State-of-Ascension-Report-62: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-62, February 20, 2012

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Wassily Kandinsky, Human bubbles in the earth’s matrix of the old magnetic grid of the Anunnaki

A Stimulating Dialogue with Demitra on Pivotal Topics in the End Times

February 17-19, 2012

Many thanks to Shinzhi Rumi for taking the time to write and share “The Prophecy of the Two Arcturian Polar Bears. A Vision.” Beautiful! It was just the sort of confirmation that I (and perhaps many other readers, too) most needed to hear at this time. It shines a light of hope in these otherwise difficult and trying times, which to me seem endless in their scope.
The dark forces have stepped up their attacks and are operating through virtually every means these days; this has been my experience, especially over the past year. Seclusion may have worked well in the past – before 11.11.11– but not anymore. These days the dark forces make their way directly to my front door or call me on the telephone if I won’t venture out.

If I thought that the past year was fraught with more than my fair share of dark force encounters, then this past week has been unbelievably stupefying in its intensity. It is always darkest just before the dawn; isn’t that what they say? It is this intensity that convinces me that the tide must surely soon turn, and that the new dawning we have all been waiting for, is not that far off now.

Once again, many thanks to you too, Georgi (and Chris) for all your continuing efforts in maintaining this newsletter beyond last Fall. It has been at times the only thing keeping some of us from feeling completely and utterly alone in the midst of abject iniquity and preposterous lunacy.

Love & Sincerity,
Dear Demitra,

Thank you for your appreciation of Rumi’s vision. I will forward it to him. After it appeared, I received for the first time since several weeks again a nasty letter from some dark ones, anonymously of course, telling me to take care of my psychiatric patients and that we will stay here on earth for ever. Obviously, the events culminate and there are some desperate, last strides from the dark side to gain terrain in a lost battle.

I have spent indeed a lot of time in the last two weeks, updating the old articles on the new website, by actualizing the links, editing the text and putting new tags. I am not ready yet, but the main job is done and now one can much easily navigate through the website and find the necessary information. I was urged by my soul to do so in anticipation of the millions of readers that will soon visit this website as a unique historical document of the efforts of the PAT to ascend Gaia and humanity. This will be the “new bible” of humanity in the End Times, after we will soon ascend. There is always a purpose in my activities, even when I sometimes have to wait for 10-20 years before success materializes.

My greatest pride is that all members of the PAT have now ascended beyond their original plan and have thus gained the right to contribute to a greater extent to the future of the New Earth and the ascended humanity. In a few months after 11.11.11 we have accomplished achievements which normally take centuries in earth time to be reached. We will however learn to appreciate our current success only after ascension, which is just around the corner. In this respect my modest efforts to keep this website has been fully rewarded – it has become the save haven of the members of the PAT on their lonely Canossa gangway through this dark planet and society in the last days on earth.

I did also find Rumi’s vision very inspiring at the emotional level and, because it also has its literary merits, I decided immediately to publish it. Wish you all the best.

With love and light

PS. There is one very important reason why the dark ones have intensified their attack on us. This s a novel idea that I am getting from my higher self and I have to elaborate more on it in the coming days. This is my preliminary version.

At present, the old magnetic grid established by the Anunnaki in the old 3d-earth is substituted with the new crystalline grid around Gaia, which is almost complete now due to our huge effort in the last three months after we opened the stargate 11.1.11. It was finished by 93% at that time and now it is almost completed to 100%, earlier than anticipated. Originally, it was planned to complete the crystalline grid at the last stargate 12.12.12. This is our achievement after we decided to stay longer than planned on earth after our ascension was postponed at 11.11.11 and thus help humanity and Gaia finish with their ascension process.

We, the members of the PAT, will be the new keepers of the new crystalline grid and will thus have the main responsibility for the further evolution of mankind to higher dimensions after Ascension. We now create the New Earth – the PAT is the prototype of the New Earth in the future.

Essentially, the planetary grid determines the matrix of life and the kind of society on a planet. When the old Atlantean grid was dismantled somewhat 10 000 years ago, the Anunnaki, who then took control over the new emerging humanity, substituted it with their own magnetic grid of polarity, separation and the insertion of deep emotional fear-based patterns in the incarnated entities. This grid was instrumental for the current debased society and for the dumbing down of all human beings, as we observe them today.

All souls that are ascension candidates are at present relocated energetically from the old Anunnaki grid of magnetic polarity and separation onto the new crystalline grid of unity. Very soon, this will have huge repercussions at the societal level in terms of revolutions, upheavals and revelations. The dark ones try to keep as many human beings as possible back in the old grid, as they need them as slaves on the catastrophic earth after the split. When the relocation of the human population between these two grids is accomplished, the magnetic pole shift can take place and the split of the two timelines will be finally accomplished.

This is a very complex process that will affect virtually all aspects of human life, and I need some more time to let this idea grow in detail in  my consciousness. But this information is coming in the last days very strongly, and there are in the meantime even some other sources that marginally confirm this perception, however, in a very disguised form. So much about this latest development that also explains your negative experience with the dark ones.


however brief your explanation of the grid change, it is most comprehensible to me. It makes sense that the dark ones will pull every stop possible at the 11th hour as it were, to keep as many human beings attached to the old grid as they can. Still, I have to admit the ‘wickedness’, which is openly displayed by the average person on the street these days, is truly astonishing to me. There are moments when what I observe comes across quite surreal and movie-like. I really should not be surprised because I have always suspected that this was the underlying reality of most people anyway, despite the fact that on the surface they more or less looked normal and decent. I suppose what I find most startling is that it wasn’t that long ago that most were still quite discreet in the expression of their darker intentions, which they usually kept hidden. Now suddenly, in the past week or so, there is a blatant disregard that is carelessly exhibited no matter where I go.

Indeed, it is likely as you say, that the dark ones are directing their agenda with great desperation now by animating average people out there, anywhere and everywhere (like Mr Smiths in the Matrix movie) to behave in whatever way is necessary for them to ultimately compromise the integrity of those people, so that for them there will be no escape when the split between worlds occurs. Thank you, Georgi, your explanation helps me to understand what it is exactly that I am witness to at this time leading up to the shift.

Love & Sincerity,
Dear Demitra,

I would suggest a different approach and explanation for the increase in brutal human behaviour among the average people – a diagnosis which I share with you and has been actually predicted by myself in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind ” for the current End Times 11 years ago. All these people are now beamed with such powerful energies that they have never experienced before. They let their dark fear-based patterns surge on the surface. This is the only possible energetic mechanism to delete them from their emotional and mental fields, as I explain extensively in my article “The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization”.

As these people are not able to exert self-reflection due to their low level of spiritual evolution and young soul age, their only possible reaction is to project them on their surroundings and the people around them and deal with them in the same nasty and brutal way as they feel their negative patterns within their personal emotional and mental fields. This is what I describe as the “psychological Pavlov’s reflex” of the incarnated entity, who lacks any ability of self-reflection – those entities, who are not able to step out of their shoes and analyse themselves from an outer position as other people see them.

I am afraid, but this dichotomy and surge of negativity will increase in the coming days before the wheat will be separated from the chaff. This separation will be as painful and as nasty as the individual LBP which we discuss extensively on this website. This same experience will now become a common place for the masses, and life on earth will be a real hell for a while, before the light will prevail and the separation will have definitely taken place. This is also the main reason why we need  the magnetic pole shift very soon and the splitting of the two timelines.

With love and light

You know, Georgi,

I have often thought to myself that the majority on this planet are like the many young adults who continue living at home enjoying all the material fruits that their parents spent many long years building and creating. But just like the young adults within any family that wants the best for them, they eventually must be pushed out of the feathered nest of leisure that this previous generation worked very hard to create so that they can go on and learn to create their own wealth. In doing so, they can potentially grow in love and wisdom, and become more able to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world around them.

So yes, a ‘psychological Pavlov’s reflex’ of accelerating mayhem in the end days is precisely as I have interpreted it to myself as well. The increase of cosmic energies as it sweeps through our global environment, now affects the larger population more visibly with each passing day precisely because the masses are wholly unprepared to process this kind light energy at this time.

Thank you for your further elaborations; it has allowed me to organize my own.

Love & Sincerity, Demitra

Exactly, the expulsion from the comfort zone – from the self-proclaimed earthly paradise, which is a camouflage for human hell. – George

I understand your last comment to mean that once we actually undergo our individual varied experiences of 3D living from beginning to end, only then can we fully appreciate that these living circumstances of living within 3D are nowhere near as cracked up as we made them out to be when we first arrived as young souls. But is it true that this 3D version (the Anunnaki magnetic polarized grid of fear and separation) is the only possible experience for all evolving souls? Or is it more correct to say that what we are finishing up with here is the second half of a more complete cycle (yin/yang) which ultimately includes both a Golden Age at the beginning and an Age of Destruction at the end?

Dear Demitra,

It is exactly as you put it. Let me specify as you raise a very important question. As young souls, we indulge in our self-created dramas in a state of polarity and total separation from the Source. This behaviour is engendered by the old magnetic grid created by the Anunnaki and in this state we experience rare moments of joy and satisfaction, of success and physical love, combined with numerous experiences of defeat and despair, of discontent and hatred.

In the second half of our reincarnation cycle, when we enter the cycle of the adult soul, the negative experiences prevail as we have to liberate ourselves from the limitations of this grid and grow beyond it. The way to achieve this is going through our past sorrows and despair like through a fire wall and surmount them by experiencing them one more time in a conscious manner. It takes about 20-25 incarnations and a time span of about 2000 -3000 years earthly time to go through the adult soul age cycle.

The same holds true for all our fear based patterns that we have amassed through our numerous previous incarnations as younger souls. These patterns are stored in our personal genetic coding and need to be released in order for us to grow beyond the old matrix of the magnetic grid. Ultimately, the whole eschatological purpose of our incarnation on earth is to surpass energetically the limitations of this magnetic grid and the social matrix of separation it creates.

This has been rarely achieved at the individual level by some adepts in the past. It was tried on a larger scale with the appearance of Jesus two thousand years ago, but this effort failed due to the massive intervention of the dark forces, which derailed this effort, just as they expected to achieve this heinous goal one more time in the current End Times. That is why I recently wrote that the mission of Jesus failed in this respect.

Now we have entered the End Times, when we have two events that run parallel. We have the building of the new crystalline grid, which started when the first stargate 01.01.01 was opened in 2001 and will be completed at the stargate 12.12.12 by the end of this year. But with our prolonged stay on earth, we, the members of the PAT, have actually helped to finish the grid much earlier, so that he can now replace the Anunnaki magnetic grid of the old matrix, when the magnetic pole shift/reversal will come this spring.

While the new crystalline grid was gradually build in the last 12 years, the most advanced incarnated human souls on this planet, the so called “star seeds”, however not all of them, as many stayed asleep and did not live up to their soul contract, started with their individual LBP, which is essentially a steady increase of the frequencies of the personal energetic fields, such as biological, emotional, mental and ethereal body. In this way, they were able to overcome the low frequencies of the magnetic gird individually and thus pave the way for others to follow. That is why these individuals are also called “wayshowers”. All members of the PAT are such wayshowers.

These few courageous individuals helped some other old souls, defined as “light workers”, who followed this first wave of wayshowers and started to liberate themselves, more or less successfully, from the energetic shackles of the old magnetic grid. After we, the members of the PAT and the avantgarde of the wayshowers, opened the stargate 11.11.11, by first successfully opening our individual portals and thus completely liberating ourselves from the low frequency magnetic grid of the Anunnaki at the individual level, we created the new energetic atmosphere on earth, which now allows for the opening of the sealed energetic fields of the masses, by first opening their 4th heart chakra. The latter connects the incarnated entity with the higher realms and subsequently with the new crystalline grid.

We were the catalyst that triggered this planetary reaction and that is why I repeat again and again that we all must be proud of our achievements so far. Without our efforts nothing would have ever happened on earth and ascension will still be a chimera, as was the case with Jesus 2000 years ago. Even his failed attempt to trigger a mass ascension, just as the failed attempt of Heaven to achieve a full shift and first ascension wave at 11.11.11, was ultimately a great success on the long run (in our case on the short run), as it prepared the ground for our success in the current End Times. Just as our unfulfilled effort at 11.11.11 to ascend, prepared the ground for the coming success of the magnetic pole shift and the definite split of the two timelines this spring to a greater extent as initially planned for this time. I have tried to present this perspective since Jesus in my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and have also discussed it on several occasions in our last reports.

Now we are on the cusp of connecting all adult and old souls to the new crystalline grid, which we have helped to be built with our effort to augment the frequencies of our individual fields during the tedious individual LBP that most of humanity will not need to go through. In this sense, we actually live already the new Golden Age, or alternatively, we have started to live our multidimensional reality as ascended masters since November 22, while still dwelling in a physical vessel. We do this by incorporating simultaneously the present 3d-reality and the higher dimensional realities, which we increasingly consciously experience in these last days after 11.11.11, while still dwelling on earth.

This is actually our last function before the shift will come and we will ascend, as there will be no need for us to stay on earth any longer. With the shift the final connection of about 3 billion human beings – adult and old souls – to the new crystalline grid will be accomplished and they will awaken after the splitting of the two timelines in a completely new energetic reality – much more harmonious and loving, although the old fear based patterns will still have to be released, however under much more favourable conditions.

This interim state will last for about half an year during the second half of 2012, when the final portal 12.12.12 will be opened and then humanity will be automatically transported to the lower levels of the 5th dimension on Dec 21, 2012. This transition will not be that much dramatic, as many of the changes, including new advanced technologies, will be already introduced in the course of this year.

I hope that this expanded presentation covers the topic you have raised in your last email. We must now streamline our minds and thoughts as to what is happening currently on earth and is expected to happen in the near future, and especially why it will happen, as to avoid any confusion, which will be detrimental to our further evolution at a time when it proceeds at a very high speed.

With love and light
Brilliant elucidation, bravo Georgi, thank you for this, thank you. And yet one question still remains and it has to do with the difference between the PAT members, whom you call Starseeds, and the community of spiritual Lightworkers. Evidently, as I understand your explanation, the ‘surface’ difference is that the PAT have thus far managed to work through the required LBP to accomplish this superhuman effort for the many, while the numerous New Age Lightworkers out there have merely continued focusing their energies into using the spiritual topic/theme as their vehicle to earn a living for themselves? How is it that these Lightworkers have remained so blind to the importance of this inner individual work that all PAT members have managed to stay on course with, much to the detriment of their own personal lives? Wherein lies the ‘deeper’ fundamental difference amongst us that makes one adopt a highly refined sense of responsibility to the greater good, while the other continues to plow along self-serving lines, merely talking the talk, but not walking the walk?

Love & Sincerity,
Dear Demitra,

you have touched upon the heart of the matter. Any incarnated entity can perceive as much of the reality, as his soul allows him according to his soul age with the typical fear based patterns, acting as blockages and the energetic expansion of his consciousness. The older the soul, the much more expanded the awareness is and the more the entity can see. It is practically impossible to force a closed entity, as most of human beings are, to see interrelationships that exist beyond the veil and are parental for all changes we then see and experience in our 3d-reality of the earth’s matrix, if his soul does not open him for this reality deliberately.

This is a two-fold process, where the middle-self of the incarnated personality has to make the first step and then his daily consciousness receives much more from the higher self or the soul. This inner dynamics of intellectual enlightenment by the soul is also discussed by Jesus in the New Testament in one of the few statements that originally stem from him. I will quote it freely as I do not have an English bible: ” The more you achieve by yourself, the more you will be given by the Father. Those that do nothing, will lose the little they possess.” This paradigm applies of course to the current End Times.

It took me a lot of time, intellectual effort and psychological discern to realize this simple truth. When I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and then finish with my first book on physics in 1997, I was so exalted that I would now easily convince the scientific community with this new coherent scientific view of the world, that retrospectively this exuberance could only be described as naive. The setbacks came promptly and I started to ponder over the fact, why the scientists are so completely refractory to my new scientific ideas and arguments based on the theory of the Universal Law, which are so simple and evident from a mathematical point of view, as Joelle recently commented, that even an average person with a modest school education in math should be able to understand them.

However this comprehension presupposes such an energetic expansion of the daily consciousness of the middle-self as to internalize these ideas, that it eventually came out that nobody is able to hold these abstract ideas in his active consciousness, which operates only as memory. In other words, the scientists were not able to memorize the new ideas of the Universal Law, as they disappeared in the black holes of their insufficient memory as established and kept on life by their unripe souls. Simply speaking, the minds of all scientists were not adopted to the new expanded awareness of the Universal Law; they were not supported by their higher selves to accommodate the abstract idea of one Universal Law of Nature that manifests in all its parts, so that they were unable to grasp its mathematical applications in natural science, which are a simple rule of three a = b/c – the most simple equation in mathematics.

As I consequence, I started to ponder over the inner psychomental dynamics between higher, middle and lower self, between psyche and pure abstract consciousness. The result was the five German books on Human Gnosis, the first one of which I have now begun to translate in English.

Now back to your question: Why most light workers do not comprehend and appreciate the achievements of the members of the PAT and are not able to learn from them, as this was shown in a paradigmatic way by Steve Beckow, whom I offered my help two years ago. It is the same reason as to why the scientists are still unable to understand the new Theory of the Universal law.

Human minds are fragmented and compartmentalized and can only think within their narrow limited space. In order to expand human consciousness, it must be systematically supported by the spirit realms by sending higher frequency energies during one’s whole life. In addition, one must accumulate in a systematic manner the earthly knowledge that is available to him and go a long way beyond this. This is a daunting task that only few incarnated entities are able to accomplish. They come with a lot of pre-conceived knowledge on earth and have an open consciousness to the higher realms from the very beginning that makes them so different from the rest of humanity. You all must have felt this difference during your tedious life of forceful adaptation to the current debased and dysfunctional human condition, in which you feel as foreign bodies.

Compared to the average light worker, the member of the PAT has, at this point in time, already gone through the individual LBP process and finished with it, This process can only truly begin when the left brain portal is opened and the 6th and 7th chakra are also completely activated as to incorporate the energies from the highest realms of the spirit, up to the 12 dimension of the Source, flowing down through the 8th to the 14th chakra of the spiritual body and the monad.

As you know, the 6th chakra is the spiritual centre and transmits spiritual energies and the 7th chakra is the ecstatic centre an transmits the ecstatic energies of Al-That-Is. In a combination, they heave the individual human intellectuality to such a high level that it now establishes an open channel to the pure awareness of All-That-Is which harbours all knowledge. From this level onward, you can expand your consciousness to such an extent that you are able to grasp every topic in its entirety and know immediately what is right and what is wrong without resorting to second hand human sources. There is no need of any details anymore, while most other humans are still trapped and lost in trifle details. This dichotomy in human perception becomes more and more evident these days as the energies increase on earth.

This is also the energetic level at which the true understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law can unfold. If you have followed the weird discussions, I had with some confused light workers in the past, you must have noticed that they all departed from my alleged huge ego and nobody ever made the effort to scrutinize first my scientific theory and then start criticizing me on this basis. They did not even came to the idea, precisely, they did not even checked that there is such a theory available to them on this website or bother to read my scientific books.

In this way, while criticizing me on false pretexts, they simply demonstrated their own, very narrow-minded point of view, their subjectivity, and their limited awareness.This is the reason why I do not bother much, what other people say about me, as it is inevitably rubbish, as long as they are not capable of comprehending my theory. By the way, this happened quite recently with somebody, who belongs to the PAT and from whom I did not expect such an irrational reaction. This only proves that such reactions are very common, as they are their psychological Pavlov’s reflexes, as we have already discussed.

This lack of human communication at the more abstract level is a very difficult concept to comprehend, and I went through this hard school of learning, while I tried in vain to propagate my theory in the 90s. I  had at that time thousands of conversations with numerous scientists, many of them coming from my native country Bulgaria, where I was very active, giving lectures and holding numerous private discussions between 1997 and 2000.

The result was that only a few comprehended partially the magnitude of the new theory and its sweeping implications for human thinking and science as a whole. Some of them work since then on this theory as “fans of Stankov’s  theory” in a more or less clandestine manner in Bulgaria. They do it for themselves, as they no longer need my help.

Now apply this same intellectual and existential gap in private experience between the members of the PAT and the rest of the light workers. For the moment I exclude the sleeping masses and only compare these two selected groups.

It is one thing to read and talk about esoteric issues, most of the time from second hand, as I accused Beckow of doing so two years ago, quite a different one to experience them sensually and somatically all day long, as the members of the PAT have done during their prolonged LBP.

This was also the difference between me and Ute in our recent discussion on the role of kundalini, or between you, the members of the PAT and Sue, which is at a much lower level of her LBP and have just entered its final stage, but accused you of being dark entities recently in an email to me. If you go to her website, you will read about her surprised complaints associated with the opening of her 5th chakra that led her to write a whole essay on it. I had the transformation of my throat chakra in 1999 and have discussed this issue in my book “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” (serial-10) in 2001, just as many of you have also had the opening of this chakra years ago and now nobody talks anymore about this trifle experience.

Or you can go to the website of Ute and read in one of her latest releases about the begin of the opening of her left brain portal, the existence of  which she vehemently denied in a dispute with me only several weeks ago, Here lies the huge gap in LBP-experience between the two groups – the members of the PAT and the rest of the light workers community – as recently confirmed by Jerry in report-61:

“I had a consultation with one of these gurus one time and was telling him of all the distressing symptoms I was having, and he said the new energy did not cause this and he himself did not suffer from them, it was my resistance to the light that was causing them. I just knew then that to understand this, you have to experience it.”

I have heard myself the same stupid arguments again and again by similar self-proclaimed gurus, who cannot even spell LBP correctly.

Nobody who has not gone through the tedious and exhausting experience of the LBP, as most of the members of the PAT have done, can understand this process as it simply does not exist for himself. Ask Steve Beckow or read his website. You will not find a single reference on the current LBP, although this is the only way to the higher dimensions and Ascension, and to the so called “first contact” and “disclosure”. I tried to convey this simple truth to him two years ago and he did not get it. As a result, he started to hate me, instead of hating his ignorance. But I am used to such irrational reactions by humans, since I failed to popularize the theory of the Universal Law in the 90s.

I must add to this that the German physical society, the oldest and the second biggest physical society in the world after the American one, which I put under great pressure at that time, summoned several extra meetings at the highest level to discuss how to block me with my theory, which they realized to be a menace to them. I wanted them namely to announce an official prize of 100 000 German marks, which was a lot of money at that time, for anybody who is able to  reject my theory on scientific grounds. I offered to sponsor the money and give it to the German physical society to arrange this competition. I argued that the repercussions of the new theory are so huge and profound that they must be broadly discussed by this society. The result was utter silence.

I made this same experience with Sue ( last summer, when I asked her to describe her symptoms of her LBP and what she wrote to me clearly showed that she had no idea of it at all, although she has been engaged for decades in educating other people as to how to evolve spiritually. The chief blunder, most light worker gurus make, is to believe that when they deal at the mental level with some transcendental ideas, this is sufficient to qualify as spiritual teachers. However, there is a difference, as huge as that between life on earth and in heaven, to talk about such issues and to experience them within your own body and in all your energetic fields.

In this sense, it is not an exaggeration to say that the members of the PAT are not simple human beings, but powerful ascended masters, disguised in a human body for a while as to experience the limitations of this existence in a clay vessel and then to overcome it. In this way they will show to the rest of the light workers and later on to the whole humanity what is principally possible for all people to achieve in the near future.

You all should be aware of this fundamental difference and proud of it. You should not succumb to the insidious efforts of these dumbed down light workers, who want to reduce you to humble mortal human beings, just like they still feel to be, and immediately accuse you in a Pavlov-like reflex of  a huge ego, when you say: “I am an ascended master still in a physical vessel, but only for a very short period of time as to experience my greatness even under such limitations”.

This has nothing to do with human ego, but with the greatness of the cosmic spirit, from which we are all sparks. It is as simple as that, and when you have understood this simple reality and distinction between you and the rest of humanity, you will be liberated for ever from all petty remarks, old-matrix beliefs and flawed prejudices that ultimately try to dumb you down and make with you what the Orion empire has done with the rest of humanity.

Let your light shine as bright as it can and do not worry, when somebody complains that he has become blind from so much light. He was already blind before that and, as he has not been used to such a bright light, now when he sees it for the first time, his eyes ache. But the people must get used to your light, then very soon you will all ascend and then humanity will be split in a huge mass of still mortal beings, crawling on the ground, tortured by their still reptilian nature, and human gods, who can achieve anything they imagine. You must start get used to this idea now as to create it and firmly establish it in this earth’s reality and not let be confused by stupid, narrow minded remarks and comments from people, who have not yet realized what the PAT has already achieved for humanity by opening the stargate 11.11.11.

The difference between you and the rest of the light workers will remain and will deepen in the coming days, and this is quite normal. In the interim time till the magnetic pole reversal and our ascension, you should not expect any understanding from the rest of the light workers’ community. When you will ascend, you will have the attention of the whole humanity. But by then, you will know what powerful entities you all are and will no longer need my humble sermons, diluted in their energetic effect by human language.

This discussion with you will make an excellent contribution to the next report-62.

With love and light

what a perfectly worthwhile message you offer up here, but more importantly, how incredibly wonderful to be on the receiving end of such extraordinary generosity of spirit and giving! And I speak here not only for myself but for each and every reader who will have the good fortune of coming across this message in the future. That anyone would interpret your Being-ness as anything but wholesome and uniquely phenomenal is beyond rationality, but at the same time it is a logical reaction coming from those who are limited in their capacity to compute something that still remains outside of the realm of their understanding.

I cannot thank you enough for holding up this mirror that I might catch a glimpse of the true vision of my reality. The difficulty in seeing it for myself, I believe, has always been due to the myopia, I so often witnessed in many others, who were nothing more than over-sized ego-containers of worthless self-importance. It has seemed to me to be a safer approach all these years to restrain myself lest I fall victim to similar delusional beliefs of superiority. Although my efforts along these lines were not always fully appreciated by those who interpreted the light of my Being as too bright for their liking and comfort.

My appreciation for what you continue to offer here, Georgi, is truly beyond words.

Love & Sincerity,
Dear Demitra,

Thank you very much. It was a great pleasure for me to lead this  inspiring dialogue with you. I must now compile all these emails in my next report. There is always something to do and it is good so.

February 19, 2012

Hallo Georgi,

I follow with interest the latest ascension reports. I have a question in regards to Mass Ascension. What is the purpose of the “new deadline” for qualification of Ascension?

By the time the pole shift happens, about 99% of our population, (at least where I live), will still be fast asleep in the old matrix conditioning, without having a chance to awaken and do the necessary clearing for dross in order to raise their vibrations. It feels to me like the masses are not given enough opportunity to make it to the Ascended timeline, unless they can jump to the ascended timeline on 21/12/12.  But you are saying that this will not be possible. If that is so, I can not see much more than the starseeds and awakened souls ascend? Has creator decided that the souls must wake up themselves, just like many of us did through personal experience and LBP, and then ascend on conclusion of a lifetime? This would mean that the importance of a large “positive harvest” at the end of this year will be compromised.

Another question: Will unawakened star seeds ascend too, or do they have to wake up first?

Love, Joe
Dear Joe,

you come from the correct observations to the wrong conclusions. First of all if you have read my previous writings, I have said on numerous occasions that the bar for ascension will be set very low for humanity in the End Times (for instance in my book “The cosmic laws of creation and destruction). Second, if you depart from my soul age model as extensively described in my recent English translation of “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”, you will find there that I wrote 11 years ago that all adult and old souls will ascend in these End times, no matter how far they have awakened as incarnated entities on the ground.

These souls account for roughly half of the human population at present, about 3 billion people, because the actual population is not seven billion as officially declared for heinous purposes as to exert birth control, but much lesser – about 6 billion. The population growth is in fact declining since 2000 due to wars, famine, pollution and genocide by the health care system as I wrote in the last report-61. One third will leave earth by death experience this year, as their soul contracts end, and the rest, the clones and the least developed souls, will stay on the catastrophic earth. Many of them will leave this hell of earth a little bit later due to further famine and terrible living conditions.

The decision, who will belong to the ascended portion of humanity, is taken at the soul level on completely different energetic criteria than we use here on the ground. The incarnated entity does not need to know about this decision and most of the human beings will not know the real reason why they find themselves all of a sudden on a new ascending timeline. This all will happen at the subconscious level, as it has always been the case during human incarnation on earth. Read please carefully my story with my dog in my last report, where I touch upon this issue.

You make a common mistake to depart from the level for evolution of the PAT members, who are only several thousand at best to my estimate and the most evolved human souls on earth and in the whole galaxy. Even among the so called “light” workers, there is a huge confusion and blindness as to what is actually happening on earth these days, as the ridiculous joyride of Steve Beckow with black limousines to the mother ship of the GF recently exemplified.

After the split/shift, the ascended portion of humanity will move to a new timeline and it will have to awaken essentially in the remaining six months of this year under more favourable conditions, after the dark ones have been removed. This is the time when we will have to step up and take the leadership of humanity as ascended masters and guide them to their mass ascension. When I speak of a deadline to make a decision for ascension, I do not mean the level of the middle self with its ego-mind or daily consciousness, which can be, and will be, in most cases fully unaware of this decision, but exclusively the higher self, which is the actual puppet player (Strippenzieher) behind the incarnated human entity on the ground.

I hope that this explanation makes sense to you.

With love and light
February 19, 2012

Hello Georgi and website readers,

for along time I wondered if I’d get any information about the more precise time of the things to come. Hardly ever I hear something in my head, no voices, just some ideas… This morning, nevertheless, a voice said: “it is time to prepare….now. Get ready, now…” It was also time to get up to help the last little turtles hatching on the beach get “safely” into the sea (only one in 1000 comes back to nest…). Then back home, I asked with pendulum on Hawkins scale about this message: over 900 (Carla will be happy to hear this, George).

How many weeks left? 3 weeks + 1day.

Can I send this to G. Stankov’s website? : over 900. Well, being a FAWC, perhaps others received this info? Thanks for your feedback,as I feel a bit uneasy about it….

Sunny greetings from Yoa
Dear Yoa,

This is a very optimistic and somehow expected message. I can only confirm on my part that I was set under great psychical pressure by my higher self to finalize my new website, by editing the old articles, updating the links and adding tags, so that the navigation will be much easier. My higher self kept telling me all the time – soon millions of people will visit your site for a source of information and it is appropriate that you put your house (website) in order prior to departure. This sentiment confirms your personal message

Given the huge energy build-up in the last days, it is obvious that very soon there must be an outlet and when the energy begins to pour, there will be no stopping at all. The old matrix and its structures will crumble within days. What now seems impossible, will disappear from the surface of this planet within the blink of an eye.

The people cannot imagine such a radical change. When they read for instance  about this, as was the case with my article “Economic Collapse 2012 – February Update”, which was also published in Galactic Free Press, somebody felt obliged to write a recommendation what one should do after reading the scary article by Georgi Stankov.

Obviously, the fear is so great among the, alas, so “brave” light workers these days that when they read a sober forecast, they must make breathing meditations to digest this information. They want change, but no destruction. How could one be just “a little bit pregnant”  – if you want to give birth to a new child, you must be fully pregnant with all the negative aspects of a pregnancy. Poor humanity, with such fearful light workers to lead it to new dimensions.

With love and light
February 19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

My heart chakra and personal power chakra has been pulsating much over the last few days and my crown has the feeling of coolness flowing through it at times and at other times heat, and at other times just a humming of energy. After a couple of days of this happening, I was all of a sudden hit with three pieces of very negative events, one affecting my finances, the other a devious co-worker planting seeds of false accusations against me on a new job, and then to top it off my adult daughter hits me with a very negative and totally unnecessary statement, just as I was reeling from the first two. The negativity came suddenly all at the same time and then I had time to calm down and analyze it and put it in its proper perspective, so that I could be at peace.

Since I started my new job I have not had the time to keep up with all of your writings. So I spent this Sunday morning catching up. I read a lot about the magnetic pole shift possibility happening this spring.  But a few weeks ago I had read a previous channeling that stated the pole shift would be delayed again, so that more humans could be awakened. This would push the pole shift out to June/July/August time frame.

My feeling is that at this time, the greatest concern is not for the PAT members, who have already completed their work for Ascension, but rather for the unawakened masses who are yet to complete theirs.

Do you think that it is possible that there could be another delay in the magnetic pole shift?  What are your thoughts on the possibility of arrests happening soon?

Thank you again for all of your work. I was so excited to learn of the pyramids all of the world beaming energy into the Photon Cloud back in November of 2011, confirming the opening of certain energetic portals for ascension.  For me, it was one of the biggest confirmations of your work that I had seen.

Keep up the good work!  We are all so much better off for what you have so courageously shared with us.

Peace and Love to you and yours

Dear Charlotte,

thank you very much for your affirmative letter and I am sorry to hear that you have such a negative experience all of a sudden and accumulated in one particular stretch of time. On the other hand this indicates that the events begin to stipulate.

Now, the question of another delay of the magnetic pole shift/reversal and the shift of Gaia to higher dimensions with our Ascension does not really exist, as there has never been set a fixed date. My educated guess is that it will happen in this spring between March 23 and June 22, but I do not have any fixed day at hand, except the strong feeling with the coming transformative waves showing that we are heading to a climax soon. This energy build-up cannot remain without manifestation very soon.

One must be very careful, as there are increasingly messages from the many dark sources (more than 90% of all channeling sources) which have recently started to channel that all expected changes will come rather slow as not to scare humanity and that the magnetic pole shift has been therefore postponed or offset, but this is deliberate disinformation that I have noticed last week for the first time. It is part of the strategy of the dark ones in their harvesting of confused human souls at the End Times, and one should be very careful not to get trapped in them. Watch only your inner barometer and make up your own mind when the solution will come.

With love and light
February 19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I read your site almost every day and am grateful for the lifeboat. Like some said in Report 61, there does seem to be an ease this week. For a while life was jagged. I am just holding on, observing and watching me go from being impatient, depressed to hopeful that something will change in this 3D duality.  I have new beings, energies assisting me as I do my healing work as an acupuncturist.  I am concerned because my LBP symptoms are not as debilitating as those I read on line. I am 56 years old and I believe I began transmuting my  first chakra at 21yrs and have been working on clearing my blocks and karma ever since. I have had probably a couple thousand acupuncture treatments. Could it  be that the mitigated the severity of LBP?

Also I have recently been disappointed and “whacked in the head”  by loaning money, which I needed paid back within a month “no matter what”. I loaned what I could ill afford to lose to a friend, who calls herself a Spiritual Counselor or Medical Intuitive. Within a week of loaning it, I knew she was not going to do it within my time frame. I was awakened from a dream watching the line showing how spirit manifests. After one circle of completion, the line goes on to make another circle of creation.  I cannot continue to create anything with her if she does not make good her agreement.  She has been stringing me on for years and I had never seen the master manipulator. She calls herself a Master, but I saw how she takes by saying she is following spirit and yet it is not her fault/responsibility to meet her agreement. Hogwash. This has been my own dance with Vanity Fair. I am somewhat embarrassed by it and have wonder if it is an indication that I only fooled myself when I
have been considering myself an important member of the PAT. These may be silly, but my HS has not cleared them from recycling in my mind.

Dear Marian,

The term “PAT” is not a fixed group, but symbolizes a level of personal human evolution, which some people meet in their unique way, so that  there is no possibility to quantify it. It is like the famous IQ-test for intelligence. When you start implementing it, you always miss the intelligence, although you may get a high IQ-number.

There is no other authority, but your own soul/higher self, who will tell you how evolved you are. The expression of the LBP is so individual that you cannot extrapolate from the personal experience and apply it to other people. When I confirmed for instance in my email (report-61) that there was an ease after February 10th, my inner voice told me immediately not to be too optimistic and the next day, yesterday, I received one of the most nasty and powerful cc-waves I have ever had in the last 12 years that knocked me down for the whole day with split brain and unbearable headache, plus vertigo and inhuman vibrations that also hit my 3rd chakra and caused stomach pains and nausea. I was like a zombie the whole day. As you see, there is no rule at all.

We all have been fooled by greedy people and lost money at certain point in our life, me too, and this is the most common experience we, star seeds, make throughout this last incarnation to learn the treacherous character of the Orion monetary system and how it pervades human behaviour.

I don’t see any need for you to worry, but to have a clear mind in the next few crucial months. Money will soon play no role at all.

With love and light
February 19, 2012

Hi George,

I’ve really been enjoying the website – the dynamic is amazing and I love hearing the updates from other members of PAT.

There are a few new seemingly physical developments in my life, I thought I might share with you. I am not one that does much out of body travel, consciously anyway. I noticed recently, while walking my dog, that my arms were “repelled” off of my body somehow, they did not want to lay casually at my sides any longer. The posture was completely relaxed, but the arms stayed out like a guy with big muscles – very odd.  I let it my arms “float” along next to me for at least 30 minutes. It felt as though there was a change in magnetism, my body and the arms having developed some new force field type thing.

The other sensation was that I had wings. I stand still often (light meditation) and just feel the breeze and the sun. I felt that there were wings laying shut on my back. My arms were still in this new “muscle” position away from my body. I could feel the slightest difference in how breeze blew threw the wings, like between my arms and body there were feathers ? I’m not sure if feathers exactly, but they fluttered in the breeze and seemed to have mass.

When the sky is blue here it is so remarkable that I get overwhelmed at it’s beauty and the beauty of all of it. I become filled with an ecstasy and until my heart becomes so full I feel like it’s going to burst and then I had a thought:

The way we become a light body is: exploding from within with such love that you simply can not contain the feelings within you any longer. (Becoming our own star?) It is the activation of the Christed Heart – the spark that is eternal within you now powers your entire being and it never tires or fails. The power of love, the overwhelming power of love is in these new bodies that power us. We need no food or drink- we are powered from within like a human heart but Christed – made of light, a piece of source. So beautiful. I want to explode into my light body! But usually I just burst into tears.

Anyway, just wanted to share and let you know the path still holds much interest and a few surprises. Maybe more than ever! Here’s to living in grace!

Be well and much love,
Dear Loren,

thank you very much for your elegiacal description of what it feels like to be a light being with a crystalline light body and to be able to move through space and time at your own discretion. Knowing this all, being  part of our heavenly potential, it is a real torture to still stick in this clay vessel bursting from within with our energies and be subjugated to all kinds of ailments, pains and physical suffering. It is indeed time to spread our wings and sail away from this earth to our pristine realms – I hope very soon.

With love and light
February 18-19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have discovered this e-programme that is being offered called  Cell Speak.  You will find a description at the bottom of the article.

What are your thoughts on this?  It has apparently been written by Plejadians and presented to us at this time.

With love and light,
Dear Carla,

I was only recently asked what is my opinion on this woman (Lauren Gorgo) and I said: “the worst possible”. This also holds true for all her bogus esoteric products that she tries to sell in the End Times, not realizing that money will very soon play no role anymore. This already speaks a lot against herself. She embodies all that which I wholeheartedly despise in the esoteric vanity fair and I stay firmly to my negative feelings. Besides, her alleged dialogue with the Plejadian sisters is a fraud – she has invented them. I have studied her writings thoroughly in the past and have found out that she is bluntly lying. She cannot channel at all. Try this with the Hawkins scale and see what comes out.

Besides my cousin, who is a star seed and lives in the USA, knew her well from his wife in the past and he has also a very bad opinion on this woman and I trust him in this respect.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Yes, I have now tested all aspects and the readings range from 50 to 121. This is remarkable because I have never encountered such low readings before.

We give thanks for the lessons! Carla
February 18, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Regularly I read your reports and your and Joelle’s translation, great respect, thanks! All that past time, I felt that I needed to write something to you, but did not know exactly what, because no need to add something to your and other PAT members’ words, and then in your report 61 you put the words, which I missed, in:

“OK, I no longer need your articles, George, but it is nice to read them as external confirmation of my own ideas. We are simply on the same track. ”

Thanks for giving me words, which I searched for. I must say that I am very happy that our PAT mission and members are not lost in the dense fog of the New Age and the PTB.


February 19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Before I enclose my invitation for you to reply in an article for us all, a quick introduction on myself that may inspire others.

I am the new age composer Medwyn Goodall. As a child I had vivid dreams of things I did not recognise or understand. Normally within minutes of waking I forget dreams but these dreams stayed with me all my life. As I reached my mid twenties I would enter the moment of one of these dreams and realise that as a child I had somehow been observing my own future and the things I had not recognised were items in a recording studio, the technology of which had not been invented yet when I was but a child. My whole life has always had a sense of pre-destined purpose.

As my twenties progressed, I came to understand in a profound way that I was but one of many that had volunteered to come to earth to help. I had arrived here in some form of first or second wave of souls and was leading what was called in spirit “A Missioned life”. I had come to produce 5th dimensional music, music that had the energy and vibration of the 5th dimension, or higher. Music that would trigger dormant talents  in people, they would awaken, heal, pass over, give birth, find someone to love, become spiritual, every aspect of life. I have heard from so many people over the years that I am truly humbled. I was fortunate in that I knew why I was here and what I had to do, to produce as much music as possible that would raise the vibration of the Earth and those souls that would listen. I have spent a life time doing so and the journey has included many a dark soul that tried to trip me up, rip me off and destroy me, but continued I did to the point where I now have my own new age record label, full of kindred spirits working towards the same goal. For those interested I can be found here:

I consider myself a member of PAT. It is an honor to be so and I admire and respect Georgi, his work, efforts, a great deal. He says it how it is, do it, don’t do it, get on with it, no fluff, with a we haven’t time to mess about sense of presentation. On behalf of everyone who follows you I thank you for being you Georgi.

Now to my thoughts. We talk about how, we talk about when, what is seldom touched upon is what happens when we get there. We all yearn for the same outcome, to follow mother earth to the 5th or higher, to ascend, go with the new earth, however you wish to define it, whatever your belief system, it’s a goal we all share. It’s close now, the work is nearly done, the wait nearly over, so what awaits us really. What is it that has driven us here so profoundly. One gets brief words and descriptions, “oh it will be glorious”, I think on the eve of making the leap, with the work mostly behind us now, we deserve for one moment to bask in a feel good description of what we will discover and find when we do ascend. A little sunshine to dwell on whilst we sit in the shadows. For just a moment let us forget the struggle, the worries, problems, any doubts, and just say it. I can only guess, imagine, indeed I am sure I came from a higher realm or some far off planet to be here and help, but can I remember, no. So with that thought in mind I would like to ask Georgi if he would care to describe as best he can what we will welcomed by. What is it we are aching for? So here a few questions to start such an article off with. Common questions I get asked a lot from people.

What will it look like, like earth only pristine?
Will those who died and went to spirit be there, will lost loved pets be there?
Will there be buildings, towns?
Will there be weather?
Will we be able to instantly heal ourselves of any minor or serious illness?
Will there be rivers, oceans, trees, forests, climates, life?
Will we eat, drink or not need to?
Will we be bodies of light?
Will there be sex?
Will we have homes, houses, a place of our own if we wanted one?
Will animals be there, will we be able to talk with them?
How does one ascend by a personal portal, a mass public portal? Is it a wormhole from one earth to the other?
Will there be help, others on the other side?
Will there be ET’s to greet us on the other side, into a galactic family?
What will we do with our time, what choices will there be?
Will we be able to teleport around the new earth by thought?
Will we be telepathic?

Thank you Georgi
Dear Medwyn,

Thank you very much for your very comprehensive and inspirative email. Before I answered it, I took my time and visited your website and read about you and your musical adventure. And of course I Iistened to the pieces of music that were free available there.

I must admit that I am a proven “musical invalid”, a fact that I have deeply deplored throughout my whole life, as I love music. On the other hand, I am a compassionate, passive listener and have been a regular visitor of symphony concerts and opera since my early youth. Of  course I must add that I am somewhat “musically harmed” in my bio, as my sister is a professional pianist and many of my best friends, especially in my youth when friendships matter, were also professional musicians and they are a particular breed of men. But this is another story.

I can fully apprehend your view that you have come here on earth to heal humanity through music. Music has always been the chief means of the higher realms to promote in humans the sense for the absolute harmony of All-That-Is in a non-mental, sensual manner. It began with the church chorals and Gregorian music in the dark ages, then came Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Verdi and many other composers, who opened the human incarnated souls for the beauty of the transcendental harmony of All-That-Is. They all came from the highest realms and enjoyed an open contact with their soul.

I remember that in my most difficult time, when I went through my first profound catharsis that transformed my whole life in 1972, it was classical music that saved me mentally and emotionally from the psychic abyss. I can, therefore, very well understand when you  speak of the healing effect of music, as I have experienced it personally and know how profound it can be.

Later on, in our times, came the music of the beatniks, the flower power,etc. that transformed humanity much more profoundly than all political and social welfare programmes put together. Therefore, there can be no doubt that music is the “tongue of angels”, as the Germans say. Combined with your domicile in Cornwall, one of the most mystical places on the island, you must have created your personal heaven on earth, which is more than most people have achieved in their present life. But this is all part of our individual soul contracts and one must make the best of it.

You have put a huge task upon my shoulders to describe the Indescribable, where music is the much better medium to translate – what the higher realms contain for us when we will ascend. I must go deep inside myself to find the proper inspiration after I have heard one more time your music and then, hopefully, I can find some crumbs of transcendental remembrance, what once was, before we made the stupid decision, in the exuberance of our unlimited energetic powers as excarnated entities, to vow to incarnate freely in these weird times, only to satisfy our sacrifice complex for humanity.

Dear Medwyn, I will try and do my best. But please do not expect much from me.

With love and light

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