An Open Word

by Kari M. Werth, The Sunshine Girl, March 26, 2012, Copyright 2012


El Greco, Laocoon; The LBP-crucifixion of the PAT members

It has become painfully clear to me, via keeping up with this website, that there are so very FEW beings incarnated on this planet that know what the hell is really going on. I used to think there had to be more, but no… there is not. There is mainly the PAT, and a few others, who have had a true awakening, and can thus speak from personal experience rather than speculation and mental processing. If these people had these personal experiences, they would not be saying what they are saying and claiming what they are claiming. So, as George has already said, there really just can be no true discussion with them, as they are cut off from their inner voice and so they resort to their brain and they operate within the paradigm that their two eyes can see.

Even though they are truly ignorant, (and I mean that, literally) we cannot hardly blame them, as we would probably have their same arguments, had we not been through the hell of the LBP and become attuned and aware of why we are here and what we are doing. Thus, we just make it like Jesus and say, “Forgive them, they know not what they do”.

First of all, Alfred probably thinks his video that he included the link to is very powerful and has some real clout within the whole scheme of things. Any PAT member can immediately tell that it does NOT. The vibe is way low, and even while there may be some truth to it – we all know there are dozens of deceptions on this planet and conspiracies that have gone on for ages – big freakin’ deal. These minor things still fall under the umbrella of the divine plan, and this is what they cannot understand, because their view of reality is still quite small.

And it is small because they are not ascending and you only receive the full picture when you are a highly evolved being, as we PAT members are. Because that’s just the way Creation works – you gotta work through your “shit” and earn your wings, and earning your wings makes you privy to more higher knowing. And the only reason you can receive this higher knowing is because you have evolved to a point where you will not abuse it, and you will not get this inner knowing before this point. And if they were to admit that, then they would have to admit that they are not as evolved, and their ego keeps them from doing so. Thus, round and round and round it goes… damn!

Then, we have the Anonymous one, who wrote to George about a supposed discrepancy between Ascension and a dimensional split!! And this one doesn’t even take a PAT member to find that ridiculous. Obviously Ascension connotes a raising of frequency, which results in another dimensional reality, which would call for a dimensional split, at some point, in order to differentiate between the dimensions! O…m….G…

You are obviously an anonymous time waster, as well as a unnecessary distraction. Please go away from this site and spare yourself further embarrassment. You are probably someone just trying to discredit George and you are using elementary ideas in hopes of steering away readers who merely skim through, instead of actually taking the time to comprehend the information here. You are much like those people who write up negative product reviews on sites like amazon, just to compete with other companies. PLEASE sister. Your shit has no substance.

And I used to think that Carl Calleman had substance, but it is clear to me from the link that Callista shared, that he is just as befuddled as the majority. But again, we can’t blame him because he’s had plenty of time to research and extricate archaic information (also based upon the limited consciousness of humans in days past) because he wasn’t knocked out in bed from complete exhaustion or taking 3 baths a day to soothe the LBP symptoms, like the PAT was for years!!

Just as you have said George, every human body is a microcosm of this grand universe, and only when things are directly happening to your body, such as these intense energy transmissions, revelations, intuition being activated, etc. can you even begin to understand what is really occurring at the higher levels. And once this happens to you, you will not need a fancy dialect or to be a scientist in order to know truth. Because you are connected to the very source of truth, and that is from where your information now comes. And you will make sense and your words and thoughts will flow with certainty and simplicity and they will not be confused and jumbled up, as are many of the gurus, and the vanity fair light workers, and some of the shit posts on this site that can only make one shakes his head.

The truth is always simple. Yes, there are some scientific data here that George has so eloquently bequeathed upon us, but it is all presented to you very systematically and is not meant to confuse you, but rather to enlighten you. I have some advice for readers, like me, who are not scientists and do not have a lot of background in physics, etc. in this incarnation: simply read through it, feel into the vibration of the words and assimilate that first. When something is true, it will dissolve into your being at some point, so just absorb and do not worry so much if you can’t comprehend it perfectly. This is what I do and it has worked well for me. Amazingly, I can even recall and recite information that I have read earlier, on a whim, out of nowhere, because I have integrated it on a subconscious level! You can do the same. Trust yourself.

The final point that I would like to make pertains to the readers that write in asking how they can join the PAT, as if it were the Little Rascals club. Listen, this is not a cult and there are no secret hand shakes here or fliers to pass out. This is not a religion either. This is simply the truth on the highest level you can imagine. It transcends all organizations you can think of on earth. It’s bigger than earth, OK? It’s so big that it’s the… biggest. Make sense? So you don’t join it; you are either a part of it or you are not. Your soul is the only one that can tell you. Chances are, if you overwhelmingly resonate with this website and feel it has given you back your sanity, than you are probably a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. Tada! Congratulations. You are now amongst the most tortured bodies on earth. lol! If anything, you should hope that you are not in the PAT. hahahaha.

But, the truth is, it doesn’t matter if you are or you are not. We certainly aren’t getting any accolades for being part of the PAT, trust me on this. Exactly the opposite! But we can handle it. In other words, we got you covered (wink wink) Why? Because we have been through ascension before and we are very, very very ancient souls that are highly advanced in navigating the energetic waters. However, we are currently at a new level and even we are being surprised sometimes, but we still triumph because we are the most compassionate beings there are. We have earned this compassion through hard and painful experiences and also good and happy experiences, and we are already there, where you are going. The contradiction is that the most highly evolved beings are actually the most down to earth! Now ponder on that for a bit.

So, I will wrap this up. I used to day dream that we would be recognized for the glorious beings that we are and suddenly everyone would thank us and then give us endless massages and tasty food! But alas, I am starting to realize what George said: “It is our destiny to remain incognito and not be appreciated even by the most enlightened people on this planet. We must put up with this unpleasant and unyielding situation once and for all”.  I think he must be right on that! But I am too tired to even give a damn anymore. At this point, receiving recognition feels like getting a cheap, plastic toy out of a cereal box. I just want to fulfill this thing and peace out. Once we are truly home, we will have our reward. And that is all we can desire.

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