the increase in the light quotient or the mean frequency quotient = mean frequency of humanity than the rest of all light workers in the esoteric vanity fair put together. If you assume that there are about 20-40  million light workers on earth now and only estimated 1000 – 2000 members of the PAT, the latter have done much more than all these 20-40 million alleged “enlightened” people put together to augment the light quotient of humanity and help it ascend and infinitely more than the rest of humanity, which only profits from us in a passive, subconscious way as a receiver.

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