Only Interested In Moving Forward

Kari M. Werth, November 1, 2011

I checked this website today hoping to find something inspiring and further confirmation that our ascension is right around the corner.  I was pretty disappointed when I realized that we were going to be reading about more tactics from the “Dark”.  But, I read it all anyway and even re-visited Satina’s website, which I had only briefly glanced at when I saw her link in the post “New Blogs on Ascension”.

I was overwhelmed with all the new information and with all the events that have occurred in such a short amount of time. I had to go to work for a few hours after I read everything, and I spent a large part of my day sorting out my own convictions about this whole thing. I think I have come to some important conclusions and I wish to share them with everybody.

First of all, Georgi did not “promote” her website. He has provided a transparent place for people who resonate with this material to express themselves. She wanted to express herself by proposing the creation of a forum, in which all PAT members and first ascension wavers could interact and share their experiences with each other. Great! Well, we pretty much already had that with this website here. I think everyone has been free to exchange their information and stories, thus far.

Georgi responded to her that most of us were preparing to ascend pretty soon and so she may not want to go through all the trouble, since her website will be obsolete to us soon. Yet, he left the final decision up to her and invited her to address us all about it if she decided to move forward. That was it. That was his involvement. I am sure that Georgi is busy, since he has a family, a busy website, readers to respond to, is opening portals to the 5th dimension, and also preparing for his own personal ascension.

I know that I’m pretty busy myself, and do not always have time to screen every whack job that decides to enter the scene. Note, I am not calling Satina a whack job. I do not even know her, nor am I too concerned about her or her website. I was mildly annoyed when she proposed the idea because I couldn’t believe that someone on here still had the energy to create websites and forums with all the cleansing, preparing and mundane tasks that are still being carried out. That was my honest response: irritation.However, I am always open minded and so, I did briefly look through her site. I found nothing I felt I needed to know. I didn’t feel dark energy or have any psychic attacks, I was just a bit bored with the site, and that is always my indication that it’s not meant for me to focus on.

Bill, I’m sorry you experienced a psychic attack. I am confident that you are now at a level, where you were able to successfully manage it. Amy, I’m sorry that personal information of yours was posted and that you feel foolish for having trusted someone that let you down. Again, I am confident that you can manage this “trigger” and come through it even stronger. You are still unimaginably loved and the Divine Plan remains unchanged.

I really hope that this little blip does not continue to distract anyone from the amazing events that are soon to unfold. If you still have doubts about your own ascension, then you need to take personal responsibility for those and not blame any writer or website or anything else.Ascension is about becoming fully sovereign and that means that you have mastered life in a physical body. If you want to be a master, then you have to master your thoughts and your emotions and take full responsibility for yourself. You have to walk into your own power, fully. You can not expect anyone else to tell you if you are going to ascend, or when you will ascend, or how you will ascend. That is between you and your soul, so you should communicate with your soul.

At this level, dark entities are merely a nuisance, but nothing to be feared and nothing to deserve your attention, other than just being aware of what they are and how they work.Satina, I don’t care if you are a Satan or not.  If you are, then you’re going to be pretty pissed a few weeks from now. And eventually, you are going to have to come back to the light because you are just as much a part of creation as anything else. If you aren’t, then awesome. I hope you ascend with us and quit having so many doubts about exactly what that is going to look like. Just let go and experience it.

You mentioned on your site that you are afraid that people will kill themselves if they don’t ascend on 11/11. Well, if they do, it’s not really your business, but I highly doubt that is going to happen. Some readers of this site are not ready to ascend and some have admitted that and still others, have said they feel that they are going in the next wave. Listen, it’s all going to unfold perfectly so please trust that and keep doing the work that has been given to you to do.

Also, you are criticizing the testimony of Janne and how he was using drugs and standing naked on a table. I don’t really think that is necessary. It’s ALL God. And it’s not always going to fit your ideas of how you think, it should play out. He shared with us his personal experience and how it was interpreted to him through his own Higher Self. You are not in a position to say that his experience is not valid, or does not confirm that people have begun ascending already. And if you have never been drunk and naked somewhere… then I really do not know how this could be your last incarnation. haha.

Everyone is welcome in the Light and Georgi has made it clear that no one is excluded from awakening to truth and coming over to the winning side. I definitely appreciate this episode for testing all of our discernment once again.

I hope we can now move forward with celebrating and preparing for ascension! And, even if you are not ascending, know that there is massively divine energies about to be released that will assist you further upon your own mission and will be felt by all that are paying attention.

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