State-of-Ascension-Report-50: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-50, January 7, 2012

A New Initiative: Expansion of the PAT Mission on Earth Prior to Ascension.

Further Clarification

by Georgi Stankov, January 6, 2012

When I opened this website in August 2011 and wrote on my homepage that I will be the first ascended master on earth, this unusual kind of civil courage was not only unknown in the New Age vanity fair, but was also rigidly condemned by many people. In the following, I received many indignant letters that accused me of having a huge ego, some even accused me of being insane. I do not want to list now all the nasty accusations I received from the, alas, so little “loving” light workers at that time.

But this statement was also the “red flag” that attracted most of you to my website and this “preposterous statement” was the reason why this website became the meeting point for the future members of the PAT to connect the dots and to establish a unique platform for highly inspired spiritual discussions. It became a save haven for all of you to share your past and current experiences, your expectations and intimate thoughts, your revolutionary ideas and your often clandestine opinions, which you were not able to express and realize in this debased human society, full of ostracism and spiritual denial.

I have always lived to the principle: One has to dare everything, in order to achieve something on behalf of humanity, and I have never regretted it. In this way you are always Christ protected.

Now we have established a comparatively small, but energetically extremely powerful community of highly evolved human beings throughout the world.- the members of the PAT.  We have not only opened the pivotal stargate 11.11.11 for the whole humanity and have thus enabled its present rapid evolution, but also several additional portals in the following time.

And this is just the beginning. We are now to make the second big step and expand our influence to the rest of humanity. It may seem scary for some of you. Some may feel intimidated or indignant, as was the case in the past, about the magnitude of our true aspiration to become the future leaders of humanity. But if you do not reach for the stars, you will never be true ascended masters. It is as simple as that.

It is time now for all of us make the firm decision that we shall begin with our education and enlightenment program for the whole humanity in this last crucial year of 2012. We can no longer wait for Heaven to make the decision for us. For this purpose, each one of you should state this DECREE  in a firm manner three times:

“We, the members of the PAT and First Ascended Human Masters have come on this planet only to help humanity ascend in these End Times. We have gone through the incredible tortures of the LBP during the darkest years in the history of mankind and have successfully transformed our carbon-based bodies to crystalline light bodes.

Thus we have already ascended in spirit and body frequency as to show to the rest of humanity what is potentially possible for every incarnated human being on this planet and within Al-That-Is.

We have united our energy fields and have opened numerous interdimensional portals throughout the globe for many human beings to ascend in 2012. We have fully opened our  heart chakras to the loving energies after we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and have transformed our light bodies to huge antennae to ignite many sleeping human entities on this planet.

We have stayed on earth beyond our initial soul contracts in order to keep the light quotient on earth high and to prepare the energetic conditions for the final ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension. Without our effort and sacrifice nothing substantial would have happened on this planet, as this should be known to all sentient beings from the higher realms.

In the last two months, since the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, we have diligently augmented the frequencies of our light bodies and have achieved a cosmic ascension to the 6th and higher dimensions beyond our initial expectations, thus helping humanity to also successfully ascend in December 2012.

We have gone again and again through all the severe clinical symptoms of the current LBP to pave the energetic pathways for numerous light workers and other human beings to follow our example. We have made numerous sacrifices in the past on behalf of humanity and All-That-Is without any conditions.

Today, we make collectively the firm decision to expand our education and enlightenment program to the whole mankind as to help awaken as many people as possible and show them a new bright perspective that will lead them to mass ascension in December 2012.

We have accepted this additional mission in the last days of our sojourn on earth, as we recognize that there are very few incarnated human entities on this planet, who are in the position to lead humanity with the necessary spiritual clarity and depth of personal LBP-experience.

Our firm decision is to approach the established mass media, other private and civil organisations and corporations, political parties, governmental institutions, and as many individuals as possible and make them aware of the divine plan for humanity to go through  mass ascension at the end of this year.

This endeavour is beyond our initial soul contracts. However, being sovereign ascended Masters, we DECREE that we will make this last decisive effort to ignite the broad awakening process of humanity before we will ultimately ascend in light bodies. Being the most engaged star seeds and experts of this process on the ground, we have come to the collective conclusion that humanity is still in a huge retard with its spiritual evolution and needs a special “kickstart” to begin with its awakening.

We can accomplish this ambitious plan only with the full protection of all angelic, Elohim and other forces of light from the highest realms, up to the Source of this Universe, which are responsible for the ascension of Gaia, humanity and the whole galaxy in light and their full integration within All-That-Is.

Therefore, we DECREE that our altruistic and idealistic effort to “kickstart” the Awakening process of humanity should be supported by all means and to the full extent by all angelic and other forces of light, responsible for this planet and the solar system, throughout this timeline and all timelines, all parallel worlds, and all existing incarnations,

In the Name of the Law of Compassion,
(1) in the Name of the Decree of Our Victory,
(2) In the Name of the Decree of Our Victory,
(3) In the Name of the Decree of Our Victory.

At the Beginning I am That I am –
B’ray-sheet, Eh-yah esher Eh-yah! (3 times).”

This is a very powerful decree and I ask all the members of the PAT to repeat this whole decree three times, before we start with our final mission of enlightening humanity prior to our ascension. We can be sure that the divine forces responsible for this planet and humanity will lead us to our victory over human darkness, as they helped us in 2011 to open our portals within a few days and accomplish real miracles.

Only after I wrote this proposal, I read the latest message from St. Germain which I want to quote below as it confirms as a kind of serendipity my current initiative:

Mastering the Use of Decrees

By Aruna, January 4, 2012

“Today’s message will begin an overview of the current conditions in all of the areas my guidance has been directing. First: the consciousness of being a Master.

On 11-11-2011 many of the ascension candidates were given the additional nudge they needed into ascension awareness. This nudge did what was necessary to make them more aware of the controlling dynamic they have been using to effect change with their mental activities. We did not actually make them more aware, just eliminated the mist they were engulfed in. They are no longer deceived by the mist, and they have acquired a new ability: the ability to decree and have that decree created. Man has always had the ability to decree, but most have done it incorrectly.

Decrees are not demands, nor are they a natural way to manifest unless they come out of love. When they are not love content they are ignored by the angels who assist in their creation. Calling on angels to assist is not as effective as a decree because they do not come just to answer a man’s desires. A decree is fulfilled when a master clearly asks for a change that benefits all, not just one individual. A clear awareness of Oneness gives a decree the opportunity to make a major alteration to the One drama that all are effected by.Asking for change in this way calls on more than one angel’s causal ability, they can collectively assist in the next advancement of man’s healing and consciousness goals. When this kind of decree comes we all go to work….”

January 6, 2012

Dear GeorgeThis morning I have read and will later re-read report 49. I am ready for the task, and I put myself forward to diligently carry out the work as it becomes necessary, I am a very well organised individual. Just say the word, I will do whatever is needed. I agree with your plan, as outlined to Rob and to the points you raised. We cannot approach this in a corporate manner, we have to think as a GALACTIC COUNCIL does. As I believe it has come as from a higher objective, to begin the kick start of the new awareness process. It will take an extreme amount of courage as we can not hide behind any old 3d facade any longer, but this is the ONLY way forward. George we know this has always been the plan, as we have felt in our intuition, I cannot wait to get the right information, to the right people. It is the only credible FORCE now to stand up to the Old WaysYour message to the Japanese Princess and German press will give you guidance, I am sure. It takes a man of great courage and pure heart to do this. You have the support of your team. We know what we have to do – so let’s do it.
Love and Light George

Dear Bernice,

Thank you for your moral support. You are a master being yourself and you do not need any advice or recommendation from me or anybody else, who you should approach and how you should approach him. I am sure that your higher self will guide you to make the optimal choice. I only share with you, the members of the PAT, how I proceed in this case, but I do not expect you to use my style or approach. You have to find your own unique approach as to be really successful.

The ultimate goal should be that we reach as many people as possible in order to tell them the following basic truth:

“There is another alternative to your present materialistic and pecuniary life, and very soon this will be the only alternative that will guarantee your survival. And this alternative is spiritual growth. You can start with this website, or any other website, to inform you as to grow spiritually, but you may as well reject my offer. It is your free will, It is my duty to inform you at this point in time what will happen to you  if you decide to go my or your way. Therefore, read this website and inform you and only then make your final decision. It is all about your destiny, not mine – I have made my choice and I know that I am save.”

In practice, it is not different to what all religious preachers have been doing for the last several thousand years, but with one fundamental difference:

We do not depend on the peoples’ acceptance to believe in our truth as we know that very few will ever reach that far as to fully comprehend our truth. We are not proselytes.

But the people must begin searching the truth now, if they want to progress sufficiently as to ascend in Dec 2012 and it is our duty to make them aware of this fact. It is, however, not our duty to take care that they follow our advice. This is their free will. After all, it is all about their souls – the End Times are the final harvesting of incarnated human souls. What will happen with the physical human bodies is of no importance at this time.

In love and light

I Love It!!!! What if we all use the same template letter you wrote as I feel having 1 letter circulating worldwide will keep confusion down.
Love & Light
Dear Theresa,

Of  course you can use my letter or a template of it, but I do not want to impose my style or approach in any way to anybody as all of you, the members of the PAT, are sovereign creator beings and should go your own way, guided by your higher self, to make the best possible choice and achieve the optimal result.

Below I have attached a letter to Bernice (see above), which I have just written that also addresses this same issue. This Initiative must be a pleasure and free of any expectations with respect to its results.The results will be determined by the higher realms.

We must only make the start with  a special decree. I will say more in my next report on the role of a decree, which an ascended master in a human body can make, and why this decree has absolute validity and will be supported by all angelic and other forces of light (see above).

In love and light
January 6, 2012

Dear George,You speak about throwing seeds. However, I believe this is something we’ve been doing for a long time already. When I look at the effects people have on others just the presence of a star seed already plants tiny seeds everywhere!While the effects are not huge on those who are really close minded, I can see how it affects many of my friends. They are more awake than the general population (and some are really awake). Especially the last month (since 11-11-11 it started speeding up) I noticed how they speak about things and some concepts that are similar to the discussions on this website. Sometimes they even say something in the exact way as I would. It is also like they are trying to wake themselves up more.

For example, one of them who can clearly see the issues of the economical system used to strongly believe in some aspects of “modern” science. In our discussions about the subject he sometimes makes jokes about his own ideas, and every time he does this he understands more of the truth. The last months he has been busy, convincing himself of something that he can understand already if he would completely look from a “clean” perspective. This perspective is still a bit biased because it has been polluted by dark ones and their systems, but he is close to liberating himself.


Dear Daniel,

This is a very valuable information confirming my impression that many people are now reaching the spiritual threshold when they need to make the next giant step towards their full awakening and enlightenment. It is exactly this group of people that we should simply address with emails and recommend them some new sources to read as for instance this website. We cannot do anything more – just give them an inkling. This is what I intend to achieve with the new initiative which I have just suggested.

Everyone of us can send several emails to people or groups he considers to be perceptive to such new ideas and leave it to them to become active. We cannot have any responsibility for their response and further reactions, but it is our duty as more advanced entities to help them find their own way with a simple advice. Any advice is just an offer and nothing more. It can be accepted or rejected.

With love and light
January 6, 2012

George,I just read your latest report.For now, how’s about you make a separate letter / announcement article to “humans of earth” or similar and basically say what you did to that newspaper but in more of a general, all-encompassing way, addressed to EVERYONE, so we can send the link for it to anyone and everyone through emails, blogs, etc.  Perhaps have it not in your Breaking Astral News section but in the Ascension section itself so that when people follow the link, they end up on a page where the reset of the Ascension contents is given. That will make it easy for us to get people to view your site.

This is a good idea. I have to elaborate on it in detail. – George

January 6, 2012

Dear Julie,

Your response is full of half truths and many unreflected thoughts and it is very difficult for me to answer them all at once. I will proceed in the text:

Dear Georgi,So I read Report 49, and with all due respect, here’s my honest reaction.I thought the letter to the newspaper was downright rude and you sound like a pompous “kook.” Sure, once the poles shift and calamity strikes, they may suddenly want to read the content of the PAT website and be very attentive, but I just don’t see it happening before then. Please let me clarify that I do not think you are pompous or a kook but in fact have great respect for you, but from the letter that was posted, that is what I would think if I were the recipient.

George: Reality on earth is (c)rude and if the facts sound rude, then it is the subjective perception of the observer that makes them rude. Strictly speaking, I stay behind every word in my email to the Suedduetsche Zeitung and I firmly believe that this is what will actually happen. In fact  the mass media are now rude and arrogant towards the public, as you confirm below, and I only treat them with the same measure. They must be shocked and they will be shocked, and I have nothing against a rude remedy to awaken them. This is the only method that works. And it only hurts the ego, but it is precisely the ego that must be eliminated these days. Hence nobody is actually hurt, but only helped – like throwing somebody in the cold water to awaken to the reality. My letter is the cold water for the mass media.This is what will happen with the whole humanity in 2012. It will be rather rude and you should blame Heaven for this, not me. I am just an honest interpreter of the heavenly rudeness, with which humanity will be treated in the End Times. And guess what? They all knew it, otherwise all these people would not have incarnated in these times. This rudeness is very healthy as it leads them directly to heaven and cannot be compared with the brutality of the current Orion system.Dear Julie, I have noticed from previous emails that you have the tendency to react with an unreflected fear-driven rejection to any sound measure that you believe might have hurt your personal sensible feelings, if it were used against you, and thus you close your eyes and mind to the overall benefits of such a necessary action. You should be guided more by your pure mind than by your confused feelings. This has always been my basic advice to all light workers who are now totally mired by the New Age emotional cacophony.

Julie: As I read Rob’s organizational plan my thought was the similar to your response to him: It’s just more 3d bullshit. No. Rob obviously is a good organizer, but why go backwards now if we are to be on the cutting edge of 5d society? Actually, Georgi, even writing to a newspaper is old-school and I don’t know what it can accomplish, at least in the short term—they don’t let you “in.” I worked at a newspaper and the dominant features of the environment were arrogance and elitism—it’s without a doubt the most toxic environment I have ever worked in, and I left as soon as I could. Since Arab Spring the name of the game is social media and grass roots “flat” organization. Quick and dirty. Hit and run. But I don’t even know if that vehicle will serve us well at this time.
George: Your confirmation that the mass media are the most toxic environment offsets your preoccupation with me being too rude with these media. Any toxic inflammation can only be cured by radical operation – this is a basic medical knowledge, even known to all laymen. We work from the basis, this is true, and it will stay so, but the basis must reach to the top and tear it down as was the case with Mubarak and some other despots during the Arab spring. As a journalist you should make the proper conclusions from the political events you observe and not misinterpret them.
Julie: For myself, I feel like I can drop kernels of truth whenever I get a signal that someone is opening up. I do not feel compelled to force the issue for any reason. My understanding is that when the student is ready the teacher appears, and you can talk til you’re blue in the face and you’re just wasting energy until that student is ready to listen.
George: This is true, and we are exactly at this point in time when the teacher appears and the students are ready to hear him.
Julie: I have already seen evidence that some of the sleepers are waking up—they don’t know it yet, but their actions indicate that they are awakening. And instead of launching into a lesson on ascension I just quietly encourage them in their awakening. Maybe I will be able to speak directly at some point and maybe I won’t, but this strategy seems to be working for me so far.
George: You can no longer compartmentalize the truth, separate it in small bits and pieces and serve it to the people to better digest it in order not to get diarrhoea or constipation, as there is no time for this slow procedure anymore. It has not worked in the past 60 years since these changes are under way. Now only the axe-method can produce any tangible results. If you have not grasped this inner dynamics of the End Time, you are not yet prepared mentally and emotionally for the upcoming sweeping changes and you may be in great troubles. I mean this earnestly and with a lot of compassion for you.
Julie: As I am only a novice in these affairs I defer to your judgement; but I don’t understand the rush to awaken the slumbering masses. I understand that the timeline is short, I also want the maximum number of souls to awaken asap, but aren’t those wheels already in motion on all levels? My understanding is that many souls will ascend even if they don’t consciously “awaken” til the last second—please correct me if I misunderstood. Maybe I am naïve, but I trust that all will be as it should be when the time is right.
Light Julie
George: Dear Julie, you have still not comprehended the basic truth which is a leitmotif on this website. We are powerful creator beings and we determine the pace of the events on earth. If the whole PAT decides that it is time to go in the offensive and awaken humanity, we will be helped by all angelic and other forces of light from the higher realms and will accomplish miracles as was the case with us opening transdimensional portals the world over before and at 11.11.11. Forget your petty reservations and start thinking like a powerful sovereign creator being. You can do it better! Start addressing your colleagues in the mass media with your words, you need not use mine, but achieve some results.With love and light
January 6, 2012

Dear George,

Last night I saw for the first time the blue-violet “glow” around the moon that some folks have been referencing, and I see why it has been described as appearing holographic. I don’t know if it’s always been that way and I’ve just never noticed, or if it is a new phenomenon. However, I am known for being exceptionally observant and I would be surprised if I had simply not noticed it.

I thought at first it was the result of parallax, so I covered one eye to see if it resolved, but the appearance remained unchanged. That, combined with several “signs” that really focused my attention on the moon (there was a double rainbow around the moon so that it appeared as a bullseye, as well as a near perfect circular cloud between the rings) has gotten me thinking… The moon does not emit any light of it’s own, it reflects the sun’s light to earth, thus the luminous phenomena we perceive when observing the moon is a reflection of the changes in the sun’s energetic transmissions.

Referring back to the images of the sun from Neumeyer Station, the black spot in the sun is indicative of hyper-luminous energies now being released, energies not capable of detection via the equipment used to capture those images.

Also, I’ve been pondering the subliminal power of corporate media lately, how they sow the fertile muck of lower 4d with all manner of emotions to keep the sheeple psychically stunted, easily manipulated, and experiencing constant internal conflict, cut off from Source. I had a thought this morning: The Powers That Were have their subliminal mind containment tool, and we light workers have our hyper-liminal mind expansion tool, in the noosphere. It is there that we plant our seeds of love and unity and truth, and energize them with our hearts and minds, so that they can grow and spread and blossom!

I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have on any of the above, or on any new observations/intuitions on your end.

Dear Ben,

Yours are excellent observations. I will now comment only on one physical phenomenon that you have assessed beyond any doubts – the blue-violet glow of the moon.

As I have written in a previous report, the creation of the new sun as observed at the Neumeyer Station is now rapidly moving to a higher dimension by increasing its frequencies. This increase in frequency is known as a violet shift in the Doppler effect.

As I have already written, I am the first scientist to have explained this phenomenon from a theoretical point of view on the basis of the Universal Law, which I have discovered. With this approach I was also the first scientist who was able to explain the mechanism of gravitation that is unknown, since Newton developed his laws of gravitation more than three centuries ago.

Each time a system moves to a higher dimension by increasing its frequency, it creates a violet shift that can be observed as Doppler effect. In cosmology this phenomenon is used to postulate in the standard model that the universe expands, which is absolutely wrong. You can read my detailed explanation in volume II, where I establish a completely new theory of cosmology and repudiate the hot expanding model of the big bang. The latter is in the core of the present-day failed cosmology, as instigated by the Orion/Reptilian empire to dumb down all scientists and put them on the wrong track that we are alone in All-That-Is.

You are absolutely right that the moon has no own light and radiance and only reflects the sun light. If the sun light displays a pronounced violet shift to higher frequencies, which currently everybody can see with naked eyes and has been reported many times on this ascension report, then this violet shift is also reflected by the moon. This is another powerful confirmation that we are witnessing the birthing of a new 5d-sun and I congratulate you for this excellent observation.

Unfortunately I cannot make any reliable observations on the moon as I have a strong astigmatism (distortion of the cornea) and always see two jammed moons.

In love and light
Dear Ben,

you have addressed a number of issues which I will answer in the text:

Dear George,

Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful reply.
To elaborate a bit on my experience observing the moon, while I was pondering the glow and holographic effect, a thin cloud moved quickly over the moon. In that moment, I had the intuitive flash that this was a corollary of the sun’s changes, and immediately it appeared that the light reflecting from the moon burned a very neat circle in the cloud in direct line with my view. It was so obvious, it was surreal. Shortly after that the double rainbow (moondog?) appeared around the moon. It has me wondering about the interplay between human consciousness/awareness/intention and the new solar energies–it seems that there must be some kind of energizing reciprocity involved. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this.
George: There must be a correlation between the sun energy flow on earth and all our functions without any exception as the proton stream coming from the sun is the basic source/energy form that creates 3d-space-time in the first place. This is a basic physical aspect and rather complicated and even I do not have all the information, so I will not delve into it. But present-day science has no idea of it. All  other energetic phenomenon on earth, including the building of all elements in the Mendeleev Table  are carried upon this proton stream.If the sun protons begin to increase their frequency, known as Compton frequency (see volume II or table 1 on my homepage) this will create a completely new matter with new properties. Our brains and minds, which are completely different systems also operate on the proton stream from the sun. Therefore, what happens with the sun is essential for earth’s Ascension to the 4th and 5th dimensions, but less so for our ascension. But with the new sun, this Ascension will be much easier.
Ben: I’d like to discuss with you further the Doppler effect and the relationship between the wave source and the receiver. In the case of my observation of the moon, obviously the sun is the wave source, I am the receiver, and the moon is a passive reflector of the source to the receiver. For the sake of discussion, do you agree that both the wave source and the receiver are what you would term energetic gradients, what some have referred to as dynamos or free energy systems? As for what the violet shift signifies for human beings and the planet, obviously higher vibrational frequencies, but would you equate that with an increased “light” quotient?
George: This is correct  – all systems of All-That-Is are based on energy gradients as I write in my article on this issue (see ascension 2012). These gradients are constantly deleted and built again as energy is a very dynamic entity. The violet shifts indicate increase in frequency, and energy is proportional to frequency – the higher the frequency, the greater the energy of a system.This was first assessed with the famous Planck equation of photon energy E = hf, where is the famous Planck’s constant (see table 1 on homepage). This equation established the new discipline “quantum mechanics”, and a derivation of this equation made by Einstein led to him winning the Nobel prize. Since then both are considered to be the fathers of quantum mechanics, although Einstein did not understand much of it, This was around 1901 -1905. All these equations are concrete applications of the Universal Law as discovered by myself in 1995. The actual classical quantum mechanics was established by Schrödinger and Heisenberg simultaneously in 1926.
Ben: Much of my current research is focussed on sun changes, solar cycles, and how human and planetary bioenergetic systems process (or don’t process) the energies emitted by the sun. I am sensing that the hyperluminous energies from the sun that we are now observing are clear indication of the splitting of timelines: This is the catalyst that will “separate the wheat from the chaff.” While this energy is streaming onto this planet, it can only be converted into “useful information” by human biotransmitters that have tuned their receivers to the higher frequency. Those who have not adapted (i.e., have had their tuning devices warped and distorted if not completely shut down vis-a-vis the false matrix), will not be able to assimilate the new energy, and thus impede their awakening, if it is to come at all for them.
George:This is correct, but it was never planned that the juvenile souls and clones on earth of about 40-45% of the current human population will be influenced by the sun and will awaken. It was known from the very beginning that they will stay on this 3d-earth and will not be receptive to any changes. The real tragedy lies with those that were planned to awaken, but resist to this. They are about 20-30% now and about 30% have awaken and will qualify for mass ascension in Dec 2012., but their number must augment to 40 -50% in the course of this year.
Ben: It is such a sad state, and many people may indeed blow circuits within their biocomputer or even have their mental hard-drives wiped clean. I have found a number of studies that demonstrate a direct correlation between solar cycles and many human conditions and diseases, including cancer incidences, cardiovascular events, depression, suicide, accidents, etc. I sense that as this process intensifies, negative effects from the new solar radiation will become increasingly evident, though perhaps not identified with the sun. Clif High and Webbot have been noting “sun disease” for some time, with “standing in the middle of the sidewalk” and “drooling” being commonly associated descriptors. I wonder if this could be the reason behind the Center for Disease Control’s warning about a zombie apocalypse: A false flag setup, perhaps? A global epidemic requiring relocation and quarantine? If so, only on planet B.
George: See my comments above. The diseases do not come from the sun, but from the blockages in the human fields which do lead to short circuits when the overall energies on earth increase their intensity and frequency as is currently the case.
Ben: On the other hand, the ability to assimilate the new solar energies will usher in the emerging unity consciousness that is the new earth. It’s happening quickly now. Many intelligent and observant people, including you of course, are pointing to March as show time. Bring it on! I’m ready to show the way!
Peace, Ben
George: This is correct and follows from the elaboration above.

In love and light
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