Bye Bye, My Dear Friends, See You Soon Behind The Veil. Auf Wiedersehen! Au Revoir! Ciao, Ci Vediamo! Dovizdane! Dosvidanja!

updated Nov 9, 2011 11:08 AM by Georgi Stankov

It is time now to say these last words shortly before we are about to accomplish the greatest adventure in this galaxy and return Home.

It has been a recurrent motif throughout all my life to have been bogged down or betrayed by the people with whom I had undertaken on numerous occasions the effort to combat the Orion/Reptilian Hydra on this planet, so that in my last years I had almost given up hope to live up to a different experience.

When I was young and an adamant dissident against the communist dictatorship, imposed on Eastern Europe by the British Faction of the Orion shape-shifters who sponsored the October Revolution, I had a recurrent and compelling dream: Knowing deeply in my heart how fragile the Orion red communist system of enslavement was, I dreamt of being part of a  team of 1000 bold human beings, who would be as devoted as myself to destroy this system. I was deeply convinced at that time that there will be no dark power on this planet that will not succumb to the combined force of such an enlightened team.

How could I have known in my youth that this was not a dream, but the Divine Plan for this planet for the End Times? Just as I was about to give up hope to achieve this long cherished dream of my rebellious youth in this life, I was thrown all of a sudden in the battle of establishing the PAT in the glorious and serendipitous summer of 2011, and the miracles began to unfold each day and moment beyond the speed of light.

And here is what I have to say to you. “You have also lived your greatest of all possible dreams throughout your life and have firmly believed that it would come true someday. And your dream has become reality in these last several weeks.”

Personally, I have had many visions of my future Self, which I have considered for a long time to be projections of my vivid imagination, until they began to materialize in my personal life and changed my view of the world for ever. Twenty years before I discovered the Universal Law, I developed, for instance, a plot for a novel I wanted to write that described very precisely the future discovery of the Universal Law through pure intuition.

When I made this greatest discovery in the history of modern mankind in 1993, I knew all of a sudden that we, humans, can have the boldest dream and it will come true as long as we believe in it. In other words, you have dreamt during your whole life that you will overcome death and become the future Ascended Masters and Leaders of humanity, as many of you  have written in your emails to me, and you have already realized your dream. The drama has finished some time ago and now you are only waiting for your final appearance before the public to receive the ovations.

When I opened this website in late August, I had no great expectations at all. However, when within several days the number of its readers jumped from modest 50 per day to several thousand – 5000 at its maximum – I was overwhelmed on the one hand as I did not expect such a prompt success, but on the other hand, I immediately recognized that we are amidst the famous “Connecting of The Dots” in the End Times, about which I have prophetically written in my last German book on Gnosis “Thoughts” in 2008.

The only thing I did not know at that time was how this “Connecting of The Dots” will practically occur. However, when I was urged by my higher self in October 2010 after my second ascension in body and spirit (the first ascension in spirit was in July 2009) to return to earth and help the sleeping humanity to awaken and to check the esoteric and channelled literature in Internet, which I had boycoted during the previous eleven years, I knew immediately that it will be through this medium how the “Connecting of The Dots” will take place.

It was as if, not a nuclear, but a cosmic chain reaction of awesome proportions took place in front of my and your astounded eyes – and you all know what I mean, as you were all witnesses of this collective miracle and shared your exuberant emotions in numerous emails published in these Ascension-Reports.

From all four corners of the world and different cultures, the members of the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT, about which I had dreamt so often in my youth, connected through this website and united their exaltation and their powerful energetic fields and human efforts and laid down the foundation for our last crucial joint mission in this final incarnation on this planet – to heave Gaia from its present state of darkness to the 4th and 5th dimensions of more loving energies and light and to ascend personally to the 5th dimension as Cosmic Heroes: We, the Personification of the Heroic Myth of the Source in his epic battle with the fallen Angels of Darkness.

Within a couple of days, we all have created numerous portals the world over and attracted many other first ascension candidates to accompany us in this most glorious event. We showed to the whole light worker community that there can be only one salvation for mankind – through its own effort of spiritual evolution and by expressing the firm conviction that we humans are the true “Masters of the Universe” (and not the dark Wall Street banksters of the Orion Monetary System) and that we can create whatever we collectively wish.

We are the new “Baron Münchausens” who will heave ourselves and mankind from the current morass created by the Orion/Reptilian Order that has enslaved mankind for the last 10 000 years. We have proved that we do not need any foreign aliens and hidden fonds to save us as powerless beings from the current malaise.

We will very soon create infinite cosmic abundance for humanity, beginning immediately after 11.11.11 and definitely after mass Ascension to the 5th dimension at the end of next year. You are the wayshowers of mankind and this is the reason why many of you had to live in poverty, in total rejection of this insidious Orion Monetary System, only to prove that salvation cannot be found in material possession, but only in sharing the spiritual treasures of All-That-Is.

Your determination and your inner conviction in the divine purpose of our mission on this planet helped us unite within the blink of an eye beyond all cultural and personal differences and establish a solid and impermeable shield of light around the PAT and all first ascension candidates, in front of which all the insidious attacks of the dark hats had to shatter inevitably.

You disabled their dark attacks with the power of your love and the compassion of your hearts, in the firm knowledge that you are Ascended Masters, dwelling in a physical vessel only for a short period of time. You confronted the Darkness in its “last epic battle” on this planet with the Sovereignty of your Mastership.

You proved one last time what indomitable warriors of light you all are, and have always been throughout the eternity of All-That-Is. With your firm commitment to the mission of the PAT to bring light to this planet, you bestowed me and yourself with the greatest present of all times. And this all happened at a time when I, and probably some of you, had already given up hope of such a wonderful experience. But it has always been like this on this planet – salvation comes only at the very last moment to test our faith in the creative Allmight of All-That-Is.

In these last days prior to Ascension, I thank all of you for this greatest joy and satisfaction that you have given me with your faith, your will, your perseverance, and your determination to be victorious, come what may come. All my blessings and all my loving thoughts are dedicated to you in these last days on earth (and not only at night when I meet with all of you in the dream state to discuss the final adjustments of our Ascension).

I wish you  from the bottom of my heart that you all go through this final transition in a peaceful and blissful way, so that we will all meet very soon behind the Veil in our perfection and beauty as eternal souls.

And I promise you, we will deliver the greatest Cosmic Party Heaven has ever seen – all together, the earth-bound souls and all our helpers from the higher realms. We will rock and roll one whole eternity, as time will no longer play any role in Heaven.

And you know what’s best, guys? We will not care about having a hangover the next day, as we will be pure love and light, united in one infinite cosmic orgasm.

George, The Captain of the PAT

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