State-of-Ascension-Report-20: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-20, November 1, 2011

(Veronika Walch, 2004)

The connecting of the members of PAT and the first Ascension candidates around this website in the course of the last month was the greatest event in the history of mankind. Its scope and dimension will truly be evaluated only after Ascension. With your combined effort you created a powerful stream of light that encompassed the whole planet and pushed humanity to a new level of awareness.

Given this circumstance, it was only a matter of time when the first attack of the dark ones will come to challenge us one last time. Fortunately, it came too late, The manifestation of this darkness in the fictive person of Satina or as some readers defined her as the “Satan” was just another proof that you have long risen beyond any kind of dark manipulation and can firmly stay the course. Your letters in the last 48 hours and your moral support for the idea of Ascension  are the best evidence for your resoluteness to confront any insidious attempt to infiltrate our open spiritual community around this website. You repudiated it from the first moment with the light of your loving thoughts. From now on nothing bad can happen to you any more. You have surmounted like Jesus your last temptation in a physical vessel and now you are ready to ascend.

It is irrelevant now to speculate what would have happened if I were more diligent and have not allowed in the first place for this “agent provocateur” to enter the PAT team, given the fact that we are an open community to all sides and embrace any new enlightened being. After all, I cannot be your baby sitter and have never intended to be. We are all confronted with all kind of dark influences in our daily life and, as I had warned you some time ago, they will increase to the last possible moment.

We live in the most toxic planet in this galaxy and the current human society is based on a strict military, hierarchical order of the Reptilians from the Orion Empire, even when this happens under the disguise of a faked democracy – the one percent ruling the 99%. This has been the case for eons of time on earth. You have incarnated on this planet in order to burst this order from within and to bring light in it. And this you have achieved throughout all the hard years of your lives that you are now leaving behind you as you stride with giant steps towards your ascension. And nothing can stop you. Even this last petty, laughable drama with the Satan in human gestalt.

October 31, 2011

Dear George

My congratulations on exposing the Trojan Horse.  I was and I am reluctant to accuse anyone of such things, but when I emailed you the other day I was convinced we would have trouble with this nasty little package. The ego of this particular entity is rampant.

Ever since I sent the email to you about her, I have been under attack. I am thankful that I have a great warrior of the Order of Michael, Brett, to help defend me in these days.  Without the support of Brett and Britte and also Craig, I cannot imagine how I would have coped.  My home and portal is now permanently patrolled by White Lightships, thanks to the orders given by Brett.

During the course of the last weeks I have become aware that the one whom I considered one of my soul-mates, is also under the sway of the dark forces and I have had to expel him from my home and keep him at distance. He is very confused in his mind and is unable to retain any information, especially that pertaining to Ascension.  He is infested, and we are awaiting the return of the Shaman tomorrow, and hopefully this person will ask for help.  If he does not ask for help, then there is no hope for him this Ascension.

This is a warning to all, that even those who appear to be close and caring, can be harbouring entities who will hold them back from Ascension.  Ascension is the most important thing on the Cosmic Agenda at the moment and all the powers of hell are working against its success. They are aware that PAT is already successful, but they are trying to prevent individuals from making it. This has been amply illustrated to me in these last few days.

We cannot make decisions for others, but we can be on the lookout and call in our defences.  Do not have any time for individuals who make you feel drained and tired or confused. Remove yourself from them, or you will find them a great hindrance as you prepare yourself for Ascension.

I have seen the strong warrior side of you again, my Brother and I am glad that I have, and PAT has, such a committed and tireless Leader.

October 31, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know in the following three paragraphs, but please indulge me as I’m psyching myself up to present those “red flags” that you asked of me.

As we know, the Dark Forces are very clever, so hard evidence is sometimes difficult to come by.  That in itself (demanding proof) is one of the ways that shills will use to defend themselves, their theme, or their position in the process of tearing down someone’s legitimate thread or post.  A perfect example of this is their constant demand that if one cannot furnish the precise coordinates of Nibiru, then it doesn’t exist. Therefore, unless we can do serious detective work into Satina’s background, we lack hard evidence of who she really is, or who her controllers are.

At this point, the fact that she simply doesn’t go away, just as suddenly as she appeared from out of nowhere, makes me think that her purpose now, having failed her first mission of taking over your website, is to derail your website and discredit you in the process. Secondarily, she is derailing/ sidetracking your positive energy.  I have seen this so many times with legitimate posters on various Internet forums, such that the actions and efforts of the derailers/shills stand out like a sore thumb to me.

Thus, many of the things that I will state are not hard evidence, but on the aggregate, they definitely set off alarm bells within me.  Of course, if any of these are pointed out to her, she or her controllers will have the comeback that you and your readers are delusional, need a vacation, etc.  From there, the game continues, back and forth, sapping your energy.  Please consider ignoring her, Georgi.

Anyway, here we go, in no particular order:

1. When I first saw her photo, I was taken aback by its energy. That pose of looking up, as though the photographer was standing atop a step ladder, is really strange.  I have never seen of photo before with that severity of an angle.  Plus, her eyes are not clearly visible.

2. She claims to be a Teacher of Teachers, but appears to have no substance in that regard, judging from her website that appeared virtually overnight.

3. I told her I lived in Springville, UT.  She replied that she had done lightwork in Salt Lake City, though didn’t know at the time that that was what she was doing. Really? “Coincidentally”, she claims to have been born in Idaho, where it just so happens that three of my cousins live.  Since there are no coincidences, how could she have known that I had ties to Idaho?

4. If she is PAT, and thus leaving soon, why did she just move to a house on the Pacific Coast.  Furthermore, why would anyone who has knowledge of the imminent danger to the Pacific Coast move there?

5. I offered to send her links about the Reptilian Agenda, but she declined because she was fully aware of them, having fought them for eons.  Her lack of curiosity in even seeing what I had struck me as odd, or quite arrogant.

6. I know for a fact that my emails have been monitored for over two years (for my trying to spread Light), so I would not be surprised if she was guided in some of her responses to me, which sometimes seemed superficial, ignoring specific, important points of mine.

7. Her self-claimed web expertise fails miserably.  She made two different posts on her blog, both of which failed to have the pertinent links attached, and had only one non-explanatory line of what each of them was about, e.g., saying only, in one case, “Oh, those Arcturians!”, which obviously says nothing about that post.

8. She advised me to change my gmail account name if I didn’t want my last name to appear on her website. I have never had anyone ask me to change my identity, especially when it is a simple matter to omit someone’s last name.

9. Her grammar/literary quality is inconsistent, varying from very good to somewhat sloppy, even crude, making reference to a “shit sandwich” in one of her posts. I was offended by her coarseness.

10. Her posts lack substance and/or importance.

There are probably more examples that don’t come to mind right now, but as I said, none of these by themselves are concrete proof of anything.  However, they paint a pretty clear picture that this person is not who she claims to be, or that she has Love and Light motives in taking over your website.

I will be happy to forward the emails I’ve exchanged with her if you like, Georgi, to see what you can glean from them, though I don’t know how much energy you want to give this.  I’m sure that she and her controllers would be quite happy to keep you and your energy sidetracked; they are experts at that, having failed miserably at their original mission of controlling the future of your website.


P.S. – I read your very interesting email to her on her website. Her only response of “Wow” is also quite revealing, in my opinion.  Please proceed however you see fit, Georgi, in battling this attempted infiltration and take down of your website.  My nature is different from yours, in that I don’t have the mental stamina to confront people; I simply ignore them and having nothing more to do with them.  I guess that is how I protect myself and how I will deal with this particular person, should I receive any further email from her, the last one being on Friday.

Dear Bill,

thank you for this additional assessment. As I have already engaged in the battle, where I rise to a high form, I would like to have your correspondence with her for additional clues in case I have to push her into a mouse hole. The battle against the dark ones is not a distraction for me, but a major issue in my activities. I have just prepared a special release on this topic, which will  appear today.

Thank you, George, for all of your insight. Yes, this particular person just did not “feel right” to me. I guess the alphabet agencies need to find more competent help. lol. Anyway, I can’t believe. we have to deal with this crap, but that is our reality until Ascension.

Dear Bill,

Unfortunately. But in every bad experience, there is great wisdom. This event had to happen as from November 1, a new wave of love, based on wisdom will enter earth – and this means that one should not love  everybody unconditionally, as preached in the New Age, but with wisdom and discernment. This is what this story stands for and the readers of this website may learn a lot from it.

With love and light
After receiving Satina’s emails to Bill

Thanks Bill,

Her (Satina) emails are excerpts from a CIA- manual, no doubt about it. There is no sincerity in them,  but only boisterous megalomania what a “great warrior” and “teacher of teachers” she is. Why talking all the time about the dark ones? In my website this was a rand notice, a necessary one, but see all the other issues we have discussed in the meantime.


A Psychogram of the Satan as the Great Savior

You will recognize them by their words and deeds. Excerpts from Satina’s emails:

“As for leaving soon, I definitely will be embodying the Merkaba, but I’ve always seen myself walking as a Christed One, like Jesus, at least for a short time.  But on the other hand, that didn’t feel quite right either and may just be my human brain trying to make sense of Higher Truths.  In short… I don’t know.  If I do leave, you all will either leave with me or be of a high enough frequency with blown-open telepathy and won’t need anyone to help facilitate communication exchange.

“Once I channeled my Higher Self early in my process and asked, “What is my purpose?”  And the answer was, “To free humans from the bondage of slavery.”

“Oh yes, I’ve been a Warrior from WAY back.  Not just virtually all my life.  I started in the womb and was attacked for the first time there.  I have an idea that when I leave this dimension, I’ll probably be back at it again on some other still-dark planet, since I know I’ve done this again…and again…and again.  I’m an old pro.  Systems Buster, that’s me.  But this one was harder than I expected, I’m sure.”

“I think that sharing the stories of my battles can serve by showing other Warriors that they’ve never been alone, but I don’t want to infect anyone with any fear if they’re new to this knowledge”.

“Hey, we’re only human.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Oh that’s a good one.  But seriously, I met someone at a psychic fair at the very beginning of my Awakening who claimed he could look at another and tell them who they had been before and thus how to find their way back to their power.  Turns out he was fake, at least when he answered me about who I was.  But I watched him with others and it was so exciting, so I asked God to give me the same gift. And Yay!  It did. And over the past 11 years, I’ve developed my clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant gifts (just not a clairaudient for some reason) and can often get a whole download of information on someone.”

Yes, a natural gift of mine is to be able to see people’s Soul Essence and Mission.  So of course, I’ve studied career counseling and am a Certified Spiritual Life and Business Coach!  But when I was newly Awakened, I had all kinds of people who could see ME and tell me who I was, when I was where you are, just wandering around looking for a teacher to guide me along.  One of the things I was told time and again is that I wouldn’t find one, because I am the Teacher of Teachers.  And that the only reason I didn’t just manifest my talents again instantly is because I needed to have the experience of learning so I’d know how to teach.  And I was warned that everything would come so quickly and easily to me and I had to remember not to expect that for others.  Ask and the door shall be opened unto you, Bill. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Go where your heart’s desire calls you and you’ll find just what you need.”

“Yes, it annoys me so much when sources say it’s all over now.  And even more when they say there is no such thing, it’s just your own unhealed parts.  That is such bullshit. Glad for them if that is their truth, but it sure as hell ain’t mine!  And does it make sense that there are angels, but that there is not the Dark’s counterpart?  I don’t think so.”

Neither do we, Satina, and therefore I have presented your case as paradigmatic for the Dark counterpart of humanity.


October 31, 2011


I like your style. We had a look at her blog and she had your letter posted on it, her response was “Wow..just wow.” and that was it. She will obviously take the “poor me, I’m a victim and whatever got into Uncle Georgi” line of defense. Which only exposes her more. Also all the other stuff on her blog is complete sewerage.

Enough of that. Callista may have informed you that I Am in The Order Of Michael. My speciality appears to be taking out the Dark Ones, gathering intelligence and exposing the others agenda. Or as I fondly put it “Going where Angels fear to tread”. I have also been enjoying my new found ability of summoning White Crystal Ships to take out any Dark Ships or entities on, under or above the ground. There is no coincidence I Am in close proximity to Callista during these important times. I have been merciless in what I sent to CHOGM, so conditions for the Dark Cabal are no longer comfortable and easy as they are accustomed to.

I have some techniques I would like to share that may be of benefit to your readers and the members of PAT. First one is writing the word Christ, Creator or the Om symbol on any person, object or name etc in pure White Light. Obviously you do this with your Mind, if the word or symbol goes in easily and you have a good feeling then it is generally good. If however the word does not go in and or makes you feel sick then guaranteed there is a demon or Dark entity attached. This technique is very handy in determining what someone or something is connected to.

If there is a demon or Dark entity attached, then you can do the Universe a favor by getting rid of it. One way is to blast the demon with violet flame,if that does not work then visualize yourself wielding a blue or red light sword and stab or slice the demon. If that still does not work then bombard it with as much violet flame and as many swords as your mind can muster and in this situation I would summon the help of Archangel Michael. These techniques are highly effective and they go a long way to Lightening Mother Earth and making your life easier. Any aware Human has the ability and the Right to do this. No Dark entity or demon has any right in messing with those of the Light. If you feel these techniques are appropriate then feel free to share them in your next report.

Love and Light
Dear Brett,

Thank you very much for your email and the confirmation. I would have liked to publish your letter in my response to Satina, but I already sent it to my webmaster to publish it as soon as possible today. Your assessment of her pretending to be a victim is identical with my analysis which I already wrote. I will post this email with the St. Michael’s technique how to protect against demons in the next report. Read my answer to her and share your opinion please. Somehow, I let her slip through the door and I am furious about this. But there is always something good in every bad event.

In love and light
October 31, 2011

Dear Georgi,Your last article makes wonderful sense! The challenge though is the  person that is not reading your website or your regular audience, because I can most certainly say the person who does not know this is also not reading your website. This is not a negative statement just experience from the past!I was one of those negative people that only saw the dark in all and never the positive solutions. The day i DECIDED  to change, the universe gave me all the tools to do so, but I had to make that decision to change, to exit that comfort zone box I was living in.

My situations and experiences of my negativity showed me the way out. I was fed up with all the people around me telling me how horrible and negative I was, and one day I decided it was time to join the other team! Well, thoughts are things and here I am today!

Many people around me that was/is still in the negative box had physical changes (accidents) to their body and life to motivate them to change! Here they were forced to change their life style or take  the negative consequences. This you know is change via force from the universe.

The other change comes when you DECIDE to change and then the changes are more accepted by yourself because it was you who have chosen to change, and the universe assists us on this path.

We are standing on a precipice, where forced change will cause many to change to the positive team and many others will fall because they do not want to change their gestalt inside to create a better reality!

Many times I have tried to speak to people and try to gently get them to bat for the positive team, but to no avail. They just do not want to make that choice, because of fear (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL). The cause of this is that many of them can not even take responsibility for themselves or their actions, some one else is to blame and that is it, it is not their fault this happening, it is that or this and so forth.

The first step is the responsibility/accountability choice and then the DECISION TO CHANGE! But many is not even before the first step!

This is a dire situation, if you look at the state of the physical world! The actions and protesting going on is a consequence of the universe/light taking the forced change path to balance our current  situation. People have to physically die for their brothers and  sisters to have a little caring in their life created towards their fellow human beings, and then this sometimes does not even sway them over to the other team.

Yes, we as humans are collectively responsible for the state of our planet, and we from the light acknowledged it and changed it where ever we can, the challenge is to convert our sleeping brothers and sisters to wake up! The ascension will create the QUESTION  of what has just happened? This when more people out of curiosity will start looking for the answers!

The earth changes on a large scale will also assist in generating this question, but here I think many will accept that it is part of the end of the world and that it must be so.

The conditioning of the past believes will be the major obstacle to change and this lies on an individual’s own free will and choice! Do I want to change? Why must I change? Why does this question permeate my awareness? Am I forced to change?  These are some of the questions that will be asked in the next few months!

October 31, 2011

Dear George,

This is in regard to Eastern and Asian philosophy and religion concerning the very low percentage of PAT members and Light workers, and being an Indian, this is how I see it.

India is very well known as a spiritual country and we have and had a lot of spiritual Gurus and their teachings.  We have 3 spiritual channels, besides the modern day Gurus have thousands of believers. I don’t see any wrong in their teachings, but its only 1% that actually apply these teachings. There are many people that are looking for a better way of life, but there is a very wide gap between the rich and poor. The rich are busy amassing their fortunes and don’t care, while the poor are too busy struggling to put food on the table. Now where is the time to look within? Besides, a huge percentage are illiterate and don’t have the basics like electricity, leave alone having a computer.

I believe that poor is a state of mind, but then, I have been blessed with an open mind and understanding of life’s purpose as I have had the opportunity to integrate the best of both worlds, being away for 25 years and having the ability to stand outside, looking in at all the drama taking place.  Indian women lead very sheltered lives and are considered second class citizens, but suddenly left alone in a foreign country, I had to grow up fast and today, though I am back in India, I am a strong independent woman, but it took a lot of courage, strength, determination and an open mind to achieve this.

The point I was trying to make was that the people of India are very dogmatic and still follow their ancient culture, customs and traditions, even though it no longer serves them. Some politicians create disharmony using religion. The churches are full of Christian, the temples are full of Hindus and the mosques are full of Muslims. True knowledge can only be gained in the “Application” of the teachings. God only knows what they pray for, as I can’t think it is for a unity consciousness. Is this possible when they are the world’s number one racists?  I say this with sadness in my heart because it is a fact. There is so much separation, and I am talking about the worst kind  “THE CASTE SYSTEM”.  So perhaps they are new souls and have much to learn, hence few PAT members or Light workers.

It is a struggle to keep my head above the water and I try not to identify with the crap all around.  Indians are spiritually lazy and prefer holding on to a victim’s consciousness. What is so laughable is that living in a spiritual country, I have always felt alone and then found my spiritual family on the net, make no mistake, I love my country and have a lot of compassion for my countrymen and hoping that the new energies will bring in a miraculous change in our society by educating the masses in a unity consciousness. I continue to hold them in the Light.

I have tried my best and some, but only a couple, actually listened. I am Divinely protected, guided and Blessed, but I am so tired now and ready to go ‘HOME.”

Love n Light

October 31, 2011

Dear George,

I am sorry I have not been writing to you for a while. I was working on myself, I felt like writing to you but my viewpoint was changing so fast I could not photograph a picture of the situation. I’ve been reading your site everyday, anyway.

I have to confirm to you that my very first thought reading your article about Satina, was “satan”. I had also the confirmation reading from it that it was the teacher of the teachers, it made me stop reading everything from her. I did not trust my feeling about Satina so I did not warn you. I preferred to think she was “only” exalted and superficial and you didn’t have the time to check her words due to your huge work. I feel a little guilty because I did not listen myself enough and I could warn you before everyone else. But this also helps me not to fall next time. I also had the confirmation I have a very strong soul, I have to trust her more.

Love and light
October 31, 2011


Thanks for your post today. I was so busy working on our new PAT forums to even look at Satina’s blog. Funny how easily they infiltrate George. Thank you for standing up and calling her on it!  Wendy has written articles this summer talking about her PC being infiltrated while we slept. They are unscrupulous, but we are smarter and do not fall for their petty tactics or fear games!

I thought I had sent you this link before, but just in case I didn’t, I took some screenshots of the PAT forums and included it in an article I wrote on Oct 28. I have added 4 sections overall two of which are for Introductions and general discussion, and the other two have links to all of your Ascension updates, by update, in separate posts, so that there can be separate discussions for each update. The final section is called “The Books of Dr. Georgi Stankov” with links to some of your books and scientific papers, all linked back to your site, to the web page for each book or article. Just in case for some reason your site goes down, I’ve asked Wendy to put copies of your PDFs that I suggested in our forum, onto our web server. This way, if needed, if anything happens to your site, there will be a back up link to these books and papers of yours that we have listed in our forum. As I noted above, I have seen the dark make people’s data, including our own disappear, and it’s always a good idea to have a back up plan.

Here is the short article with photos I wrote about our new PAT Forums. Enjoy.

Today is our 6th Wedding Anniversary George. We’re celebrating today by writing an article about when we first met and fell in love. Only Love rules our day today!
October 31, 2011

Dear Greg,

first of all let me congratulate you and Wendy to your 6th wedding anniversary and I wish you that you celebrate your next wedding day in the 5th dimension under much more favourable conditions. I am sure it will be so.

I went very carefully through your new blog and I am amazed what an excellent work you have accomplished in such a short period of time. Now even if my website is attacked and disappears, the PAT members have their second home. But honestly, I do not want them to feel too comfortable in their last days on earth as they may decide to stay here instead of ascend. In this respect some attacks from the dark ones are a carefully orchestrated reminder that we still live in the most toxic planet in this galaxy, notwithstanding the great strides that we have made in the last days towards light.

Dear Greg and Wendy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your precious support and I) am happy to have  met two so loyal friends as you in these last crucial days.

In love and light
October 31, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I am quite taken aback reading your latest post on the website today. It was largely my request for a place for the PAT to connect online after you proposed to stop communication after 1 November that led to the offers of Greg’s forum and Satina’s blog, both of which I have visited and posted on. I hoped one or both would be a place where those of us seeking to ascend could support each other and voice our concerns. I myself as you know have some remaining doubts about such a concrete date as 11.11.11. for this change. I pray it will happen just as you have said but I would be lying if I said I don’t have genuine concerns about this as if nothing does happen then it would be another huge set back in having faith in ascension process.

Indeed I was not convinced about the Helsinki miracle as there was nothing to substantiate that those said to have ascended did indeed do so. Having said all of that I have retained my faith in your work and your messages and so was very shocked when you outed Satina as a CIA operative. At times I don’t know what to think or who to believe. My own guidance never seems to respond and I have asked repeatedly for assurances on 11.11.11 without success.

This was one main reason I wanted to share my concerns on a forum to enable the PAT to support each other, but it seems doing this on Satina’s blog/site was perhaps not a good place to go. I have been quite unwell the last 2 days and while I thought it was merely more intense LBP perhaps there is more to it? I would value your opinions. Glad to hear you are staying online to the last minute now!

Love & Blessings Ishvar

Dear Ishvar,

First of all it was my fault that I did not check this blog carefully before recommending it. Second, this spy woman, or whoever stays behind her, is not stupid. They know very well that there are some readers like you who doubt ascension in11.11.11 and you are their target. They want to dumb you down and even make you commit suicide with cyber attack as Jakub confirmed today. Read her last release. It is for you that I had to respond so resolutely to regain your faith and confidence.

I have stated repeatedly that I cannot convince my family that I will ascend, how could I convince all of a sudden several thousand readers the world over from all nations and cultures, unless their souls tell them the same thing.

Come on! About 90% of my readers are convinced that they will ascend and they do not expect from me that I should render them any proofs. It is the rest 10% that always ask for more proofs and still cherish their doubts who are my greatest worry.

Do you believe that my soul would have thrown me in this adventure and then betray me after she has kept me silent for 15 years? What for? And how did this whole “connecting of the dots” happen in such a miraculous way within several weeks? Do you believe that this is my achievement or of anybody else? It was a planned event long time ago because now is the time for ascension. The facts are overwhelming, but when one has doubts, there are never enough hard facts. And here come the CIA-dark ones and fish their victims in murky waters.

It is the same old nasty story again and again. I wonder why they started so late. I expected them earlier. Now it is too late. We have already ascended in the “Now” of All-That-Is.

In love and light

Thanks for your reply Georgi,

Your conviction and support is much needed at this time and I don’t doubt your soul’s guidance for you in this lifetime. What I have the hardest time with is that I don’t get my own confirmation from within either one way or another. I have every night requested dreams/ guidance that I will have conscious memory of on waking regarding 11.11.11 and yet there has been nothing at all that comes to guide me. It will always be hard to have faith in anything outside of yourself, but I sense your light and the strength of a master so I have no trouble dispensing with Satina’s views in favour of yours.

That the PAT and the ascension of Earth happens asap is all I am concerned with. Of course I want to be part of the change and just wish these doubts (trust and faith has always been a big issue all my life) would ‘put up or shut up’. I remain focused on 11.11.11 and hope to be with you in the 5D at that time. Thanks for your inspiration.

Love & Blessings Ishvar

October 31, 2011

Dear George,

“She” is going crazy with Love and Light posts, posting three in just a 10-minute period.  I’m not bothering to read any of them.

She is obviously trying to build some credibility for herself, though it is a feeble, transparent and futile effort, as she has no history, no track record and no C.V. proving years of Light worker service.

Wow…  she just posted another.  That makes four posts in fourteen minutes.  She’s desperate!
Wow, again…  she just posted another.  That makes five posts in nineteen minutes!

This confirms what I have already said that there is a whole CIA-team of writers in the back that write for her and she is just a facade.


October 31, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I wanted to say that it was a big relief to see your post today” The Last Battle with Darkness”.

Thank you for explanation of the unfortunate situation and the letters of other PAT members that you have posted. This was another lesson for me to trust my own inner guidance. My initial feeling of Satina was less than flattering although I was grateful for the “services” she offered. I shared this feeling with Ben, bet then I did see your post and endorsement and I did not question my feelings again.

Since the group was open I jumped right into it hoping to continue the discussions we have on your website. Soon I realized that it was not quite the same and at some point the topics became very dark and disturbing. Suicide, de-ascension and nightmares raised as a central theme which was not what we originally were hoping to see on such group discussion. I could not understand why would someone who claims to be there to “provide” the meeting space and be of your service would speak in such negative way against the whole purpose and mission of the group.

We are doing group meditations with Ben and Kristina every night. Last night it was almost impossible to get through the darkness and negativity that was surrounding me. Kristina had similar experiences. Obviously it was not the positive atmosphere we usually experience during our sessions. After some time we did succeeded but that was a valuable lesson for me to learn discernment. Trust your inner guidance and never “judge book by its cover”.

with love,
October 31, 2011

Dear George,

Thank you for posting today regarding the intrusion that so many experienced on a variety of levels. I find strength in your resolve, and I know that many others do as well.

Regarding this infiltration, might it be said that she is unknowingly abetting the dark forces? Not so much as a direct agent of CIA, but perhaps through the many nefarious mind control resources available? We know there are many covert technologies at their disposal. I am familiar with this personality type, and feel that it is highly susceptible to giving itself over to those who would feed on it, i.e., astral parasites, thus, I believe she has unwittingly allowed entry via her own lack of discernment and doubt-clouded reality: a perfect host.

However it  may be, I am relieved that the source of this has been isolated, and that many have pulled together to shine the light on the frightened creature in the corner. May the one known as Satina clear the doubt and dark entities from her consciousness and get on with the work, if that is possible. Elsewhere.

In love and light,

p.s. I am not one to quote the Bible, but there is a line from it that as I interpret it is: “Beware the Deceiver. There will be those who deny that Christ came to Earth in human form. That one is the anti-christ.” The Deceiver does not want humanity to understand that Christ consciousness is available to all!

Blessings, blessings, blessings.
Dear Ben,

thank you very much for your support. Although I cannot render any obvious proofs I am personally convinced that this is a well orchestrated attack by the CIA-secret services and that this woman is just a cover-up. I have this information from my higher self and I also analysed her last emails, which I will publish tomorrow. They are all copies from a CIA-manual. In addition, in her last release “they”, the US- government seems to be angry about my article on EAS and the connection I made with ascension at 11.11.11. These are only indications, but for me the picture is pretty clear.

In love and light
October 31, 2011

Was up late last night on Georgi’s web site reading Eric Janovsky’s essay on The Creative Power of Our Thoughts, and to be honest, something was not resonating. It was not so much that Eric’s analysis and observations were flawed or incorrect, but rather that something was missing or incomplete, and thus felt compelled to respond.and share additional perspectives readers may want to consider.

First, It becomes fairly easily recognizable that Eric comes from a Western culture. The analysis, observations, and focus on mind related thought and judgement activities is not right or wrong, good or bad, it is just important to recognize the source. From an Eastern cultural/philosophic origin, this whole topic would take on another dimension and perspective which would also include our Heart, feelings, and an investigation further into the “source” of our thoughts emanating from consciousness.

When it comes to our thoughts, Eastern traditions may recommend certain practices such as Silence, being still, and Meditation.  They will encourage a participant to go within to investigate their own landscape and come to understand their consciousness and the sources of their thoughts and “feelings”.  By honoring this process with “sincerity” and the guidance of good teacher, a practitioner will develop an evolving “discernment” process which enables them to quickly recognize their egoist fixations and attachments (3D dilemma), and begin to remember the True authenticity of their Soul (5D and beyond).

With this evolving clarity, understanding, and refined discernment process, thoughts are not controlled or a mental discipline evoked to replace negative thought energetics with pretend pretty make believe thoughts. Their source is simply recognized coming from egoist conditioning, and then a choice is made to “detach” and stop.  And as a result, thus bringing oneself back to a space of Silence and meditative contemplation which is the “source” of Love, Light, Surrender, etc. and the positive outcomes Eric refers to. There is no opposition or disagreement with Eric’s presentation on this topic matter (for this would involve an egoist agenda) and it is certainly one path anyone can take if they so choose. However, for some of us we have been there – done that, understand the cyclical futility, and no longer choose to participate in this type of mental approach to the issue.  We are learning to disengage the conceptual mental/egoist dynamics, and developing “perceptual” skills which have not only lead us to Georgi’s web site in the first place, but is also a fundamental prerequisite to developing our portal.

The world is not perfect. But it is perfect the way it is!  War, famine, natural disasters, etc. may actually serve a purpose!  Has not Georgi advocated that the events due to take place after 11-11-11 are intended to serve as a catalyst to wake up the collective and force things to change?  Who can say what an individuals soul contract or agreement may be to fulfill karmic obligations or to serve an angelic role in waking people up?  A few weeks ago, there was a video that went viral of a little girl in China who was run over TWICE, and no body stopped to help her.  Do you really feel that your thoughts contributed this?  Yet the outrage escalated, not only from within China, but around the world. Could it be that her soul contract was to fulfill this role in death, so that an entire nation might begin to wake up?

It has been my good fortune to have traveled around the world and visit many cultures and countries…  And yes, there have been experiences within environments where the people have very little and conditions were beyond poverty. However, these have also been the environments where people make due with what they can, and are the most Loving, Kind, Considerate and insightful humans ever met!  Their abundance was not material, but their Spiritual essence was off the charts!  And far exceeded most of the esoteric vanity fair participants of today.  So what’s the problem?  Did our thoughts create this?  Are they really at a disadvantage, or are we with our Westernized consumerism expectations and distractions?

It’s not about doing, but about “Being”

We read so much within our dialog about the “NOW”. This mystical space where portals are built and ascension takes place. So right Now, stop for moment and clear your mind of all thoughts.  And examine what is there?

Simply reconnecting with our Higher Selves is all that is required.  This is ‘Being’.  From here our Mandela unfolds in its beautiful tapestry of colors without any doing. We are not engaged in the past or the future (the realms of ego), but present in the Now.  And so, what are the thoughts now?

Could go on with this type of dialog forever, but better stop here. Would like to leave you with an ancient teaching from a very popular Enlightened Master from the East that lived thousands of years ago.  It goes something like this:

Believe Nothing
Believe nothing you read
Believe nothing hear
And most of all, Believe nothing I say
With you in the contemplative moment…
In Love, Light, & Gratitude, Always, All Ways,

October 31, 2011

Dear George,

your latest post is incredible confirmation of what I experienced today. Last night I checked Satina’s blog, but I didn’t read much as I found it very uninteresting. Actually, I thought that talking about some space ship or whatever in the sky is DISTRACTION from Ascension. And today I experienced two heavy attacks. First was all of a sudden a very strong suicidal feeling. I actually decided to kill myself on Wednesday.

And just a little bit later, while having a nap, I was attacked in a more direct way. I felt a non- physical,very dark entity wrapping around me and trying to pull me somewhere down. It frightened me at first, but later I recalled what I must do: I surrounded myself with light and called angelic forces for help. And I was freed immediately. Of course I didn’t understand what it was about until I read your post.

Thank you!
Dear Jakub,

Read the latest  release of Satina where she is talking about members of PAT committing suicide and you know with whom you have to deal. That is why I had to intervene so massively.

In love and light
October 31, 2011

Dear Georgi

Thank you so much for being a guardian angel for us. I so much resonate with Amy. I felt as if my energy has been completely drown as soon as I joined the conversation with this group. Now I am more aware of the fact that we do not have to be engaged with any source other than George’s.

With Love and Light
October 31, 2011

Dear George,

Joana left this as a comment on our blog, attached to your most recent post regarding Satina. She tried to send it to you but it keeps being blocked for her. I told her I would forward this to you.

Much Love,



Dear all,

I just left the yahoo group of this entity Satina and I wanted to email to Georgi my experience. Sadly, the message does not load up, there is some of kind of cyber blockage. But, no wander, after what I accomplished in a duell against the dark forces today.

I will there post this message here and I would be glad if any of you will pass it over to Georgi Stankov in my name. I want it to be public!

Here it comes :

Dear Georgi,

Thank you very much for warning of the dark entity Satina and her blog along with herdiscussion group ( having now still 55 Members after me leaving). I directly took action to expell this dark entity from our PAT members fields by posting these two prayers on her group site and urging all other members to leave, and telling her that she is exposed:

(from your site)

All dark entities leave immediately my energy field and that of earth and dissapear from this Galaxy. Amen.

In the Name of Jesus Christ,

I now command that if you are not of the highest, most evolved form of Jesus Christ Consciousness, that you are here and now to dissapear immediately and never return. Amen.

I am happy I reacted fast and did what my purpose here is too and what I know from early childhood : to protect “our troops” from attacks so that they they reach their goal without distractions and delays.

This enities Name by the way always came to me as being Santina, which is connected to the Santina/ Satanic race, these creatures in red and black with hoofs and bat-wings that reside on the lover 4th dimension.

The strategy is quite classic and as you said, we have another good example to discern their psychology :

First, being attracted by the light, they respond to fear/doubt energy and try to enter the doubters system: she offered opening a blog “because you’ll cease posting after 1.11. ” so she is triggering the fear-pattern “being-left-alone-by father” which is a very old and deep rooted pattern, created by these dark entities them selves, telling us we were separated. Then she appeares as the “savior” in opening a separate group. ( Problem-solution as David Icke teaches) then, receiving the new members on her site, she starts the program ” I’m a little sweet puppy, why won’t you follow me and my thoughs” / baby-motive.

Than, “beeing your friends” she goes to distract you and water the truth and the urgency, diverting the inner focus by posting a lot of non-important “channeled messages”, that really are boring bla-bla (distraction, like a television show). then, she slowly pour the first drops of poison into her comments (subliminal messages) and finally she tries to tell people you are wrong, have bad intentions, and then, ( fanfare) the darks last twist: they twist truth around by telling you that we do not ascend..but . Decend (wow, new theory by Satina..) here you can read yourself what i picked up before I left the group so that all readers can go again through the basic lessons of how darkness operates. Never too late to repeat a few lessons before the final exam, eh…

Joana Dorina

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