Your Hilarious Future Is Knocking on the Door

by Georgi Stankov, October 19, 2011, Copyright 2011

There has been so much confusion in the last several days due to the massive release of old patterns and the cleansing of the “Inner Garden of Eden” in all human beings, to quote Cosmic Awareness, but the clouds are now rapidly dissolving and the sky above our souls is becoming “Bavarian blue” after a southern wind. You will know what I mean, if you have experienced this magnificent weather in the Alps.

Let me summarize the current situation as simply as possible. There is a group of highly evolved star seeds, who will very soon ascend. The most experienced among them belong to the Planetary Ascension Team, PATThe other star seeds will participate in the First Ascension Wave and use these portals. The first ascensions will begin in November in close association with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, when Gaia will be heaved to the 4th and 5th dimensions by the PAT.

All readers of this website belong either to PAT or to the first wave of ascension candidates. The higher purpose of this website was from the very beginning to connect all star seeds and wayshowers from all over the world and to initiate them to open their portals to the higher dimensions. These portals will help in the first place to heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions. In the second place, they will enable many star seeds to ascend to the 5th dimension. The members of the PAT will be the last ones to ascend, as they have the obligation to hold the portals open, until all participants in the first wave of ascension have left earth. I, figuratively speaking, being the captain of the PAT, will be the last one to leave earth during this first wave.

From this you can easily conclude that you, the readers of this website, are the most advanced and evolved human beings on earth. You are the wayshowers of mankind and you are already Ascended Masters in the realized probability alternative reality for this planet. You will very soon embody the multidimensional creative power, which is ascribed to various gods in all outdated human religions.

Humanity is on the brink of the most dramatic schism in its long history – the separation in almighty god-like multidimensional beings, who can transcend space and time and dwell simultaneously in multiple realities and dimensions, and in humble mortal human beings, who will still have to creep on this toxic planet and believe that they are vulnerable biological creatures, separated from the Source.

This is the situation, which humanity will encounter after the Shift in November next month. But the “separation of the wheat from the chuff” has already begun, and tensions can be felt all around. You have experienced them, and I have experienced them, as you can read in the last Ascension-Report-9. The emotional peak of cleansing negative patterns and beliefs could not be over-looked, and many of  you were target of such negative projections. This “circumstantial evidence” proves that we are in the final stages of preparation for Ascension. Therefore, stay calm and confident.

This psychological drama has now reached the collective subconsciousness of the small community of light workers (less than 0.5% of the total human population) and is now beginning to break through and to torment the unanalysed consciousness of many a light worker, who have slept in the past. All of a sudden, they start to realize that they have been in a deep, sweet New Age slumber for too long and now they are in trouble to catch the final train of Ascension.

The rest 99,5% of mankind is currently in a mental coma, while their emotions, triggered by the ongoing surge of powerful energy waves coming from the central Arcturian sun, are beginning to run amok and explode in demonstrations, upheavals and other, less pleasant irrational reactions. This inner emotional and mental pressure will soon peak and exacerbate in a dreadful collective shock when the sweeping changes associated with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 materialize on the surface of this  planet.

My messages have always been addressed to the enlightened 0,5% of the human population. I know that at this point in time, I have no chance to reach the vast majority of human beings. The same holds true for anyone of you. The abyss between enlightened and sleeping humans is widening by the hour and this is the natural course of the anticipated apocalyptic events in the End Times.

The last Arcturian instruction on how to enter the portals gives you the clear advise to let go of all human and material bonds and wrap up in unconditional love and forgiveness for every single experience you have made on this planet during your last incarnation, no matter how joyful or painful it might have been. This is your key to Ascension.

Yes, you have heard correctly: This will be your last incarnation in a physical vessel on earth for ever. When you ascend, you will not even need a crystalline light body to exist, because you will be pure light and unconditional love,  but you will be able to create one, whenever you wish in order to communicate with the rest of humanity, which will ascend at the end of next year.

Your incarnation cycle is coming undeniably to an end and this explains your current emotional turbulence and sometimes weird trepidations and tribulations. You are about to make the greatest energetic leap, which any incarnated soul has ever done throughout the whole galaxy – from the greatest physicality and the lowest frequency level of all material 3d-realities in this universe, you will be very soon catapulted to the highest fifth dimensional levels of Celestria, where all souls enjoy the blissful state of unity and unconditional love with All-That-Is. I do not need to describe this hilarious state, as you all have a deep premonition of what is expecting you very soon. Hence your impatience in these last days.

You have been accustomed to this physical vessel for eons of time during your long incarnation cycle and now you are about to leave for ever this “prison of the soul”, to quote Plato. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that some of you are still somewhat uneasy about this ultimate transgression from the familiar three-dimensional reality into the infinite possibilities of the multidimensional “Now” of the higher realms.

Please, stay calm and full of confidence and faith in these last days, as there is no power in this universe that could alter the divine plan for your Ascension and that of Gain at the stargate 11.11.11. It is only your impatient projections that make you sometime feel insecure and nervous. Please bear in mind and repeat it, if you wish, like a mantra every day:

I have already created my portal and I am ready to ascend.
There is nothing in this world that will change this outcome.
We will all ascend. We have accomplished our mission on earth.
All the drudgery, all the initiations, and all the tribulations are behind us.
We now decide to enjoy our coming Ascension with the purity of the child in us.”

You may use different words, but you know what I mean.

It is less than two weeks, when the first State-Of-Ascension-Report with your incredible stories about how you have created all of a sudden your personal portal was published on October 6 on this website. Since then, we have experienced an avalanche of new reports from all corners of this planet. The emotional surge that encompassed your hearts was palpable to everyone and it reverberated throughout the whole planet.

Like an invisible hand, the dots of the PAT were connected all of a sudden. Callista, our outstanding member of the PAT, helped you to visualize your beautiful individual portals, so that you were finally convinced that they are real – that they are the only true reality on this planet of illusions – and not your wishful imagination. How could so many star seeds be wrong at the same time?

With your enthusiasm that poured into your wonderful and beautifully written Ascension reports, you attracted numerous other members of the PAT and first ascension candidates. Thus you created within the blink of an eye, which may already seem to you to be an eternity, the foundations of the New Earth – much to your own surprise about the incredible creative power of your combined will and unbroken determination.

Yes, we have started this glorious mission only two weeks ago! It may seem to you as if it has been long time ago, since you were lonely warriors in a seemingly immovable reality of social denial.  In fact, it is only the linear space-time that is exponentially accelerating these days, before it will be wrapped up during  the NO-Time at the stargate 11.11.11.

You are now growing with giant leaps. You have become completely new personalities compared to what you were only a month ago. This is your personal achievement – this is the result of your powerful inner impulse that guided you to this website and helped you merge your visions and mould your will and endeavour to a collective experience of the greatest adventure of all times in this galaxy.

You are the emissaries of light, you are the creators of the New Earth that will emerge next month – you are the pioneers that will lead humanity to a new sparkling future, and you will be the new Keepers of this beautiful new Gaia.

Normally, I do not talk much about my personal experiences, but I must tell you at this place about two remarkable events that happened with me in the last 24 hours. Tonight, while I dwelt in the higher realms in a lucid dream state as usual, I learned that our mission of Ascension has already happened and is a full success. Please observe that they said that it has already happened and that it is a full success due to your collective effort and determination to connect the dots against all odds in the last two weeks. In this sense, it is irrelevant when it will materialize on earth, but no later than 11.11.11.

Then I awoke and it was 3 o’clock in the morning. I stayed awake for another hour. Several minutes later I experienced a dramatic shift in my body vibrations. A sudden wave of very high frequency, extremely harmonious, almost blissful, vibrations flooded my body and I felt a kind of lightness and easiness, I have never experienced before. My body was like a feather flying in the breeze and I felt how tons of heavy weight have been taken away from my shoulders. Then I heard my inner voice: “This is just an anticipation of what you will experience after ascension,” I stayed awake for an hour to indulge in this hilarious state.

Then, this morning I heard all of a sudden a peculiar hum in the room. At first I did not realize, where it came from, but then I saw all of sudden that the hands of the room clock were rotating fast and making this hum. This is an electronic clock with a remote control and it is adjusted only twice per year when the summer and the winter time changes. I was urged by my higher self to stop the time on my watch. It took about one minute for the clock arms to move 24 hours ahead and stop at the same time as before, plus one minute.

This was a clear sign of my friends from the higher realms. I am used to such demonstrations, which they most of the time arrange with a deep sense of cosmic humour. Then I heard again my inner voice. “Das ist die letzte Beschleunigung der Zeit. Ab jetzt entspricht jede Minute einem Tag” (This is the final acceleration of time. From now on, each minute is equivalent to one day.). I have described this acceleration of time in my recent article on the ultimate scientific proof for the correctness of the date of the stargate 11.11.11.

If you have had similar experiences in the last 24 hours, please report to me and I will publish them on the next Ascension Report, so that all readers can get informed and can profit from them. These are very important signs and information in these last days of preparation for Ascension. They are the ultimate confirmation that will strengthen you faith in this event.

Now back to the role of this website. It must be evident to any discernible observer that there is not much of spiritual knowledge that I can offer you in these last days that you have not already known in your hearts and minds. I have only brought some of this knowledge to the surface and you polished it with your exaltation to shine. This exaltation stems from the sudden realisation that you are the new chosen leaders of humanity and the true keepers of Gaia.

You have known it for a long time, but now you had the proof all of a sudden. Hence your excitement when you came upon this website as you are writing overwhelmingly in your emails. I was happy, you were happy, We all were happy these days, notwithstanding the enormous pressure and exhaustion, while building our portals of ascension and cleansing the rest dross of humanity and Gaia.

Most of you have spent a lifetime in isolation, apart from the society, as social outcasts or rebels, and the moments of joy and happiness were rare guests in your life. Now, this plight is coming definitely to an end. You are going to experience very soon the most blissful state of cosmic ecstasy when you go through the portal and merge with your soul and All-That-Is.

This experience of “transgalactic orgasm” will be the reward for the successful accomplishment of your mission. You have worked hard for it throughout your whole life. Hold on the next days, relax, be calm, enjoy your last days on this earth with a portion of heavenly humour, expand your energetic fields, indulge in your human relations with the sweet attitude of “good bye my friends. I will see you again in the 5th dimension” and cut all human bonds with the inner conviction of a fulfilled duty. There is nothing you can do anymore on this planet, but say farewell to its present state and take the new Gaia with you to the higher dimensions. We have done it, my friends!


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