State-of-Ascension-Report-63: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

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Report-63, February 21, 2012

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Ivan Kljun, Suprematist Composition: Dimensions, Densities and Rays, 1915, Russian Suprematism


Discussion with Paula On Dimensions, Densities, Rays and Ra Material

February 20, 2012


There is great confusion these days (especially for those of us who learned how creation works initially from the RA Material) regarding “Densities” and “Dimensions”, and I would like to hear your comments on what I will say here, as well as ask you if this information shouldn’t be published on your site(?):

Even folks who aren’t familiar with the RA Material are confused by the word “Dimensions” in that the context for this word-use varies widely. Just when you think you ‘get it’ about dimensions, someone else uses the word in a different context than you previously heard it used! I find this true throughout (for instance) the many different Sedona Journal channelings. Jill Mara and I had trouble finding common ground on this too.

This distinction may not seem important to some, but I find it vastly different than most other accounts available. With the breakdown of what I describe next, and how this information initially made everything as to ‘why are we here’ so clear to me, it could be VERY helpful to those who are just beginning and want to simply understand how creation works (especially to the 3-Density mind):

RA only spoke in terms of “Densities”. In this Creation, they consist of 1-7 in terms of “big-picture” evolutionary progression, coinciding with the major 7 chakras and primary 7 spiritual lessons, with many gradations within each Density. (Gradations= “Dimensions”?).  Also, I’ve heard up to 12+ “dimensions” discussed, further (confusing) convincing me dimensions actually fall within Densities. But why are these subtly-varying vibrational states, given priority in discussions over the BIG PICTURE?? Jill says it’s the other way around… Densities fall within dimensions!  What? Is she saying there are 7 Densities within each dimension (allowing for unlimited dimensions), yet these dimensions are thrown about in discussions as if right now, in 2012, some will go to the 5th dimension, some 4th, some lower 4th, etc….. Can it get any more confusing??

RA describes 2nd Density as Orange-ray, all plants & animals – group mind. 2nd density’s lessons leading it to its 3rd Density ‘graduation’ consist of finally developing a propensity for individuating and knowing itself… seeking to “individuate” detach from the group. RA even gives the common house-cat as an example of a late 2nd density incarnation, nearing graduation to 3rd Density. 3rd Density is the only Density wherein the memory is veiled they say, and the entity now seeks to penetrate the veil of forgetting and ultimately transcend the illusion of duality/separation, at which time the entity’s vibration will be compatible with 4th Density service-to-others 4th Density service-to-self, and after which, neither the twain shall meet!  RA tells us that once the graduation takes place to 4th Density, service-to-self and service to others each resides within their own planetary systems and sectors of Space, but duality is no longer experienced. (i.e.: Orion being at least one of the service-to-self constellations).  I hear no other channels or spiritual teachings which even TOUCH on this simple yet profound explanation of spiritual evolution, yet it’s the only one that fully resonates for me. RA identifies itself as a 6th Density (indigo-ray, Intelligent Infinity) social-memory-complex, and tells us our Higher Self is a 6th Density Self.

When Lightworkers and channelings talk “dimensions” they seem to me to be expressing gradations within any given “Density”.  When speaking of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th…12th DIMENSIONS, to me, they are referring to gradations within any particular DENSITY. So to my understanding all soul levels until graduation/harvest to their choice of 4th density service-to-others or  service-to-self, would also experience dimensional/inter-dimensional experiences (“dimensions”) as they evolve toward the next DENSITY…
Dear Paula,
you raise a fundamental theoretical question and I see absolute no reason why this discussion should not be made available to the other readers, as it is in the core of any gnostic transcendental understanding. In fact, I have discussed this issue on many occasions in my previous writings and also in my first gnostic book, which I have started translating in English.

The tern “density” as used in Ra material is absolutely confusing and this is one of the reason why I normally do not recommend this source, although it has some good information. I even wrote about this particular issue to the Ra group last year, but received no answer as Carla was in the hospital and the webmaster who answered me was overwhelmed and incapable of giving me a proper response.

You will in fact not find another website on the Internet as this one, where you can ask any question and get a qualified answer. This is the chief deficiency of all other esoteric websites and sources and this distinction is so obvious that I wonder why most light workers do not see it and appreciate it, with the exception of the relatively small group of the members of the PAT, which is, by the way, a continuation of our previous discussion from report-61.

If you read  the serials of “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”, I use there deliberately the word “7F-creation levels“, thus referring to the particular type of energies within the higher realms. In addition, I am the first one to have introduced the concept of octaves as another word for “frequencies”, For instance I often speak of the Universal level of creation, which is the 144-octave or frequency and represents the highest level of the 5th dimension, according to my definition, also known as Celestria.

The whole confusion arises from the fact that the people have no proper idea of what is energy = space-time = the Whole = Al-That-Is. If one has fully comprehended my theory of the Universal Law, I succinctly prove that the Whole has only two dimensions space (extent) and absolute time f, hence space-time, where time is in reality frequency, hence the same symbol “f”. In this case, space is the reciprocal magnitude of frequency s = 1/f and thus identical to what we now define as conventional time t and measure it in seconds, hours etc.

This has been repeated many times in my writings. For this reason, it is mandatory that one only uses the magnitude “frequency” to describe all levels, systems and parts of All-That-Is, which are U-subsets of it and contain its nature as an element. This is a fundamental philosophical concept that must be fully comprehended as it builds the foundation of any expanded view of the higher realms.

This is the reason why I have introduced the term “7F-creation levels” where ” F” stays for frequency. I explicitly say that each level or dimension is defined by a specific frequency range f and elementary action potential EA, according to the Universal law E = EA.f where EA actually determines the quality of the energy of this level or dimension.

In the current rather confused esoteric literature of the New Age, there are many different terms that are used by low quality channels, such as “rays”, “densities”, etc. which achieve the opposite of what they are supposed to do – they do not inform the reader, but only further confuse him, which is by the way done deliberately.

Essentially, one must comprehend that you can subdivide the Whole in infinite levels, dimensions and parts, and they will always have a correlation in reality. This is another philosophical concept of human cognition that none of the dumbed down Anglo-Saxon New Agers have even bothered to ponder on, not to speak of understanding it, as they have no philosophical background whatsoever and have never heard of the “epistemology of human terminology (language)“.

This is the chief source of most confusion among light workers and I have almost given up on educating them in order to start thinking in a proper logical and axiomatic manner. “Axiomatics” is, by the way, another basic term that is non-existent in the English language. Hence the great confusion in this part of the world.

Principally, one can divide All-That-Is in infinite levels, which contain infinite systems. The level is defined with respect to its elementary action potential EA and its frequency range f. Such a level can be also defined as “dimension”, where this word has nothing to do with the geometric term “dimension” which is defined through “space.” Why? Because space is a human illusion that creates the 3d-reality in a profound manner – the current 3d-reality we experience on earth is a hallucinatory product of our limited senses that create the illusion of space –  but space does not exist in the higher realms.

The higher realms are completely defined through the following three magnitudes: frequency f, respectively frequency range, elementary action potential EA and energy E according to the Universal Law E = EA.f. For this reason all other terms such as “density”, space” “geometric space dimension” should be eliminated once and for all from our vocabulary as to avoid the current profound confusion in the human perception, as you correctly pointed out.

When we continue to use the word “dimension” in the sense of 4th, 5th dimensions etc. this is actually meant as a certain basic frequency level of All-That-Is. In this case, we are allowed to say that a dimension, for instance the 5th dimension, consists of seven levels and each one of them consists of seven sub-levels, which humanity will have to climb in the next 2000 years in earthly time to reach the highest level of the 5th dimension, which is equivalent to the 144-octave or frequency, where immediate universal creation is possible.

The terms “density” and “geometric dimension” as they are physically defined and currently used are pure 3d-concepts and only apply to 3d-matter with extent (space), which is an illusion. They have absolutely no meaning or correlate in the higher worlds.

Now the question arises why for instance the Ra material has used these terms. This is because humans can only operate within their limited language, which they have inherited from the dumbed down Orion science that has deliberately introduced this linguistic confusion. The most deplorable fact is that I am the only person worldwide, who cares about preserving the purity of human language with respect to the true reality of All-That-Is.

The method I have developed is called “physical and mathematical axiomatics” and essentially enables all humans to derive all their words, terms and concepts from the primary term/idea of All-That-Is. This is pure philosophy or you can call it “Gnosis“, and this is precisely what the current esoteric scene is completely lacking – hence the huge confusion of the people that we now observe everywhere. And it will grow, till the people begin to think in a logical, axiomatic way.

The only true physical concept in the Ra material is that it also refers to the seven basic energies, according to which the higher realms are organized. It is a matter of fact that there are seven basic energies as I explain in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”. Now you may call these energies “rays”, as many stupid channeling sources do. In addition, there is an infinite hierarchy of frequency levels, which can be subdivided in dimensions, levels and sub-levels on the basis of the number “seven”.

I do not use the term “dimension” in my gnostic books, but started to use it in my recent English articles as to take into account what most people talk about, but then I define it within the theory of the Universal Law in a very precise manner. In this respect, one can speak of 12 dimensions up to the Source of this universe. Beyond this level, we are not able to develop any perception, hence it is baseless to speculate how many dimensions there are in reality. They are infinite – it is enough to know this. Even within the 12 dimensions of the Source, there are infinite levels and parallel realities, which are systems of the levels and dimensions.

There is hence a horizontal and a vertical division of All-That-Is in levels (vertical ) and systems (horizontal). The multidimensionality we will soon experience will consist of the numerous parallel worlds within a dimension and a level of dimension, to which we will have access according to the expansion of our individual awareness, which will incessantly grow and will open to new levels and parallel worlds (systems, realities) as we progress upwards in the frequency scale of All-That-Is.

Of course, this topic can be extended ad infinitum, but I would prefer to stop at this place, as not to make matters more complicated than they are.

Essentially, All-That-Is is an infinity in terms of endless systems and levels. The individual awareness can only perceive a limited number of them. The more it expands, the more systems and levels it will perceive, which can be described as separate realities or parallel worlds.

These systems contain themselves as an element, the element being Energy, and cannot be really separated, but only in a subjective manner. While separating Al-That-Is, one is constantly creating new realities. This is the eschatological purpose of any awareness, even the most limited one. When the dark ones separate themselves from the whole Creation of All-That Is, they actually create darkness, which is the utmost form of energetic limitation. Humanity is now on the cusp of expanding its consciousness beyond the limitations of the narrow 3d-reality, which is essentially an utmost form of darkness, so that we will soon start to perceive new dimensions (energetic levels) and parallel realities (worlds) within the higher frequency realms of Creation.

Of course I welcome further questions as this theme is essential for a proper gnostic understanding of the upcoming events of Ascension.

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

Thank you again for your reliably detailed response to my query, and it is very good & true that you pointed out you are the only source of esoteric discussion on-line who a reader can seriously correspond with directly and receive such high quality responses!

It’s unfortunate that Carla Rueckert (channel of the RA Material) was unable to respond when you tried to contact her, due to illness, because her response would be very interesting I’m sure… at least for me. I may contact her myself, and if she answers, I would forward her response to you. We have corresponded in the past. Unfortunately, the one to really ask these questions of would have been Don Elkins, the questioner, who very sadly, committed suicide after book IV was completed. Book V was dedicated to Don.

Georgi, I am only of average intelligence, with very little aptitude for science or math. But the RA Material lit-up my entire ‘being’ from page 1 of Book I, resonating as the most simple, clear and easy to follow, easy to understand explanation of Creation (for me) and the evolution of the soul I had ever encountered. It continued to be so throughout all IV books for me, and to this day. But friends I have introduced the books to found them too “complex”, which was always a puzzling reaction for me. It’s good then, that there are so many books, classes and sources out there of Truth for each soul because there are so many soul-levels here, seeking truth as it resonates for them. And no single source can reach into every mind. I hear you, that some are deliberately mis-leading too)

I am surprised that you also say the RA Material is confusing for the reader, because I have to tell you, for me, your information is difficult to grasp. Yet I can ‘sense’ it is perfectly truthful, my ability to clearly ‘understand’ it is weak overall, yet some passages DO inspire ‘ah-ha’ moments of cognition for me. So I suppose we can end the discussion here, and agree to disagree, because I do deeply appreciate all that you contribute, and all of your efforts to share YOUR substantial gifts with all who are drawn to your writings and website.

With much Love, Respect, and blessings,
Dear Paula,

I do not see much disagreement in our views on the Ra material. I have said on many occasions that it is one of the best available esoteric sources in the past, together with the philosophical books of CA and some other German sources that are not translated in English. I personally did not profit much from the Ra material as everything said there was known to me and I did not like the too extensive and cumbersome art of explanation of this source, but this is my personal opinion. I do agree that Don Elkins made the difference and after he died, the quality sank substantially. The intellectual endeavour was no longer there.

Otherwise, I fully agree with you that there are many readers who will prefer the RA material to my writings on Gnosis, as this has never been my primary goal. My esoteric articles are by-product of my scientific theory which is meant in the first place for scientists. Therefore, it is quite normal that you may have difficulties in understanding some of my articles as they presuppose the knowledge of this theory.

With love and light

Thank you for this e-mail of more clarity for me. I fully understand now, how the RA Material wouldn’t offer much new information for you at your level of science, quantum physics, and spiritual understanding. The difference would be likened to my father, an aeronautical engineer & research physicist for NACA and then NASA in the ’50’s to 80’s, teaching me high school math! (Which he did…and very well, but he really had to simplify his thinking to help me I’m sure). His mind always fascinated me though, which I believe is why I find familiarity in my correspondence with you! Thanks again Georgi!

Love, Paula
February 20, 2012

Dear George,

Today a question arose: speaking about the harvest, will those progressing from the last stage of young soul age to first adult soul age be included? Do the 3 billion people to be harvested also contain them? I guess so, because it would be rather a tragedy to become mature and find yourself on a catastrophic planet getting worse and worse and without sensible people around who can ease your pain, give good advice or anything like that. Will the beings of light still “have an eye” on Earth B without interfering with the necessary lessons the remaining souls have to go through?

I learned from author Jan van Rijckenborgh that there are “Godsparkentities” that can be harvested when “ripe” and “Lifesparkentities” ( maybe the clones?) who cannot develop further/ ascend. How will the immature souls who have the potential to ascend at their time be taken care of? Might they incarnate to another, less catastrophic 3D planet when they have earned to go there? I had the opportunity to watch many young(er) souls, they are mostly not “evil”, they just behave egoistic, as they have to and they “do not know much”.

As things have changed so that after the shift all harvestable souls will be on the ascending timeline, there will be no need for any of us to stay on Planet B, as some of the PAT have stated, they would in order to provide the portals to Planet A.

I would very much appreciate your thoughts on that,

with best wishes,
Joana, Berlin
Dear Joana,

You have posed the most crucial question of these End Time. Most of the young souls who are now on the verge of entering the adult soul cycle will eventually also qualify for further incarnation on the ascended earth A. However they may not ascend on Dec 2012 but first die and only them continue with their incarnation cycle after they have qualified at the 5th dimension. Therefore, it is very important for them that they awaken as much as possible now, so that they pass this qualification. It is a very complex process and our view from the ground is very limited as to how huge and complex the energetic algorithm is that has to be solved for each individual, so that he can ascend.

Most of the clones do not have any propensity to evolve – your information is correct, but they can be modulated at a later stage by the forces of light as the Sirians did with the Neanderthal man and created homo sapiens and then they may acquire the potential to evolve. There are infinite technological possibilities in this respect as Creation is not limited to the physical vessel and how it was created, but to the plan of the soul that always animates such a clone.

I personally expect that some of the ascended masters will eventually appear from time to time on the catastrophic earth B and help some individuals to go through the portals that will exist for some time (a year or two) after the final split of the two earths in Dec 2012, before the door is ultimately closed. I can imagine that throughout 2013 some laggards may join the ascended humanity on the 5th dimension after they experience the hell on planet B and awaken substantially. These will be essentially the young souls that have entered the adult soul cycle – the fence straddlers, whose destiny is unpredictable now.

With love and light
February 20, 2012

Dear Georgi,

What will the current symptoms be of the 4th chakra opening in the sleeping beings once commenced, do you perhaps know?

“These few courageous individuals helped some other old souls, defined as “light workers”, who followed this first wave of wayshowers and started to liberate themselves, more or less successfully, from the energetic shackles of the old magnetic grid. After we, the members of the PAT and the avantgarde of the wayshowers, opened the stargate 11.11.11, by first successfully opening our individual portals and thus completely liberating ourselves from the low frequency magnetic grid of the Anunnaki at the individual level, we created the new energetic atmosphere on earth, which now allows for the opening of the sealed energetic fields of the masses, by first opening their 4th heart chakra. The latter connects the incarnated entity with the higher realms and subsequently with the new crystalline grid.”

Dear Wilfred,

When the collective human heart chakra will be opened, I do expect a surge in loving energies which will preclude the further existence of any wars, military fightings and killings. In addition, I expect a full recognition of all the social and economic injustices of the current Orion political order and a quick improvement of the living conditions in the poor Third world.

I also expect that with such an increase in positive harmonious energies on the ascending earth, it will not be possible for the current reptilian shape-shifter and clones of the Orion/reptilian empire to stay on power, as they will be exposed. Most of the revelations can only take place after the 4th heart chakra will be fully opened in most human beings as to prevent the current tendency of vindictiveness, which is so typical for most humans. One can only learn all about the past crimes of the dark entities in power on humanity if one is able to forgive fully and this can only happen if the heart chakra is opened in most humans.

All in all, I consider this energetic process pivotal for all further dramatic changes of the human civilisation. This also confirms the close interrelationship between personal energetic transformation in the course of the LBP and the social changes at the collective level, as I discuss it in serial 10 of “The evolutionary Leap of Mankind”.

With love and light
February 20, 2012

Hi George

You crack me up at times! – “before we made the stupid decision, in the exuberance of our unlimited energetic powers as excarnated entities, to vow to incarnate freely in these weird times, only to satisfy our sacrifice complex for humanity.”

At the after-party we’ll all be saying “it seemed like a good idea at the time”, however in all seriousness, the harder the challenge that’s overcome; the more the satisfaction to be had. That fact that we have overcome all the obstacles that the PTB have put up must really burn them! I can only describe that nasty letter that you received recently as sad. Pathetic initially came to mind, but the fact that I feel I could crush them with one hand at times now makes me feel some compassion. Reading your New Gnosis has helped me in this regard as they not know what they do, and in fact are only doing what they came here to do. Nonetheless, I recently enjoyed ripping up a few US$1 notes that I had. A symbolic up-yours if you will. I am still human.

The last couple of weeks I would say have felt uneasy. I personally could not pinpoint the reason though I have to thank my soul for organising events and making it easier for me. I can only see this now after the fact. Late last year I requested much needed two weeks annual leave for the start of Jan which was strangely denied. The earliest available was two weeks in Feb between the 4th and 17th which I took. The time off was to just rest and recoup however as other PAT members have mentioned that the period was anything but. I generally had bad sleeps, felt drained throughout the day despite not doing that much and experienced some mood swings. I don’t feel rested, still a better scenario than having to experience the last two weeks while shift working which would have been very difficult. I got off easy as it almost seems unfair that you yourself George had to bear the brunt of the discomfort.

On a different note, reading your recently translated “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” has given me a whole new awareness. It has clarified what I understood previously, put into context and expanded on to the point where I see our incarnation experiment in a whole new light.

The interesting thing is that I and many PAT members could only have read and understood your New Gnosis – that you wrote in 2001 – now at this point in time; space-time. Pardon the pun. It is difficult to put into words what I am trying to convey as I now see that we, while living in 3D consciousness, really have little to do once we surrender our ego to the soul. As you have been saying all along that any effort – beyond symbolically – could only ever reap modest results if the world is not ready to change. Leave the organising to the souls. Their timing is impeccable! Is this realisation partly why you took pause for ten years during the intense phase of your LBP? This realisation reveals an interesting predicament of letting go and staying focused at the same time. It makes the current waiting around all that harder, however will be a must when things start to move. These last days are coming together very elegantly.

Thank you for the recent reports George. I enjoy reading them. I would also like to see change soon.

Warm regards
Alex (Perth, Western Australia)
Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for your account. You raised an important question – the precise and impeccable timing of the events by our souls. This also includes the patient awaiting for many years in inactivity until the bell rings twelve. In my case, it was partly me, partly my soul that put me on the side track. Even if I had tried to move some social events as to promote my theory and gnosis, which I tried a lot before 2000, I would have had no success. As I knew this very well, I did not even tried it because it would have only been waste of energy and more disappointment. I preferred to follow the life rhythm dictated by my soul.

When the time comes for me to enter the ring, it always happens very abruptly and suddenly and I never have any time to ponder over my role. I am simply thrown in the battle, as was the case with the connecting of the dots of the members of the PAT in the fall last year. One may argue that a little bit more time for preparation would have been of greater advantage, but for some unknown reason to me, I always have a fulminant start when a new period comes into in my life and a similar abrupt ending, if this is also part of the soul plan. My soul seems to have no time to waste when the time of action arrives or to retrieve her energy when action on earth is pointless. Either I adapt to this challenging destiny or I go under.

I personally do not believe that it was planned to run this website for such a long period time, as initially it was planned that we would leave earth at 11.11.11. But one must be always flexible enough, as to adjust his plans to that of the Cosmos.

As I have said on many occasions in the past, the advantage of this postponement is that we will now ascend much higher than initially planned and this will qualify as the real master-creators of the New Earth. My take in the last days is that we are chosen to be the new keepers of the crystalline grid of the New 5d-earth, which will determine human life after ascension for the next two thousand years at least. Thus we will have a greater share in this remarkable creation in this part of the Universe. The full scope of our achievement will be however revealed to us only after Ascension. But it is more than prudent to be proud of ourselves now as we have almost made it.

With love and light
February 20, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I am following your website since August last year and I have to say, that the only thing that kept me doing this after 11.11.11., was because I am amazed by your scientific work.

I already wrote you in German, regarding my early awakening last year. I don’t know if I am a lightworker, wayshower, in the PAT or whatever (which I know is not a sort of elite club), I only feel and see energies around me, which makes it impossible for me to have a job or even go outside too often.

The basic thing is, the world is not OK, as it is right now – since people are cut off from their true spiritual dimension – whatever the reasons may be. And the time has come for human ascension.

In this mail I want to talk to you about people you often write about or waste your energies on. I have the same opinion about Beckow, Wilcock as you do. But I don’t know whether you are right in saying, that all what they say is rubbish. I discern every bit of information and yes, they write a lot of ego-dominated crap. A thing you don’t do, since apparently you are not such a fearsome guy or living in constant angst of failing in whatever they think they have to do. I feel this.

Another thing is the thing regarding Portals as a way in which we ascend. Ute recently wrote, this is how we ascend: not through portals but our bodies receive an additional upgrade. At the moment this is widely experienced as humming sounds, I also perceived this two times at night in a dream-like state of mind. I saw an energy field approaching and heard this noise like a swarm of bees and felt hot in my body.

She says that we continue being in this body without going into the light. But this would mean, that again all would depend on an external source providing the upgrade and not on ourselves. I think it was her personal fear speaking because of leaving this planet – but thinking it is a toxic one like you do doesn’t make it better.

What I want to say is, that every entity plays its part in the game based on its own level of consciousness. Beckow and Wilcock definitely are not as enlightened as you or other Pat members are, but they – at least Wilcock – do a great job in providing information, which helps other people. So just let them do what they do –  even if they “fail”.

Holding together now is the best way to get through this. I don’t agree with you in saying that everyone has to accept your teachings. Let them learn their lesson. And yes, seeing that nothing happened until now is really frustrating, which is an ego based fear, I know that. But why not try to be less negative and more humorous in your writings?

At least I want to thank you so much for helping me to understand the deep philosophical problems I have to quarrel with my hole life. Your theory definitely makes sense, the first one I agree with after years of studying philosophers like Plato, Schelling and Kant.

I also agree about a lot what you say, but even though you are quite precise in your writings, I don’t know if you really are an ascended master, which would mean the only source of truth on this planet. Even though what you tell about CA saying about Stankov makes sense. But all that really doesn’t matter, since you already did great in collecting a few lightworkers, wayshowers or whatever they are on this site, and their information is pretty awesome as well.

In Love & Light,
Dear Filippo,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive email and for your appreciation of my scientific works. However some wrong impressions have slipped into your assessment on my personality that I would like to correct in the first place.

I have never said that everyone “has to accept my teachings” as you put it. I only said in the last report that when somebody decides to criticize me, I expect from him that he has first studied my scientific works as to know what he is criticizing and not do it “out of an empty belly”, as the Germans say in this case. I think that this is a great difference. In fact, I do not expect from any member of the PAT to understand my theory, as in this case there would not have been any communication at all and the ascension reports, which are the written form of this communication, would not have been issued with such a regularity, if ever.

Second, my duty is to pinpoint some basic facts that are overlooked by most light workers and which do not yet exist for the rest of mankind. In this pedagogical function, I have to contrast the things somewhat, sometimes as to make them more visible. If you have read carefully the English translation of my first gnostic book, I elaborate very precisely the intricate social and psycho-mental interplay between the different soul age populations in the current human society and explain in detail what huge coordination it affords to raise their awareness and consciousness in the End Times.

In this sense, I fully realize the social and educational role, in positive and negative sense, which such entities as Wilcock and Beckow play in the context of human evolution – much better than probably they themselves do, as well as the other protagonists in the current esoteric Vanity Fair drama.

The fact of the matter is that I anticipated the ridiculous role, which Beckow would play at some point in time in the future in this light-dark workers Vanity Fair two years ago. Since then I have tried to warn him several times in full unconditional love for this confused entity as to spare him this recent disaster. You should re-read all my past emails to Beckow, published on this website very carefully. And there are some more in my archive.

It is an ample fact that nobody from the so called “friends of Beckow” helped him in advance by warning him about the stupidity he was intending to do. I was the only one as his alleged foe that warned him and I published this email on this website one week before he announced his joyride to the mother ship of the GF. Instead, his alleged friends were very quick to put their names on the list to travel with him to the mother ship and when this ridiculous joyride did not happen, they immediately began to devour him as you can read in the numerous blogs on this issue in Internet. So much about human decency and loyalty among light workers, as I articulated this in an unanswered email to Sue last week, who was a great advocate of Beckow.

Please observe that at the very moment he made himself an object of ridicule, I stopped criticizing him as everything is now more than evident and my early diagnosis of this person was fully confirmed. I only sometimes feel constraint to correct the short and distorted memories of some of my readers with respect to the real chronology of past events and the true nature of my benevolent interventions on behalf of Beckow, as I am doing now in this email.

But one needs for pedagogical reasons from time to time typical examples, with the help of which, one can better explain some chief ideas. This pedagogical purpose serve Beckow and Wilcock in my case, and the ongoing events are giving me full credit. I have no problem when they unfold their limited intellectual influence, but I see great danger, if they are not counter-balanced by a more objective intellectual and spiritual alternative, as I present on this website that let them shrink to their normal human size. This is part of the evolution process, leading to the demolition of old myths.

I welcome warmly your effort to depart from Plato, Shelling and Kant as to understand the advantages of the new theory of the Universal Law in the field of human philosophy. This was the main reason why I wrote a special book on the most important West European philosophers of all times – “Philosophic Sources: Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant” as to show in a concrete manner, why these great thinkers had inevitably failed to develop a complete and coherent categorical philosophical system of All-that-Is. Ultimately, one can only demonstrate the advantages of a new theory, if one gauges it with past intellectual achievements.

Now some words to Ute. Ute has no idea of LBP. She has just entered it and she talks a lot of nonsense. It is beyond my intention to start commenting all the trash she has produced in the last months since 11.11.11, although I did this on several occasions in private emails to her, which she declined to answer as she has nothing substantial to say to my private critics. Unfortunately, she is too egomaniac, as most channellers are, and absolutely refractory to any kind of constructive critics. Especially, she is unable to lead an open discussion, as I favour on this website. This is an invariant pattern with all channellers, such as Ute, Sue, Aisha North, Suzanne, the mother of Matthew, and many more, with whom I had an email exchange in the past. This inability to lead an open discussion discredits all these entities as enlightened beings.

Why I often say that earth is a toxic planet? I am a physician and a friend of precise diagnoses. You cannot heal a clinical disorder before you have made a precise diagnosis. Otherwise, you only mire yourself in false expectations. As I want to heal this planet, I must make a precise diagnosis and keep reiterating it until most of the people get this fact. This will be one of the main activities of Heaven very soon – the announced revelations on the PTB from the Orion empire and why this planet has become so toxic in the past. Without this knowledge – no ascension at all.

Now to your last objection. Dear Filippo, it really does not matter if I have ascended as a soul in this or a previous incarnation. If you have followed closely the ascension reports after 11.11.11, it is a leitmotiv in all of them that all members of the PAT are already ascended masters, still dwelling in a physical vessel and that there is a broad consensus on this fact among them.

If I will ascend – all members of the PAT will ascend. If they will ascend, most of humanity will ascend in Dec 2012. The goal is not to show who is the first to ascend, but that we should take care that there should be no human entities that are planned to ascend but may not achieve this goal. But one must achieve Ascension first as an individual, so that the others can believe that this is also possible for them and follow him.

With love and light
February 20, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I am not sure where I am in this ascension process or if I am an ascended master, but I do connect with the truth in these messages. I desire so much to dwell on the New Earth where truth, love and light are the norm… where all are free to be their magnificent selves!

Each time I receive your Ascension Reports it feels like a letter from home. From the depths of my heart I am grateful to you for continuing to hold this space for us all to share the end of our final sojourn here. The day last September when I was first led to your site was like water to a thirsty soul. I feel like crying because you and the rest of my PAT family are the only ones who seem to know what I have been experiencing. It is so very difficult to find anyone to talk to about these things, I mostly stay silent, except on rare occasions where there is an opening to insert a thought or two for someone who seems to be searching.

For the last three weeks I have wanted so much to share with you and members of the PAT family. You are in my thoughts. I talk to you everyday and ask questions. I wanted to write but words would not come. Language seems so inadequate to express what I want to say. Even now I hope you are able to read between the lines.

So many who have shared themselves in the reports have touched me deeply. There is usually something I can relate to. Like Beth, I have wondered if I needed to seek out a doctor to get on meds for chronic depression. (I don’t go to Dr’s or take drugs, believing American medicine for the most part controlled by the dark t-shirts…and knowing the body can heal itself.) I have also been wondering for the last two years if I was dying? I have felt “done” with this life. And then dear Rumi says “it is all done”. I am not crazy! In fact, a few years ago I was talking to a friend and out of my mouth, to my own amazement, I said: “This is my last trip here.. my last incarnation”. I didn’t understand what I was saying until recently.

Georgi, I have no desire to ‘do’ anything anymore. It all seems pointless. Why expend any energy on this system which I find so disgusting and pitiful? Let it all crumble and then go in with the bulldozers and send in the teams to rebuild from the ground up. This is not my usual nature. It seems I have nothing drawing me, no fight to fight, no problems to solve, no wrong to right. Just waiting. Knowing from the ashes the phoenix will rise, ever more beautiful.

For a season, before 11-11-11, I would talk about the New Earth of peace, harmony, living in a community of light, working together to build a new world. But now, I cannot even see it anymore. I KNOW there is something more wonderful, exceeding anything I have ever imagined.. and yet I cannot “see” it. I do not want to set my sights too low. If it is more than we could imagine… I do not want to create less. Why can I not see it? Would it be even harder to remain here than it already is?

And dear Predrag, Carla, Charlotte. and now Medwyn.. so many others over the weeks who have shared with us have blessed me with words from their hearts. I so wish we could all sit around over coffee and share! I look forward to meeting you all one day! We are all ONE heart. I send you a BIG HUG!

With much love,
Dear Tiqvah,

I am so glad that you have finally decided to write an email to me. You should have definitely done it much earlier, but it is still on time. I am happy to hear that this website is a kind of a spiritual haven for you, just as it is for me and all the other PAT members, who feel attracted to each other by their common inner experience, which one cannot translate in the current debased society, as you have correctly observed. Staying alone one whole life in an unfriendly society can destroy even the most courageous soul. And although all of you are the most courageous souls on this planet, it is still better to know, thanks Internet, that you are not completely alone on this world and that there are, scattered around the world, some other souls like you, who share your burden, so that a shared burden is half a burden.

Your current complete emotional and mental detachment from this world is the only possible reaction in this last interim period, when we spent most of the time already in the higher realms and every diving into the toxic atmosphere of the current 3d-earth is poignantly felt as a bad awakening amidst a nightmare. Our longing for our pristine home is aggravated by our sadness to know that we will very soon leave this earth for ever, where we have spent so many incarnations, and this schizophrenic emotional state is hardly to bear during these last days.

This is the common feeling shared by all members of the PAT, including myself. I am confident that it is a sure sign that we are approaching the final culmination – and it will be a real culmination, I promise you.

It is absolutely normal that you cannot imagine your normal existence as an excarnated personality after Ascension, as all of you will ascend beyond the 5th dimension, where absolutely everything is possible what one can imagine. And how can we imagine with our humble linear brains the infinite imagination of our great Creator souls. There must always be a space for surprise when one enters the next level of evolutionary existence, which is ultimately the impetus that drives us to make such adventures as this one on the earth.

We will be like a thirsty man, shortly before dying in the desert when we will see all of a sudden a beautiful oasis full of sparkling fountains and realize that this is not a “Fata Morgana”, but our ultimate salvation. If we have had even a glimpse of the beauty and bliss of the higher realms, from where we come, we would not have stayed a single second on this toxic planet. Therefore, we have put the veil of forgetfulness upon our memories as to finish with our mission and ascend Gaia and humanity to the higher dimensions, even though we remember much more than all other incarnated souls on earth.

Dear Tiqvah, unfortunately, you have not written anything about yourself personally. Please write soon a little bit more about your life, so that I can have a more precise picture of you and know how to address your questions in a better way.

With love and light
February 20, 2012


Inspired by the latest report (62 I believe with the music at the end), I have a question.

I have known for a while that the focus is to raise vibration in preparation for the shift. I know I have raised mine through subjective “proofs” if you will; off the chart synchronicities, meeting certain people at certain times, information that pops up that I can not stop from entering awareness (that one always tickles me). For instance, I have been following you for 2 years or more starting when exopolitics posted your articles about the coming economic collapse. It was funny how I devoured your only English speaking resources quickly and so let you go after that. Then in Oct 2010 I believe it was or there about I opened back up your financial collapse PDF and looked your name up. The first link was your new site! I was overjoyed when you put up your site a little over a year ago to produce a more real time source of information and I’ve been keeping up ever since!

But now I am left with a question. Can raising your vibration be measured objectively? What instruments could be used to demonstrate a change of vibration? In real time, thoughts are the single most magnetic source of vibration so if I choose to hold fear based thoughts, I can watch those thoughts manifest physical changes in the body. This is subjective though and I am curious if anyone else has thought of a way to measure this outside the body in the environment. I am quite skilled inside here…with never ending room to grow! And I can sense on an intuitive level, a vibration, the energy of another and separate my Self from it. Just left brain, rational confirmation seeking behavior yes, but it seems you might know of something interesting to enjoy during this calm before the well everything.

Dear Patrick,

First of all, thank you for the greater longevity you have attributed to my Internet articles and website. In fact, I published my book in with the help of Alfred Webre first on May 31, 2011 and opened my new website on August 28, 2011, altogether half an year ago. Before that I boycotted Internet for 11 years.

Now to your basic question: It is not possible to measure the increase of frequencies of your energetic bodies in an objective manner at present and I have discussed this issue on numerous occasions. The discrimination of all material devices end with the electromagnetic spectrum as determined by the Planck’s constant and the energies we are talking about are beyond this range. Besides, there are different layers and which one ultimately determines the final destination of ascension still remains a mystery to us, as long as we dwell in a physical vessel.

One can only get this information from his higher self. I had an information last January 2011 that I had reached the 190-octave, which is above the 144-octave of universal creation at the highest 5th dimension. Wilfred, who is very focused on his LBP, recently informed me that he has just reached the 290-octave. According to my estimation my frequency range is now beyond the 300-octave. However this is irrelevant, as these numbers do not say anything to us as the very existence of numbers is part of human hallucination. These energies cannot be quantified with numbers that are invented by humans as part of their 3d-illusion. This is the reason why I  do not bother to discuss numerology.

All I can tell, and I repeat this again an again in the last weeks, is that all members of the PAT have already ascended beyond the 5th dimension and are thus already part of the Source. They will ascend in full light, but can create a crystalline body whenever they wish and thus enter a lower dimension as for instance the New Earth at the lower level of the 5th dimension, where some of us will  teach humanity in the next several hundred years earthly time at least.

With love and light
February 20, 2011


You are so right about the teachers including the ones you mentioned just now beginning to talk about ascension symptoms which we have been dealing with for at least twelve years. I noticed that Aluna Joy in her latest article was mentioning them for the first time and trying to give solutions like meditation, hot baths and massages.She has been traveling the globe and teaching all these years while I have been almost bedridden.

How silly are these remedies! I can tell you they may provide temporary relief, which they never did for me, but nothing permanent. The just beginning to activate lightworkers seem to be where I was 12 years ago when this process started for me. I was doing acupuncture, yoga, healthy diet, meditation, studying alternate spirituality then out of the blue I started having severe vertigo attacks accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. These episodes lasted several days and I did not know what they were. I knew about planetary ascension but did not understand personal ascension. And they are not quiet the same Steve Beckow. Well I tried alternate doctors with no luck. It was only years later that spirit revealed to me what was going on.  I wish I knew then what I do now it would have saved several failed remedies.

You see what is happening to us is wonderful even though I cringe when I say that. It requires no cure. It is the cure. No amount of mediation, acupuncture or healthy diet is the cure. There is no illness. This is the cure.  Later my symptoms became more frequent. I had this strange desire to give all my possession away and move 2,000 miles. In a few short years I went from being a successful businessman to almost homeless. I was involved in a horrendous auto crash, my symptoms of vertigo, digestive, depression, sever fatigue etc. became more frequent, I filed for bankruptcy and worse of all my wife thinking all her symptoms were ascension-related was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Many times I thought me and her were both sure to die physically soon, but here we are on the eve of ascension in 2012. Our symptoms are daily now, but not as severe as at first. More severe at night between 3-7 PM. I see the beings sometimes in half sleep coming to work on us some nights. Its been a marvelous, but scary journey and I am glad it is almost over.

One question I have. Will the population who go to the new earth know that some of us have ascended as we led them into their ascension? Perhaps will we be referred to then as Master Georgie or Master Jerry. Won’t that take some getting used to?

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for this additional validation on our assessment of the current deplorable situation in the light workers’ community. I hope that soon a kind of clarity will emerge, must emerge.

I am pretty convinced that when we will ascend that some of us will show officially in front of humanity with all their creative power and that this demonstration will convince at least half of humanity about the soul potential of every human being. I cannot however tell you now how many of us have planned in their soul contracts to return to this planet before its final Ascension and make this demonstration, but there must be definitely some of us, who will take the leadership of humanity in these difficult times and guide them to their mass ascension in Dec 2012. This is the scenario I énvisage for this year and it makes a lot of sense to me.

With love and light
February 20, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so very much for YOU. Thank you that the highest of you is present with this embodied you. Thank you that you and Chris devote your time to being this remarkable and effective meeting place for us all and that you generously offer such a cornucopia of information. Thank you for your straight-talking, no nonsense, and thoroughly enjoyable perceptions. I truly look forward so much to each new posting.

I was very interested in the responses to Lauren Gorgo and her new Cell Speak programme. I had already felt exactly the same when I read it myself. I know that the information about the new program was – from an advertising point of view – absolutely brilliant. This in itself set alarm bells ringing. TM (trademark – particularly since this is not even her own work) also set off more alarm bells. The several allusions to timelines; it’s all going to take time, lineage-creating, this is just the beginning…more bells. And dozens of references to the program being necessary, essential, needed…even more bells! And 288!! (that’s a lot) and $$$? Money won’t be here much longer, so… Why??? … So many bells I can’t hear any more!!! My first thought was to write to her and say, Hey you’ve gone off track, girl. Come back xx. Then, Was she ever on track? Then, Is it any of my business? Then, the next day I read in your response to Demitra:

‘The difference between you and the rest of the light workers will remain and will deepen in the coming days, and this is quite normal. In the interim time till the magnetic pole reversal and our ascension, you should not expect any understanding from the rest of the light workers’ community.’

That’s when I realised there is no point writing to Lauren. She needs to do it her way, with the awareness granted by her HS and will realise all this when she is given the wider awareness to be able to comprehend it. Thanks for the clarity, Georgi.Carla also emphasised this in her recent letter to you:

‘Anything that uses Force [such as brilliant advertising techniques] to persuade, explain, deliver is therefore not doing so from the point of Unconditional Love. The 400′s provide information, details, mechanics or workings of the subject in question [cell speak is ALL about the mechanics]. This is information that the human mind loves to grasp and cling to. Information and details regarding earthly events become the focus of these sites and they distract us from connecting to Source.’

I really recoiled at the idea of ‘embodied state’ that Lauren promotes, which I feel reflects the focus on earthly events that Carla refers to. Lauren may have also unconsciously flagged, where her information originates – 4 D – you will see this clearly highlighted on the notepad-style front cover, illustrated on the information sheet she offers.

In response to Demitra’s following comment, with which I fully concur:

‘I suppose what I find most startling is that it wasn’t that long ago that most were still quite discreet in the expression of their darker intentions, which they usually kept hidden. Now suddenly, in the past week or so, there is a blatant disregard that is carelessly exhibited no matter where I go.’

I wonder if this blatancy is due to the massive increase in the energy of TRUTH, which I am feeling is a large part of the ever-raising frequencies of the crystalline grid. I have noticed many, many people in all walks of evolution are being very obvious by their behaviours and attitudes (whether they realise it or not) to those who can see and to whom it therefore appears to be blatant. I suspect that they don’t actually realise how obviously they are revealing themselves. Perhaps it is this frequency of TRUTH. Is this (to quote you, Georgi) ‘… the only possible energetic mechanism to delete them [their dark fear-based patterns]  from their emotional and mental fields.’?

I was not surprised at the response to your posting, “Economic Collapse 2012 – February Update”, where somebody had felt obliged to write a recommendation what one should do after reading the scary article by Georgi Stankov. This is so obviously a fear-based response. There is somehow an assumption that you, Georgi, are yourself in a fearful state in order to see and write about these matters (and they seem to interpret your motivation as an unenlightened spreading of fear rather than just plain information) and they are compelled to then neutralise your ‘negative’ emanations. Such nonsense seems to abound!!

I am very interested to listen to Medwyn’s music. That’s another brilliant aspect of your site, Georgi, that you introduce us to one another. Thank you again. Enough for today… this is already quite long! For sure I will be in touch again.

In love and light,
Dear Gail,

Thank you very much for your panoptic of comments and thoughts on my last report. I highly appreciate your thorough elaboration of the numerous aspects that the report has touched upon. As we are d’accord with all topics, I will only answer your question regarding the growing frequencies of truth that reveal all despicable aspects of human nature. It is indeed so that previous fear based patterns had a protective function in the old matrix and debased society and were helpful within this narrow range of behaviour. This circumstance made many people appear more amiable than they were in reality, as they could cling to certain superficial social norms that camouflaged civilized behaviour, as was the case with most American in the good old times.

Now the energetic situation has changed dramatically and the hidden demons come onto the surface and can no longer be hidden. This experience, no matter how nasty it may be, is necessary as the people can now make a choice and decide to eliminate a certain fear based behaviour when it surges into their daily consciousness. In this case they can decide that they eventually dislike it and eradicate it from their energetic field by adopting a new more loving attitude. As long as they stick to this fear based pattern in a subconscious manner as  their “psychological Pavlov’s reflex”, they will only “put lipstick to the swine” and sell it as an adequate woman-candidate for American vice-president (I am sure you know who I mean). This has been the chief source of most social malaise in the old, now rapidly dissipating society.

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

Here is an afterthought. Perhaps the disclosure everyone has been waiting for will come by means of this frequency of TRUTH. Perhaps the PTB (or, as I prefer to call them, the PTW – were) will, without realising that they are doing it, reveal more and more of the truth of their intentions and actions… and the media, being also blind to the revealing nature of what they are reporting, will openly report it.

And here are the lyrics to The Final Countdown (you used this phrase recently, Georgi and it prompted me to check out the words… and here they are!!! Wow!!)

The final countdown

We’re leaving together, but still it’s farewell
and maybe we’ll come back, to earth, who can tell?I guess there is no one to blame, we’re leaving ground (leaving ground)
will things ever be the same again? It’s the final countdown.The final countdown.Oh, We’re heading for Venus (Venus) and still we stand tall
cause maybe they’ve seen us and welcome us all, yeah
with so many light years to go and things to be found (to be found)
I’m sure that we’ll all miss her so… It’s the final countdown.The final countdown. The final countdown (final countdown)…oh…oh
The final countdown. Oh, it’s the final countdown. The final countdown.The final countdown. (final countdown)Oh, it’s the final countdown, we’re leaving together
The final countdown, we’ll all miss her so
It’s the final countdown (final countdown) Oh, it’s the final countdown.
Love to you and all PAT
In love and Light, Gail

Dear Gail,

this is exactly the intention of the forces of light from the higher realms. I speak sometimes of “Cosmic Providence” for this planet and the whole universe, as you cannot separate the destiny of earth and mankind from that of the whole universe as they are interlinked. It has always been so, and I describe this tactics of the forces of light, or our souls, which is one and the same, with the term “cosmic dialectics” or “social oxymorons“. The more the dark entities or human beings labour towards a dark self-to-service goal, the more intensively they will be embroiled in the negative aspects of their egotism and hatred as now their negative goals will begin to be immediately realized and revealed, no matter how well they are wrapped up in seemingly altruistic intents. It will no longer be possible to hide one’s true intentions in the presence of so much light and energetic transparency.

As the dark ones will increasingly try to realize their dark heinous goals in the old way, as they do not know any other way of dealing with problems, they will have to experience increasingly the negative repercussions of their deeds and thus will ultimately and automatically crumble under the burden of this negative experience of their own dark nature. They will now begin to experience the mirror image of themselves, and this is what hell is all about.

This is the case with the current financial fraud of the dark Cabal, which was intended to impoverish the masses and establish the New World Order, as we see it now in Greece, but will at the end lead to the dismantling of the financial Cabal and the ruin of their Orion monetary system of enslavement, thus enabling the introduction of new fair systems of exchange and evaluation of human endeavour. This is pure dialectics in application.

In the old matrix, the dark minions of the Orion empire were spared from their negative deeds, which had to be experienced most of the time by the rest of humanity – hence the numerous sufferings of humans in the last 10 000 years. This mechanism no longer exists now, as the energetic state of separation that allowed this kind of negative karma to be accumulated is now offset by the new powerful high frequency energies that flood earth these days. The tragedy of the dark ones is that they do not realize this dialectic character of the new high frequency energies of love and stick even more stubbornly to their old tactics, which will be their doomsday.

With love and light
February 20, 2012

Hi Georgi,

Lately, I’ve been feeling like giving up. What I mean by this, is just giving up everything that feels like resistance – paying bills seems awful, a real pain in the ass. Of course, I’ve always found the financial system to be ridiculous but this past week, I find myself just not really caring at all what happens if… I … just…. stop. I don’t want to give them my money anymore. I want to keep what I have for myself. Imagine that!

Today, I drove my car on the beach and went over some potholes. Now it is making a strange clicking when I turn left. I feel like just parking it somewhere and walking away. I’m sick of having a car. I’m sick of insurance, and registration, and plates, and repairs, and getting gas. I’m completely exhausted. It just keeps one running around and around in circles trying to maintain it, looking for more work, just to support my divine right to travel. It’s awful. It just feels awful. I don’t think I can do it anymore. I’m not really sure what is going to happen to me now. I just know that I don’t feel like doing anything that isn’t easy. I have even stopped cooking. I only eat what is easy for me to get to. Mostly smoothies or fruit, or some cheese. I get overwhelmed at the thought of having to prepare a meal or buy all these ingredients – how exhausting. Everything exhausts me now. I just want to BE. I am so sick of all the heaviness. I can’t do it anymore.

I will just walk, I live close to the store. I live close to some beaches and a nice jogging path. And I live where I work. So why do I need a car?  What is out there for me to get to? What is funny, is that I mainly need my car to go pay bills!! Isn’t that a real conundrum! If I stop paying them, then I won’t need to even drive. I have food, work, exercise, and nature right around me. I mostly drive to pay bills and to be social. But being social is becoming exhausting again, too. I just always feel like an outsider.

I met this family that I felt was “high vibe” and knew what was going on and then the other night, I’m just listening to them have discussions about DMT and I once again, felt alone. All of these things are so old to me, so out of the way. I don’t see the point in discussing them any further or having debates about them. It’s old for me. They try to engage me in their conversations, but it all seems so dead to me. So foreign, like I would have to comment in another language to even participate in what they are talking about. One of them wants to get the “codes” out there for people to bridge the old paradigm to the new. Really?  WTF is he talking about? The only codes are inside of us, period. There is no way to teach a person how to bridge realities, like a manual. It’s such a personal process. I do not resonate with someone speaking about it as if it were mechanical. That feels downright awful to me. I barely know what anyone is talking about these days. I just feel like I’m on the fringe of everything, just watching it all go down like a sunken ship.

I really just want to walk away from all of it, sometimes. My job, my car, my bills, everything. That thought sounds amazing to me and makes me tingle with excitement! It makes me laugh out loud too. To think that it might all come down to that, me in a fresh pair of jeans and white t-shirt… (perhaps a mocha latte too) just walking into the open road and absolutely done with everything. I just keep walking. Yes, it really makes me smile. It’s just the ultimate, “I’m done with this”. Perhaps at some point, I would lay down and die. I don’t even care. So what is stopping me? I’m weary, Georgi. I’m also super blissed out. This isn’t like before when I was weary and depressed. Oh no, this is just the feeling like I want to eat some warm chocolate chip cookies and milk and then go pass out in the sun, forever. haha!! It’s just a very dreamy, sleepy surrender. I hope you all can relate.

I feel a grande finale coming soon, I hope. It’s getting harder and harder for me to pretend that any of this makes sense here. I mean, I can barely go along with it anymore. The other day, a bill collector called and asked me if my name is what it is, and I said yes. Then she said to me, “before we go any further, can you tell me the last four digits of your social security number”?  And I laughed and hung up!! It just felt so weird to me, that she would call my phone and ask that I tell her something before she could tell me why she was calling me! Hahah… the audacity is absurd. I used to feel fear when they did that. I used to feel like the bill collectors were an authority, and now I just could care less what they are saying. I’m just more annoyed that they are distracting me from just BEING.

Love, Kari
Dear Kari,

what you describe are the symptoms of your final detachment from the 3d-reality with all the sentiments of estrangement connected with this process.

I remember that when I fully entered the LBP around 2000, so that I was disabled to do most of the things I used to do before, I made a list of all the vital activities that I have to keep doing as to survive and not be of additional burden to my family. I wrote the vital activities and when the list became rather long, I deleted half of the items and then again one more time the next half, so that at the end there were only a few activities that stayed and these are the ones I am doing for the last 12 years consequently.

The first item was to throw all unpaid bills in the waste basket without reading them. It has worked well for more than 12 years. I also do not communicate on purpose with any kind of state offices and administrations since this time and it works fabulously. I know that I am protected from my higher self and that I have deliberately detached from this illusory reality to be a beacon of light, so that my higher self/soul must take the responsibility for my personal protection in case of complications, if she wants me to stay longer on this planet. I myself would rather leave it yesterday than today or tomorrow. And guess what? There are no real complications and I am still on this toxic planet 12 years later. No matter what I decline to do on earth, I keep staying alive on this toxic planet and humanity cannot get rid of me. Isn’t it frustrating?

With love and light
February 20, 2012

Dear Giorgio, I really appreciated these words you wrote in the last report:

“They come with a lot of pre-conceived knowledge on earth and have an open consciousness to the higher realms from the very beginning that makes them so different from the rest of humanity. You all must have felt this difference during your tedious life of forceful adaptation to the current debased and dysfunctional human condition, in which you feel as foreign bodies”.

I always felt a foreign body.

Know, about the so-called light workers. I was fed up with them yet many years ago… It is not the case to exchange the word, since there is almost no “work” and no “light” in most of them… In my experience of Italy, since 1990, I can say that at the beginning the so called light workers were doing something useful, introducing some basic concepts, but when the “game” became serious, with stronger and stronger waves of energy, they really started to be obstacles to any new idea, and they contributed to stop spiritual evolution on many awakening people, just instilling these stupid “new age” poor concepts. I came across various yoga clubs, spiritual groups, spiritual circles etc. etc., in Italy and Brazil. They were all talking about “love” without having no intellectual and emotional idea of what love is…

Just to give an example: There is a very little restaurant in Turin, 5 tables, just the owner and his mother, very very simple people. They are much, much more loving than all these light workers together, they just prepare food with care and love, for a small price, and never say no to anybody, they accept everybody in their little restaurant, even addicted or very poor people, with a smile and a lot of patience. But if you have a conversation with them, you realize they are (mother and son) very humble persons, with a “little” ego. You eat in their restaurant for 10 euros and you feel happy after that, enjoying this little weird place where you can meet an elegant couple having dinner together or a clochard just having a little relief from his hard life. Those guys of the restaurant are one thousand times more “light” and “workers” than all this bunch of “new-agers” that keep on polluting the atmosphere.

I decided to ignore them and their sites and their channellings many years ago. I just came across your site by “coincidence”, and I do not even know (and don’t want to) who is this guy Beckow or similars. Why don’t we call them, instead of “light workers”, “malas sem alças“, that in Portuguese means “suitcases without handles”?

Un grande abbraccio, Alberto

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