The Last Battle With The Darkness. The Name of Darkness Is “Mimicry”

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By Georgi Stankov, October 31, 2011

To All Members of the PAT!

It is my duty in the present and last mission on Earth to take care that all members of the PAT are safe and protected in the final days prior to Ascension. One of my duty is to foresee the danger and I must admit that I did not live up to it for a while. I recommended a blog that I did not analyse in depth as I usually do in such occasions for two simple reasons:

1) I was inundated with emails in the last days and fully occupied answering them as I did not want to leave a single reader without an  answer. I felt that this is my urgent duty in these last days.

2) I did not come to the idea that the dark forces should develop such a weird and stupid plan as to infiltrate the PAT, knowing that all its members are the most evolved souls on this planet and that they are all clairvoyant and telepathic and have a personal contact to their Higher Self that guides them through all the dangers in their life.

But it happened!

When you read below my correspondence with the members of the PAT, whose opinion and intuition I highly value and share, and which you have also learned to appreciate in the past, you will see that I was absolutely benevolent at the beginning with respect to this dark entity with the name of “Satina”.

I changed my opinion all of a sudden when I received the email from Bill (see below), who reported to me that he has been severely attacked by the dark forces after contacting this weird entity. Other members of the PAT had  a similar experience.

At that point in time I knew that I have to establish a direct contact with my higher self and ask for advice. I  immediately got the confirmation that the entity Sabina is an “agent provocateur” of the dark US-secret services, who have their dirty hands in all human troubles and malaise. My higher self has never given me any wrong information in my 60 years, spent on this toxic planet. Otherwise I would not have survived all the perils I have gone through.

However, I must admit that this entity Satina is more surreptitious than I estimated at first. Under-estimation of the insidious character of the dark forces is the most grievous mistake which any light worker can make on this toxic planet. She published my letter on her own blog, which I highly welcome  as it opens a new last drama in front of your eyes to test your final discernment before Ascension,

This entity has resorted to the most common heinous tactics of the Reptilians, namely, to camouflage herself as a victim and to cry like a crocodile with big tears, while devouring her victims.

When I asked her to present her case against my accusations coming from the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, what did I get from  her? This answer:

“The presentation of my case as requested: 

“Wow.  Just…wow”.

When you read her last release, full of lamentations how she has allegedly suffered throughout her life, thus fishing for compassion, as if you all have not suffered all these years without lamenting officially, why did not this entity Satina present her curriculum vitae (bio) with sound facts for all of us to see how she has spent her life and what she has done as you can read in my website about myself or have the right to demand from me in case you may have any doubts? I will always answer you in detail and the facts will be true.

If this dark entity, called Satina, wants to prove that she is not an incarnation of the Satan as Bill suggests then I ask her to publish immediately a complete bio of her life with all  the facts presented in an unambiguous and verifiable manner and then we can see how to proceed in this case.

Until then, the verdict of my Higher Self is unchanged:

She is guilty of being a CIA-spy and an “agent provocateur” of the dark forces, which want to hinder some doubtful members of the PAT to ascend.

The event of Ascension at 11.11.11 has already taken place in the “Now” of the higher realms and cannot be averted. But these surreptitious dark ones will try to the last minute to let as many star seeds astray from their goal to ascend as they can. Ultimately, you are the creators of your destiny and my duty as the captain of the PAT is to make you aware of the sharks lurking in the waters around the ship.

October 30, 2011

Dear Satina,

Since I have published your announcement on your new blog, quite a number of my readers have addressed me and expressed their conviction that you are a spy and a secret service agent placed by the CIA to undermine the PAT. As these people are the most evolved souls on this planet and they are clairvoyant, you are an open book to them – you cannot hide. Especially in these times.

When you made your suggestion to me to establish an independent blog, I immediately supported you and published your announcement on my website on the same day. I sent you yesterday a very important message and you have not published it yet. Do you think I did it at random and not on purpose to check your open cooperation and true engagement for our cause?

I do not care much about if you are a CIA-agent or a Satan, instead of Satina, as some of my readers have already suggested.

I am now appealing to your intelligence and survival instinct:

1) If you feel indignant by my unjust accusations you should publish immediately this letter on your website and then present your case. This will be a confirmation that I have been wrong and I will apologize myself officially.

2. If you send instead a letter to me and refute all those accusations privately, this will be a proof for me that you are a CIA-agent of the dark forces. In this case, I will immediately publish an official statement against you and a warning to be avoided as the Satan.

This will be enough to ruin your reputation for the rest of your life, if you will have any after 11.11.11 or after this exposition. In any case, your job as an “agent provocateur” in our group will be abruptly terminated and your dark employers may not be very happy with your performance. You should weigh the consequences yourself.

Therefore, I suggest that you just keep silent until November 11 and do not unfold any activities with members of the PAT and my readers whatsoever. Be sure that you are under a strict surveillance by many of my readers and you cannot continue doing your dirty job without being caught and then I will react as mentioned above.

You have no other choice, but just close de facto your website and do not answer anybody and do not  publish anything. This will not be very difficult for you as your website is practically empty, except for the stupid emails of your co-agent, the dubious Alex from Germany.

Please consider that after November 11, my website will be read by millions of people and if I have to expose you now, which I will immediately do, if you give me the smallest rectification, you are compromised for the rest of your life. You will not find a secret place to hide on this planet. The wrath of an ascended master is the most terrible force on this planet and throughout the whole universe. No human entity can be safe from it.

I hope that you have now grasped the severity of my warning and that you are clever enough to disappear from my radar and that of the other members of PAT. And if there are any further cyber attacks on them, I will immediately publish my accusations against you even if you have disappeared in the meantime. Hence inform your bosses to stop with their attacks against us, otherwise you are done.

October 29, 2011

Dear George,

I write to you in confidence.

I read with interest the development of the two forum sites “New Blogs for Ascension”.  One has an energy that I resonate with (Greg’s forum), and whose website I have been watching since its recent inception (ReadyForTheShift).  The other (Satina) makes me wonder if we have at last seen our first “Trojan Horse”?

It will be interesting to see, in which direction these activities find themselves.

It saddens me somewhat to see the low vibratory nature of the language and attitude of the Trojan Horse blog. Your website has never promoted one before another and all have been given a safe platform on which to express their deepest thoughts and feelings. No one on your website has ever claimed to be “three days before the rest”, and no-one has ever claimed to have all the answers.  No one has assumed a strident and authoritative tone or used unacceptable language.

I have enjoyed the level of interaction we have on your website and I know you will safeguard this. I look forward to your continued support and inspiration, and I, as always, support and encourage you, my Brother, in these times of challenge.

I am employing the “Baron Münchhausen effect” which puts me in a lonely place, but a familiar one.  I steadfastly and unwaveringly hold and defend our portals until the last one is through.

Dear Callista,

to be honest, I have not checked this “Trojan blog” in detail, but It must be true what you say about it. However, why should we be afraid to contact the darkness and transform it into light? We are the ones who determine the agenda and the pace of the events and the other have to keep up pace with us, if they do not want to be the losers. I am very confident on this issue.

After all, there are several billion people who will soon join us. We cannot exclude them because they are not at our level. Very few are, and they are already gathered around this website. The others will always stay behind, but they must have an open access to us.

In love and light
Dear George

Thank you for presenting me with an alternative viewpoint. At no stage would I want to exclude anyone – it is not about exclusivity and that was the concern I had regarding the blog in question.  However, I am probably being too sensitive about the whole thing. I think I must be losing my sense of humour – I am itchy to go and I know we all are, but sometimes it becomes intolerable, especially when the body complains so loudly!

Have you had any confirmations of anyone leaving?  I guess those holding the portals will not go until 11.11.11 – I am fully prepared to stay until then, until all have passed through.

October 29, 2011

Hi George

Last night Britte and I were looking at the blog from Satina M. Scott. We both had suspicions about her, so we used the technique of Christing her name. The word Christ refused to go in and a multitude of demons were hiding behind her name. 

I also had a very strong impression that she is a CIA operative. We mentioned this to Callista and she thought you should know of our findings. I have seen these types before and I have become very good at sniffing them out, I feel she is acting as a Trojan Horse to sway those who are not firmly on their path. 

I am not surprised, as your site shines so much Light, it was bound to attract moths sooner or later. I hope this may be of benefit.

Love and Light Brett & Britte.
Dear Britte,

Callista told me about her reservations and I am sure that she, and now you, are right in your intuition. But on the other hand we are so strong now that we should not hesitate to contact such entities on our conditions. Very soon they must come over to our isle. After all  we are talking about 2-3 billion people, who are now in darkness and blindness, who must awaken and ascend in Dec 2012. We cannot leave them out in the cold.

When I was a dissident in Bulgaria, the greatest pleasure for me was to convert a communist spy into a democrat. Whatever clandestine plans Satina may have, the coming energies of love will overwhelm her and will either inactivate her, if she still sticks to her dark plans or convert her from Saul to Paul. Everybody has the right of his “Damascus miracle”.

In love and light
Hi George,

We resonate well with your wisdom and logic. It makes perfect sense.Love & Light

Brett & Britte

After I have received a letter from Bill that he has been attacked by dark forces after contacting Sabina and her blog:

Dear Brett and Britte,

Yes, but only idiots do not change their mind, and I am not an idiot. I also received another email from Bill and now I have changed the tactics. I have just written a letter to Satina (see above).


October 30, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I feel compelled to share this with you that I have reason to believe the person (who suddenly appeared out of nowhere) by the name of Satina (I Satan?) is not who she claims to be, i.e., I have seen little substance to her claim that she is a Teacher of Teachers.

I can give you a whole list of reasons (red flags) that have arisen from viewing her website/blog and from some email communications I have had with her, if you care to know more.  I also had an extreme psychic attack Thursday, night just after going to bed that was only a few hours after first contacting her, which she later said often happens to those who contact her because the Dark Forces do not want them to be enlightened by her, or words to that effect. This psychic attack was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

It is quite possible that I am wrong about her, though, so I leave this concern of mine in your hands to make of it what you will.  I personally have nothing to gain by discrediting her and would recommend 3-4 others with a strong web presence to continue your Ascension Report postings, all of whom I have no question about their being of the Light.  My first choice, of course, would be Suzanne Lie.

Dear Bill,

you are not the only one who feels like this. Callista and Britte and Brett. I have already discussed this issue with them. You can find my last response to them below.

I suggest that we now just wait what she does as the time is too short for any intervention, but if she is stupid enough to show her true face in this short period of time I will confront her with these accusations. But my inner voice tells that she is no match for us and cannot harm anybody. I have received many harsh attacks from the 4th dimension via the Canary islands in the embodiment of a sect of lunatics during the last month. They beam me from the 4th dimension as I can localize it, but the effect is less than modest as they have no power at all.

But I will keep an eye on her and by the first sign of overt attempt to sabotage some light workers, I will shoot at her and issue a warning on my website. But I do not want to over-react now as the time is very short and I do not want any disturbances. You are all experienced enough to discern the danger and protect yourself. Please, keep also an eye on her and tell me if you see anything dangerous in her behaviour beyond what you have already noticed.

In love and light

PS. I have changed my mind in the meantime and I will shoot at her immediately. I can’t find my letter to Britte now, but it does not matter.
Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for validating my feelings/intuition about this person.  I will certainly let you know if I am further threatened by her.  Hopefully, she does not bother any other readers of your website.

Thank you, too, for taking your personal action against her.
Dear Bill.

I had a second look on her website today, after I had received your email. I must admit that I did not had much time to analyse it first and I simply did not expect such an attack. But today I was urged by my Higher Self to check the website once again and I confirm your impression. I hope that we will not hear from her anymore. But the attacks on you come from a different place – from the lower 4th astral dimension.

October 30, 2011

Dear Alia,

several of my readers warned me that Satina might be a secret CIA-agent who is trying to enter the PAT and the group of my readers and insert dark influence on them. Some of them who contacted her experienced already severe attacks. When I recommended her blog, unfortunately I did not scrutinize it very carefully because I did not think that she might be an undercover agent of the dark ones. I did not even consider such a  possibility.

But after I received so many warnings from my readers, whose opinion I value, I decided to scrutinize today her website more closely and I had the same bad feeling and I am never wrong on such issues.

You mentioned in your last email that you want to meet with her. Please consider this information before making any decisions in this respect.

In love and light
October 31, 2011

Dear George,

Forgive an email from me, but I have had just now 2 shocks back to back. I went to the yahoo group you had suggested to us, to post some pictures of this unidentified object in the sky I have been observing, and there I saw two things. One, your letter to Satina, which got me so sick to my stomach, thinking Oh God, I trusted the wrong person (again), and then I even got sicker when I saw that she had posted something very personal I had written to her in a private email, when she wrote to me first saying she was there any time for me to listen to. So, I took the plunge, for I have so many burdens on my heart, and I spilled some very personal information about my life to her. She put that very information on the group site, and I am actually in tears right now, for I feel so betrayed. I really do trust you, George, so that is why I trusted Satina.

If you are interested in the most unbelievable photos I took of this extremely large and bright object in the sky, I will be more then happy to send them to you. But for now, I am going to have myself a good cry. I feel so damned foolish it is not even funny. And the funny thing is, I kept seeing “Satin” in her name, but still I didn’t acknowledge due to the hungry need I have to connect to others of like mind.

With all my respect and love,
October 31, 2011

Dear George,

I have gotten wind of the hullabaloo surrounding a certain Satina, whose name unfortunately bears a remarkable similarity to that of my dear friend, Sanita.

I want you to know that I stand with you in our work. It is unfortunate that such a distraction had to arise, but somehow, I feel like it is part of a bigger picture – a dramatic event to see who is paying attention and who grasps the potential of what lies before us.

I trust that this distraction only serves to forge greater clarity and resolve for those who have been witness to it.

We are so close now! Many blessings! All is one!

Thank you for lighting the way!
October 31, 2011

Dear George,

You know those nasty humanoid dinosaurs have made quite a mess on planet earth. My higher self was just reminding me how the legends of devils and so forth permeate the earth. Those big nasties were abducting children – the devils were the reptilians and earth was hell because of them. They spread their ideas to frighten the children and make the life of adults an invisible slavery. Earth has been the hell – the devil is the reptilians – the Catholic church is their servant.

It really is time to help earth and humanity that is ready Its time to ascend. Time for a new reality!



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